Fever Reporter Sara Jack has the Fever to do a story on The Hot Line There s no better man to help with research than Mitch Adams The solid stud is all pro but in Sara he s met a woman willing to fulfill o

  • Title: Fever
  • Author: Cathryn Fox
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fever

    Reporter Sara Jack has the Fever to do a story on The Hot Line There s no better man to help with research than Mitch Adams The solid stud is all pro, but in Sara he s met a woman willing to fulfill one of his fantasies if they re ready to accept what comes next.

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    One thought on “Fever

    1. Victoria

      3.5 RATING Light on story, heavy on sex Well written, a few laughs Cathryn Fox definitely knows how to write a hot steamy scene I enjoyed it but can t rate it higher because there just wasn t much to work with outside of the sexy bits Definitely worth a read if you re short on time and looking for some sexy fluff I plan on reading the next novella in this series when I need something lite.

    2. Jennifer

      Received an ARC for reviewOh yeah, smokin hawt fireman This was a great novella It just needed to be longer There are two friends to go, and all three of their stories are in the book, Hot Line Now I wish that phone number worked around here.

    3. LJT

      Whew, what a fun and scorching hot read Ms Fox never fails to dazzle by combining an engaging plot with lots and lots of sexy bedroom steam.Sara Jack is a reporter for the Gazette, a very local paper in her hometown of Trenton, Iowa She seeks bigger pastures and would love to write for Entice, a trendy publication based in Chicago Being in The Windy City to attend her best friend s wedding, only makes the idea even attainable In the midst of all the wedding happenings and enjoying her two week [...]

    4. Jo

      This book includes a multitude of steamy sex scenes, so if that s not your thing, this book probably isn t for you If you like hot sex with a sexy fireman, however, this is your book All of that being said, the book does have a story line, but was dominated largely by sex Sara is in Chicago for her best friend s wedding Mitch has been warned to stay away from Sara, the small town girl with a potentially fragile heart All bets are off, however, when she calls the Hot Line This was a sweet, sexy, [...]

    5. Jennifer Schultheis

      Fever by Cathryn Fox is one hot little read I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fever and didn t want it to end Fever kept me entertained throughout the whole book The characters were witty and interesting Sara and Mitch are wrong for each other and both are warned to stay away from the other He s a no strings playboy and she s the small town girl, who s only in Chicago for a short period of time Sara gets a business card that s from The Hot Linewhich is a number where women call to get get assistance [...]

    6. Bette Hansen

      Sizzling It was meant to be a night for fulfilling fantasies and a little research It turned into that and so much This is a sexy hot quick read that is completely entertaining I recommend this one

    7. Portia

      O.M.G.Nothing this short, should be so sensuous and engaging And as naughty as it is, I still felt like characters were nicely developed Very sexy Very well written Definitely recommended.

    8. Christa

      This very short one was okay I liked the characters Sara and Mitch, and the chemistry between them was very steamy, but I felt like there wasn t much to the story except for sex I would have liked for the book to have been a little longer so that there could be character development as well as fleshing out of the storyline.

    9. tyrianpurple

      Cathryn Fox FeverSara Jack Reporter.Mitch Adams Firefighter.Chicago 3rd POV Instalust Away for a bff wedding Erotica Romance Contemporary.Wow This one is good, too good My kitty purred at every mention of Mitch Adams His dirty talk, his sensual act Welcome to my favorite hero list Mitch My newest book boyfriend.The writing style is sooooooooooo good, detailed but not over When overdetailed description in erotica sometimes made me cringe in disgust, this one makes me tingling all over Why Because [...]

    10. ItsAboutTheBook

      Review can be read at It s About The BookThis is a racy, straight up sexy erotic novella that takes you right into the action as firefighter Mitch Adams shows his moves to small town visitor Sara Jack, who s looking for a fantasy in the big city.Mitch and all the other firefighters at Chicago s station 419 took turns answering desperate lady s calls on the Hot Line, a special phone number they d had hooked up in their station for women to call who needed a hot firefighter to come and take care o [...]

    11. Book Gannet

      Phew This is one smoking hot read That title perfectly fits as the action between Sara and Mitch is feverish from the start It also reads like innuendo bingo from the first page, so if sly remarks about hoses, kitties and firefighting references than you can shake a stick at isn t your thing, you might get annoyed by it I mostly found them funny, though sometimes at inappropriate moments there s a whole kitty resuscitation conversation that was far silly than sexy, but that might just be me.In [...]

    12. The BookChick

      FeverMy actual rating of the story is 3 I definitely would have rated it a solid four stars had it been longer but I m rounding my rating up because I enjoyed the story Mitch, the consummate playboy, was felled by Sara, the small town girl with big city ideals The pace of their relationship is fast and occurs over the span of a few days The pair fulfill each other s wildest fantasies and then their emotions come into play Sara discovers that the real Mitch is much deeper than the charming playe [...]

    13. Nerdy Chic

      Another scorching, sexy read by Cathryn Fox Sara is a reporter, looking for the story to make her career Mitch is a sexy hot firefighter who can t take their eyes off of each other when they meet at a bar Mitch had a raw sexuality about him that screamed of sex, sin and danger Sara shivered Almost violently Surprised at just how much his carnal edginess aroused her When Sara gets a card to call The Hot Line, a line to get her own sexy firefighter to offer some assistance , of course she has to c [...]

    14. Krista Jenks

      Sarah is a small town reporter who has come to spend time to spend time with her friends with her family She has decided that she wants to write a steamy article that will get her noticed and make her career better While hanging out with her friends They introduce her to the Hot Line a phone number you can call when you are in need of a hot man What Sarah doesn t know is when she calls the Hot Line the man that picks up is Mitch the hot firefighter she meet at the bar when she was hanging out wi [...]

    15. Christine Stanley

      ARC Received from NetGalley for honest reviewThis was the first time I had ever read a book from this Author so I wasn t really sure what to expect.I will say that it was a bit different writing style than I am used too but it didn t deter me from enjoying the story at all I found it to be a really fast, easy read that flowed effortlessly.The story line was catchy and hot although at times I found it a bit too rushed for me which made it a little less realistic for me That being said all of that [...]

    16. Smutlover

      Alright, I have to admit this book was a little goofy but it was hot so whatever, I can suspend all reality and get into it Sara writes for a small town newspaper and is visiting Chicago, where she d like to move back to She meets Mitch, a hottie patottie fireman Her girlfriend slips her a card that says The Hot Line Which is a number horny girls can call and have some firemen come lube their tubes IF YA GET MY DRIFT AND I M SURE YOU DO Well, Sara calls and Mitchy boo happens to answer the phone [...]

    17. Heather andrews

      Short, hot steamy read with a naughty fireman I loved it Mitch he s all about fixing Sara s kitty problem, tell me, Sara How long has it been since your kitty has purred Sara is not a shy girl she goes after what she wants and is bold while doing it, maybe seeing you naked will help with the resuscitation Sara gripped his shirt and tugged Mitch sometimes has to tell his girl to slow down, keep that up and my tool will run out of power before I get started And I don t think your kitty wants to wa [...]

    18. Samantha

      I have to say I enjoyed this There wasn t that nasty fight where communication didn t happen and if it did life could have been easier Mitch and Sara showed just how to communicate Mitch is a hot fireman who is used to one night stands That s all he wants Sara is from a small town and just wants to be happy When they first see each other their chemistry fires rapidly After one phone call and one night together they can t get enough Like I said it was a good read and it s quick too.

    19. Jessica Alcazar

      OK, so not too much to say here except it s HOT and quick and easy to read I liked the story and I also liked both Sara and Mitch The story was engaging and the sex was HOT what can I say about a book this short without giving you a play by play Not much.If you re looking for a satisfying HOT quickie, this book will work for you Copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

    20. Jin

      Thanks to NetGalley for the Advanced CopyIt was quick read It only took me only a day to finish This was different from other books I have read I wish there was little at the end between Mitch and Sara I felt it was bit rushed at the end But it was different from All the billionaire bachelor stories.

    21. Christy Tyler

      Hot, steamy, sexy short story about a fireman, what s not to love I wish it was just a bit longer since she was in town for two weeks it seems that two nights is just not long enough to set up a forever ending.

    22. Melissa

      Wow really just WOW This is a great start to what is sure to be a smoking series With memorable characters and a fun, hot storyline it is a great escape I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

    23. Jennifer

      This book is all steam and not a lot of plot If you re just looking for a steamy read without a lot of character build up, then this is your story.

    24. Linda James

      Captivating, wonderful hot sex scenes with the perfect amount of emotions I would definitely read it again and pursue of her books.

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