Dance with Deception

Dance with Deception Best Read || [Tracy Goodwin] - Dance with Deception, Dance with Deception Bestselling Dance with Deception Scandalous Secrets Book Exclusive Enhanced EditionHaunted by his father s sins Sebastian Montgomery ninth Duke of Davenport vows never to fall in love or marry

  • Title: Dance with Deception
  • Author: Tracy Goodwin
  • ISBN: 9781500541439
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dance with Deception

    Dance with Deception Best Read || [Tracy Goodwin] - Dance with Deception, Dance with Deception Bestselling Dance with Deception Scandalous Secrets Book Exclusive Enhanced EditionHaunted by his father s sins Sebastian Montgomery ninth Duke of Davenport vows never to fall in love or marry

    • Dance with Deception Best Read || [Tracy Goodwin]
      476 Tracy Goodwin
    Dance with Deception

    One thought on “Dance with Deception

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

      How can a historical romance that contains so much manufactured drama be so banal How many different ways can a heroine find to be an idiot How hard is it to find a competent proofreader to fix your punctuation The Kindle freebie curse strikes again.

    2. Tracy

      Haunted by his father s sins, Sebastian Montgomery, ninth Duke of Davenport vows never to fall in love or marry until he encounters Gwendolyn MacAlistair and she consumes his thoughts Sebastian wants her, and as he learned from his father, what a duke wants, a duke takes.Gwen s father has arranged for her to marry a man she despises, the very man who shattered her fragile family As she struggles with a desperate choice honor her dying father s final request or alienate him by choosing her true l [...]

    3. Victoria

      Disappointing, I barely made it through this book It felt both rushed and underdeveloped, full of cliches and the characters who weren t particularly likable in many aspects.

    4. Katharina

      dnf, writing was terrible and put me off from the start managed to read about 5 pages before it was time to say good bye won t give it a rating.

    5. Anya Evans

      I loved Dance With Deception From the first page, to the last, it was an engaging tale of love, deception and, ultimately, hope and forgiveness Gwendolyn MacAlistair longs for love yet her callous father is forcing her into a marriage to a man she detests Enter Sebastian Montgomery, a man of nobility, whose own father possessed a rather ruthless nature Gwen and Sebastian fall in love, but with that comes Gwen s dilemma how can she follow her heart when it means defying her ailing father s dying [...]

    6. Karla Brandenburg

      Welp I think I ll chicken out on this one After finishing and trying to decide what to write, I went back to read some of the less excited reviews, and I ll just say I agree with them than with the 5 stars The book started out at breakfast, but suddenly they re at a ball Is it a breakfast ball What happened to breakfast Oh wait, now we re back at breakfast, but then walking outside at night at the ball A breakfast ball, at night And then there was the misuse of verbs and overuse of pet words Ch [...]

    7. Tracy T.

      Decent story, had some flaws but not bad Great narration by Susan Duerden audible whispersync review I enjoyed this story I particularly liked the heroine quite a bit, but so in the beginning of the story She seemed to get a bit wishy washy and melancholy after the wedding Which was a bit annoying I was surprised with her attitude on how Sebastian convinced her father to allow them to marry I thought it was brilliant LOL she did not, instead of thanking him and being grateful she acted like he [...]

    8. Crystal Adams

      OuchI rarely give a rating below 3 stars, but reading this book was painfully dull The heroine was an idiot and the reasons for her anger against the hero made no sense.

    9. Cathiecaffey

      Outstanding historical romance Very gripping and became very connected to the characters emotionally A 5 star plus read

    10. Isabelle Grande

      I love to find new writers who remind me of my favorites classic writers like McNaught, Howell, and Gabaldon who make you laugh, cry and feel all aspects of the romance good and bad Surprisingly, this book met that criteria for me It is romantic, sensual and emotional It made me laugh and cry and want Glad there are books in the series.

    11. Donna Schneider, ,

      Excellent book ___you will Love it.First time l have read any of Tracy Goodwin books, Now l am looking for move of her books You will love the story and will not be able to put the book down It s a must read.

    12. Callie

      Dance With Deception captivated me from the first chapter A lush and sensual old fashioned romance, I found it to be highly emotional and engaging If you like historicals from Judith McNaught and even the classics from Jane Austen, you should love this as much as I did.

    13. Daphne Marzana

      Pleasantly surprised by this book Very powerful emotional relationship between the characters and with secondary characters Most importantly, one of the most believable emotionally stories I ve read The drama isn t made up just for the sake of drama Will read from this author

    14. Annie

      Gwen and Sebastian are both strong characters but both with a family past that will rear its head to thwart their budding love and fated marriage Gwen a woman with her own mind but bound to be a dutiful daughter is distraught when her controlling father announces that his health is failing and has arranged a loveless marriage to a man that she detests As fate steps in and Sebastian comes back into her life her heart is torn She and Sebastian grew up playing together as kids and meet by chance in [...]

    15. Jara Beaubien

      This was an audio book, a gift Sebastian Montgomery, ninth Duke of Davenport has made a promise to never fall in love or marry, ha, I think its what most men say, but then again there is always a lovely lass that messes that up for the Bachelor Gwendolyn MacAlistair and what is a girl to do when she runs into Sebastian, but her Father has other plans for her and those are not plans that she agrees upon, but she will honor her Fathers wishes.Her father has arranged for her to marry a man she desp [...]

    16. Trish R.

      98% awful DNFSo, Sebastian and Gwen tell each other, in the chapel, that they love each other and then she tells him he wouldn t be happy with just her, that he would go back to having other women, and he s hurt and shocked that she didn t think he d be faithful He s dumbfounded and she runs off She goes on to think of the vicious things she said to him and he s thinking of going to find other women like she said he would This is all the same night Really OK, so I m done with this stupid book I [...]

    17. Vikki Vaught

      3.5 StarsThere are many times to enjoy in this love story I loved the emotionally charged writing style of Ms Goodwin, and this book did have my full attention The pacing is good and the characters are complex with many facets to their personality.What I had some difficulty with, was the many plot holes and at times very modern sense I never had a strong sense of when this story was supposed to be set Sometimes it felt Regency and at other times Victorian, and then contemporary Some of the scene [...]

    18. Michelle

      Dance with Deception was an exceptional read I enjoyed the main characters Sebastian and Gwen and the passion that they shared between each other The story begins with Gwen being lied to by her father He tells her that he is dying and his last wish is of her to be married before he dies Gwen wants desperately to marry for love and does not love the man her father has chosen for her Her knight in shining armor, Sebastian, has entered her life conveniences her father to allow him to marry Gwen How [...]

    19. Ellie

      A friend recommended this book to me she had read the original version and was excited to see an exclusive version being released She sold me on it and I devoured the new version of Dance with Deception in two sittings This is an engrossing tale from beginning to end, an emotional journey along the lines of classic romances that I fell in love with by Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux The hero is to die for, the heroine is well written and falls in line with the time period 1800s women did have [...]

    20. Shirley Williamson

      This is a great historical romance that flows really smooth.Gwen is a headstrong young lady who has a lot of ideas in a time where that is not encouraged Her father, whom she is extremely loyal to, has professed to her that he is dying and his last wish is to see his daughter married.Unfortunately the man he wants her to marry is his longtime acquaintance, Kier who Gwen cannot stand.Then Sebastian comes on the scene He was friends with Gwen and her brother when they were younger Instant attracti [...]

    21. Tiffany

      When I heard Dance with Deception was being released as an exclusive edition and part of a trilogy, I was excited because I first fell in love with the story years ago The author writes a sensual and witty romance brimming with emotion, drama and suspense It is one of my favorite books and this version was better than the first I had wondered about the proof reading in the original version but ignored it because the story was so strong No need to here because this version needs no excuses It is [...]

    22. Angie Dutton

      Well written, passionate romance with well developed characters and plot I was immediately drawn into the characters plights Hero and heroine have off the charts chemistry from chapter one but there are obstacles and this is a powerful story true to time period Heroine is at her father s mercy an unloving vindictive man and goes through an emotional journey Through it all is a to die for hero who goes through his own well crafted emotional journey Yes, he has his flaws but his devotion to heroin [...]

    23. Carol Mcgrath

      Scandal, romance and a Happy endingI enjoyed this book It s a story of a mean,deceitful father who makes his daughter believe he s dying He wants her to marry a man of his choice, but his father is hiding a secret about this man Gwen meets Sebastian and falls in love with him , but still her father won t relent Sebastian convicts a scheme so devious that Gwen s father has no choicest to relent Her fatherhood not attend the wedding but came to see Veena few days later and revealed several secrets [...]

    24. Kara-karina

      DNF Cliched depiction of characters I couldn t get any depth at all No thought process apart from used to death phrases It was just meh I d read it if there is nothing else at hand to help pass the time Keir, the supposed fiance has no descriptions of his character, background or appearance whatsoever, and yet, he is Gwen s neighbor There is no explanation why she detests him The hero has azure eyes the colour of stormy sea rolls eyes It was bugging and irritating me, and as soon as I caught mys [...]

    25. Debra

      You T.G Have my greatest wish for success.This author took a great story that others who have read her work before would have paid happily to read it But for me and believe me when I tell you reading is my hobby in this era and I have read books then you would believe by many writers And the reason for this free book was she knew once read that reader would be hook I am and I will enjoy buying your books and I know I will enjoy them May God continue to bless you work You my lady have made me a [...]

    26. Deb Diem

      Dance with Deception is my first read by Tracy Goodwin Sebastian and Gwen s story is a pleasure to read This well written book has lovable characters, some twisted characters, humor, action, loads of drama and a bit of sizzle I look forward to reading from Tracy Goodwin in the future Dance with Deception is book 1 of the Scandalous Secrets series This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    27. Marie

      DelightfulGwen is being forced to marry by her father She meets a former neighbor a duke from her childhood and falls in love Sebastian the duke using falsehoods convincing both Gwen s father and fiance to end the engagement and they marry Little did either know that her father had a number of secrets The story pursues Sebastian and Gwen s relationship as they deal with the secrets as they come out.

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