A Shattered Moment

[PDF] A Shattered Moment | by ✓ Tiffany King - A Shattered Moment, A Shattered Moment In the new series by Tiffany King the USA Today bestselling author of the Woodfalls Girls novels six friends fresh from high school graduation discover that the future can come at you from out of no

  • Title: A Shattered Moment
  • Author: Tiffany King
  • ISBN: 9780425279502
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Shattered Moment

    [PDF] A Shattered Moment | by ✓ Tiffany King - A Shattered Moment, A Shattered Moment In the new series by Tiffany King the USA Today bestselling author of the Woodfalls Girls novels six friends fresh from high school graduation discover that the future can come at you from out of no

    • [PDF] A Shattered Moment | by ✓ Tiffany King
      415 Tiffany King
    A Shattered Moment

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    1. Michelle

      ARC provided by author publisher in exchange for an honest reviewShattered To be broken into many pieces That simple definition has one key word that stands out.Broken What happens when the future seems so bright and full of endless possibilities, and then suddenly your world is ripped apart The friends you love Gone The light and hope that once existed Dimmed What happens when memories are blurred with regret and what ifs And what happens when your life is forever changed leaving you broken Sha [...]

    2. Jacqueline's Reads

      5 Life Changing StarsA Shattered Moment is a standalone and is the first book in the Fractured Lives Series This is a new Tiffany King series and I m completely in love with it Mackenzie, Mac was in a horrific accident on graduation night She has never been the same since It s a year later and she s in college She s recluse, antisocial and has a slight limp She doesn t want anyone in her life and she doesn t have anyone in her life.Bentley was on call during the night of Mac s accident He helped [...]

    3. ♥Rachel♥

      3.5 StarsMac s life after accident made it so she climbed into a shell of isolation, which was understandable because she lost all her closest friends in the accident, whether emotionally or by death Mac s also permanently injured and has to deal with walking with a cane probably for the rest of her life Just getting around at her college campus is a huge feat There are short flashbacks giving a glimpse into Mac s relationship with her then boyfriend, Zach, and her friends before the accident Yo [...]

    4. Krista

      Seriously, Tiffany King The tears I had lots of them Well done, my friend Mac was in a tragic accident that killed her best friends and left her forever changed, both physically and mentally She s trying to move on with her life as best she can in college, but she s really not doing well with that plan Until she meets Bentley for the second time and he forces her to face things she d rather just stay hidden So, I mentioned tears, right Well, let s talk about the fact that six friends, as close t [...]

    5. Jessica

      I am always eager to read another Tiffany King book, so when I heard about this series, I knew I had to read it Tiffany does emotional so well and as difficult as this book was to read on my poor heart, it was such a beautiful story at the same time This is a very character driven novel with a sweet romance that completely captured my heart This was the curse of surviving You re left to pick up the pieces of your broken, shattered, decimated life I couldn t remember what it felt like to be whole [...]

    6. ☕ Kimberly

      My truffle induced coffee dates with A Shattered MomentFirst date Our date begins with a prologue of Mackenzie Wilson s graduation night She is with her best friends, Zack, Kathleen, Dan, Jessica and Tracey Their parents refer to this group of levelheaded kids as the Brat Pack King immediately grabbed me and I knew instantly I would need those truffles The scene fades as EMT Bentley James speaks to her, as she lay trapped in a twisted SUV.Second date A year has passed and Mackenzie has changed S [...]

    7. Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)

      Just from reading the synopsis of A Shattered Moment I knew I was going to love this book, having previously read and thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany s Woodfalls Girls series, I knew I was going to in for a treat.What I find refreshing about this new adult book was that there were no secrets between our two main protagonists, usually we have to wait to discover the big reveal but not in this story, after a car accident that killed her friends and left her with a crippling leg injury that leaves her d [...]

    8. Tanya

      This author does regular romance, but this one definitely is solidly in the New Adult or older YA arena Mac is 19 is 1 1 2 years post a horrible accident graduation night, left with a permanent limp and cane College is okay but not what she dreamed of prior to the accident She is left with a lot of baggage, physical and emotional, given all 5 of her closest friends were in that accident with her On campus she suddenly encounters a familiar face, the EMT who assisted her the night of the accident [...]

    9. Jacqueline

      Rather a low key book I expected it to be dramatic I liked both the hero and the heroine I appreciated that Mac, the heroine, didn t linger in the whole woe is me thing This book was about healing and she got on with it The hero was a sweetheart, the kind of guy that every girl deserves I liked the balance of flashbacks and present happenings You didn t find out everything at once but the explanations of what had happened were spread out over the book I would be interested in reading the storie [...]

    10. Brianna

      oh my goodness perfection I was not expecting it to be this heavy of a book it doesn t start out good your immediately thrown into the story and honestly I just wanted to start sobbing I just finished this so I can t even grasp my feelings at the moment I ll have concrete thoughts later BUT READ THIS BOOK

    11. Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews

      4.5 Heartbreakingly Sweet Stars Source eARC For Honest Review Courtesy of Penguin GroupDear Tiffany Thank you for such a great story There was no woe is me, no pushing away, no miscommunications, no being a martyr It was just a beautiful heartbreaking story about a broken yet strong girl who starts to heal and move forward with the help of a beautiful sweet loving boy.Mackenzie Wilson was on top of the world Especially after graduation and hanging out with her 5 best friends Then a tragic moment [...]

    12. Take Me Away To A Great Read

      4 out of 5 StarsA Shattered Moment by Tiffany King Fractured Lives, 1Publisher Berkley Publication Date May 5, 2015Rating 4 starsSource Paperback provided by publisherTiffany King is an amazing writer who has a unique way of writing She has a way of making everything so real, raw and emotional You definitely will, or should walk away evaluating your own life I know I was shattered by this book, it was appropriately titled This is a book about loosing so much and finding what is worth living for [...]

    13. Danielle

      As soon as I read the blurb for A Shattered Moment I knew I was going to love it and I was not disappointed To be honest, I had been putting it off for a while because I was expecting an angsty read and I just wasn t in the mood for that but instead of being angsty like I had anticipated, A Shattered Moment is a sweet and fairly easy romance about learning to heal after an unexpected tragedy.Mackenzie and her five best friends were out celebrating on graduation night when they were in a horrible [...]

    14. Wanda

      I absolutely LOVE Tiffany King I finally had the pleasure of meeting her at ApollyCon And I seriously Fangirled over her I had to have someone introduce me to her and I swore I was a blabbering mess LOL But she was so sweet Tiffany is on my Must Buy list I have enjoyed everything she s written so I know she won t disappoint A Shattered Moment, to me was a bit different from her other stories The name character Mackenzie was in such a dark place through a large portion of the book, that it was re [...]

    15. Book Binge

      Mackenzie was a group of friends that were inseparable They were together all the time and from a very young age have spent all of their time together On the night of their high school graduation their lives fall apart in a vicious car accident and Mackenzie is one that is left to figure out who she is on her own.Bentley is an EMT who was the first one on the scene the night of the accident Now at college he runs in to Mac and starts falling for her but Mac is standoffish and he s not quite sure [...]

    16. Crystal

      Mac has been through so much in the past year She has closed herself off for the majority of that time, but she has now started her soph year of college and is hoping that moving from home into the dorms will help her venture out a bit It hasn t been going too well until she crosses paths with Bentley With his open demeanor and charming personality, Bentley is bound to make friends, so why would he want to befriend Mac Is it because he feels sorry for her He was there on the night that changed [...]

    17. Taylor

      I really loved this book Mac and Bentley were so sweet but had their sexy moments too I loved the story line of this book The journey that these two characters took were absolutely beautiful There wasn t one thing that I would change about this book Mac was so brave and strong, especially with everything that had happened Seeing her grow in the book was so heart warming And Bentley was so sexy Who doesn t like a sexy EMT I loved him and his stupid quirky jokes I loved that he never left Mac s si [...]

    18. Laura

      happy sigh I ve said it before and I ll keep saying it until I m blue in the face I freaking love Tiffany King s writing She s my happy place I know when I pick up a book of hers, I ll walk away feeling better and justtisfied A Shattered Moment, definitely did not disappoint I am always amazed at the way an author can almost change their writing style for different books A Shattered Moment had all the makings of a good ol Tiffany King book but it was so much , too Seeing the transformation that [...]

    19. Bibliojunkies

      A Shattered Moment is a beautifully tragic story about grief, survival, and love Mac is recovering from a nightmare Unfortunately, Bentley was there and reminds her of the horror she faced at least at first As Mac learns to live again, if Bentley truly wants her, he will have to put his exceptional patience to the test Mac and Bentley s journey is touching and a little bit heartbreaking ASM was my first Tiffany King and I m hooked The emotional books aren t really my thing, but King may have con [...]

    20. Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)

      Wow the latest new series by Tiffany King, Fractured Lives series, is going to be an emotional and powerful series that readers are going to love The first book, A Shattered Moment blew me away This book had my stomach in knots at times, tears in my eyes at other times, and pure joy at the triumphs It was an unforgettable story.MacKenzie Wilson had the world in her hands She had just graduated from high school, she had the perfect boyfriend, she was going to college with her best friends, and a [...]

    21. OpenBookSociety.com

      openbooksociety article a Review brought to you by OBS reviewer AndraWow, Wow, WOW A very riveting read The prologue is SO intense Once I got through that.I did not want to put the book down So literally 24 hours laterI had finished the book WOW The storyline is the recovery process of Mac from a fatal car crash with 4 of her life long buddies from high school on their graduation night the brat pack as the parents referred to the 5 kids This process is multifaceted, not just physical but also em [...]

    22. Candy at Prisoners of Print

      A Shattered Moment by Tiffany King is one of those novels that you end up not being able to put down due to just how heartbreakingly beautiful the journey is There isn t angst and drama there isn t even a whole lot of action throughout the novel What you do get, however, is a haunting reality burrowed beneath a tale of love, forgiveness, and learning how to move on.The two main characters, Mac and Bentley, had a special connection from the moment they were introduced and that shone through the w [...]

    23. RO Mejia

      Ro s Take on this Journey A Shattered Moment, by Tiffany King, was a journey of a lifetime A lifetime that not too many people would want to travel It was an emotionally charged, tearful, devastating story A story filled with friendship, love, loss, and mending A Shattered Moment made me feel every emotion possible for this broken girl, Mac Mac was filled with so much survivor s guilt, painful memories, PTSD, physical scars and limitations that mentality paralyzed her with uncontrollable fear.On [...]

    24. Jenn

      Heartbreaking, heart stopping, emotional rollercoaster and that s just the prologue A Shattered Moment starts off on a very painful note and over the course of the book manages to break through that pain into a book about learning to live again.On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, Mackenzie Robinson s life changes in the most unexpected way Loss like she has never known now plagues her everyday In order to try to shed the pain, she in turn sheds her own identity, now [...]

    25. Lindy

      Lindy s Thoughts A Shattered Moment is a tender and touchingly bittersweet story At it s heart, are themes of loss, strength, resilience, perseverance, new beginnings, and a journey of self discovery This story and it s characters are real and relatable.One night shattered Mackenzie s happy and carefree life forever It was the day of her high school graduation, a time for celebration with her 5 best friends, that ended in tragedy Now, Mackenzie Mac is left to pick up the broken pieces of her inj [...]

    26. Haley

      4.5 STARS He s dead They re all dead We re all going to die The words rang through the vehicle in a wail that pierced my tender head I wanted to cover my eyes or yell at her to stop, but I couldn t do either Fear and grief were living, breathing beasts in an emergency situation, feeding off panic and threatening to consume you.What an amazingly emotional story From the very beginning my heart was in my throat and the tears were falling Mac was on top of the world the day she graduated It was the [...]

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