[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Crush : by Phoef Sutton - Crush, Crush Caleb Rush a k a Crush is the toughest coolest bodyguard bouncer in Los Angeles a man who lives strictly by his own moral code which doesn t exactly hew to the standards of US law When Amelia Tra

  • Title: Crush
  • Author: Phoef Sutton
  • ISBN: 9781938849367
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crush

    [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Crush : by Phoef Sutton - Crush, Crush Caleb Rush a k a Crush is the toughest coolest bodyguard bouncer in Los Angeles a man who lives strictly by his own moral code which doesn t exactly hew to the standards of US law When Amelia Tra

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Crush : by Phoef Sutton
      247 Phoef Sutton

    One thought on “Crush

    1. Lance Charnes

      Speed can be the saving grace of any number of literary sins cliched plotting, shallow characterizations, you name it Make a story fast enough and kicky enough and readers will forgive the author a lot Crush is an example It reads like the wind fast and slick, but completely lacking any nutritional value.Caleb Rush the titular Crush is the younger reincarnation of Dalton the Magic Bouncer from Road House He s big, bald, indestructible, and able to suss out trouble before it happens in the too co [...]

    2. S.A. Golden

      Phoef Sutton hits a towering home run with CRUSH Cleverly written and action packed, the novel moves like a freight train, weaving fascinating characters with blistering violence, crackling dialogue and twisting turns On par with the best writers in this genre, Sutton has crafted a character worthy of El Leonard s best, taking us on a tour of the LA underbelly the likes of which we have experienced since Ross MacDonald This book will keep you flipping pages until the last scene, at which time yo [...]

    3. J

      Found randomly on the library shelves Read in 1 1 2 days without really trying Fast paced Holds the reader s interest Surprisingly easy read It felt very polished and tv friendly Equally as addictive and possibly as corrupting as tv I would read this author again if when I get into a reading rut and need a kick start Vulgar language and situations appeared once the story was established immodesty nudity, violence, ect Not a clean book I kept suspecting Amelia was behind everything Did anyone els [...]

    4. Jessica

      The writing in this book is laughable I tried getting past the first 20 pages but really, it was awful Which is a shame, because the premise sounded really good.

    5. Jonathan

      A fast action mystery novel in the vein of Duane Swierczynski, Phoef Sutton has created a memorable character in Caleb Rush, aka Crush Told in a fast and loose style, with plenty of wry commentary, I had a great time with Crush and hope to read of him soon It certainly cries out for a movie treatment and, much like the super talented David Benioff, he is a screenwriter as well, so I assume he ll adapt his own Crush is a bouncer at a hidden bar in Los Angeles, who used to be a bodyguard He gets [...]

    6. Larry

      Caleb Rush, AKA Crush hence the book s title is a security expert, bodyguard, and bouncer He represents a trifecta of sorts a veteran of the US Marines, LA street gangs, and prison He s also the son of the first of the Russian criminal leaders on the west coast While working as a bouncer at an upscale club, he finds himself drawn into stopping the abduction of a young woman by two Russian type thugs Soon thereafter, she pulls a gun on him, the Russian thus pop up in his rear view mirror, and a c [...]

    7. Robert Mark

      Might be biased here but I am a Robert B Parker fan and have well over 70 of his books Crush, the title of this book and the main characters nickname in the book is in my estimation made up of 10% of Parkers main character, Spenser, and 90% of Spenser s sidekick, Hawk This writing recipe is like mixing top shelf bourbon with bar well bourbon and hoping the imbiber will be satisfied I picked the book because Sutton has co authored with Janet Evanovich in her book Wicked Charms and has been a writ [...]

    8. Betsy Kipnis

      Crush by Phoeff Sutton reads like a comic book and and a treatment for what might be the next Ray Donovan played by Vin Diesel, LL Cool J or some other manly bald guy It is totally a dude book for dudes who don t prefer the art of writing It is fast paced with short chapters, a gun catalog of inventory, one blow job and women who show their tits There is barely any depth, nuance or mystery Just action, action, action The rich are drawn in pathetic caricatures and off beats are the heros very LA [...]

    9. Rebecca

      Crush , the hero of this action packed tale, is embodiment of every action trope of modern literature Former military for street cred Check Gigantic form Check Traumatic childhood Check Eastern European heritage Check Loner with honor Check Taciturn in a sexy, no bullshit kinda way Check Protective of women and children Check Willing to kill maim ravage bad guys Check Cool loft to live in Check Awesome car s to drive Check Having said all of that, this was a fast, fun read.

    10. Jan Polep

      Leonard El meets Donald Westlaketion packed, martial arts kicking, sneaky black humor filled crime novel Various LA bodyguard types get mixed up in crime solving than in protection Author has plenty of TV experience and the action sequences may play out better on film than in a book, but be prepared to laugh as you try to figure out who will be left standing Best part, there is a second book coming out Heart Attack Vine.

    11. Paula

      I met the author at his publisher s open house late last year, but Crush got buried in my towering stack of books It finally worked its way to the top over the weekend and I dove in It s a gritty, fast paced story that I could not help imagining as a movie Does everyone decide on the cast in their head or is it just me Looking forward to reading the sequel.

    12. Jana Morgan

      I won Crush from firstreads I loved this book The storyline and colorful characters are fantastic I could not put it down I would recommend this book to everyone that loves a great action packed book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and your eyes glued to the pages always waiting for what comes next Jana morgan

    13. Marta

      Crush started really strong Sutton packed the book with humorous dialogue and colorful characters This book is a great read for someone who wants to be amused than feel connected to the characters It has the feel of a caper novel even though Crush is basically on the right side of the law There is lots of action and a quirky tone throughout Crush is super cool that s a plus.

    14. Pygmy

      As someone else mentions here, it reads like a screenplay Not a lot of depth, characterization, or emotional impact just a lot of fast paced action scenes with people who are not particularly interesting or likable.

    15. Charles

      Thesis What feels like a failed screenplay that was inexplicably turned into a novel, and I m using the word novel with some hesitation.Plot Lots of violence committed by and against people that I could not possibly care about less.Sequel Yes, there is one Why in god s name, why

    16. Brian Kell

      Read this book in five days granted it wasn t very long, but still that s an achievement for me Plus it was a fast paced, action, mystery I really enjoyed it.

    17. Andrew

      Mixed feelings Sutton is a good writer and the story moves along quickly but it is so improbable that it loses its noir moorings Will give his next book a try.

    18. Tifnie

      If you are looking for a fast read, this is it Nothing complicated and a little predictable but nonetheless, a fun read.Crush is about a muscle bouncer that doubles as a body guard When an 18 year old girl hires him to protect her and Rush learns of her name, the chase is on Unfortunately, the book played out like babysitter for the clueless spoiled rich girl Any redeeming qualities where Rush s one liners Now those were great

    19. Jean

      Caleb Rush is a body guard hired by the daughter of a businessman noted for his lack of integrity The bar is set really low for the good guys There s a lot of fighting, killing, and torturing but oddly enough, it can be sort of funny I ll put the next 2 books on a list for reading if I find myself short on something to read

    20. Barb

      This wasn t as riveting as her second book about Crush, an ex police officer It does fill in a lot of holes if you read the second book first.

    21. Kathrine

      Bleh That s the best way to describe this one With a large side of stereotypical sexism and characters The bad guys twirled their mustaches The hero , if you can call him that Wait No I can t I can t call him that.The main protaganist, I m not sure he d know what that word means, but he s not reading this review was all muscle y, macho, tough guy schtick I m surprised my eyeballs didn t roll out of my head in reaction.The females all 2 of them were at opposite ends of the character trope spectru [...]

    22. Paul Parkinson

      Picked this because I remembered the name from Cheers Really liked it The list of must read authors just keeps getting bigger.when will it ever end Read it in one day.

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