Faster than a kiss, Volume #1

Faster than a kiss Volume Losing their parents Fumiko and her brother hop from one relative to another Getting tired of all those movings she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own As they

  • Title: Faster than a kiss, Volume #1
  • Author: Meca Tanaka
  • ISBN: 451789665
  • Page: 404
  • Format: None
  • Faster than a kiss, Volume #1

    Losing their parents, Fumiko and her brother hop from one relative to another Getting tired of all those movings, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own As they sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and agrees to her demanding of marrying and supporting both her and her brother Is he serious or just playing arouLosing their parents, Fumiko and her brother hop from one relative to another Getting tired of all those movings, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own As they sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and agrees to her demanding of marrying and supporting both her and her brother Is he serious or just playing around

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    One thought on “Faster than a kiss, Volume #1

    1. Rabia

      This is such a sweet shoujo manga I try not to read , but the next thing I know is that I am reading the next volume I usually try not to read mangas where the romance is between a teacher and a student, but this was all safe with nothing Rated R Instead, this manga is being considered like a kiddy manga by me now I am trying to find out what the sensei s age is again I think they said it in the story but I failed to remember it Anyways, this story is super awesome, a bit cheesy, but very romant [...]

    2. Haya

      Overall rating 3.5 StarsI really liked Faster than a Kiss, but I am, at the same time, relieved that it has come to a swift end The Faster than a Kiss manga has a lot of good points, ranging from the beautiful, cute and funny art, to the hilarious dialogue and wonderful characterization The blurb and cover give it no justice Initially, I believed it was some overly sappy, romantic gag that presents nothing but the realization that you ve wasted your time hunching over the toiler seat and ridding [...]

    3. Blue

      Marking 1 9 volumes I ve read.Absolutely sweet and charming, there s not a single thing I don t love about this manga but I just can t right now, I need some time to recover from the fact that it ended

    4. Starbubbles

      This series has been super duper cute I m normally against the whole teacher student romance deal, but it s so sweet, I can t help not liking it

    5. Natasya Wiah

      I loved this manga very much Love Ojiro Kazuma character 3 kyaaah And teppei is very cute, hhe Recommended manga

    6. Vanessa Kay

      This review is for the series as a whole with 4 out of 5 stars After reading this manga, I was debating to myself on what rating I should give it You see, when I was just in the middle part of this story, I already concluded that I will be giving it a 3.5 star rating, but man I love love love the ending It was far from what I imagined and that s really a relief After the scene with sensei s father, I thought everything will be clich , but man I didn t anticipated the ending It s absolutely a per [...]

    7. Pamela Lou

      this is just super sweet one of the best shoujo mangas that i have read so far i love the characters and the relationships that they have with each other each one is unique and will grow on you it s just frustrating how they never kiss oh my gawd ___ how is that even possible in real life but aside from that i just fell in love with the story Dthis is a good read this manga gave me sleepless nights, its a page turner and btw kazuma and fumio is just a very lovely couple i dont want to miss the m [...]

    8. Bookbuyer

      This is a really cute manga I like Fumino I think she s really strong trying to care for her brother I really like Kazuma I like that he doesn t take advantage of her and actually likes to tease her I think that while they will have a rocky relationship it will be a strong one.Teppei is really cute

    9. Melissa

      This manga is really great, I ve read numerous mangas similar to this one though Nevertheless I am completely swept by the male character, every move he makes is just so intriguing I admire the female character for her strength and courage Overall fascinating series, 5 5

    10. Colleen

      Ch.0Explains who the characters are and how Kaji Fumino and Ojiro Kazuma ended up married Kaji and her brother Teppei lost their parents They keep getting moved from one family member to another as no one wants them She decides to quit school to take care of him, but Ojiro Sensei finds her and pleads with her to come back She taunts him, daring him to marry her to take care of them He agrees but as her teacher they must keep it secret Ojiro dotes on Teppei and requires that both due happy housew [...]

    11. Casey

      I remember reading this years ago when I was in highschool I thought it was sweet then but really repetitive, even then As I looked back over it again it s not as sweet as I remember But then again I m not as young so things change with age.It s not horrible, but it will feel repetitive very quickly and I hate that a lot of shojo manga fall into the category of bad repetitive story telling or abusive relationship it always seems to be one or the other There s better shojo manga out there to read [...]

    12. Mary

      I will never understand the teacher x student appeal It s creepy and unless the teacher is hot and young, everyone would agree with me No offense to fans of this series, but I hope it s not licensed in English Ever.

    13. Deepra Hasan

      Unrealistic fluff which is only humorous because it works as an escape from all the realistic and mature love stories Sensei s character is funny and I like the tsundere Kaji but, let s be honest, Teppei is the cutest one of all.

    14. Lizzie Darcy

      La premisa me pareci interesante y el dibujo bonito, as que quise ver qu onda Me imaginaba otra cosa, un poco menos c mica, m s dram ticaLa historia b sicamente trata de un joven profesor de secundaria que se casa con una de sus alumnas en secreto, para poder ayudarla a ella y a su hermanito y que no queden solos.Termin siendo bastante com n Por lo que le , la autora ten a intenciones de hacer un one shot, pero despu s le dijeron que lo extendiera porque hab a tenido xito Ese cambio se nota, def [...]

    15. Kristen

      Manga Status CompleteNumber of Chapters 57Genres Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of LifeThis review is for the manga series as a whole.This manga follows Kaji Fumino, a 16 year old high school student Fumino and her little brother, Teppei, are orphans that move from one relative to another on a regular basis That changes when Fumino marries Ojiro Kazuma, a man eight years her senior and her homeroom teacher.So, I sort of felt weird about the whole student teacher relationship [...]

    16. Katie

      see full review Katie s CornerI ve read this story 2 times, and to say the truth the second time it wasn t holding my interest I mean, the first time I finished the story in a day or so, but the second time I have been putting it aside every 2 or 3 chapters I finally made myself sit down and finish it this morning I finally understood why I was so frustrated with the story It was a shoujo in every essence of it Okay, maybe not in every as the romance between a teacher and a student, but in how t [...]

    17. Chibivy

      I have read this roughly around two years ago, but wasn t really able to finish the entire series I remember that this was one of my favorite manga during that time.I stumbled upon this manga because I ve read another series by the mangaka prior to this, the 7 Jinkame Rhapsody You see, I like teacher student relationships at that time, and both 7th Period is a Secret and Faster Than a Kiss are manga about those kinds of relationship 7 Jinkame Rhapsody is really awesome, so I decided to give FTaK [...]

    18. Boojum

      I LOVED most of the series, and it did have a good ending, but there were a few chapter before the end that I just couldn t stand 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 3 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 2 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 6 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 4 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 5 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 8 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 7 1 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 9 10 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 10 12 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 12 11 Kisu Yorimo Hayaku 11

    19. Sereneblaze

      Read this some years back Fumino, a 16 yr old high school student and her 4yr old brother, Teppei, are soon orphaned when both of their parents die They move from one relative s house to another until they Fumino gets tired of constantly moving that she decides to quit school and support Teppei and herself alone To her surprise her high school teacher, Kazuma Ojiro, finds her and her brother at the park and he tries to convince her to come back to school During their conversation Fumino without [...]

    20. Andy

      Mini thought review A light heartwarming shoujo read Was great, funny even until it became annoyingly repetitive 1.Fumiko does something incredibly stupid2.horizons look bleak for her gang leader kidnaps her random sleazy guys tag her she almost drowns gets injured a lot gets sick a lot 3 Her Sensei husband comes crashing in sometimes literally to save the day and then offer a piggyback home.4N It was interesting at first, funny even until that scenario played around 4 5 times within the first 4 [...]

    21. Natalie

      I first read this sometime in December because the LaLa advertising got to me and I liked the art I re read it today because I m avoiding doing work, but the first 3 chapters about the main characters are unfailingly cute The trouble comes if you start expecting, you know, from the story As a shoujo junkie, this doesn t bother me, but if you re looking for something meaty, you probably aren t going to get it from this series in general The art makes me happy, though, and the teacher in this stu [...]

    22. Joti

      Very sweet story So Fumiko her little brother lost her parents and they run away after being sent from relative to relative She decides to quit school and take care of her brother they need money her brother is the only person she has left So her English teacher takes her up on her offer when she yells what he ll do, marry her support them So they re living the marriage lifestyle, and learns how to cook from him, and they fight a lot in the beginning She becomes nicer and then there s a rumour g [...]

    23. Yue

      Unlike Gokusen 1, where the relationship between a teacher and a student is sweet and, I don t know, real and less sinful, in Faster than a Kiss the female student, Fumiko age 16 gets married with her sensei age 24 She is homeless, with a baby brother, so of course the best option is to marry her teacherNot interested in reading any further So yeah, maybe there is a mystery involving the sensei his past, his true personality how was he when he wasn t a teacher , and his friend is kind of funny, [...]

    24. Vy Coker

      I stumbled upon this title by doing the good recommend survey thing after reading the summary, it have me an itchy urge to read it and see how is she going from homeless to married to her sensei I finished it in 2.5 days so it s not excessively long like cough fushigi yugi cough Even tho there are a lot of repetitiveness in the main female character s action and the main male, I still give it a five because as an over and heavy reader, this book have something that I feel the other romantic come [...]

    25. Leah

      The story starts with a 16 year old girl named Kaji Famino who s parents have died She and her little 4 year old brother are shipped around to different family members before she decides to run away on her own While she is trying to leave, she meets her English teacher who offers to take care of them, through marrying Kaji Though the story seems a little odd, I really liked the relationship that the two main characters had This is the first book of the series, and though it is not the best one, [...]

    26. Alexa

      Status Completed.This was a really cute love story about a girl who has lost all her family, and the high school professor that marries her to keep her out of the streets As usual with manga, you have to suspend disbelief with this one also the story drags a little, with countless arcs keeping the two main characters apart Fun for a quick read but not memorable enough If you want to know thisreview explains my thoughts really well.

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