Fragments of Horror

Fragments of Horror Best Read || [Junji Ito] - Fragments of Horror, Fragments of Horror A new collection of delightfully macabre tales from a master of horror manga An old wooden mansion that turns on its inhabitants A dissection class with a most unusual subject A funeral where the dead

  • Title: Fragments of Horror
  • Author: Junji Ito
  • ISBN: 9781421580791
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fragments of Horror

    Fragments of Horror Best Read || [Junji Ito] - Fragments of Horror, Fragments of Horror A new collection of delightfully macabre tales from a master of horror manga An old wooden mansion that turns on its inhabitants A dissection class with a most unusual subject A funeral where the dead

    • Fragments of Horror Best Read || [Junji Ito]
      289 Junji Ito
    Fragments of Horror

    One thought on “Fragments of Horror

    1. Fabian

      Exceptionally gruesome All these Japanese horror stories are Ju On The Grudge adjacent Most of them lack a coherent purpose or strict motive which is precisely what makes them all the eerie and beautiful P.S Isn t the cover a beaut

    2. Orrin Grey

      Let me just get this out of the way before we start the review For my money, at least two of the greatest masters of the weird tale who have ever lived are alive today and working in comics One is Mike Mignola, and the other is Junji Ito This is not just Junji Ito s first horror collection in eight years, but it s also the only collection of his unrelated horror shorts that s widely available in print and in the English language right now That, in itself, is enough to make Fragments of Horror a [...]

    3. Krista Regester

      This was RIGHT up my alley I couldn t put this down Junji Ito has a way of telling a story like no one else These stories were twisted, weird, and had some of the best artwork I ve ever seen Highly recommend

    4. juan carlos

      DISFRUTA DEL VERDADERO HORROR Y PIERDE LA CABEZA Las palabras que identifican a este libro es ENFERMIZO Y te dejar INQUIETO TODA LA NOCHE Junji Ito volvi a cumplir su objetivo en el horror Para qu leer Fragmentos de horror 1 Para conocer historias dementes y enfermizas acompa adas de horror, sadismo, circunstancias un tanto asquerososas 2 por que cada cuento es original y bien cerrado 3 Amantes de los seres paranormales, de la muerte irreverente y la oscuridad de la mente humana este es su libro [...]

    5. David Schaafsma

      From the horror manga ka author of the masterpiece Uzumaki and Museum of Terror, and after an eight year hiatus, here s some short stories, some comedic, some scary, some icky, a ghost story, such a range of stuff that he apologizes for in the preface as lame Not so I like most of them a lot I admire how the drawing principally creates the sense of horror, so difficult to imagine accomplishing in a time of blockbuster cgi films He crafts this fear with clean lines, simple paneling, simple, simpl [...]

    6. Oscar

      Fragmentos del mal , de Junji Ito, es una recopilaci n de historias cortas de terror, que es donde parece que m s brilla el autor El dibujo es muy bueno, y las ideas de Ito son imaginativas, a la par que perturbadoras Estos son los ocho relatos incluidos Fut n Una chica que encuentra a su novio bajo el fut n, sin querer salir, por los monstruos que dice ver.Espectros de madera Los due os de una casa antigua, un padre y una hija, deciden permitir las visitas de los posibles interesados en dicho p [...]

    7. Emm ❤

      Ito s work in general is ridiculously addictive These drugs are like a comic Wait Scratch that Reverse it.Fragments, the artist himself says, is a little different from his usual as far as the horrifying aspect of it, and I truthfully would not call it frightening as a whole, but it s no less elaborate and strange than usual, and Blackbird is absolutely haunting Quirky horror is maybe a good word for Fragments This collection weaves in and out of being either unsettling or humorous, and there is [...]

    8. Ray Nadine

      I ve always been a fan of Junji Ito s horror, and this book started off so strong, but the second to last story left such a bad taste in my mouth that it spoiled the book for me I do love how short the stories are, and even though they are short, they still managed to get across a subtle level of disturbing that creeps in your head for a while, even after finishing the story It was really hard to put the book down and was easy to jump into the small world built around each story.The story in que [...]

    9. rob

      Longer waits breed high expectations Its been eight years since Ito did horror manga and even longer since the West got a title of his in English This collection came out last year in Japan and gives eight stories varying from ghost stories to gore exploitation Its nowhere near the neurotic intensity of Gyo and especially not near his masterpiece, Uzumaki, but along the lines of the stories presented in Vol 3 of Museum of Terror Many of the stories kind of build up to one big reveal, shown to u [...]

    10. Melissa Chung

      This is the second manga from this author that I have read and have the same feelings as the first one It was sooooo weird Not scary in the slightest, but definitely creepy Some stories were sillier then others I feel like this would be the Japanese equivalent of Scary Stories by Alvin Schwartz This book is a collection of short stories Some longer than others My favorite stories were, Gentle Goodbye , Dissection chan and Whispering Woman Since these were the ones I enjoyed the most and the long [...]

    11. C. Varn

      Junji Ito s short form horror is top notch and after a eight year hiatus, it is too to see Junji Ito working on horror again While they are Weird Stories, they don t bare the hallmarks of so much of the genre His art is clean, detailed, and the contrast between the clean line work and the grotesque is often hyper effective These work like Tales from the Dark Side or the Twilight zone with weirder twists Magami Nanakuse is a dark morality tale, and Gentle Goodbye is melancholy, distant, and slig [...]

    12. Yume

      Otro tomo que me ha gustado much simo, incluso m s que el anterior Algunas historias no son tan terror ficas , pero est n muy bien para mi punto de vista.Posiblemente sea uno de mis tomos favoritos de este autor.

    13. Cherch

      La primera colecci n de relatos de horror de Junji Ito en ocho a os es, por decir lo menos, altamente irregular.La gran mayor a de las historias se sienten apresuradas, cerr ndose muchas de ellas con torpeza en apenas un par de vi etas, o simplemente mostr ndose incapaces de llevar a buen t rmino ideas que en un principio podr an parecer interesantes.3 relatos interesantes 1 TOMIO Red turtleneck un hombre se folla a una bruja que le cercena la cabeza con un hilo El hombre debe mantener la cabeza [...]

    14. Chandré Louw

      3.5 StarsExpected a lot from this one Albeit the stories were unique and and the art incredible , it lacked the horror I was anticipating Chilling and creative but not really horrifying.

    15. Danger

      More of the same gross, gory, nightmare fueled stories and demented art I ve now come to expect from Ito While some of the shorts were better than others, it was still a strong collection Varied in tone, but 100% pure horror Very good.

    16. Baal Of

      I had given up on ever reading any new Junji Ito, but after a very long wait, here is a new collection of stories Ito is a master of weird horror, and my absolute favorite horror manga writer This volume is not quite as good as some of his other work, but I m still giving it 5 stars because I love it Ito s ideas are bizarre, and even when the story seems to be going in a mundane direction, he always manages to turn it into something twisted by the end His artwork style fits the writing, with rel [...]

    17. Charles Dee Mitchell

      I admire Junji Ito s horror tales for their exuberance His draughtsmanship places the stories in a precisely rendered contemporary Japan, but before they are over you can be sure that all hell will break loose They are often a bit nutty, but the horror is visceral and the experiences of his protagonists are devastating Two standouts from this collection A young woman s passion for the preservation of traditional Japanese architecture proves to literally know no bounds In another, the meaning of [...]

    18. Nicola Mansfield

      In the author s note, he states that the first story in this collection was his first return to horror after an 8 year hiatus and he feels it is a weak entry for him I m presuming the stories are published in order of publication as they gradually become better with the best stories being the ones toward the end Even if all the stories aren t fantastic Ito is an awesome horror illustrator and he certainly knows how to give you the creeps with his detailed freaky illustrations There were only a c [...]

    19. Marcelo Galvão

      Do mesmo autor de Tomie e Uzumaki , esta colet nea re ne oito hist rias de horror cada uma tem em m dia 30 p ginas, com exce o da primeira A arte de Junji Ito espetacular, transmitindo bem a apreens o e o terror, mesmo que s vezes pare a exagerada.Quanto ao roteiro, na maioria da hist rias tive a impress o que o autor n o sabia o final ou teve pregui a de descobri lo , precisando ent o inventar um desfecho bizarro que nem sempre combinou com o que ele estipulou antes no in cio e meio da trama Os [...]

    20. Derek Royal

      If you love manga, and if you love horror, you can t go wrong with Junji Ito This recent collection of short horror tales is typical of Ito s style and brand In fact, you could also argue that the typical nature of some of these stories might be the book s potential shortcoming There were one or two times reading through this collection that I wondered if Ito is just playing too much on his formula and our expectations of him Still, this is fun and creepy and weird book.

    21. Asphodel Parker

      I have discovered only recently the art of Junji Ito, and even though I was freaked out by his strange creations, I found them just as mesmerising The stories and the art work are gruesomely fascinating, and I have found myself trapped in this hole that is horror manga As much of a scaredy cat as I am refusing to watch any kind of horror movies whatsoever , I am completely fascinated by his horrendous masterpieces, also questioning the ability of a mere human being to own such a rich imagination [...]

    22. Eithne

      The art was absolutely gorgeous but I found many of the stories to be quite lacking The fragmented nature of the narratives often left a lot to be desired and the writing in general is pretty dry That being said, I commend Ito s creativity when it comes to the horror genre and I will honestly seek out of his work in the future.

    23. Raven

      A series of associations and memories that I have with Ito s work After I walked with my graduating class senior year, I stayed in my on campus apartment for the summer to finish out a final research class After my roommate moved out, and I had the place to myself, I turned her room into a personal library game room and place to do yoga, write, and read I read the entire Uzumaki series sitting in our old ratty armchair, one leg draped over the armrest, away from the nauseating Southern heat outs [...]

    24. Ana

      N o me considero capaz de avaliar um livro de horror, j que n o costumo ler ou assistir coisas do g nero S posso dizer que gostei bastante N o sei se teria est mago para algumas dessas hist rias em anima o ou live action, mas gostei delas no formato de mang assustador na medida certa Na verdade, achei as hist rias mais bizarras do que assustadoras propriamente ditas Ou talvez seja melhor dizer que s n o me deram tanto medo porque s o t o bizarramente espec ficas que n o as imagino acontecendo co [...]

    25. Luiz Fujita Junior

      Ah, Junji Esta uma colet nea de contos de horror No posf cio ele escreve que s o frutos de uma retomada ap s 8 anos fazendo outros tipos de obras, e ele mesmo tem bastante d vida sobre a qualidade dos contos De fato, eles talvez n o alcancem a genialidade de um Uzumaki ou Gyo, mas visto que somos t o pouco agraciados com boas obras no g nero recentemente o cinema tem respirado melhor nessa rea, mas ainda pouco diante da avalanche de filmes pass veis , torna se algo fora do comum Para quem gosta [...]

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