Alpha Owned

Alpha Owned A curvy woman The Alpha who wants her Wine and a sexy dream waking up marked Ciara Ortiz wants Ryker Snow Too bad she s known all her life he needs a shifter for a mate She s only human After years of

  • Title: Alpha Owned
  • Author: Milly Taiden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alpha Owned

    A curvy woman The Alpha who wants her Wine and a sexy dream waking up marked Ciara Ortiz wants Ryker Snow Too bad she s known all her life he needs a shifter for a mate She s only human After years of staying away from the tempting shifter, she will finally see him for her brother s wedding Can she handle it Ryker Snow will finally have Cici in his grasp She sA curvy woman The Alpha who wants her Wine and a sexy dream waking up marked Ciara Ortiz wants Ryker Snow Too bad she s known all her life he needs a shifter for a mate She s only human After years of staying away from the tempting shifter, she will finally see him for her brother s wedding Can she handle it Ryker Snow will finally have Cici in his grasp She s done a good job of ignoring him and this is his one chance at getting the woman he wants.When a drunken night leads Cici to an amazing but strangely realistic dream of Ryker, she wakes up a different woman She ll either take a chance on the Alpha or walk away for a final time Reader Note This story contains some smokin hot sex If you have problems with low down dirty hanky panky, you might want to skip this one However, if you like a curvy woman who loves her body, a man who will do amazing things with his tongue and some cheeky humor, this is the story for you Enjoy.

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    One thought on “Alpha Owned

    1. Bambi Fogleman

      The amazing Milly Taiden has yet done it again. Her down to the point writing and beyond too hot alpha men leave every women needing a cold glass of water. Add her smoking hot sex and a cold shower or BOB may be needed. I love reading Ms. Milly books she has book series that make you can’t wait for the next to see what she will come up with next!“Strong muscles, washboard abs a bevy of tattoos lined his toreros. Her brain screamed for her to go pet those muscles again. She screamed at her br [...]

    2. N. Kuhn

      Hot Hot Hot! Can I have me a man like Ryker? Please? I promise to be good? Sexy, alpha male who knows what he wants and how to get it! I love Cici and how she tries to fight her attraction. She almost loses out on the one thing she wants most by being stubborn. This is a great little read with huge hot sexiness and a little drama. I'd love to know more about some of the characters and wish it had been longer, but this is so worth a quick hot read!

    3. Amber

      Super hot and fast readAnother scorcher from Milly Taiden. This was super sweet and a very hot read.I adored Ryker and how determined he was that Ciara was going to be his mate. Ciara just had to get over her fears and accept him too.I hope that this turns into a series and we can get stories for other characters in the book.

    4. Carmen Pescod

      Another hot read, the lead female is awesome I loved her. A well written short which Mrs Taiden is the mistress of. But now I need more, I need more on these shifters, I want more of the shifters changing & lots more of the greatness of Milly's writing.

    5. Nancy

      Story seems abbreviated and I didn't buy all the love. Even the way they spoke to each otherh.My favourite character in this book was Dariuse gay friend.

    6. Nancy Bodie

      Nice short story!This was well done as is everything I have read\listened to by this author. I chose this book because it was offered in audio. I was looking for well written, nice narration, back up ebook, and a short, between bigger books,Interesting book. That's exactly what you will get with this choice.

    7. Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews )

      Samanthabooks Woodson piZapAnd she did it again! This is definitely another 5 Heart book from the Smut Queen!Samanthabooks Woodson piZapCiara is a human in a family of shifters. Her mother married a shifter and turned when Ciara was a young girl. So when she started liking the future pack alpha all the shifter girls brought out their claws and made her feel as if she would never be good enough. So she has stayed away. Now she has no choice but to go back for her brothers wedding. She still plans [...]

    8. Nicole Fogleman

      alpha ownedmilly taiden Milly keeps her stories close to her heart. She had personally picked this book and advised me to read it! before i started the book i knew it was erotica, but as Milly personally took the time to ask me to read it i agreed to. thanks milly for everything i hope you know you have a real gift. some people say erotica is writing “porn” but i say you have to be a skilled author to describe those things. Milly is an inspiration for curvy woman as she shows confidence and [...]

    9. whitney glover

      Short&SweetI got to read Alpha Owned for free thru Kindle Unlimited(ladies a Prime membership worth every penny.) Especially for a lot of these short stories, I will always bust my Kindle reading budget regardless it's a weakness I can live with, especially since I will stay up late reading a full novel or several shorts in one evening. It's just hard for me to justify spending too much on a story that may be only 30-65 pgs long. Plus I've discovered so many amazing new authors, found a lot [...]

    10. Toya Valentine

      Sent of Mate was my first and then I immediately jumped into Alpha Owned. I love Taiden's style. She doesn't rush, but get's straight to the point. I love how her main character is curvy aka a well shaped big girl (whoo hoo) and proud of it. No one, not even a dog wants a bone. I'm so tired of all the tall thin or overly tiny women that shifter's go for in these novels or worst the "curvy" one's with incredibility low self esteem (aka "I didn't think Jaxx would truly desire me because I've never [...]

    11. Vettech

      Short, yes.but a very sweet read! This is an awesome wolf-shifter shortCiara Ortiz is off to join in the celebration of her brothers wedding at the Snow Mountain Pack, her former home. Though very happy for her only brother, Cici is majorly nervous too. The Alpha of the pack, Ryker Snow is the hot sexy hunky wolf-shifter that holds the key to her heart. Many years have gone by since Ryker & Cici dated that one and only time. Thinking that she isn't good enough for the Alpha wolf, due to the [...]

    12. Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews

      Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Milly Taiden is the queen of short but sizzling paranormal romance and she delivers again with this story. What happens when Ciara Ortiz returns home for her brother’s wedding? She ends up drinking too many bottles of wine and having the best dream of her life! This is a sexy hot novella that will leave you panting and wanting more! Alpha Ryker Snow has always known that Ciara was his; she just hadn't accepted her fate. When she returns to Snow Mountain [...]

    13. Laura

      Enjoyable Read!This is a great spicy novella, but then all of Milly Taiden’s books are great. Ciara has been in love with Ryker since she was in high school, but she knows she can never have him because he needs a shifter as a mate. She has tried to avoid him over the years but now that she is home for her brother’s wedding she is bound to run into him. Ryker has known that Ciara was his mate since they were in school, he just wanted to give her time since she is independent. However, he has [...]

    14. Ronda

      who doesn't love a shifter romance!I just love Milly Taiden's books! Since starting to read her shorties and novellas, I have a developed a fond attachment to quick, naughty stories! Ryker was H.O.T in this book! Ciara annoyed me a bit though. Come on! The guy wants you. He tells you that you are his one. He shows you that he finds you irresistible. And you still think you know more about what he needs and wants? Hard headed much?!! Maybe I'm just mad at her for missing out on so much time with [...]

    15. 8o's

      Alpha Owned is a novella by Milly Taiden. In Alpha Owned, Ciara visits her home town for her brother's wedding. Ciara is human but her brother and step-father are wolf shifters. Ciara left town as a teen because she loved the shifter Ryker but was warned off by jealous females. She has done her best to avoid Ryker for the past 15 years. Ryker has enough of her avoidance and makes his move the first night Ciara is back in town.I did enjoy the story. Milly is excellent at writing hot scenes. My on [...]

    16. Skye Hegyes

      The GoodWerewolves. I've always been, and always will be, a fan of werewolves. I live for pack dynamics. I love the hunt. I love the shifting between animal and human.The BadI feel like this was an outline - or sample - for something larger. It needed more There was a info dump in the workings of the werewolves, but I still didn't understand their relationship with humans (did normals know they existed or not?) by the end of the book.The ReviewThe sex scenes were decent - even if I don't agree w [...]

    17. Rebecca Warner

      It's okayCici never thought she'd get her secret wish, to be loved and mated to the Alpha of the pack. So she moved away and has stayed away unless he was gone. Now she has to go home. Her brother is getting married and she needs to bake a cake for him. Will something besides a cake get baked? Read this short story to find out.Personally, I didn't enjoy this book as much as some of her other ones. The Paranormal Detective Agency books are outstanding and so are the Sassy books. Both series are b [...]

    18. Jacqueline Baker

      Alpha OwnedMmmmm Ryker is so HOT!!! You just have to fall in love with Rykers mission to force Ciara to realize her love for him and a future are possible if she would only quit holding backHer dream has always been Ryker, but being human she believes what they said, he needs a shifter as a mate. Will she run or will Ryker succeed and win her heart???? The only party of the book that could have been made better was the ending Changing her e happy ever after

    19. °☆.。.:*・Arianna°☆.。.:*・

      The beginning was a little slow, but then it started to pick up when the two main characters meet again. I liked how when she would give in to him and things would get hot and heavy between them. However, I found the fact that he knew she was the one for him with one date to be far fetched and a little outrageous. How he hell would he know then, through a horrible date at that? The only thing that I could think of is love at first sight or something like that. The ending was also okay. Nothing s [...]

    20. Theresa

      Ownership has its privileges ;)Quick, hot, passionate read with just the right amount of a$$ kicking!! And now a bit about the storyCiara is dreading going home for her brothers wedding She knows he'll be there -- Ryker was the pack alpha now after all. She'd just have to find a stand in and figure out how to keep the truth from coming out.Favorite passage: You do know I can tell you’re lying, right?” Crap. “Whatever. I just refuse to be a notch on your tree post.”

    21. zoegrl

      Ciara was born to a shifter family but she is human. Ryker would be Alpha, he needed a shifter. So she stayed away. Now it's her brother's wedding, how will she stay away from him?This is a love story. Ms. Taiden has a way of writing that brings you into the story & has you hoping things will work out between the main characters. It's a great read & I enjoyed it. Love, family, hot wolf, short & sweet sexy story. :-)Enjoy!!Oh, I just reread this book & again enjoyed it. On to the [...]

    22. Terry

      Ryder &Ciara Sparks flyWow! Again, Milly knocked this out of the ball park. Ryder did not take no for an answer he was finally going to have his mate. All the running away could not cure Cici from falling out of love with her Alpha wolf. She let foolish and jealous shewolves tell her since was a human she could not possibly be the Alpha Sherwood of the pack. Lies they tell. As it turns out she is all Ryker ever wanted and he got his woman. Hope we see follow-up and see if she turns or stay h [...]

    23. Emily

      Ciara Ortiz has done everything she can think of to keep Alpha Ryker Snow at a distance. Ryker knows Ciara is his mate and he has been waiting for fifteen years for her to accept him. This was a quick one which left me with a few questions, but overall fun read. Ciara had one date with Ryker back in highschool but was warned off because an Alpha should not mate anyone but a shifter. Young and naive she believed it. I did want to know why Ryker just didn't hunt her down and convince her otherwise [...]

    24. Florence

      An Alpha knows from first scent who his mate is and no matter what anyone else thinks he will wait and do whatever he needs to do to have her Cici ran because she was in love with Ryker and believed she could never be his because she was not a shifter Ryker has waited for his chance to claim Cici and now that she is back for her brothers wedding he is going to do whatever it takes to make her his.

    25. Selina Durio

      This was a really cute short story. I enjoyed how the author brought together the characters and gave each character a little depth. That is something that is often missing in short stories. The friendship between Ciara, Sara and Darius was so genuine I was jealous. I was also happy to see that Ciara, even though she did not go home often, was still very close with her family. Cant wait to read more about this group of characters.

    26. Barbara

      Smoking hot readMilly has out done herself one this hot amazing read. I like how the alpha fights for what he wants and that is his mate. The story line is so amazing could not put this book down and it made me want more of this story. The the steamy dream scene ever thought Cici does not know it is real. She finds out later that is was oh so real and she told him what she wanted.

    27. Joy Whiteside

      I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were so lifelike that you felt like they were family. It was an amazing read, that you can not put down once you start.It moved along at a great pace, never lagging in the speed. Milly Taiden is a fantastic author and this has to be read, no doubt about it.

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