Your Smallest Bones: Stories

Your Smallest Bones Stories Twelve stories seven previously published and two Pushcart Prize nominations highlight this collection of short fiction Empathy is examined as we help push a grand piano onto a frozen lake or read cen

  • Title: Your Smallest Bones: Stories
  • Author: SeanTaylor
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  • Your Smallest Bones: Stories

    Twelve stories seven previously published and two Pushcart Prize nominations highlight this collection of short fiction Empathy is examined as we help push a grand piano onto a frozen lake or read century old lost braille love letters They play the lighthearted adventure of language while taming the overwhelming significance of tiny things.The following stories have prTwelve stories seven previously published and two Pushcart Prize nominations highlight this collection of short fiction Empathy is examined as we help push a grand piano onto a frozen lake or read century old lost braille love letters They play the lighthearted adventure of language while taming the overwhelming significance of tiny things.The following stories have previously appeared in Flight and Weightless Pantheon Magazine, Nominated for the Pushcart Prize April 2014 ISBN 1494415577How Josh Met Emily Full of Crow Quarterly, February 2014, ISSN 2157 3530Hands Pressing Play Whisperings Magazine, Summer 2014, ISBN 1494415577It Sings us Both to Sleep Part 2 of Weak Nights Sparkle and Blink 40 Nominated for the Pushcart Prize ISBN 978 1 300 10313 4Where Pickled Jalape os Grow Coe Review, Volume 44, Issue 2What You re Waiting For Instant City 8, ISSN 1937 0784The Burden of Legitimacy East Coast Literary Review, Fall Edition, 2014 ISBN 1500852775And Petrichor Machine 5 ISSN 2160 9403These stories are minimalistic in nature, they are what you grabbed when you ran from the fire, from the divorce, what you needed, not what you wanted Written sparse and strong they are the always only necessities.

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    One thought on “Your Smallest Bones: Stories

    1. Josh

      I received this as an ARC via and the Author.‘Your Smallest Bones’ is a short-story collection from American writer Sean Taylor.  As I started to read the first story ‘Flight and Weightless’, I started to gauge what type of writer Sean seemed to be; one with an effortless flow of prose, gently put on paper seamlessly.  It is a story of life and death and what it means to see a loved one die in their own way; with dignity as they slowly perish or slip away by the fingertips which bind [...]

    2. Jamie Lundy

      Your Smallest Bones reveals to us the beauty of the, at first glance, insignificant. The stories are a collection of snapshots: an ending relationship, a chance conversation in a tea garden, a child’s adventure, a fall, an escape of the self from the self. The pulse of the character is discovered and revealed through these simple and quiet moments. Each story presents a study of humanity, and in the intimacy of reading braille love letters by feeling the gentle curve and dent of the content ( [...]

    3. Anita Lock

      Your Smallest Bones is a compilation of twelve short stories about life and the incredibly small aspects – small bones, that are reminders of our human frailty. Primarily set in San Francisco, seven of the stories from this unique collection have appeared in various literary journals and two nominated for the Pushcart Prize.Rising author Sean Taylor knows how to “tailor” (no pun intended) a concept into story format. Quite a wordsmith, Taylor utilizes a wide variety of descriptive literary [...]

    4. Brian

      Sean Taylor has created a pocket for readers to store their most delicate thoughts, their most impossible hopes, and their most intricate memories. This pocket is not unlike the one found in jeans, the smallest one that rests just below where the right hip bone juts from the belt line, the one most often empty, where musicians keep guitar picks and married men hide their wedding rings when their wives are out of town.The stories in this collection are windows into humanity. They accomplish what [...]

    5. Shane

      Thanks again to for an opportunity to read a book that would likely have passed by my notice without the giveaways here.Sean Taylor has crafted something truly magical with this tiny little collection of stories.Vignettes narrated by voices that are gentle, wise and poetic. Sean writes from the viewpoint of a curious child as easily as he writes from the perspective of a confused elderly person mourning the loss of a loved one in all of it's jagged pain. What lies between the covers of this sma [...]

    6. Aaron Mcquiston

      I have read two short stories collections this week. The first was "Black Dahlia & White Rose" by Joyce Carol Oates, and the second was this collection by Sean Taylor. The contrast between these two collections could not be more staggering. Oates's collection is filled with stories she might have written in an afternoon, did not proofread, and basically said, "Screw it. Good enough." Taylor's collection is the complete opposite. His stories are smartly constructed, his plots are strong and h [...]

    7. Sam Slaughter

      While some of the stories show promise, overall this collection just does not do it for me. More often than not the prose varies in voice and consistency and what could be considered poetic language looks more like drunken ramblings. The good stories--about a third of the book--don't take 'it' to the level they could and I was left disappointed. As a small sidenote: even though this was an ARC there was an overwhelming number of typos, etc in addition to the fact that the acknowledgements page m [...]

    8. Isaac

      I came across this book by the good graces of the author and . This is the first time I've come across the young, Pushcart Prize nominated Taylor's work and I'm grateful. these 12, sometimes minimalist tales are the are some of the finest short stories I've read in some time. From the first story, “Flight and Weightless,” a story of a young, recently separated couple who, by circumstances I won't reveal here, push a grand piano onto a frozen lake. The dialogue between the two echos the work [...]

    9. Anne

      I read this concurrently with Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, a novel I gave five stars, so I can say with some authority that I enjoy stories about isolated eccentric people with quirky speech patterns. The difference is that Fowler manages to be earnest without always being deadly serious. Taylor's characters, on the other hand, always seem to be in the midst of a crisis, and so determined to wring every drop of meaning they an from the situation that there's no room [...]

    10. Lynn Arbor

      Taylor's playfulness with our language is a treat. I got a freebie version through BookBub, and I then I bought this book. I wanted one that I could hold in my hand and reread passages. I want to underline sentences.Some reviewer complained about formatting. Formatting can be fixed. Copy editing would be helpful. BUT formatting and editing have nothing to do with real talent. When I finished the first story, i paced around the house with the hairs on my arms standing up, tingling! I've never had [...]

    11. Bryan D.

      50 of 75 in 2015. I found this collection of short stories both lyrical and disturbing. Written in a cross between blank verse and stream of consciousness, the stories treat such subjects as homelessness, assisted suicide, breaking up. Often bleak in outlook, the stories remain fascinating, due largely to the author's gift with words. I recommend the collection with this caveat--I did not find the stories uplifting, rather depressing, but well written.

    12. Sean Taylor

      "Your Smallest Bones, by Sean TaylorFeb. 1, Seven7h TangentPeculiar little things, like wanting to know how many teeth are in your zipper when you're a 9-year-old too afraid to jump, and surreal, impossible things, like pushing a grand piano into the center of a frozen lake, anchor the watching and waiting and wondering of introverts who often mistake random chance for omens as they reach out to touch the world to see if it is real."-SF Weekly Winter Arts 2015

    13. Susan


    14. Stacey V

      Beautiful anthology of short stories with fluid, lyrical writing styles. I enjoyed trying to uncover the link to "bones" in each story, as suggested by the title. It's there--sometimes more subtle than you might anticipate! A great read.

    15. Brenda

      I stopped about a third of the the way through. The stories I read didn't seem to resolve anything, they just kind of ended. Not my style. I didn't really understand the stories I read.

    16. Brett Gibbs

      I love books of short stories but not sure I can recommend this oneI had a hard time getting into the stories and understanding the deeper meanings

    17. Carl Klein

      Eclectic collectionThe collection of stories were all well done with interesting twists to draw you in and keep your attention- good summer read

    18. Chris

      14% through and I refuse to submit myself to this experience for another minute. I've been dreading going back to this for reasons pointed out in other reviews. Dreary, awful, dull. Ugh.

    19. Bill Hsu

      Some impressively bleak and beautiful pieces here, easily making up for the one or two that I didn't think worked as well.

    20. Sandra

      Taylor keeps to the spirit of his title and writes into the smallest of psychic places in relationships throughout all his stories. His narrator brings a refreshingly sympathetic voice to the idiocies and idiosyncrasies particular to love relationships. I enjoyed “Hands Pressing Play” and "Where Pickled Jalapeños Grow,” both of which I think are excellent in conveying the angst of separation and the pull of “her” on a man. It is apparent that Taylor experiments with language and thoug [...]

    21. Brenda Benoit

      This book of short stories was definitely not my cup of tea and if I wasn't reading it for a reading challenge, I would have stopped about halfway through.

    22. Joan

      More poetry than prose, these short stories are odd but, thanks to the author's good command of language, also interesting -not in content, but in structure and style.

    23. Don Lively

      Should you read this collection of short stories? Yes. Just know that this work is best enjoyed by those looking for something deeper, something riddled with observation and meaning.I liked this collection. I liked it in the same way I like my more conservative minded friends; I am happy to know them and have them as friends even though I don't quite understand what goes on in there all the time. For me, Sean Taylor's collection of short stories is like that. Sometimes difficult to read, often t [...]

    24. Laura

      I realized last year that I hadn't been nourishing my love for short stories. I resolved to read a short story after each full-length book that I finish.This has been a successful enjoyable venture. Until now. I can't recall a single one of these stories. I came to dread reading them, & was glad to find tonight was the last one. The thing is, they're not written badly. But there is no depth, no connection to the characters, no memorable plots, or lines, just nothing to make these stand out a [...]

    25. Mary

      There's a video of John Cleese speaking words that have the proper cadence and sound combinations to be English, but really he's just spouting gibberish. It's fascinating and very well done. These stories reminded me a lot of that. If the prose had made sense I have a feeling it could have been excellent, but alas, pretentious nonsense was the end result.

    26. Marli

      Not my cup of tea. I am probably not intellectual enough to enjoy these types of stories. They seemed unclear to me, with effected and distorted language that didn't paint a clear picture for me of what was going on. I would get the gist of the story but it wouldn't resonate in my soul.

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