Love You Like a Romance Novel

Love You Like a Romance Novel hrs mins Jet gave up everything to make it to the top of rock On track to take over his family s business and wealth he defied everyone to start at the bottom and work his way up to become drumme

  • Title: Love You Like a Romance Novel
  • Author: Megan Derr Paul Morey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Love You Like a Romance Novel

    7 hrs 4 mins Jet gave up everything to make it to the top of rock On track to take over his family s business and wealth, he defied everyone to start at the bottom and work his way up to become drummer of one of the world s most popular bands, Forever and a Dai And his family might have forgiven him if he hadn t taken his cousin Dai with him.Jason is everything Jet chose7 hrs 4 mins Jet gave up everything to make it to the top of rock On track to take over his family s business and wealth, he defied everyone to start at the bottom and work his way up to become drummer of one of the world s most popular bands, Forever and a Dai And his family might have forgiven him if he hadn t taken his cousin Dai with him.Jason is everything Jet chose not to be an obedient son, a powerful and respected lawyer, wealthy, established, and set to inherit the family kingdom Dai s brother, and Jet s cousin, he is a constant reminder of everything Jet should be and is not.But everybody has secrets, and those secrets are all about to come out.

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    One thought on “Love You Like a Romance Novel

    1. Nina

      Family drama is not even my kind of thing, normally, but Megan Derr is pretty damn good at making me like things I don't like. Long-winded, chaste fantasy romance? Check. Sugary sweet short story? Check. And now this.I do have a thing for lawyers. And drummers. Here we have both, but they feel like they can't be in a serious relationship because they have that love-hate thing going on and they're also cousins. Oh yeah, baby.Add in some juicy family drama, mobby happenings (is that even a word? C [...]

    2. SheReadsALot

      2.5 STARS--I both liked and disliked this book. The book based on the premise was decent, I guess. It was supposed to be about forbidden lovers, sort of enemies.insenemies?WhatevsI wasn't expecting the bad daytime soap opera antics. And when the characters poke fun at the story line, well I couldn't say I blamed them. Jason is an entertainment lawyer and is being weakly blackmailed by his cousin, rock star Jet. (Again the main characters brought up how weak it was.)The two are having sex but the [...]

    3. Heller

      Jet and Jason were a fantastic pairing. I love the push/pull antagonism going on between them. I'm a sucker for stories with more than a little friction going on. ;)I know this is a part of the Butterfly world and we do get a short cameo with Cassidy and Malcolm. (Yay!) But it felt like a bit like I was dropped in the middle of a story without knowing some of the players. Did Dai and Cooper have a story I missed or is that happening down the road? What is going on with the twins? (view spoiler)[ [...]

    4. Jilrene ♥

      This is sweet and easy to read. I loved Jet. All the sex is fade to black. Oh, there's no UST, since they were already sex buddies when the story opens. It takes a while for the guys to get their heads out of their hind ends, but it's not overly dramatic. A plot twist near the end is telegraphed early. I still really enjoyed reading it.

    5. Arthur

      Jefferson Jr (aka Jet) refused to take his father's restaurant empire when he was 19, opting to be a rock musician instead. This created an estranged relationship between him and his parents. Not only that, Jet also managed to take his cousin, David (aka Dai) with him. Like Jet, Dai also was expected to take his father's business. In Dai's case, a law firm business. So, when he chose to be a singer and be in a band, that role fell to his older brother, Jason. Jason became the golden boy in the f [...]

    6. Deeze

      I love a book I can get lost in and this was one of those books.Jet and Jason held my interest all the way through with their complicated romance. The side characters were all interesting and of course I now want to read more on everyone, from Dai and Coop to Jack and Allen, I’m sure I sensed a connection between those two lol.While at times this story might of lacked a little realism, it still held my attention and any niggles I had were soon forgotten. In fact as far as my kind of romance fa [...]

    7. Elizabetta

      2.5 starsWhat’s not to like? Rockers and bad boys, eye-liner, tats, and long flowing hair. Plus, this starts with a hot ‘n dirrrrty sex scene between cousins, Jet and Jason. Cousins ooooh. They’re long-time, secret fuck buddies, refusing to admit to anything deeper, acting on their ‘friends with bennys’ set-up. But we all know how that goes. Those are some of the hottest plot devices: the secret booty calls, the long yearning looks that no one else notices, the aching hearts kept swadd [...]

    8. Plainbrownwrapper

      Megan Derr has tons of interesting ideas, she always writes intelligently, and I do like the characters in this book.Nonetheless, the plot is kind of a hot mess.There are nearly random elements flying in from left, right, behind, and dead ahead -- miscellaneous plot fragments that seem to appear and disappear at a whim. There are characters popping in for cameos -- and again disappearing -- from other books Derr has written or that she plans to write. There are goons who jump in to threaten one [...]

    9. Desinka

      This was decent but nothing special. I was very surprised it had no relation whatsoever to The Missing Butterfly, the first book in the series. For me, the story started too abruptly and I somehow failed to grow used to or connect to the characters. Still an engaging read.

    10. Susan65

      I loved this! So flipping good and I didn't want it to end. At first I hated the title, thought it was dumb, but at the end it made total sense and I loved it.This had it all, rock stars, organized crime, kissing - cousins (view spoiler)[ who are not really cousins but they don't know that at first (hide spoiler)] a bit of angst,and lots of twists and turns I just didn't see coming.I thought it was great!

    11. Leanne

      I really loved how this started. Plenty of angry sex and lots of snarky banter between the two MC's. But somewhere around the 40% mark it started to lose both steam and that delicious tension that I so love in the enemies-to-lovers trope. I couldn't really become emotionally invested in Jason and Jet and the whole thing fizzled into a pleasant but slightly disappointing read for me.

    12. Bitchie

      I really enjoyed the characters and the whole "forbidden" aspect, but it felt like this story just had too much going on. The secret romance author plot didn't really add anything but an excuse for sex, and I could have gone without the criminal subplot as well. Still, all in all, not a bad story, glad I read it.

    13. jules0623

      I enjoyed The Missing Butterfly, but this was so dull and the characters completely one-dimensional and boring. I managed to get almost halfway through then decided to give up.

    14. Cole Riann

      Review posted at The Armchair Reader.3.5 starsJust about everyone knows of my love for Megan Derr now, but I have to admit -- even though The Missing Butterfly was the first book of hers that I read, it's never been my favorite. I loved it, don't get me wrong. But I love her fantasy books so much that it has eclipsed that book in a way, and I haven't read it since that first time. So, I was anxious to read this first full length sequel. Not only has it been forever since I read the first book, s [...]

    15. DarienMoya

      I LOVE THIS BOOK LIKE A CRAZY PERSON!Its official, I love every book I read by Megan Derr. My first book by the author was The Missing Butterfly and since then I been reading all her fantasy books. Love You Like A Romance Novel brought the magic, and man I am in love with her rocker boys.Jet has just hit gold, when he finds out his most perfect cousin writes steamy romance novel under a pen name. This comes as a surprise because his cousin is like an emotional robot, rich, and with lawyer attitu [...]

    16. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌

      Love You Like a Romance Novel is a wonderfully charming book featuring something deliciously taboo: incest. Yes, incest *grin*. Incidentally, this is, as a friend mentioned, also the most explicit Megan Derr book that I've read to date. (delicious *grin*).Incest being illegal in some states, and more than frowned upon in places where it isn't illegal, doesn't exactly provide the best environment for a relationship like theirs to thrive. And yet you can't help but feel that they're so heart achin [...]

    17. Тамрико

      Megan Derr doesn't disappoint .n :) How can you not like the book? Lawyers, mafia, mean stubborn dads, hot gay boys fleeing their families to become rock-stars, danger, bodyguards, threats, run-ins with thugs, did I mention rock-stars?I would give the book 5 stars, but for one thing. Couldn't stop thinking I've already read something very similar and not so long ago O.o4 stars. OK, maybe 4.25 :)

    18. Sandra

      Starting with the good, I really enjoyed this book. It supposedly takes place in the same world as The Missing Butterfly, which I also enjoed, but there's only a cameo from those guys so it's kind of irrelevant. On the one hand, there is tons of drama in this book, as I'm sure you can surmise from the description (view spoiler)[blackmail for sex, fucking cousins, blood-thirsty lawyers and CEO's, family feuds and illegitimate fathers, OH MY! (hide spoiler)]. But on the other hand, it felt surpris [...]

    19. Melora

      ★★★ - Decent, if somewhat unremarkable.(view spoiler)[Jason is an uptight, straight-laced lawyer who writes romance novels on the side. Jet is a rocker with a penchant for cartoon tattoos and tabloid worthy escapades. They don't necessarily get along, except in bed, but that's not ideal given they're cousins.I enjoyed The Missing Butterfly which led me to Megan's website and her snippets of related stuff, mostly about Dai and Cooper, but also introducing Jason and Jet. These were brief, bu [...]

    20. Kris

      A 3-4 stars read. Towards the end of the book, one of the character's, Dai, says:" My family is a goddamn soap opera. I'm just waiting for somebody to die and then show back up twelve episodes later"That's pretty much it, but there was nothing apologetic about the fact 'Love You Like a Romance Novel' seemed to be just one thing after another, after another. I liked that. I also think the reason it worked was because the story *did* progress along with the dramas, particularly Jason's character w [...]

    21. Jane (PS)

      It's Megan Derr so I knew I was going to like. And I did. It was a more complex storyline than I was anticipating and only very loosely connected to The Missing Butterfly. We hardly 'saw' anything of The Four Butterflies etc - just a brief cameo of Malcolm & Cassidy. But lots of family drama, a bit of angst and a bit of action.(view spoiler)[The involvement of mob bosses took my by surprise and sort of complicated the story line but I still enjoyed it. (hide spoiler)]

    22. Julesmarie

      There are times I'm grateful for reading reviews before reading the book because they prepare me for things. And there are times I regret reading them because they spoil things, however unintentionally. This was one of the latter.(view spoiler)[The reviews mentioning the "big reveal" and saying how soap-opera like it was made me figure right from the start the Jet and Jason weren't really related. Because I went in with that assumption, I ended up simply being annoyed by all of the freaking out [...]

    23. Shelby P

      The title to this book is one big fucking misnomer. There was no fucking romance here. This book was such a fucking disappointment in comparison to The Missing Butterfly. I didn't like Jet and Jason wasn't as "grand" as he appeared in the first book. Didn't understand why Jason was even a romance author on the down low. That made no fucking sense other than to have Jet blackmail. Who gives a fuck? And the fact that they were cousins fucking wasn't necessary (view spoiler)[if only to the contrive [...]

    24. Seiran

      This story is filled with a lot of angst, misunderstandings and all the characters have an aversion to communication, and telling each other what they feel. The two main characters are Jet and Jason who are cousins, and have an on-off kind of relationship with a lot of bitterness thrown in for fun. The bitterness comes from Jet and Dai (David) who is Jason's brother, leaving and turning their backs on family and family obligations to follow their own dreams in the music world. Where as Jason is [...]

    25. Matthew

      To me, this book wasn't really like the other Megan Derr books I have read, other than the relative infrequency of sex compared to many m/m novels.I really appreciated the lack of notable grammatical errors. A big improvement in that area.I honestly prefer fantasy novels and liked the world building better in her Dance books and her Kria books. And I thought she had more fun with her sexual build up in those books too. She tends to enjoy love-hate romances and this didn't really feature that.I t [...]

    26. Didi

      A slightly Harlequin-ish M/M love romance between a twink who gave up (almost) everything to pursue his dream of becoming a rock-star and his stiff can-do-no-wrong plotted-to-be-the-heir-of-the-family-fortunes cousin. The Black-Sheep/Golden-Boy love story.I love how the relationship evolved between Jay and Jet. Both kept their repressed feeling for each other and ended up hurting one another made complicated by tugs, threats, violence, and secrets from people around them. All in all, this is sim [...]

    27. DaisyGirl

      2.5 (2.0) stars Jason is an entertainment lawyer who is being blackmailed by his rock star cousin, Jet who's also his lover. Um. Say what? That's the premise upon which this book is built. Not surprisingly, there were a number of obvious and over-the-top plot twists. Ultimately, I felt Jason and Jet were meh and a bit too full of themselves. But this book had a bit of angst, which I enjoyed.Bottom line: Not my fave of the series.

    28. Kukko

      Jason is a gazzillionaire entertainment lawyer who is being blackmailed by his cousin Jet, the drummer of a famous rock band. Sadly, the blackmailing plot line was not convincing - I just don't think it's blackmail if the person you are "blackmailing" is enjoying it! There were so many villains it was difficult to keep track. It's a shame the author did not follow through with the taboo storyline…now THAT would have been an interesting story!

    29. Barb ~rede-2-read~

      I really enjoyed this one. I read it during my vacation and didn't post my summary immediately so I'm not going into a detailed review at this point. However, Jet and Jason, the MCs stand out clearly in my memory and their chemistry was dynamite. I liked the convoluted twists and turns of the plot and totally enjoyed the romance as well. Good choice for BOM. I'm glad this was selected as BOM or I may have overlooked it.

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