Stříbrná zátoka

St brn z toka Lisa McCullenov se nikdy nedok zala odpoutat od minulosti Ale nedot en pl e a uzav en komunita obyvatel australsk ho p mo sk ho m ste ka j nab z svobodu a bezpe po nich tolik tou kdy u ne pro sebe

  • Title: Stříbrná zátoka
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: 9788024927053
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stříbrná zátoka

    Lisa McCullenov se nikdy nedok zala odpoutat od minulosti Ale nedot en pl e a uzav en komunita obyvatel australsk ho p mo sk ho m ste ka j nab z svobodu a bezpe , po nich tolik tou kdy u ne pro sebe, tak pro svou desetiletou dcerku Hannah Jen e pak p ijede Mike Dormer, ubytuje se v rozpadaj c m se hot lku legend rn lovkyn ralok a Liziny tety Kathleen aLisa McCullenov se nikdy nedok zala odpoutat od minulosti Ale nedot en pl e a uzav en komunita obyvatel australsk ho p mo sk ho m ste ka j nab z svobodu a bezpe , po nich tolik tou kdy u ne pro sebe, tak pro svou desetiletou dcerku Hannah Jen e pak p ijede Mike Dormer, ubytuje se v rozpadaj c m se hot lku legend rn lovkyn ralok a Liziny tety Kathleen a ve ker klid a m r St brn z toky a vlastn v e, na em Lise z le , je r zem v ohro en Tenhle navon n pan k z Lond na chce toti z hot lku a z livu, jen sk t to i t velryb m, ud lat prosperuj c turistick letovisko A i kdy je to p esn ten typ lov ka, kter ho by Lisa m la nen vid t, co nevid t za ne ohro ovat i Lisino rozhodnut znovu se nezamilovat do n koho, kdo si to v bec nezaslou

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      120 Jojo Moyes
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    One thought on “Stříbrná zátoka

    1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

      I think fans of Moyes' Me Before You are going to be disappointed with this one. "Me Before You" was one of my favorite reads of last year. It was beautiful, heartbreaking, and completely unputdownable. This one had a very different feel and I had a difficult time getting into the story."Silver Bay" is a slow-paced women's fiction book that focuses on life in a sleepy seaside town. Much of the book's plot revolves around the local marine life in Silver Bay, and there were some beautiful, atmosph [...]

    2. Suzanne

      As in many aspects of my life, I need to modernise! This one was a CD audio, but missed a chapter or too as it was bumpy. I’m used to this happening with the kids DVD’s all the time, BUT NOT MY BOOK THANK YOU VERY MUCH!Another enjoyable contemporary read, I have read a few like this lately. This is nowhere in the league of The Ship of Brides but it was good for what it was. A nice enjoyable story covering various issues of the day – conservation, domestic violence, ethics and property deve [...]

    3. Duchess Nicole

      This is a book about a family of women and the man who inadvertently falls in love with all of them. No, it's not as creepy as it sounds. Mike is a big shot developer for a London based company. He's sent to Silver Bay to scope out this quaint little seaside town as a potential spot for a major resort.The tiny inn that he stays in is also the home of Kathleen, Liza, and HannaAunt, Mother, and daughter. Kathleen is a seventy six year old "shark girl"her claim to fameLiza runs a whale/dolphin watc [...]

    4. Sharon

      I really enjoy Jojo Moyes books but I thought this one was a bit slow to begin with and it took me some time to get into it. But once I was nearly half way through I really started to enjoy it and was glad I kept on reading it.Liza lives and works with her family in Silver Bay. They run a small hotel in the area which they've had for many years and they also take tourists out on the boats to do a spot of whale and dolphin watching hoping to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful creatures of the [...]

    5. ☮Karen

      A good light look at a small whale and dolphin watching community in New South Wales and the repercussions, both environmental and personal, when outsiders seek to interfere for the purpose of profit. So many topics are covered in this engaging story: Love of all kinds, community, family, overcoming adversity.From the epilogue, which summed it up perfectly:Look out at the sea for long enough and its moods and frenzies, and its beauties and terrors, and you'll have all the stories you need. Of lo [...]

    6. Tracy

      I only got 27% through this and had to stop. I've read three other books by Jojo Moyes and loved them. This one, however, was not great. First of all, it needs an editor. The story was disjointed, there were inconsistencies, and it was just giving me a headache. I wanted to finish it I was interested in the story: set in a small fishing village in Australia, which I found interesting. But just too choppy. I couldn't make myself read another 73%. So now I'm moving on to another book set in Austra [...]

    7. Kateřina Petrusová

      Moc fajn oddechovka, která má pomalejší rozjezd, ale na konci umí vyrazit dech. Nutně potřebuju do Austrálie pozorovat velryby! :-)

    8. Pilar

      No es de las historias que más me han gustado de Jojo. Escribe muy bien y de eso no hay duda pero esta historia ha terminado de llegarme, es emotiva y con unos personajes con una gran carga personal, pero, tal vez, al estar narrada desde tantas voces narrativas, no he podido empatizar del todo con ninguna.

    9. Theresa Alan

      I loved this as much as I loved Me Before You. There were a lot of twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and the story made me tear up several times.Mike comes to Silver Bay in Australia intent on building a huge 5-star hotel that emphasizes water sports like water skiing and jet skiing in the bay. He stays at the run-down inn of 76-year-old Kathleen Whittier Gaines, her niece Liza, and Liza’s 11-year-old daughter, Hannah. Liza owns a boat and takes passengers out to see dolphins and whales. [...]

    10. Penny

      This is another solid book from Jojo Moyes. This one is about a small community in Australia whose welfare is based on whale watching. A large developer decides to built an enormous facility that will change the whole community and the locals lives forever. Unfortunately the man sent by the developer falls in love with the place as it is and then helps the locals fight it.As usual Moyes' strength is in creating characters that feel real and quirky and with whom the reader is engaged. In this par [...]

    11. Cititor Necunoscut

      O poveste înduioșătoare de dragoste, pe fundalul luptei unor localnici de a-și păstra oaza de liniște în mirificul Silver Bay. O poveste de dragoste ce trece în planul doi, atunci când soarta unei comunități este în joc, iar femeia pe care o iubești este amenințată de trecut. O carte care îi face chiar și pe cei mai cinici să își reconsidere socotelile cu privire la profit vs. natură.Recenzia mea completa este aici cititornecunoscut/2018/

    12. Carina Carvalho

      Ao ler um livro de Jojo Moyes irei sempre procurar a emoção que vivi ao ler o "viver depois de ti". Ainda não foi neste E talvez nem seja justo para com a escritora. Mas ás vezes é assim, escritores ficam ligamos a livros que nos marcam e vamos sempre á procura dessa emoção. Ainda assim foi um livro que adorei embora ache que o final foi abrupto. Um livro que até é extenso merecia um final mais primoroso.

    13. Arlene

      Rating clarification: 3.5 starsI've been a huge fan of Jojo Moyes since she broke my heart with her amazing novel Me Before You, so it's no surprise that I'd be charmed once again with her writing in this novel as well.In this book, we meet a heartwarming eclectic cast that includes Mike Dormer who is tasked to travel to the quaint bayside town of Silver Bay as part of a venture deal to build a multimillion dollar resort. When he checks into the Silver Bay hotel, he meets Liza McCullen, her daug [...]

    14. Filipa

      "Silver Bay" é uma localidade com um carinho muito especial pela vida marítima que por ali passa e que assim faz o sustento de pessoas que fazem disso o seu trabalho. Observação de baleias, golfinhos e não só. Transporta-nos para viagens de turismo com o único objectivo de vislumbrar essa mesma vida e assim deslumbrar quem vai a bordo, passageiros e tripulantes. Muito bem descrito todo o carinho pelos animais e a angústia do que pode acontecer quando as redes podem enlear estes. . . Um c [...]

    15. Tsippora

      I had pretty low expectations for this book, but ended up really enjoying it. At first I was a little lost, not understanding where the story was going, but 50 pages in and I got into it.I started Silver Bay, and about after 62 pages I decided to move over to Ship of Brides, and then went back to Silver Bay once I finished Ship of Brides. and I'm glad I chose to do that, because the small connection between the two books. So if you haven't read either yet but planning to read them both, start wi [...]

    16. ALEXA

      FIRST THOUGHTS:Boy, does Jojo Moyes know how to write! Truth be told, this garners a rating of 4.75 stars, if we're trying to be accurate. But Moyes has a way with words that just draws a reader in. In Silver Bay, she brings to life a story that is quiet, haunting and very emotional. Beautifully written, and I'm glad I stayed up to finish it in the wee hours of the morningVIEW:(Originally posted on Alexa Loves Books)While it does start out slow, don’t let Silver Bay fool you. There’s a story [...]

    17. Kristy Drážovská

      Vlastne ani neviem čo povedať Zo začiatku som z toho bola taká rozpačitá. Čítalo sa mi to ťažko a nebolo to zlé, no čakala som viac. Potom sa to asi v polke oveľa zlepšilo a mňa to bavilo omnoho viac a koniec bol absolútne dokonalý! Pôvodne som chcela dať 4 hviezdičky, ale mám silné nutkanie dať 5 :).

    18. Jules (Never enough time to read)

      I really enjoyed Silver Bay, yes it wasn't perfect and I did guess the ending but I loved the setting and nearly all the characters. I will definitely be reading a lot more by Jojo Moyles in the near future.

    19. Leanne Lewis

      This is the third book I have read by Jojo Moyes and I loved the first two so much that I am on the hunt for whatever she has written so far but it seems a little hard to get the actual books here where I live so I may have to resort to digital copies :(The book was in my opinion, slow to start and of the three I have read thus far, was my least favorite. It was slow to start off and many nights, I read only a few pages before I fell asleep so it didn't captivate me until about the middle. it st [...]

    20. Liz

      I so rarely do 5 stars but this was such an exceptional piece of writing. To give anything less would've just felt wrong. Silver Bay was both charming and lovely and gut wrenchingly sad. Jojo moved between these vast emotional landscapes like the seriously great writer she is, producing a novel I became very anxious to finish. I loved the Australian setting and hats off to a British writer for getting that setting so true to form; this felt so genuinely Australian. The twist at 90% was something [...]

    21. Corina☞BookTwinsReviews

      LOVED ITI really enjoy her older books much more than expected. This has been my second book after Me Before You (which made me cry, and I don't usually read tear jerkers ;(.In Silver Bay the characters are what pulled me into the story. They were beautifully fascinating, unique, and entertaining. It didn't bother me that there were so many different POVs. I rather enjoyed the different voices. Additionally the location and whale topic was extremely fascinating to me since I've neither been to A [...]

    22. Dagmar Valerie

      Verliefd op de boeken van Moyes! Ook deze roman heeft mijn hart gestolen én flink laten huilen. Mooi, heftig, intens en meeslepend. Waanzinnig goed!

    23. Hayley

      Ideally I'd give this book 2.5 out of 5 - 2 seems too stingy, 3 seems slightly more than it's really worth. Jojo Moyes' Silver Bay adds a heart-wrenching twist to the conventional chick-lit love triangle story. Set in Australia and London, Moyes has created characters who draw you in and make you want to learn about their lives. I soon found myself caught up in the intricate details of Mike, Liza, Hannah, Kathleen, Greg and co, eager to know how their stories would unfold. Written from the viewp [...]

    24. Julie

      L'été, j'apprécie retrouver des lectures un chouilla plus "futiles" qu'habituellement. Même si ce roman est clairement mâtiné d'une dimension écologique avec un plaidoyer assez fort pour la sauvegarde des baleines et autres cétacés, je ne peux nier son côté "romance" qui prend selon moi une grande place dans l'histoire. Bien que ce ne soit pas vraiment mon genre littéraire de prédilection, j'aime beaucoup en retrouver les codes dans mes lectures estivales. C'est léger, doux, et quo [...]

    25. Tita

      Comprei este livro na Feira do Livro, em 2011, durante a Hora H, pois como a Canochinha tinha gostado bastante, achei que me iria proporcionar uma leitura agradável. Infelizmente o tempo foi passando e fui adiando a sua leitura, mas achei que era o livro indicado para a categoria "Romance" do Book Bingo.É um livro que nos toca a vários níveis, abordando alguns temas díficeis, tais como a perda e a violência, mas também sobre amor.Alerta-nos para os males que se têm feito à natureza e ao [...]

    26. Donna

      If you need a bit of an escape from real life, this book might fill the need. This was a sweet story where everything is tied up in a pretty little bow at the end. I liked this even though it was a little predictable. There was also a "Save the Whales" and a "Save the Dolphins" message because a big resort wanted to move into little ole Silver Bay. This book glossed over the real fight that would have taken place if this book was aiming for the realistic vibe, but it wasn't. And for me that was [...]

    27. Susana

      A case in which I guess I connected with the story's at the right timewere I to read it today, I would probably find it somewhat boring.

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