More, Please

More Please Allie Donovan knows exactly what she wants And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL she picked up in a bar Really it doesn t Since graduating from college she s been juggling two jobs while fo

  • Title: More, Please
  • Author: Kate Aster
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  • Page: 452
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  • More, Please

    Allie Donovan knows exactly what she wants And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL she picked up in a bar.Really it doesn t.Since graduating from college, she s been juggling two jobs while fostering abandoned dogs, with her sights set on opening a rescue kennel She ll do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means fighting back her cravings for the man whoAllie Donovan knows exactly what she wants And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL she picked up in a bar.Really it doesn t.Since graduating from college, she s been juggling two jobs while fostering abandoned dogs, with her sights set on opening a rescue kennel She ll do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means fighting back her cravings for the man who s been fueling her fantasies since she got her first taste of him in a hotel elevator.Former SEAL Logan Sheridan never thought he d find himself landlocked in the Midwest after separating from the Navy last year He s always gone where his country needed him Now he must help his family while avoiding the pressure to take his place at the helm of his father s multi billion dollar corporation.But a chance meeting with Allie might change the direction of his life or reveal a past he doesn t want to face.More, Please is a stand alone novel with no cliffhangers.

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    One thought on “More, Please

    1. maggieandteddy

      I really enjoyed this one. Dual first person POV- Allie then Logan-every other chapter.I loved the original beginning to this book. Let me just say: Nothing/No one is a sure thing! I was surprised and enjoyed their meeting and the early little twist. I didn't get mad at Allie, it's her right to change her mind and I loved Logan's attitude about it. This is not really a Navy Seal book, since Logan has been out of the Navy prior to the beginning of the book. This is a spin off from Ms Aster's Spec [...]

    2. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~

      This was a really great story. Very well executed. From the richness in the descriptive writing, to the emotion that jumps off the pages as a result. I love the characters. I sympathized with their plights & the surrounding happenings around them. And I fell utterly in love with LoganWell done Mrs. Aster. Well. Done.I would certainly recommend this read.Happy Reading :)

    3. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥

      Honestly too tired and wiped out to write a decent review for this one. This was a sweet and light read. Logan and Allie meet and the sparks are instant. However, Allie chickens out last minute and leaves Logan before their hook up can take place. She's never had a one night stand so she decides that this was a mistake and although she definitely felt something for Logan, she doesn't want to regret any rash behavior and decides to forget all about it. Never thinking she would bump into Logan aga [...]

    4. Ann

      3.5 stars. First half very different than the second half. That first half was a little slow, wasn't sure when Logan was gonna make his move, then suddenly he's all in and sexed up. Definitely enjoyed that 2nd half ;-) Thanks to reader friend maggieandteddy for her review that had me 1-clicking. Thanks M&T. =)

    5. Romance Between The Sheets

      Please note this review may contain spoilers.Logan is an ex-SEAL suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt, who's come home to Newton's Creek to be closer to his ailing father. He's not sure what he wants to do with his life, but he knows he doesn't want to be involved in his family's hugely successful construction company, JLS Heartland. Allie is a young woman working two jobs to fund her real passion - rescuing abandoned dogs and finding them new homes. Her dream is to open up a home for rescue [...]

    6. Anna

      High 3 stars so I rounded up because I like Kate Aster. Not my favorite in her SEAL series but still enjoyable. I loved the very miniscule glimpse of Joe and Vi because I just loved Joe. That was worth a star right there.There was definitely passion (and sex) between the H and h but for me something was missing in the translation in their chemistry to me as a reader. Other Kate Aster books I've felt that chemistry (see Joe and Vi) but this one was missing it. Also felt the ending was a little ab [...]

    7. Kerry

      I have been anxiously awaiting this book since it became available for pre-order, and it did not let me down! I love Kate Aster's Special Ops: Homefront series and was thrilled to learn that there would be a companion novel. We met Logan briefly in Maeve's story, and he has now left the SEALs and returned home to the Midwest. He meets Allie in a hotel bar, and the two begin talking. Allie nearly returns to Logan's hotel room with him but chickens out at the last minute. When their paths cross ag [...]

    8. Book Monitor

      I liked this book, but I didn't love it. I recognise that I am out of step with other readers here (who clearly love it) and I am a fan of Kate Aster and her writing style and stories. I enjoyed this book and I liked the characters - not just Logan and Allie but the subsidiary people too, her friends and his family. Perhaps strangely I liked that Logan's reason for being there had turned out to be more or less spurious, or at least he was left feeling purposeless. Allie is a caring animal lover [...]

    9. Alison

      This is the first book by this author for me and wont be the last.At first I couldn't feel the connection between Allie & Logan but as they come together it all started to click for me and really turn the story around for meLook forward to reading the rest series

    10. Lisa Marie Gonzalez

      More pleaseOmg omg omg ! What a delightful sexy, hot sweet story. I loved loved loved Logan, the SEAL with the heart of a romantic hero. Damn he was scrumptious. Allie was delightful. I just loved her and her buddies. The dogs were precious too. I loved what she did with her rescue group. Her friends were a hoot. I'm delighted that they will have their own stories. I'm dying to read about Kim and Ryan, then Cass and Dylan. I was hoping Ryan and Kim would get together. Seeing that both are single [...]

    11. Susan

      Loved itThis Author was new to me,so I was not sure what to expect. I could not put this book down. From the first chapter to the last page it just sucked you in. You felt like you were part of the story. I can't wait to read the next book.

    12. Phyllis Mennitt

      From the very beginning of this book it had me not wanting to put it down kept me wanting to see what happens next Loved this book.Loved this book from the first paragraph I didn't want to put it down,I couldn't wait to see what happens nextWould highly recommend this book

    13. Meesh

      A good wholesome read.A heartwarming story of love. Not as much heat factor as I prefer but all in all a good read.

    14. Nancy Lovallo

      Very lovely book. I laughed and cried. Allie & Logan were made for each other. They both gave each other what they were missing.But, no epilogue? I love epilogues.

    15. Sheryl Wilkinson

      Brilliantly writtenAbsolute pleasure to read. There are many ebooks available that have a great story but are let down by the writing Not this one! Kate Aster is a phenomenal writer!

    16. Ira

      _English version at the bottom_"More, Please" ist der erste Teil der Homefront-Reihe von Kate Aster und faszinierenderweise haben mir hier wirklich alle drei Bände gut gefallen. Oft gibt es ja einen, der etwas schwächer ist oder so, aber das war hier nicht der Fall, im Gegenteil, ich habe ab diesem ersten Band alle drei begeistert verschlungen. Allies und Logans erstes Zusammentreffen scheint zwar auf den ersten Blick recht vielversprechend zu sein, abergendwie dann doch nicht. Wir haben hier [...]

    17. Kimberly

      A heartwarming story that drags you inI borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimited because the blurb caught my interest. I'm glad I did. The hero, Logan, is a strong, sexy alpha male (of course) who happens to be part of a wealthy family but he doesn't flaunt that connection. He left that Midwestern family and ready made position in the family business to join the U.S. Navy, becoming a SEAL Lt. Commander. His last mission caused an injury that led to his leaving active duty but it's his father' [...]

    18. Plainbrownwrapper

      I gave this a try because it was free and I'm a sucker for a sexy cover.And it's not bad. It's sweet and fluffy and inoffensive, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. The characters are Good People, and there's nothing much wrong with the prose. Also, I did dog rescue for years, and the descriptions of rescue in the book are not too far off the mark.On the other hand, there isn't a lot of real excitement in the story. This is the sort of story to forget very quickly after finishing. And even [...]

    19. Lynne Cuda

      Another great SEAL novel by Kate AsterThis is another great SEAL/military book by Kate Aster. There are cameo appearances by all the characters we met in her earlier novels. This book is just as good and just as well-written. The author gets us all involved in the characters and their lives from page one! Then the book is so hard to put down, even to go to sleep. This book takes place in the Midwest, kind of a departure from the Maryland-based other books. The love interest is between Logan, a m [...]

    20. Teresa

      Yes, More PleaseMs. Aster is an amazing writer and the love that she puts into her characters is amazing. I get so excited every time a new book comes out from her that I have to read it right away. She even made sure to let us have a glimpse of Bess and Tyler's wedding when Logan and Allie attend their wedding. Hopefully, we'll see more books featuring Cassie and Kim who are BFF of Allie and of Newton's Corner. I love how she described Hannah and Logan hunting fairies while drenched in a berry [...]

    21. Marsha Wilde

      You'll quote the title at the end.Dreams. They fuel us. They haunt us. They are sometimes clear as a murky lake and just as prone to sedimentation.What if they're not a straight line? And what if our personal demons blind us to what we could do? Holding us hostage? Whispering misdirections? Lowering our expectations?What if one became two but are more than the sum of their bodies? What if their hearts beat stronger, love reached wider, compassion stretched farther? Would the dreams flex? Would i [...]

    22. Michelle

      This was my first book of vacation week on the beach. Started off good, was my favorite of all the books I read. Again, just a simple love story about two people trying to make good in the world with the hand they are dealt. I enjoyed both of the characters and how they interacted with each other. Enjoyed the way their relationship actually grew and the dynamic between them.

    23. Sonal Panse

      Difficult to enjoy a book when you keep wondering about all the civilians that didn't survive to have PTSD because the self-absorbed tool of a hero was "deployed to third world countries armed with an HK416".The obtuse heroine - who saves dogs and, apparently, doesn't give two hoots about the lives of chickens and pigs - thinks, "He’s a SEAL— faced down more tragedy in his 32 years than most people do in their lifetime."This site begs to differ - iraqbodycount/

    24. Victoria Limbert

      I thought this was so sweet. Feels like a long time since I last gave a book 5 Stars and I think this one deserves it.Allie was a great heroine with her dreams and ambition, her maturity was refreshing. She was truly great and understanding of all Logan's problems from his military days and Logan was never cruel or dismissive like a lot of alpha men in books nowadays. He was near perfect to be honest.Such a sweet romance with some yummy sex scenes to spice it up.

    25. Jb

      FANTASTIC 10 stars!!!Can't get enough! I loved every page, every chapter of this story! So creative, full of fun, laughter, terrific romance & steamy passion! I'm hoping to get more from the characters of this book- could be a fabulous series (all the brothers & friends) just too perfect to not continue! I've enjoyed every book in the Special Ops Series & truly have been enlightened by the military romance & writing style! FANTASTIC AMAZING HEART LIFTING TRUE ROMANCE NOVELS!

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