It's a Kind of Magic

It s a Kind of Magic When Emma s boyfriend Leo turns up at her special birthday dinner unforgivably late and horribly drunk embarrassing her in front of her family she decides enough is enough Why can t someone just wav

  • Title: It's a Kind of Magic
  • Author: Carole Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780755327669
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • It's a Kind of Magic

    When Emma s boyfriend Leo turns up at her special birthday dinner unforgivably late and horribly drunk, embarrassing her in front of her family, she decides enough is enough Why can t someone just wave a magic wand over him and bring him back refurbished as a proper boyfriend and save her the trouble But when Leo meets Isabel and starts changing before her very eyes, EmmWhen Emma s boyfriend Leo turns up at her special birthday dinner unforgivably late and horribly drunk, embarrassing her in front of her family, she decides enough is enough Why can t someone just wave a magic wand over him and bring him back refurbished as a proper boyfriend and save her the trouble But when Leo meets Isabel and starts changing before her very eyes, Emma realises she should be careful what she wishes for

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      263 Carole Matthews
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    One thought on “It's a Kind of Magic

    1. CuteBadger

      I usually like Carole Matthew's books enormously. She's a very funny, savvy writer who reliably produces enjoyable books. I didn't enjoy this one as much as usual, however, as I found the fairy element of it trying and I didn't warm to either of the lead characters. Emma is just annoyingly uptight and does that thing that female chicklit leads often do - has a job, but can run off at the drop of a hat with no consequences. Leo is way over the top in his general uselessness and messiness - to the [...]

    2. Barbara

      I bought this book at an airport before a longhaul flight, trusting it would be good based on others I had read by this Author. 6 months later it is still on my book shelf, unfinished. What a piece of pure, ridiculous drivel. Apart from the fact that it covered my clothes and purse in glitter from the coverally! on a transatlantic flight from London to San Franciscoe storyline is non-existent and pitiful at best. Come on!! Businessman meets a fairy! Who gives him great sex. This isn't even chikl [...]

    3. Jacquie ♡

      On my way home from work, I finished the book by Carole Matthews, It’s A Kind of Magic.The story begins with Leo Harper singing and dancing at a party, while everyone else is cheers and calls out his name. He then realizes after being told to sing another that he has to go to Emma’s party only to fall on her cake.Emma decided there and there that it’s goodbye. FOR GOOD!Leo drunk and wasted, realizes that Emma seemed serious about the break-up.Emma expects to be contacted by Leo, but Leo ha [...]

    4. Kelly

      I started this book and almost instantly I could tell that I wasn't going to like it, neither the characters or plotline appealed to me, but I tried to continue. I didn't get very far, granted, but I think I've saved myself some suffering by stopping.

    5. Tazzie Dee

      Emma & Leo have had an on/off relationship for quite some time. On the eve of Emma’s 30th Birthday party, Leo shows up drunk and ends up passed out on her birthday cake. Emma’s humiliated. She loves him, but she’s sick of his childish behaviour and dumps him. She simply wished someone could wave a magic wand and turn him into a reliable and considerate boyfriend. Enter Isobel. On the very same night, Leo crosses paths with her. And she turns his whole life upside down. She’s a mystic [...]

    6. Nomagugu Chelsie

      *sigh* I read fiction for a reason, I love the escape from reality as much as the next reader but something about this was just silly. Too silly.The humor was a little too low brow in some places and the characters over exaggerated. It had the feel of a fairy tale for adults that was trying too hard to be mature and realistic at the same time. Not for me.

    7. Lorraine Vella

      At first I couldn't get into the story with one of the characters being a fairy but then eventually I enjoyed it What I like the most is that the main characters are not the usual "goodies" and its about the reality of nowadays where everyone is so materialistic that we are forgetting how to love and how to keep a good relationship with our loved ones.

    8. Kirsty Padden-barr

      Don't expect too much reality and you won't be disappointed with the fun escapism you're reading. I really enjoyed it, it was a fun read even if you did have to stretch your imagination. For those who think it's a silly read I hope you're not guilty of enjoying a certain book about vampires because that also requires a stretch of the imagination - but it was still a good read!

    9. Liz

      Very unusual for me to give a book just one star but this was the worst Carole Matthews book I've ever read (and I've read most of them)! The fairy storyline was ridiculous and the characters just too immature.

    10. Mrs Lesley Milne

      In reading the paperback version the writing was very small so this book took me much longer to read than I would have liked. A light hearted romance. I wouldn't say one of the authors better stories but still readable all the same.

    11. Mr J Jones

      FabulousLovely the very idea of fairies entering your like. Brilliant ideas could t put it down. Hooked on your books now

    12. Lorraine Marshall

      Although I like Carole Matthews enormously, this book was not for me; I found it a bit silly, and boring enough in parts for me to want to speed read through it. There were parts that were quite endearing and it had a touching ending, bit unfortunately I did not really like it at all.

    13. Valerie Jaafari

      Emma and Leo were together for several years when Leo did something wrong : it was Emma birthday and he was supposed to meet her at the restaurant with the rest of the family .But Leo starts the evening drinking and having fun with his two colleagues and friends Lard and Grant . Leo finally decides to head to the restaurant quite drunk . Emma can’t believe he has forgotten again it was her birthday and that he arrives like that drunks and without a gift . So on the way she decided to stop her [...]

    14. Natalee

      This book is about Emma and Leo. They are in a five year relationship. Leo is a bit of an irresponsible boyfriend. He loses his phone all the time, turns upp late for work and everyhting else and is not very romatic to Emma. Emma is a perfect girlfriend who wants to mould Leo into the boyfriend she wants. Along comes a fairy - yes a fairy! Leo falls in love with the fairy. This happens after the night of Emma's birthday party that Leo turns up very late for and falls face first into her cake. Sh [...]

    15. David Proffitt

      From the blurb and cover I took this to be just another chick-lit novel, and when I started reading it that is what I seemed to get. But there is much more to this book that that. For one thing, it follows the lives of two people, a couple – Leo Harper and Emma Chambers – with the story being told from each perspective. Leo we read of in the third person, but Emma tells her own story. The style switches between the two with each chapter, something I found disconcerting at first but it soon b [...]

    16. Margherita Dolcevita

      Sono moltissime le cose a cui non credo, un'infinità: Dio, Berlusconi (e se li ho messi vicini non è un caso), il televoto di Sanremo, le creme anticellulite, i tempi di cottura e le porzioni dei cibi già pronti, l'assenza di silicone e botox in Pamela Prati, la chiamata pedonale, le raccolte punti, potrei continuare.In particolare, riguardo a questo romanzo, non credo a due cose che sono qua presenti.1. che le persone possano cambiare. Ma dai, un adulto sopra i 30 anni quello è e quello res [...]

    17. Kim

      Emma and Leo have been an item for five years. They are constantly breaking up and getting back together again, usually because of Leo's unreliablity especially when he teams up with his two best friends, Grant and Lard. When Leo turns up for Emma's thritieth birthday dinner a couple of hours late, drunk and dishevelled after being with his mates, Emma can't help but wish that things were different and Leo would change. Of course, they fall out again and Leo heads home alone, too drunk to drive, [...]

    18. Agi

      I had a real problem with book, because it was really nice read but this whole magic thing was a little too much for me. A little too much unrealistic. It's nice to read such things from time to time of course but I couldn't stop thinking, hey, COME ON, such a fairy - tale, it couldn't happen, and it spoiled this book a little for me.But anyway, a lot of fun, humour, jokes, friendships, emotions as well. I really liked Leo but he exagerrated from time to time, I think I couldn't live with such a [...]

    19. Monie

      Emma Chambers is an independent woman in love with the wrong man. Leo Harper is the boy who refuses to grow up. During their five year on-again, off-again relationship Leo has let down Emma more times than she can count but this is the last straw. Leo shows up hours late and horribly drunk to Emma’s thirtieth birthday party. After dragging Leo out of her birthday cake, where he’s passed out, Emma wishes someone would wave a magic wand over Leo and turn him into the perfect boyfriend. She kno [...]

    20. Ainur

      fun to read, sweet and definitely had left a smile on my faceis is a story about Emma and Leo. Leo is a pain in the ass boyfriend, very childish guy and Emma had been stuck and patience with him all this time. but something went wrong and Emma just can't stand it anymore and she wished on something. wished Leo is a different person, more responsible and more serious about life, about their relationship.well, you have to be careful what you wish for, right? and then the magic happened. a very int [...]

    21. Susan

      This book practically jumped off the shelf on a visit to my mobile library. Carole Matthews is another new-to-me author, and somebody I've become familiar with on Facebook, so I didn't hesitate to borrow it.It was a fast read, especially for me! Full of fun combined with angst and ummgic. I particularly loved the beginning of this story - in particular Leo's 'voice' reminded me of Hugh Grant, and gave me many laugh-out-loud moments. Emma took a bit longer for me to like - probably because I coul [...]

    22. Rhi

      Why is it, that at the centre of every chick lit book, there is a neurotic, overwhelmingly annoying, female lead? Why why why. Emma Chambers was no break from the norm for me. She baffled and frustrated me so much I took far too long to read this text, simply because I couldn't take too much of her in one sitting.Thankfully, Leo the main male character, and his relationship between him and his two friends, somewhat redeemed the book for me. I'll admit to laughing out loud during scenes that invo [...]

    23. Deirdre

      Sweet and engaging this is the story of Leo and Emma. Leo turns up at Emma's 30th birthday drunk and late. Things aren't helped by him falling head first into her birthday cake too. Emma decides that she's had enough of his childish ways and that this was the last of many straws.Then Leo meets Isobel and she starts to change him, in some subtle ways. Emma realises she still loves Leo and loves even more the slightly improved Leo, but is it too late? Things aren't helped by the fact that Isobel i [...]

    24. Jenny

      I've read and liked some of Matthews' other works but this one I couldn't get too grips with - I didn't like the story or the main characters. Leo is a slob yet Emma is the one who is blamed for being too uptight by the other characters (even though she does verge on irritating on times). I couldn't get interested in the book and it felt boring that I gave up reading in the end. I didn't really like the fairy aspect either. Not my kind of bookocolatedigestivebiscuit

    25. Angela

      Quite formulaic but better than most other chic lit due to more interesting characters and a semi-original storyline. I found the story dragged on purpose to create tension like all modern rom coms are supposed to do, but all it did was make me crabby. Perhaps I'm too old for this demographic of fiction to appreciate it. Probably for the same reason romances leave me cold as well. For what it is and what it doesn't pretend to be, this cute story is good for a beach weekend.

    26. Nicole van der Elst

      I've read several Carole Matthews books and I dind't think she needed this magical twist to let this story work. I could somehow relate to the fact of dating a fairy but the transfer of Leo and his mates to the land of light was a bit overimaginative for me. But what could you expect with this title? All in all the book is stil full of funny and witty conversations and embarissing moments. Although even I've read a lot of chick lit books I thought the end was a bit too corny!

    27. Lisa

      I've never read anything by Carole Matthews before but I thought this looked interesting (it was an recommendation): a mix of chick lit and fantasy, two genres I love. Unfortunately, though, the blend wasn't a smooth one, it got a bit *too* twee (and that's saying something, coming from me) and the parts that were supposed to be at least semi-believable became a bit laughable. A decent vacation read, but not something I'd recommend to others.

    28. Eva

      how is Leo still alive? he is really too stupid to live. losing keys, phones and cars all over, not having any food in the housed everyone is telling Emma to change and not be so uptight. while i agree that being like that is not very enjoyable, no one is telling Leo to get it together even though he really needs it.

    29. Sharron

      Wonderful story, full of twists and turns and a surprising twist at that, lovely feelgood read, and great characters, this is the story of emma who dumps her unreliable boyfriend, only to discover that he starts to change in a very mysterious way, I loved this and without giving away any spoilers, I cried with laughter when emma decides to surprise leo, with hilarious results, fantastic book.

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