El arte de los secretos

El arte de los secretos El apartamento donde Saba Khan vive con su familia es destruido por un incendio aparentemente provocado Los compa eros de instituto de la chica sospechando que es un crimen xen fobo deciden organiza

  • Title: El arte de los secretos
  • Author: James Klise Ana Isabel Hernández de Deza
  • ISBN: 9788467582734
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • El arte de los secretos

    El apartamento donde Saba Khan vive con su familia es destruido por un incendio aparentemente provocado Los compa eros de instituto de la chica, sospechando que es un crimen xen fobo, deciden organizar una subasta para que la familia pueda comenzar de nuevo Entre los alumnos m s implicados est n los hermanos Spoon, reci n llegados al instituto, quienes casualmente encuenEl apartamento donde Saba Khan vive con su familia es destruido por un incendio aparentemente provocado Los compa eros de instituto de la chica, sospechando que es un crimen xen fobo, deciden organizar una subasta para que la familia pueda comenzar de nuevo Entre los alumnos m s implicados est n los hermanos Spoon, reci n llegados al instituto, quienes casualmente encuentran en la basura un extra o manuscrito ilustrado que donan para la subasta Cuando se descubre que el libro es obra de un cotizado artista marginal, la noticia salta a la prensa Todo el mundo tiene los ojos puestos en la subasta para la familia de Saba Y casi todos se sorprenden cuando el libro es robado Si el incendio del apartamento era un misterio, esto supone un misterio a n mayor Narrada mediante un collage de puntos de vista y diferentes formatos narrativos diarios, noticias de prensa, declaraciones juradas, mensajes instant neos , El arte de los secretos trata m ltiples temas como el arte marginal, la solidaridad o las discretas y no tan discretas formas que adopta la xenofobia Pero, en ltima instancia, El arte de los secretos es una estupenda historia de misterio con un final absolutamente inesperado.

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      207 James Klise Ana Isabel Hernández de Deza
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    One thought on “El arte de los secretos

    1. E. Anderson

      I’ve never read a book quite like THE ART OF SECRETS by James Klise. Told in multiple perspectives, almost entirely in the form of discourse and conversation (with the occasional journal entry from protagonist, Saba Kahn), THE ART OF SECRETS is part mystery, part drama, and so very fun to read.In the wake of a fire that destroyed her family’s home and all of their belongings, Saba Kahn has gone from almost invisible at her Chicago prep school (where she is a scholarship student) to borderlin [...]

    2. Forever Young Adult

      Graded By: BrianCover Story: Working CoverDrinking Buddy: In a Smokey Bar, a Package Changes Hands Under a TableTestosterone Level: The Monsters are Due on Maple StreetTalky Talk: Whodunnit?Bonus Factors: Diversity, Teachers Have Feelings TooBromance Status: I'm Going to Keep My Eye On YouRead the full book report here.

    3. Kym Brunner

      I loved so many things about this book:1) the fact that it doesn't use quotation marks because the dialogue is summed up and one-sided––very unique!2) the mystery kept me guessing and re-guessing "whodunit"3) I met the author and he's a delightful person4) tons of Chicago references that I could picture5) it's multi-cultural and felt authenticAwesome job, James!

    4. Brian

      Fascinating whodunnit. Kept me guessing until the very end of the book. There are about a dozen character POVs, and they are all distinct. Well worth the wait for Klise fans.

    5. Kamillah

      *I received an advanced reader copy through the First Reads program! This is my honest review.A mysterious fire begets mysterious abandoned artwork, which begets an equally mysterious art theft. In The Art of Secrets, puzzles within puzzles are revealed with rotating perspectives conveyed through journal entries, text messages, interviews and newspaper articles. It unfolds as an investigation, without a reliable narrator, which armchair detectives may enjoy, but the slow unraveling coupled with [...]

    6. Veronica of V's Reads

      First of all, this book has, roughly, seven narrators. As noted in the blurb, the story itself is a collection of interviews, journal entries, newspaper articles, texts and emails. It's bedlam, in the best way.Saba's family is from Pakistan. She was born and raised here, but her parents are traditional. They are, perhaps, more indulgent than other immigrant families allowing Saba to dress in modest Western clothing and compete on the school tennis team as long as her body is covered. We learn th [...]

    7. Elise (TheBookishActress)

      2 stars. Easy to read, but not exactly what I was looking for. Mainly, this book was just completely forgettable. With a premise about racism and discrimination, that seems surprising. You'd think that with such an incredible premise, no one could ever forget this book. But the issues end up seeming superficial because 1) it's not written that well, and 2) none of the characters are developed in any way. The second point is kind of a major issue. There's no reason to feel emotion for this story [...]

    8. Jennie

      *I received an advanced reader copy from Giveaways* The Art of Secrets is really boring and the writing is bad. Saba's apartment is set on fire at the beginning of the year and the school holds an auction to raise money. They intend to sell a famous painting that was mysteriously found right before the auction until it is stolen and the set fire to later, before it can be sold.I told a friend of mine what the book was about to which they responded:"Wow that's an eclectic grouping of events, sou [...]

    9. Hermochi

      3.5. Me ha gustado mucho la narración, con estos personajes que son entrevistados pero que cuentan mucho más de lo que diríamos en apariencia, como si la entrevista fuera una excusa para decir todo lo que están pensando. He disfrutado con que sea tan coral. También me gusta la crítica que se hace de una manera tan indirecta, dejando al lector toda la interpretación de lo que el escritor muestra. La trama ha sido bastante sencilla, pues el misterio no tenía demasiado, pero me ha parecido [...]

    10. Alex

      I enjoyed reading this book, but I found it confusing at times. This book is about a family who loses their apartment and everything in it due to a house fire. Later, it was determined that it was arson and may have been a hate crime due to their race. The Khan's are Pakistani. Their daughter, Saba Khan, is a sophomore at a private high school called Highsmith. The part that was confusing for me was when every chapter was narrated by a new person. Not only that, there was also the occasional new [...]

    11. Nakeisha Campbell

      The book begins with an insightful definition of the term “outsider art,” which, according to Chicago’s Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art, is: “work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who instead are motivated by their unique personal vision.”It didn’t just set the perfect tone for the rest of the story, but it also perfectly described this book. Klise’s ability to piece together such a fascinating story with journal entries, texts, [...]

    12. Amelia, the pragmatic idealist

      Well, that was uneventful.The Art of Secrets is okay, but just barely okay. It had a twist ending, for sure, but (and here's my problem with the mystery genre specifically) I tend to think that if the twist ending comes right out of nowhere, with little to no explanation why this twist is happening, then I feel like I've been cheated just a little bit. I'm just speculating, but maybe the author wanted us to feel as confused and shocked as our main character, but I just didn't. Aggravated, annoye [...]

    13. Amy's Book Reviews

      When fourteen-year-old Saba Kahn's Pakistani family loses everything in a fire, her classmates at a prestigious private school, spearheaded by the enthusiastic Spoon siblings, decide to have an auction to benefit the Kahns. While dumpster diving, the Spoons find previously unowned works of art by a great, reclusive painter, sure to bring hundreds of thousands or dollars auction. The kids who found the work want to give the proceeds to the family, sparking some jealously among the students, adult [...]

    14. grieshaber_reads

      Such a fun, quick mystery - whodunnit style. While Saba Khan is competing in a tennis match with her Pakistani family cheering her on, an arsonist is destroying their Chicago apartment. A pair of do-gooder classmates decide to gather items in order to hold an auction to benefit the Khan family. While the classmates are cruising around the city, looking for reusable junk in alleys for the auction, they discover what turns out to be a valuable piece of artwork. These do-gooders are perfectly happy [...]

    15. Cecily Kyle

      enjoyed the ending of this book but overall it was a little dull. I like how it is written in journal entries and emails and such. the biggest problem is that it is a bit forgettable

    16. Ms. Yingling

      When Saba Khan's Pakistani family's house burns down, there is some suspicion that they might be somehow responsible, but Saba's private school, Highsmith, rallies around the family. They are given a place to live, and new students Kendra and Kevin Spoon decide to put together an auction to benefit the family. In the process, Kevin and Kendra uncover paintings by outsider artist Henry Darger in the trash, and even though the art might be worth millions of dollars, they still intend to give the m [...]

    17. Medeia Sharif

      Saba Khan is at a tennis match, with her entire family there cheering her on, when her apartment goes up in flames. Nothing is left and investigators announce that an arsonist is behind the destruction. It’s also possibly a hate crime since the family is Pakistani. Due to the kindness of strangers, Saba’s family gets to stay in a high-rise condo, rent-free, until they can get back on their feet.The kindness doesn’t stop there. Everyone wants to know Saba. The most popular boy in high schoo [...]

    18. Chelsea Couillard-Smith

      For teen mystery fans, The Art of Secrets offers a well-crafted puzzle with well-paced clues, plenty of plausible red herrings, and a satisfying and entirely realistic resolution. However, the author's choice to rely entirely on interviews, diary entries, emails, and other first-person, one-sided accounts results in a narrative that feels forced and heavy-handed. In order to fit in everything we need to know, characters speak in a way that is exposition-heavy and unrealistic. Readers may also st [...]

    19. Jenny

      This was an enjoyable and quick read. A family of Pakistani heritage loses everything in a fire caused by an unknown arsonist. Then two students at the teenage daughter's high school decide to hold an auction to raise money for the family to help them. Priceless artwork by an outsider artist, Henry Darger, is discovered and with a value of $550,000 it will change the family's life when auctioned off. But then the artwork disappears. The story is told through a series of interviews, journal entri [...]

    20. Claud (fictionalgeek)

      Non- Spoiler Review:I enjoyed this book. The plot twist at the end was something that I definitely did not expect and I liked the originality of the story. When the book ended I just couldn't help but think of how much a slap to the face the plot twist was. The way it was told from different points of views made the story that much more intriguing. Mr. Klise made it seem as if I were actually experiencing what the characters in the story were, the way he made different formats throughout the sto [...]

    21. Kate Alleman

      I loved how this book showed how different perspectives can cloud the truth. Klise did a good job of raising the question of authentic altruism. Many characters appeared to be helpful, but their motives were selfish or disingenuous. I've seen this style of presenting stories in varied forms of communication (texts, emails, ims, phone calls, etc.) more and more recently. This style is perfect for mysteries. This was an interesting quick read.

    22. Molly Klodor

      I enjoyed this mystery novel. It plays a lot like Avi's Nothing But The Truth in both the format of writing and the style of storytelling. I wish Klise had fleshed out a few more of the characters to add depth, like Salman, her brother, or Steve, her sort of boyfriend. I had a great time reading this book.

    23. Johnna

      Very interesting plot and I like how the story was written through journal entries, interviews, articles, etc. However, some characters and entries were a little unnecessary and annoying. I liked the ending i was shocked (but also not really). Overall, I thought it was an interesting and short read.

    24. Bailey

      This book is really unique; the format is different than anything I've ever read. It's really cool how many diverse perspectives can be included in a single book, and I absolutely loved the way everything came together in the ending.

    25. Marilyn

      I didn't really like this book - too much going on and I got lost at times about who was who and what was going on. I listened to it which may have been a mistake. By the end, I didn't care who had burned the apartment or taken the artist's notebook.

    26. Allison Parker

      A terrific puzzle book with tons of juicy themes: victims & innocence, judgment & power, truth & deception Lots to talk and think about after this page-turner.

    27. Kendall

      Multiple perspectives and formats tell the story. Not exactly a happy ending, but it seemed realistic. More like 3.5 stars.

    28. Kathy

      A great quick read. Really liked the style in which this was written and I was intrigued until the very last page.

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