Oodles of Noodles

Oodles of Noodles Ava Ben s mom has a new pasta making machine which means they can enjoy noodles every which way but the machine seems to have a mind of its own it starts working all by itself cranking out oodles of

  • Title: Oodles of Noodles
  • Author: Diana Hendry
  • ISBN: 9781589250758
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oodles of Noodles

    Ava Ben s mom has a new pasta making machine which means they can enjoy noodles every which way, but the machine seems to have a mind of its own it starts working all by itself, cranking out oodles of noodles until the whole house becomes engulfed spills out into the street Can Ava Ben stop the mischievous pasta maker

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      114 Diana Hendry
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    One thought on “Oodles of Noodles

    1. Kristi Bernard

      Mrs. Mungo gets a pasta-making machine for her birthday. Ava and Ben aren't as excited about it as their Mom. They prefer hamburgers and french fries with ketchup. While Mrs. Mungo prepares a huge ball of pasta to put in her new machine Ava and Ben get ready for school.While Ava and Ben are at school Mrs. Mungo begins making pasta, but something strange happens. The pasta maker seems to have a mind of its own. It begins to make long, long loops of noodles. It worked faster and faster and soon no [...]

    2. Mrs Bond

      What fun to read aloud! Ava and Ben's mom receives a pasta maker for her birthday - she is excited, the children are not. After Ava and Ben go to school their mom tries her new machine. It works too well, wrapping her and everything else up. The children run to her rescue.The type style varies, emphasizing certain words and attempting to visually appear like the object they describe. For example, noodles is always in a loopy script style. Illustrations are detailed and colorful.Consider reading [...]

    3. Agnes

      Story about a possessed pasta maker, a mom imprisoned in a noodle sleeping bag, and two brave siblings, who come to her rescue by saying "oodles of noodles" the other way around but not until the whole neighborhood is almost entirely "noodled". Colorful illustrations with lifelike noodles add to the lively storyline. But wait there's burger and fries at the end. No it's not a story from China or Italy but England.

    4. Amber

      This story bears a strong resemblance to Strega Nona but is fun nonetheless. The edition we read has two children named Lily and Ben who love chips and burgers, so maybe ours is the Australian version.

    5. Little Miss and the Legomeister

      Legomeister read ths one with us. He seemed to enjoy it; they were both laughing. He said, "It was wierd. The pasta maker was going by itself because she said a wierd word." And Little Miss said, "If I was in the book, I would eat up all the noodles instead."Strange but cute. This one was fun to read.

    6. Heidi-Marie

      Looking for a "more fun book" to go with my Machines & Things theme. I like this--I think the kids will enjoy the humor, and love the idea of pasta going wild.7/8/15 Perfect! They loved watching what would happen and it was really fun to tell. The only downside is the various fonts and text size against the colored backgrounds made it occasionally hard to see the words as I was reading.

    7. Paula

      Ava and Ben's mom, Mrs. Mungo has a new pasta-making machine. But as soon as Ava and Ben go to school, the pasta maker begins working all by itself. Noodles fill the house, slither down the sidewalk and even show up at Ava and Ben's school. It's up to Ava and Ben to stop the flood of noodles.

    8. Julie Arthur

      We heard this story on cBeebies story-time and my daughter enjoyed it - when I saw it in the library I had borrowed it.

    9. Abby Morgan

      This book would make a perfect read-aloud! Children will love the runaway noodles and dig into the funny rhymes! Definitely allows for word play!

    10. Helen

      For some reason this rather unassuming book has become a real family favourite. There's just something so enticing about those runaway noodles! We frequently borrow this from the library.

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