Northern Lights

Northern Lights A dream romantic vacation to Iceland to see the Northern Lights turns into a nightmare when James s workaholic boyfriend Richard again insists on putting his work first After a call from Richard s o

  • Title: Northern Lights
  • Author: Asta Idonea Nicki J. Markus
  • ISBN: 9781634769518
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • Northern Lights

    A dream romantic vacation to Iceland to see the Northern Lights turns into a nightmare when James s workaholic boyfriend, Richard, again insists on putting his work first After a call from Richard s office, an argument ends with the couple splitting up for good Not only has Richard left James, he s left him abandoned to explore the park alone, where James quickly gets loA dream romantic vacation to Iceland to see the Northern Lights turns into a nightmare when James s workaholic boyfriend, Richard, again insists on putting his work first After a call from Richard s office, an argument ends with the couple splitting up for good Not only has Richard left James, he s left him abandoned to explore the park alone, where James quickly gets lost But just when things seem darkest, the Solstice works its magic, and James finds the guiding light he needs Or it finds him.A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package Sleigh Ride.

    Aurora An aurora plural auroras or aurorae , sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights aurora borealis , southern lights aurora australis , is a natural light display in the Earth s sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic. Northern Lights Northern US, Canada will see aurora borealis Mar , If you are lucky, the Northern Lights may be coming to a sky near you this weekend At least it might if you live in Canada, parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Michigan, Maine, New York Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis Explained Northern Lights What are Northern Lights The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth s atmosphere The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern Northern Lights When, Where How to See the Aurora Photos don t do the northern lights justice To fully appreciate the glory and grandeur of this celestial display, which is also known as the aurora borealis, you have to settle beneath the ever Northern Lights in the Northern U.S Maybe So, or Maybe a Mar , People travel to the world s farthest reaches to see the northern lights, camping on glaciers in Greenland or flying in helicopters over Iceland in their pursuit But according to the National Northern lights Where is the best place to watch the aurora Jan , Days after a super blood wolf moon lit up the night sky, skygazers in parts of northern U.S and Canada may be able to witness the aurora borealis, or northern lights, late Northern Lights may be visible in NY, Chicago due to days agoA giant cloud of charged particles known as a coronal mass ejection CME is coming on Saturday, which means people in some parts of the northern US may see the Northern Lights Northern lights in Norway Best places to see the aurora Northern Norway is amongst the most comfortable and interesting places to see the northern lights and to experience the unbelievable colours move across the Arctic sky. How to watch northern lights in New York and other states The sun will begin to set in New York and northeastern states at p.m According to NOAA s forecast, the northern lights will be most visible in the northeastern United States starting at Geomagnetic storm heading toward Earth means Northern Lights Mar , A area of sun s energy was ejected toward Earth on March That energy is expected to be strong enough to produce Northern Lights as far south as Michigan.

    • Free Read [Thriller Book] ☆ Northern Lights - by Asta Idonea Nicki J. Markus º
      379 Asta Idonea Nicki J. Markus
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    One thought on “Northern Lights

    1. Tess

      2.75 starsI loved the Icelandic setting. The romance hadn't even really started by the time this novella ended though, so it was a little disappointing.

    2. Ann

      This was such a unique and wonderful little surprise. My heart absolutely broke for James, but he was a great character with no delusions about who he was and what he needed to do to be happy with himself. The author did a good job of showing and not telling about how he goes through the mourning of his relationship and begins to change. James meets his hero in Kari and while it's hard to buy into insta-love but this one worked for me. Probably because they didn't smother each other with hearts [...]

    3. V

      I'm not very fond when the main character is someone who doesn't work and lives from the money of others like this character did with his ex boyfriend. The ex boyfriend should have moved on and leave this looser behind long time ago. He found another sucker a day after.

    4. Serena Yates

      “The darkest hour is just before the dawn” is not just a proverb, it is also exactly what James experiences in this story. His dream vacation in Iceland at Christmastime turns into a nightmare when his workaholic boyfriend of five years gets called back into the office on the day before James’s birthday and they break up. They have been struggling for a while but it is still hard on James. He is determined to still enjoy the holiday since it’s already paid for, and what follows is his ad [...]

    5. Arielle

      Color me surprised! I did not go into the M/M universe expecting to find such delicious fluffy goodness, but delicious fluffy goodness is exactly what I found! I should say, this story wasn’t super steamy, but it was still incredibly sweet. As you read, you truly do feel for James who has been left by a partner that could never prioritize him. You feel upset that the switch from love to resentment was so easily flipped. And James’s new love interest, which I won’t spoil for you, was a true [...]

    6. Lelyana

      It's just okay I guess. James, can play a role of a nagging wife or spoiled Princess for his partner.But his partner for 5 years was a jerk as well, I mean working on Christmas?Yeah okay, he's ridiculously busy, but, really? Because his 'assistant' called him, and 'need' him at the office. I smell cheating here.Whatever.Back to James, I can't like him as well. He's too spoiled, good thing is, he found another man who thinks he's his type.Good luck with that dude. You'll be tired with this James [...]

    7. Sarina

      3.5*Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsFive years into his relationship with Richard and James has had it; they haven’t had a Christmas together since the party they met at and all he wants is some time for them to be together. The romantic trip he planned to see the Northern Lights and reconnect goes south, however, when Richard’s boss calls and less than a day after arriving, Richard is packing to fly back home. Heartbroken but determined to enjoy himself regardless, James sets out to do [...]

    8. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

      Reviewed on The Blogger Girls.When James goes to Iceland with his boyfriend Richard to see the Northern Lights, he was expecting a peaceful and romantic getaway. Instead what he gets is Richard taking calls from the office and then ultimately breaking up with him to fly home. Left in Iceland, he decides to make the most of it and visits all the places he wanted to go to. But when one of those places gets him lost and hurt, he’s rescued by someone who just might fulfill his dreams of what Icela [...]

    9. Melissa Mendoza

      “I go from feeling pleasantly toasty to uncomfortably warm. I know I should look away, certain my stare is fast turning into an all out leer, but I find myself mesmerized by the enticing flash of rippling abs.”4 Light Me Up stars!! Wow, such a great book!! I love the idea behind it and well the characters were fun to read.James decides to take his boyfrined on a romantic getaway to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. But while they should be enjoying their time there, Richard is constantly o [...]

    10. Monika

      In lieu of writing reviews – I’m taking an extended break – I decided to leave this list showing some of the reasons for the stars I’ve given to the stories I’ve read. 5 Stars – Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters or stories where I hated the characters but the author had me hooked. For stories that had me so engaged in the plot I couldn’t put the book down and stories that either made me cry buckets and/or laugh until I cried. In short…. these ones r [...]

    11. Queue

      What better gift could someone get for Christmas but their Mr. Right?James is in a bad relationship that ends when his sugar daddy lover leaves him on vacation to handle something at work. He tries to enjoy the rest of his vacation but ends up hurt. Thankfully he is saved by a sexy park ranger.I liked James’ and Kari’s relationship even if it was on the insta-love side and a little unbelievable. There is no conflict between the men once they meet, but this is a short story so you can’t exp [...]

    12. Ami

      2.5 starsUhm I was ready to sympathize with James. I really, REALLY do. Until I found out that he didn't exactly have a steady job that gave him money, and so all this time he basically got paid for everything by his boyfriend, and then demanded that they should spent more time together on Christmas, on his partner's dime? What did he actually contribute to the relationship then. Just sex? I dunno. I am not feeling you, dude. Sorry.I liked the setting though the thought of seeing Northern Ligh [...]

    13. Lynnette Hartwig

      3.5 StarsWow, another great book from Dreamspinners Advent Calendar. I loved James and really loved Kari. This was sweet loving story about how two men find each other. The only big issue was that James did not work, but I guess some men like to be taken care of and some men like to take care of some else and I guess Kari was helping James by given suggestions on work in Iceland.I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.

    14. Mike

      2.5 stars - dumped in Iceland and rescued by a Viking For a story about being dumped on one's birthday in a foreign country and knocked unconscious, it slips its way into being semi-sweet. The protagonist isn't overly sympathetic, but, of course being rescued by a pagan Viking is about as nice a way to resolve the dilemma. Even so, the story ends with a bit of a whimper (but a nice hint of a hopeful HFN). Rounded up to three stars for the wintry, pagan rescue.

    15. Suze

      A quite short story so whilst perfect for a coffee break, there is not enough time to get to know the characters, particularly Kari.Jimmy spends most of his time in the story on his own or incapacitated, with Kari comng to his rescue - more of a hopefully start than a happy ending, and Jimmy does land on his feet, eventually.

    16. jules0623

      It all happened too quick. Could have been a great story with a bit more depth to the characters and the plot.

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