The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929

The Meaning of our Tears the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders Christmas Day None

  • Title: The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929
  • Author: Trudy J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780978802608
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929


    • [PDF] The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929 | by ☆ Trudy J. Smith
      459 Trudy J. Smith
    The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929

    One thought on “The Meaning of our Tears: the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders, Christmas Day, 1929

    1. ♥ Marlene♥

      A Kindle Unlimited book and unexpectedly quite good I am nearly done with this I am reading so much I still have to write some reviews for books Normally I am quite good at keeping track of what i read but not so lately.I am at the epilogue part already so I can tell you my thoughts Not that long ago I also read a book about a killing that happened a long time ago Must search my read shelf to find out and that was just okay Mostly with books about old murder cases the authors find it hard to mak [...]

    2. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

      After viewing the documentary film The Christmas Family Tragedy, I just had to find out if anyone had ever written a book about it This is the book, and it s even better than the film Trudy Smith recreates the events that led up to Christmas morning, 1929, when Charles Lawson murdered his entire family and then committed suicide She also documents how she and her father did the research and wrote the book The big question that remains is why did he do it A fascinating look at the dynamics of a f [...]

    3. Lisa

      Very unusual true crime book covering a 1929 case where a farmer murdered his whole family except for one Book is obviously very personal to the author.

    4. Samantha

      This book is fantastically written even though it is a tragic story, it is a true story The pictures information at the end of the books is sensational.

    5. Jeanette

      IncredibleI cannot explain the sense of loss I felt after reading this book Is it because I m so unsure how a father could brutally kill his own children It s heartbreaking even after all these years.The author must be commended These people seemed to come alive while you were telling their story.Thank you.

    6. Sherri Duke

      The authors commitment to portray the trueth behind this terrible crime is to be commended For the most part the book is well written, though attention in editing could have been taken.

    7. Keri

      DNF.What a complete and utter disappointment I was so looking forward to a good dark murderous Winter Christmas story and what I was given was an unimaginable amount of detail and fluff to confuse my mind as to whether I had chosen true crime or fiction Never the two shall meet If you loved Devil in the White City then this is a book for you If you enjoy entire chapters about nothing to do with the story, or nothing period, then this is the book for you 4 pages of how a ham was cut and cooked Th [...]

    8. Jill Crosby

      Here s the deal In the hands of a Jack Olsen, a Steve Jackson, or a Gregg Olson, the tragedy of the Lawson Family Murders which took place on Christmas Day, 1929, would jump off the page and keep us up at night It would stand as one of the true crime classics with Healter Skelter, The Stranger Beside Me, and In Cold Blood fictionalized true crime, but still As it is, the narration of the story plods through chapters of Little House on the prairie descriptions of woman cooking corn for supper, sl [...]

    9. Jennifer

      Great account of a family tragedyThis is not a true crime book in the traditional sense It gives plenty of info and eyewitness accounts of the Lawson family murders, but the story is carefully framed in the historical period during which the murders occurred I found the details of life in rural NC during the first 30 years of the twentieth century fascinating After reading personal stories recounted by members of the Lawson family, as well as accounts given by friends and neighbors, I felt a cer [...]

    10. Martha

      I read this because a library member requested it on interlibrary loan It was about the gruesome murder on Christmas day in 1929 in Stokes County, North Carolina, when a father killed his entire family and himself.The end part of this book which was an assortment of information was not necessary and added little to the account.

    11. Mickenzie Jensen

      A very sad story of one family s tragic deathThis is a very well written and readable book on the terrible events that took place on that Christmas day so long ago A truly heartbreaking tale.

    12. Mary

      Lawson MurdersThoroughly detailed account of a tragic and brutal crime One of the best true crime books I ve read with regard to the age of the crime No doubt the author spent countless time researching.

    13. Jane Thompson

      True CrimeIncredibly long and boring book about a multiple murder committed in 1929 Much of what is told is irrelevant I m sure it is interesting to the tfamilywho wrote the book but is not to anyone else.

    14. Deborah Rohaley Upton

      Compelling The only thing I did not like was that this is an abridged version of the original book Otherwise fascinating

    15. S.A. McCafferty

      Very good read.Very good read It very good from start to finish I put off reading this for awhile and then I decided to read it, I m glad I did.

    16. ruth sanders

      Christmas murderInteresting, Lengthy read which until the end leaves you guessing as to the reason for the murder Very sad at the Is A of this family

    17. Wayne Bancroft

      I heard about this story several years ago but never paid much attention to it A couple of years ago I was reminded about the story by a dear friend I watched a local news story about the killings and I became interested in learning about what happened that Christmas Day in 1929.As a result of watching the news story on the massacre, I and my friend made it a quest to visit the graves of this family We were not wanting to visit the grave from some morbid curiosity Dona and I realized this was a [...]

    18. Greg Martin

      The Lawson Family MurdersA very interesting book told as a flashback to daily living and farm life in the 1920 s A heartbreaking story of the murder of a family with a deadly secret.

    19. Irene

      I was truly drawn in by this story Imagining perhaps The killer may have been the son Arthur Coming to an understanding of Fathers who possess their daughters and the shame.

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