A Light in the Wilderness

A Light in the Wilderness None

  • Title: A Light in the Wilderness
  • Author: H.B. Moore
  • ISBN: 9781591569435
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Light in the Wilderness


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      453 H.B. Moore
    A Light in the Wilderness

    One thought on “A Light in the Wilderness

    1. Heather

      This is my own book, so it was strange to determine a star rating Since this is the 2nd in the Out of Jerusalem series and took a greater tangent than the first volume Of Goodly Parents , I ve had some readers balk But I do explain the research in the Preface Also, the research on this book was incredible and took probably twice as much time as actually writing it.Really, this is a story of loss and incredible faith When Ishmael dies, I can t imagine anything sad than a family having to bury th [...]

    2. Idamae Wallace

      I absolutely loved this book series It was wonderful to follow Nephi and his family through their journey to the Americas The author used the actual story of Nephi and his family but gave their wives names and personalities It was adventurous as the family encounters the dangers of their journey but it was also emotional to experience the family breakup and all the troubles that brought I highly recommend this book series

    3. Andrea

      Love this book love this series It really brought the Book of Mormon to life for me I feel like I know the people in the Book of Mormon better I understand the culture environment of the time much than before.The only problem now is remembering which parts are fiction and which parts are scriptural

    4. Audrey

      I really enjoyed this series I found all four of the books in the series rivetting I was obsessed about getting them read, and finished them in 5 days These books are based on the story of Lehi and Nephi and their family s journey through the wilderness to the promised land A great read

    5. Nathalie S

      This is the second installment in Heather B Moore s series Out of Jerusalem Thoroughly enjoyed this one as well The author has Lehi and his family in servitude for five years in order to obtain the release of one of the daughters, Elishaba, who was captured at a oasis I wondered about this and I found out from Heather s father, that he had suggested this plot twist to her The journey normally takes a few months to complete and they were gone for 8 years If you go online to the website maxwellsti [...]

    6. Elaine Dransfield

      Moore has researched various scriptures and fictionalized the reason it took eight years for Lehi s family to travel through the wilderness I often felt a similarity between Lehi s family particularly Laman and Lemuel and their lack of desire to follow the Lord s commandments compared to the Children of Israel who wandered for 40 years Anyway Moore gives ideas of problems that could have occurred during their travel to the land of Bountiful I loved Moore s research and references to geography He [...]

    7. Cindy

      I really enjoyed this book It brought to life the family of Lehi and what they might have experienced as they journeyed towards the promised land It was easy to read too The author linked the vision of the tree of life to their experiences in the wilderness, which made the vision even real I would recommend not just this book, but the series.

    8. Denise

      This was the second book and it was still just as good as the first Heather Moore stated she wishes that the readers will study and ponder for themselves the Book of Mormon Again, she did a very good job of portraying the familie s feelings, their situations, and the scenery and such.

    9. Megan B

      Holy speculation, Batman I don t know Interesting theory and fanciful read I don t believe OR disbelieve the theory of Lehi s family being in captivity at some point during their 8 year sojourn in the wilderness Guess I ll find out some day Can t wait to ask them

    10. Cheryl

      I love the insight this book gives to the culture of the time that Nephi and Lehi lived I never before appreciated how much it might mean to their family to arrive in the land Bountiful.

    11. Jeanine

      I enjoyed this book mostly because when I did my scripture study, the people were so real to me now It really made the scriptures come alive.

    12. Valerie

      I love the way the author grabs the reader I could barely put this book down I love gaining new insight into what Lehi s family probably endured on their desert journey.

    13. Catherine

      I have enjoyed this series and look forward to the next book Heather Moore takes true stories from the Book of Mormon and adds her own imagination to the details not written down.

    14. Becky Willis

      I love this book series It makes the Book of Mormon come alive Fun read, kept me interested the whole way through.

    15. Patti

      A Light in the Wilderness is 2 in the Out of Jerusalem series It continues the journey of Lehi and his family into the wilderness, paralleling 1Nephi 1 16 For those who are familiar with the Book of Mormon story, which I am it is most interesting I especially like this series because I get to be an invisible participant in the lives of an ancient family that faces important historical and spiritual challenges I like learning and experiencing the culture, traditions and history of a people that I [...]

    16. ~Bellegirl91~

      wow I felt like I was still traveling with Nephi and his family through the wilderness and wanting to punch Laman and Lemuel Mainly Laman haha but like one review said, we may never know until we die and go to the other side what had happened during those 8 years of the families traveling in the wilderness, but H.B Moore has done it again She came up with this great story, the research was amazing and now I can t think of my scripture reading the same way again after reading about this family th [...]

    17. Jana

      I don t know, it just wasn t captivating There didn t seem to be much of a climax it s like a bunch of little problems and solutions all strung together I never felt much empathy for any of the characters, who were all either flat or inconsistent I felt like the first book didn t take enough liberties with the story, whereas this one took a few too many weird ones It seems like a book that expounds on scriptural stories should make the characters behavior understandable, and the characters the [...]

    18. Renetta DeBoer

      Oh wow So much heartache and pain Even through all the hardships Nephi and his family endured, they kept faith and love There were times when the grueling trek across the wilderness make it almost impossible to keep hope but they prevailed Moore makes me feel that my trails are nothing compared to what Nephi and his family experienced Prayer helped in so many ways It helped them acknowledge god s hand in all things this next installment really tested my patience as it grew tedious in some places [...]

    19. Andrea

      This book was a bit of a disappointment I don t know what I was expecting, but the guessing on what happened during the 8 years in the wilderness was a bit much It s not that the author didn t do some research on the matter, but I d never heard about Lehi s family being servants Maybe they did spend some time as servants definitely possible, just not something that was recorded in what we have available to us now.Anyway, I will still read the rest of the series to see how the author expounds on [...]

    20. Laura

      Again, I m not enjoying this series as much as the one about Alma I suspect it s just too much random events strung together, although I guess it did clarify that something likely did cause the family to stay in the wilderness for so many years I ll finish the series because it s not too bad and I have trouble not finishing a series and it s nice to listen to But I look forward to the other books related to the Alma series.

    21. Christina

      This volume covers the approximately 8 years that Lehi and his family spent traveling from Jerusalem to the great waters Because this period is covered in just a few verses in the book of Mormon, there is a lot of speculation However, I found her reasoning in the introduction very interesting The author has definitely done a lot of research.I didn t care as much about the characters in this volume, but it was worth reading and I will certainly go on to finish the series.

    22. Sue Maxwell

      The author used well researched information on what a trek through the Arabian desert would be like and why it took them nine years instead of 2 weeks to make the trip This is a very excellent fictionalized account of what may have happened to the characters in The Book of Mormon during this part of their journey.

    23. Apzmarshl

      This is the speculative 8 years in the wilderness I had never really considered what may have taken them so long I guess I just thought there was a lot of camping and family fighting I seriously pray that it was really nothing like this

    24. Angela

      This book was a little far out The author took a lot of liberty with this historical fiction novel I enjoyed reading it, but I had to keep in mind that many of these would not have happened.

    25. Janese

      I really enjoyed this book it took me into the book of mormon story as if I were there and what it might have been like I haven t finished the series yet but want to.

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