Abomination Martha is and very different from other kids no TV no computer no cool clothes and especially no friends It s all because of her parents who are strict members of a religious group called the B

  • Title: Abomination
  • Author: Robert Swindells
  • ISBN: 9780552555883
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Abomination

    Martha is 12 and very different from other kids no TV, no computer, no cool clothes, and especially no friends It s all because of her parents, who are strict members of a religious group called the Brethren Their rules dominate Martha s life, and one rule is the most important of all she must never ever invite anyone home If she does, their terrible secret AbominationMartha is 12 and very different from other kids no TV, no computer, no cool clothes, and especially no friends It s all because of her parents, who are strict members of a religious group called the Brethren Their rules dominate Martha s life, and one rule is the most important of all she must never ever invite anyone home If she does, their terrible secret Abomination could be revealed But as Martha makes her first real friend in Scott, a new boy at school, she begins to wonder, Is she doing the right thing by helping to keep Abomination a secret And just how far will her parents go to prevent the truth from being known

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    One thought on “Abomination

    1. Sam Pryce

      This book is my favourite children's book of all time. Never mind Charles Dickens or Roald Dahl; Robert Swindells is the man. I read this in a few hours and I could not put it down. I have never been so tense! I strongly recommend this book to any child, adult or even elderly person. This book is a real treat! 5 STARS!

    2. Yanpeng

      One day Martha made a friend called Scott. After a while he begins asking her a lot of questions. Later, Martha tells him about her and her older sister Mary who left the family when she was sixteen-year-old Then she shows him the house and tells him the last secret: Abomination is a six-year-old child who lives in the cellar. It is Mary’s child, but Mary does not know that she has got a child. Scott searches Mary in the Internet and after some time he finds her. He tells her all about Martha [...]

    3. Manuel Jerico

      Abomination Review Plot: Abomination is about two kids, Martha and Scott. Martha lives a life controlled by the Righteous, a religious group. The Righteous are very different from the rest of society. The Righteous have lots of rules that are enforced through the different Righteous families. Due to being part of the Righteous, Martha struggles to fit in with everyone else and even has to face torment in her school for being so “different”. One rule in her family is heavily enforced and if b [...]

    4. Agent Aaliyah

      i strongly like this book because it is hard for me to find books like this but this book was brillant from start to finish. i also love the way the author wrote this book using split narrative. Abomination is about a girl named martha who has to keep a very important secret about whats in her house. This book was so powerful that i couldnt put it down.

    5. 05MonicaW

      I think this book was intended for young adults or even adults. The main issue in this book is a little girl named Martha grows up different then many other children and has a hard time making desicions not knowing right or wrong. It takes place at Taylor Hill where her house and school are located. It's a little earlier in time around the 1980's maybe 90's around the time when people first started computers in their homes. The main characters are Martha - girl who was a righteous, shes confused [...]

    6. Jennifer Wardrip

      Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooMartha is bullied at school because of her clothes and introverted personality, but Scott is also new at this school, and feels sorry for Martha. Soon he, too, is being bullied by the other kids. In ABOMINATION, the bad guys are a religious extremist group that encourages child abuse, dictates what its parishioners wear, and regulates how they behave. It is a condemning look at a religious faction in which the families do not have television, computers, or [...]

    7. Krystl Louwagie

      Audio book review from 2008:Yup, the book Lacey listened to some time ago. She was disappointed about how soon she found out who/what abomination was, and so was I. However, I did enjoy the audio book for the purposes it served for me-I listened to it while I was working out, and it was pretty perfect for that because it's very simple and moves along very quickly and is direct. Boring descriptions are not good for making time go by fast when you're working out (I'm currently listening to Louis L [...]

    8. Giulia Teufel

      Rating: 3.0Since we're dealing with this book in my English class I had VERY low expectations. I expected dull characters with no real backstories and a boring plot. Instead of that the characters were so human that I could relate to them very easily, even though never encountering a situation like they did. The plot had a nice (and obvious) twist and the happy ending didn't seem to be too far fetched. Abomination isn't life changing in any kind of way, but in conclusion I can state that it is a [...]

    9. K. Carters

      Like Stone Cold, I loved the writing style and the switching of viewpoint to move the story on. I felt the build up was perfect and really wanted to keep reading. The problem was that the ending didn't feel right and seemed to move a million times quicker than the rest of the plot. Chapters are manageable and offer a lot of discussion points.

    10. Sammy

      I read this when I was about 11/12, at the time I really loved it as it was different to a lot of the books I read at around that time, it was dark in some places but really made you think when you went to bed at night.One of these day's I'm going to read it again as an adult, for the sake of nostalgia I'm holding off at the minute.

    11. Staphysagria

      A fascinating book, giving rise to many discussion topics ranging from religious fanatism to child abuse. Told in diary - style from alternating viewpoints it swiftly draws the reader into the minds of two teenagers coming from opposite social backgrounds. The girl's family belongs to a sect called "the righteous" whose holier - than - thou attitude is a contradiction in itself to the cruelty and callousness they exert towards their weakest members, their children.The boy is from a near atheist [...]

    12. Katy Noyes

      An early Swindells with a shocking storyline, some admirable young characters and a lot to think aboutMartha is an outcast at school, in homemade uniform and different to the others in her Year 8 class. Scott is a new boy who, at first, joins in with the taunting, but soon wants to know more about the girl in his class who doesn't react, who doesn't speak out.It's a story that's now been covered a few times since this was written - a family living as part of a religious sect, and Martha and Scot [...]

    13. Georgia Johnson

      I remember reading this at school when I was around 12. Loved every second of this book - the tension Swindles creates is amazing with regards to the mystery of what abomination is, where it comes from and why her parents are so secretive over it. Bravo Swindles, Bravo.

    14. Niamh

      My grade 7 teacher read this to us and I remember she covered the cover with paper so we wouldn't see the picture that hinted what the book was about. I really enjoyed the book, I felt awful for the girl with all the things that happened. But it was a very good book.

    15. Sharon

      101:3 I read 'Abomination' as part of a reading challenge with secondary school students.101 links: A boy, a girl and a third.See all the 'Stoke Reads On 101' titles at

    16. Kirsty Halliwell

      We read this book in High School. I remember always sort of dissociating in class and I never actually ended up reading it but something about it stuck with me and a whole 10 years later, I went online and knew I had to find it and buy it.UPDATE: Finished it. I understand now, why I never really "got" it in school. It's the sort of book you need to pick up when you've lived a bit, when you understand how the world works so that you can bring something to it in order to take away twice as much. I [...]

    17. Alec Dunn

      To start with, cards on the table, I like Robert Swindells. At times I find that he writes a little 'by the numbers' but he has written some great books for children. And Abomination is another cracking good read from the master of the dual narrative. He keeps the story racing along with short chapters, corking cliffhangers, constant questions for the reader and intense moral dilemmas for the characters.Despite having younger central characters - only twelve years of age - the novel has at its h [...]

    18. Lacey Louwagie

      This book was about 12-year-old Martha whose very religious family had "a secret." Because of this secret, she can never keep any friends because she's not allowed to bring them home. But then she meets Scott, the new boy at school, and his friendship is persistent. He's the vehicle through which the readers finally find out about the secret.I was disappointed by this book on a few levels. I wasn't sure the development of Scott's and Martha's friendship was totally believable, although Scott's a [...]

    19. Gönül Saral

      This book us probably the BEST book I've ever read and I even belive I'll ever read this books is basically about a 12 year old girl living in a really strictly religious family and her being mobbed at school. But then she makes a friend and she also has a family secret what makes her friendship with that boy even harder and of course it's also because of her relegion.In this book you get to learn so many things like how far mobbing goes in certain places and how those people feel and think, wha [...]

    20. Lala

      Martha has a secret - a shameful secret. It's name is Abomination.Matha is twelve, and very different from other kids. No TV. No computer. No cool clothes. Expecially, no friends.It's all because of her parents. Strict members of a religious group, their rules dominate Martha's life. But one rule is the most important of all: Martha must never ever invite anyone home. If she does, their terrible secret - Abomination - could be revealedThen comes Scott. The unlikely friendship blooms. And then ev [...]

    21. Krista

      In ABOMINATION, the bad guys are a religious extremist group that encourages child abuse, dictates what its parishioners wear, and regulates how they behave. It is a condemning look at a religious faction in which the families do not have television, computers, or cell phones. This sort of reminds me of different sects in real life. Swindells writing style and story is one I wont forget. I was expecting a thriller/horror but what I read was filled with friendship,conflict and I took from it was [...]

    22. Alyson

      This is the second time I've read this book by Robert Swindells and I thoroughly enjoyed it both times through. It is the story of Martha, who is brought up by ultra religious parents, who believe they are part of the 'chosen'. Martha's older sister Mary left home at sixteen after having a child out of wedlock. She believed her parents had had the child adopted. Martha is befriended in school by a new boy, called Scott and the story is told alternatively from Martha and Scott's viewpoints. It ma [...]

    23. Gail Thompson

      This is a book that I borrowed from the English stock room at the school where I work. We use it as a class reader for year seven pupils (11-12 years). The kids all seam to like the suspense and keep reading as they want to find out exactly what the "abomination" is in the cellar. It also helps that the lead character is also 12. This book was not one of my favourites but I can appreciate that it is well thought out and appeals to its target audience; school kids.

    24. Alexander

      This is a gripping and intriguing book that looks in onthe life of a girl called Martha, who's life is ruled by her strict and religious parents, worshiping a strange cult that bans computers, TVs, and all aspects of a modern lifestyle. One day, she meets a normal boy called Scott, who doesn't care about her strict beliefs. The story that follows is Martha caught in a mental struggle, is it right for abomination to remain secret? Or should it remain hidden forever?

    25. niksipiksi

      Enkratna knjiga s temačno vsebino, ki bi jo priporočala tudi odraslim. Všeč mi je bil odnos Marthe in Scotta in kako se je Martha ob novem prijatelju začela odpirati in soočati s skrivnostjo svoje družine ter prišla do ugotovitve, da je nekaj potrebno spremeniti.Edino razočaranje je bil zame osebno konec, kajti kljub razpletu zgodbe, se mi je zdelo, da se je vse prehitro in preveč enostavno končalo.

    26. Jez

      I read this with my tutor when I was about 13 when I didn't fully appreciate books. But as I remember, this is a really good book and despite me not being too bothered about it at the time I still really enjoyed it. The story is gripping and well written, the author really puts the images in your head - as if you're really there. The ending was brilliant and thrilling and I definitely recommend reading this. I plan on reading it again at some point!

    27. Electra7

      Such a powerful book.Having had bad experiences of my own this book gave me hope when i was a child, and reading it again now tears, so many tears and memories. Incredible book that i would love to give to my children at the same age that i had the chance to read it (12) if i ever have a family of my own.Thank you Swindells :)

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