Talons of Power

Talons of Power The war is over The false prophecy has been fulfilled But the dragonets still have enemies A dark evil buried for centuries is stirring And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in

  • Title: Talons of Power
  • Author: Tui T. Sutherland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Talons of Power

    The war is over The false prophecy has been fulfilled But the dragonets still have enemies A dark evil, buried for centuries, is stirring.And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in generations .Something is coming to shake the earthSomething is coming to scorch the groundJade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and iceUnless the lost city of nightThe war is over The false prophecy has been fulfilled But the dragonets still have enemies A dark evil, buried for centuries, is stirring.And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in generations .Something is coming to shake the earthSomething is coming to scorch the groundJade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and iceUnless the lost city of night can be found.Don t miss the next chapter in the epic, bestselling Wings of Fire series

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      487 Tui T. Sutherland
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    One thought on “Talons of Power

    1. Chelsea

      My final book of 2016! I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience of Talons of Power, never finding myself uninterested. That being said, I think this is definitely the weakest book in the second arc and most of the book can be classified as filler. 3 ½ starsBefore I get into my issues, let me preface this by saying I adore the Wings of Fire books and consider this one of my all time favorite middle grade series. My critiques of this book do not change that, and 3 ½ stars is a positive rating [...]

    2. PrincessBreeze~ιf ѕσмєσиє ѕтαвѕ уσυ, кєєρ тнє киιfє ιи. ιf уσυ ѕтαв ѕσмєσиє, тαкє тнє киιfє συт~

      This book is gonna be so good!!!!!!!! No, so epic!!!!

    3. Raya | Shantisong | RayatheRayquaza

      I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK IMA DIE OF WAITING AND NOW I'VE FINALLY READ IT AND I AM SOOOOO NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!#turtlejou for life!#glorybringer I love how Tui hints so much more at Qibli and Moon OTP XDDDD

    4. Trixi #WATERFLAME

      I feel like nothing big was resolved in this book other than some events Tui planned to happen.So before I start my review, I'll just say I'm not expecting very much of Book 10T because this book sucked (part 1 was boring, though)NOT because it's from Qibli's point of view (it's bound to be interesting)BUT it's because of the very abrupt way Tui ends her book series.The Brightest Night was a very abrupt ending in which Tui got rid of two sisters hurriedly in one chapter (they've lived for 20 yea [...]

    5. Lightwavers

      Finally, the ninth book is out! Woohoo!If you're wondering if you should read this: a huge YES, bearing in mind that it is the ninth book of the series, but beware it's just as much a cliffhanger as the last one.WARNING: SPOILERS BELOWThe book starts out right after the last one. Pearl unwittingly freed Darkstalker after she burned his scroll of power, and now all his powers have flowed right back into him. Right after he's freed, Turtle enchants a stick to hide him from Darkstalker, because Tur [...]

    6. Madeline

      *warning-this text contains spoilers*I loved this book soooooo much! It was very interesting to see Turtle’s POV, as well as Darkstalker.Now, about himDoesn’t Darkstalker remind you a little bit of Donald Trump?He came to the Rain Kingdom to challenge Glory for the throne, and most of the resident NightWings were hesitant about this, because of him being this TWO-THOUSAND YEAR OLD EVIL FREAK DUDE, but as soon as he started using his powers on them (and doling out superpowers to them”You ge [...]

    7. death

      THE COVER IS OUT AND ITS TURTLE GUYS! I actually quite liked Turtle and I'm interested on how things will turn out in Turtles point of view. Also the cover is beautiful love the colours on it!

    8. Erin 신애린 Shin

      Great Series! There are lots of cliffhangers and otherwise EVERYTHING is amazing about this series. YOU MUST READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Dylan S

      This is one of the best sequel books to the Wings of Fire series (In my opinion). It jumps right were the last book left off mostly. It's very entertaining and involves a lot of animus magic. You learn soooooooooo much about Turtle and his backstory. I think anyone who has read the Wings of Fire series should read this book and would like it a lot.

    10. Amariah Dixon

      I read in an interview by the author last summer that this one was going to be the book in the series where the story "rips your heart out and stomps on it". I didn't really find that in here, but the ending is a major cliff-hanger! Darkstalker has definitely gotten on my nerves, even though he does have a sad background for why he does what he does. Turtle, every once in a while, annoyed me with his "maybe someone else will save the world while I go hide safely in a corner!" bit. Okay, so he's [...]

    11. ShiraDaTimelord

      Again hence I read a book in this superbly crafted series and wonder why it's not more popular. Why is this kids series my favorite series WHY IS IT SO GOOD.So here, none of my fave characters died WAHOOIIII LIKE BOI I WAS STRESSSED NO SERIOUSLT WHY GLORY HAVE ALL DA ENEMIES AND DARKSTALKER DIDNT •REALLY• DO ANYTHING •BAD• PER SE I MEAN LIKE HE DID WHAT HE SAID BUT THIS GIRL IS SUPSICIOUS IF U WANNA KNOW WHY I HAVE SUCH A SUSPICIOUS STREAK •BOOKS•!!!!!!! Anyways my Kinkajou is still [...]

    12. Abby Sledden

      Loved the book! I think that Turtle's POV has probably been my favorite so far because we know so little about him and his history in all the other books and once you actually get to know him it just seems so right! I thought the connection between him and Anemone was so weird but interesting and how his view on animus' was so different than any other dragon in two thousand years (I think I agree with him though). Anyways, great book! I'm going to refrain from writing a super long review because [...]

    13. Jasmine


    14. Ruth

      I was overjoyed to find this book at the library. Jonathan loves this series. He read it in a day so it must be good.

    15. Claire Pettit

      This is so amazing! There are so many shockers in this book and it's so well written. The end is crazy and it will literally leave you breathless.

    16. Lydia

      Sit Down you little maggots you’re about to hear a story-SCALLOP!! For the sake of the three moons your sister’s tail is NOT FOR BITING. Now SIT DOWN or none of you are eating tonight. All settled? Good. Now you’re going to hear a tale about something that started right here-at Jade Mountain Academy. What’s that? Nothing here is interesting? Well, that’s subject to disagreement. Now, allow me to begin… Long ago at the very crater we’re standing in now a huge dragon rose from the gr [...]

    17. Amirah

      The book entitled "Wings of Fire Book 9: Talons of Power" by Tui T. Sutherland, is a thrilling, attention grabber book that makes you want to read for hours. Turtle reminds me of myself a little bit, a nice, shy, delightful person who always gets themselves into trouble. The secrets that unfold are amazing and will leave you jaw dropped, but when he gets himself into trouble he always finds a way out of it. Quibli, Kinkachiou, Moon, winter, well, maybe not him, but they are all there for him and [...]

    18. Erin Mabuchi

      3/5 It was okay.I wasn't as compelled to this as i was to the other books in this second series. But, it was still better than the first book of the first series. I found Turtle a really boring character and he's such a coward that it hurts. He's just watching everything happen from the sidelines and it's like -_- "DO SOMETHING." Darkstalker will always be my favorite character istg. I'm only reading for him now.

    19. His Love Studios

      Very well done. Splendid beginning of the end book, with doom and mystery written all over it. I cant wait to finish the last book now.

    20. Katie V.

      It was a super good book, although it wouldn't make sense if you hadn't read the books before it! But if you did, this book is amazing!

    21. Avalon Roselin

      Quick Thoughts:- LOVED this installment- Darkstalker continues to be one of the most devious and best-written villains I've seen in a long time.- I've begun to notice parallels between the first and second arc POVs. This time the bookish character with low self-esteem who has a crush on the bubbliest member of the cast takes center stage. However, while Turtle has similarities to Starflight, he is definitely his own character and has his own voice, and I love that.- Not a huge fan of my favorite [...]

    22. Alexander

      Wings of fire talons of power in my opinion is the best one out of the 9. My favorite part is when anemone cast a love spell on kinkajou to make her love turtle. This book is in a series so read them all in order! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dragons and a fantasy world, with lots of MAGIC STICKS!

    23. Sydney

      That dark power. Turtle feels it, even if no one else does. With the ancient animus dragon Darkstalker released from his prison, Turtle feels he is the only dragon in the land who feels that this Nightwing does not mean good. So he hides, he uses his own animus power to hide from Darkstalker, and he watches. Turtle has never told anyone that he was an animus, with the power to create amazing things out of magic, but he wants to keep it that way. He doesn't want the most dangerous dragon in the w [...]

    24. Ccee633 Cccee633

      FINALLY! Oh moons, I've waited aeons for this. Turtles's POV is pretty interesting. SPOILERS below:Also that part where Darkstalker was in the night kingdom's school and hoping, BEGGING for Clearsight really touched me. I hope her ghost comes back in the last book to tell Darkstalker to get his act together. heheh But it is strange, this is kinda the book in as nutshell: He is evil,oh he is nice, oh he is using magic, crap he's evil, oh now he's sad, this is really sad, ok back to evil, Aww prot [...]

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