Ultimate Vengeance

Ultimate Vengeance To a young Russian girl raised to respect and fear the Bratva gaining the attention of the impressive Sovietnik from a ruling organization was a terrifying thing Alekzander was a dangerous temptation

  • Title: Ultimate Vengeance
  • Author: Nancy Haviland
  • ISBN: 9780994902436
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ultimate Vengeance

    To a young Russian girl raised to respect and fear the Bratva, gaining the attention of the impressive Sovietnik from a ruling organization was a terrifying thing Alekzander was a dangerous temptation Sacha Urusski had no hope of resisting Predictably, her heart was decimated and she was left bleeding with a precious reason to go on But when Alekzander bullies his way bTo a young Russian girl raised to respect and fear the Bratva, gaining the attention of the impressive Sovietnik from a ruling organization was a terrifying thing Alekzander was a dangerous temptation Sacha Urusski had no hope of resisting Predictably, her heart was decimated and she was left bleeding with a precious reason to go on But when Alekzander bullies his way back into her quiet life and offers a confession that absolves him of his sins, rather than celebrate, Sacha is forced to acknowledge an alarming truth she has now become the villain in their story Or so she thinks When the most damaging secret of all is revealed, her final hope dies and she s left with no other recourse She must run Sixteen months ago, Alekzander Tarasov made the mistake of his life when he annihilated his relationship with his soulmate At the time, protecting her was his only thought Now, after attempting to live without her, his focus has changed He wants her back where she belongs And he ll stop at nothing to drag his curvy angel away from her new life and so deep into his world of violence and uncertainty she ll never find her way out again Through a deluge of secrets and lies, disillusionment and broken faith enters a world where loyalty and trust reign Will Alek and Sacha s battered love be strong enough to survive Or will it be a sense of duty that inexorably binds them together in the end

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    1. Christie«SHBBblogger»

      Title: Ultimate VengeanceSeries: Wanted Men #4Author: Nancy HavilandRelease date:May 31, 2016Cliffhanger: YesHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]The Wanted Men series has a continuing plot that is so richly detailed, that it can be difficult to acclimate myself to the large group of characters and the layered plot. Though these are standalone, I really can't imagine skipping the other books in the series before reading this. I skipped the last book and it took me a large portion of the first ha [...]

    2. Olga therebelreader

      Alek’s betrayal, sixteen months ago, broke Sacha’s trust in the cruelest way. Sacha was left behind to pick up the pieces he left behind and their breakup cost her half her heart. Now Sacha is keeping a secret – one that changes everything!I'm definitely having mixed emotions about this book. The writing wasn’t bad but my main problem was that I felt disconnected from both protagonists and I felt no emotional connection with Sacha, the main female character. The author goes to great leng [...]

    3. Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️

      Blog Review, Series Spotlight, and Giveaway!!: sweptawaybyromance/series-5 Ultimate Stars!!In Ultimate Vengeance, we’re finally getting the full story behind Alek’s heartbreak. Alekzander (Alek) Tarasov Is one unhappy Bratva Underboss! He is heartbroken and miserable, and regrets his decision of sending his ex-girlfriend Sacha literally running from him, their home, and the life they shared. He made an emotional decision when something horrific happened to a family member…w he wants Sacha [...]

    4. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

      I'm on a mafia reading streak. Don't judge, you know you've done it. This was better than the last book, mainly because it wasn't trying to sneak in some 50 Shades of Blah bdsm on me. STOP doing that authors. If I wanted to read that trash, I'd be reading it, not your book. Why is bdsm trendy? Did the furry lined handcuffs industry do some lobbying or what? Anyrant.So this book. It's mainly about Alek finding out the love of his life that he made think he was cheating on her so she'd leave him h [...]

    5. Esther

      Slow, but steady start. Picked up around the thirty percent mark.Once it picked up, a very engaging read.Great storyline, well developed characters that grew in depth and multi layered!! Nice romance, had good steam but not over the top. Really liked the hero and heroine was fine but didn't love her.Well done story line on the family and mafia life.Some nice surprises and twists to the story.The first of the series was my favorite (Gabriel and Eva).Really looking forward to the next one and exci [...]

    6. Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan!

      *4 Moye Navsegda Nutella Jars*When love strikes it takes a few things with it but those things aren't worth a second thought. If doubts and betrayal make way there's something more dangerous at stake something that makes heart break. In the wise words of iambrillyant "he chose the sweetest words to get her heart, and the most poisonous actions to break it". They were meant to be and once a Russian is in love it's hard to back away without a fight.Sacha Urusski left Russia with the heartache of l [...]

    7. Snow

      3.5 "bring back that loving feeling" starsOMG! How the hell did I forget about thisGOD DAMMIT!!!Yes, i was actually very excited for this book, since i loved the previous ones in the series, especially the first book (Gabriel Moretti)Ah well, it wasnt what i secretly hoped it would be. In fact i got a thrill from reminescing about the russian mafia band of brothers insteadGabriel, Maks, VinceSome parts i liked more, some lessThe anticipation from the main character Alekzander/Alek Tarasov's dete [...]

    8. Selene

      I'll admit it! I was scared to read this book! Vincente Romani's story left me feeling mostly disjointed and disappointed, but bloody hell--I enjoyed this book! I laughed, I whined, released some minor expletives here and there, but I was pleasantly surprised by this story!This book covers a lot of ground and it's one of those series where it's best that you start with book one and work your way up to this one. That said, the gang's all back in this story! While Gabriel Moretti has long been my [...]

    9. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker

      4.5 starsI read this for the Second Chances square for Romance Bingo."You're my greatest weakness and my greatest strength."Y'all. I'm so ridiculously entertained by this series and world the author has created. This is a second chance romance because the hero orchestrated a scene where the heroine thought he was cheating on her because he thought his world was too dangerous for her. I know, I know, Drama-lama but while there are a few romanclandia roll-eye tropes, I completely let them slide on [...]

    10. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance

      Hands down.UV is the best installment in the Wanted Man series!Alek is my absolute favorite of the "boys". He is the least understood, the least respected because he wasn't really in the "fray" like the other boys, and he's not afraid to display his emotions. Typically, readers would sleep on this dude, but I'm not the typical reader. I knew Alek could be just as deadly as Gabe, V, and Maks!Sixteen months prior due to debilitating fear, Alek did the unthinkable. Alek hurt his woman and she ran. [...]

    11. Amanda

      3.5 starsIs good to be back with The Wanted Men series. This time we finally got to Alekzander and Sacha's story. Poor guy had been mooning about his girl in the previous book and I can't wait to know what the fuss is all about.Apparently, similar to Papa Vasily, Alekzander ditched his girlfriend for her own good. Lame, I know. Even his way to get rid of her was worst than lame. Then present time, we found out Sacha was hiding something huge from her supposedly-cheating-ex-boyfriend. Can things [...]

    12. Marcella

      Alek and Sasha's story was a good 4.5 stars BUT THEN THE END HAPPENED.5 STARS!!!! OH MY GOD! CLIFF HANGER FEELS!!!!I couldn't believe it, well okay take that back because I'm a firm believer in "no body no proof" so I had my hopes anddamn. I was in a state of awe-struck amazement! The anticipation for that certain couple's story! EEEKKK. AnywayBack to Alek and Sasha. Wow these two had so much to work through. The lies and deceit could've ruined them forever but their love won out. It never left [...]

    13. Amy

      5 THIS IS THE BEST YET STARS! **I was generously provided with ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review**I have never made it a secret, I am loud and proud when I say - I am a MASSIVE Nancy Haviland fan. From the very outset, all those books ago, she swept me away and pulled me deep into one of the BEST mafia series I have ever read.With each book Haviland continues to amaze me with her originality and creativity as well as her ability to bring so much realism to not only her story but [...]

    14. Jennifer

      With each book I like this series more and more. Alekzander Tarasov made the mistake of his life when he annihilated his relationship with Sacha. He has regretted his decision since then and has been looking for her ever since. We hear about Alek and Sacha some in the previous books. Sixteen months later their paths cross and he is determined not to let her go again. There is angst with their trust. Fortunately, they still love each other and battle to overcome their issues. While they work out [...]

    15. Shazy

      5 ANGEL STARSI KNEW IT! I knew I knew I knew what was gonna happen in that epilogue , almost from the beginning. This is going to be so good in the next book. This book was priceless. So much shit happening and everything was so intense. I'm so ready for the next book. Lucian is a badass. I think he's my fav out of all and please let the next book be his. Pleaaseeeeeee!!!! "Vlad the impaler incarnate"

    16. Patricia

      OMG!!! This series just gets better with every book. I can't even put onto words how Awesome this book is. My emotions were all over the place. The ending just blew me away!!! Nancy Haviland keep up the great work. I can not wait for the next book.

    17. Just Let Me Read- Sammy

      Nancy Haviland has created such an incredible series with Wanted Men, and this book was another hit that left me wanting more. Suspenseful and intriguing, sexy and emotional, Ultimate Vengeance was a thoroughly entertaining story that I loved from start to finish. Alek and Sacha's story wasn't an easy one by any means. We were given pieces of their past in the previous books, and I couldn't wait to get their full story. Knowing the way their separation came to be and the heartbreaking way their [...]

    18. Sparklybearsy¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»

      Oh, I loved this book!! The last two have been so good and how it ended. Cannot wait to get to the next to find out what happened.

    19. Diana Tejada

      This is a review of an ARC.WowIn this fourth installment of Nancy Haviland's "Wanted Men" series, we get an excellent story with the whole gamut of emotions that one would hope to expect from a Romantic Suspense/Organized Crime/Just Great Story! novel. It's "ultimately" a story of two people who are both the betrayed and the betrayer and how they struggle to overcome the past so that they can go forward to a future they both deserve. It's a richly textured story peopled with characters from the [...]

    20. NC Reader

      Alekzander Tarasov is the one man of the Wanted Men series that I've been dying to read about (other than Lucian Fane). Throughout books 1-3, we've learned that Alek was suffering from a heartbreak from his ex, Sacha Urusski. In Ultimate Vengance, we finally learn what and who was the cause of that broken heart. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Sacha. Maybe I'm too protective over Alek? I have always had mad respect for Vassily but UV has made my level for him go off the charts! He may be Alek' [...]

    21. Billie Gentry

      I received an ARC for an honest review. Wow!!!!! I love this series & each book is better than the last if that's even possible. Strong, sexy alpa men who will do anything to protect the women they love. You will laugh, cry & will have OMG moments now & leads into the next amazing reads!!!!

    22. Jessica

      Minor spoilers in reviewI think this is the first book where I'm on the fence with this author. Some of it I liked and some of it I hated reading. I'll start off with the negative. I couldn't stand Alek and Sacha wasn't my favorite heroine but I think it was unfair for everyone (book characters and us readers as well) to solely blame Sacha for an unfortunate chain reaction that Alek started. Before I get to that, I loved Alek in the previous books and was rooting for him to win Sacha back prior [...]

    23. Mignon Mykel

      This is a series that honestly keeps getting better and better. Whenever I see that a book is coming, I see a new teaser, or see Nancy Haviland posting something new on her Facebook, I cannot help but get excited for the next book.Each book brings a little something different to the table. We've dealt with some of the Italians of our group, and we've started on the Russians. One of the friendships I have been enjoying, that I enjoyed so much more this go around, is the friendship of Alek and Mak [...]

    24. Avephoenix

      This is one of the most Amazing Series I've ever read in this Genre!The Flawless way in which Nancy Haviland writes Russian Mafia or any of her stories for that matter, is utterly amazing! Is absolutely awesome and refreshing to find a series that keeps the essence of the story intact, which is Family. You don't see the other members of the Family (Organized Crime Families) disappear while the story concentrates in certain Wanted Men. Nope, is not how it works for Nancy Haviland and for that I a [...]

    25. Mia Searles (The Muses Circle)

      Alekzander and Sachawhat can I say about these two? I have been a fan of Nancy Haviland's Wanted Men series from the beginning and there was a bit of a lag between her last Wanted Men book and this one. The wait was well worth it!This book was one hell of a rollarcoaster ride of emotions. One the one hand I completely understand why Sacha did what she had to do to protect her child. I'm a woman and it was easy for me to put myself into her shoes under the circumstances. I also understand why Ale [...]

    26. Maria11

      Keep getting better and betterCan't believe it ended like that. I had no idea who that person trapped in the basement was!! Ohhhh what a twist!!Loved this one. The storyline was terrific. I know Alek was a jerk a couple of times but he had every right to be a tad upset, even though his actions put everything in motion. I am glad he had others around to remind him of that. Sacha was so strong. I hated her insecurities when with the other woman, because truly she was stronger then any of them. Sex [...]

    27. Kathrine

      4.75 Stars.The first three books in the wanted men series delved into the romance while toeing on the sidelines with the bratva action. As a dark romance lover who enjoys mafia romance I love action. I love fight scenes, graphic details and romance hand in hand. This book delivered everything i wanted on a plate. Sasha and Aleks relationship have to deal with a lack of trust between the two after it seems they have both betrayed the other in ways. Neither trusts the other person yet they still l [...]

    28. Lizzie b

      I was looking forward to this story but I was frustrated with the hero, he sets her up to see him with another woman to make her leave to protect her BUT she was reliant on him for money as he had kept her at home and stopped her pursuing a career so how did he think she was going to live and the secret baby story, i didn't feel he had the right to be as angry as he did. After the way he treated her (cheating on her from her perspective) and with his 'mob' connections, of course she wasn't going [...]

    29. Victoria

      He’d found her. She was safe. She was unharmed. And she was with him again. That was everything.3.5 RATING- Such a good job on so many things but there's that little bit missing. I felt the same way after reading the last book in this series too. I can't figure it out what it is. The writings good, the characters well developed. The author does a great job of really selling the world these people live in. She also does a great job of luring readers into the next book. Just like book 3, I'm lef [...]

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