Blood Tide

[PDF] Blood Tide | by ☆ Claire McGowan - Blood Tide, Blood Tide Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire returns in BLOOD TIDE the fifth novel in Claire McGowan s acclaimed series Called in to investigate the disappearance of a young couple during a violent storm Pau

  • Title: Blood Tide
  • Author: Claire McGowan
  • ISBN: 9781472228185
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Tide

    [PDF] Blood Tide | by ☆ Claire McGowan - Blood Tide, Blood Tide Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire returns in BLOOD TIDE the fifth novel in Claire McGowan s acclaimed series Called in to investigate the disappearance of a young couple during a violent storm Pau

    • [PDF] Blood Tide | by ☆ Claire McGowan
      364 Claire McGowan
    Blood Tide

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    1. Liz Barnsley

      Its probably not a surprise to many people that I am a HUGE fan of this series from Claire McGowan, I ve always thought it was one of the top UK crime series and with Blood Tide that has just pretty much been confirmed for me.The beauty is in the mix of personal and professional each separate mystery for Forensic Psychologist Paula Maguire is entirely compelling and complete but each novel takes Paula further on a very personal journey, searching for her missing mother and trying to sort out a t [...]

    2. Ingrid

      No doubt about it, five stars and Claire McGowan is getting better and better This time Paula Maguire has to find two people on an island off the Irish coast, Bone Island She nearly loses her life doing so Her personal life gets complicated as well I was afraid this might be the last book in the series, but there s room for a no 6 Claire McGowan is at the top of my list, together with Peter May, Tara French and Harry Bingham and many others

    3. I read novels

      I liked the front cover of the sea, rocks and the lighthouse, that are all in this story Readers can always count on Claire McGowan to write page turning thrillers Margaret Maguire , mother of Paula, daughter of Kathleen, wife of PJ, but she wasn t she was someone else now Paula had come home from school to find her mother gone Paula s mother went missing in 1993 and had left a note for Paula explaining that bad people are after her and that she had to leave The question is where did she go Her [...]

    4. Barbara

      Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is called from her town in Northern Ireland to help investigate the case of a missing English couple from an island in Cork She is met by her friend, Garda Fiachra Quinn, and they make their way to Bone Island by ferry This small island, 3 miles long, has a new industry names Envirocore, which is harvesting seaweed for nutrition products The couple who has disappeared, Fiona, a doctor and Matt, a naturalist, live in the local lighthouse Matt had gone to accept [...]

    5. Clare

      Listened to in audio format.The Blood Tide is the fifth book in the Paula Maguire series and the best so far.The end of Claire s fourth book Savage Hunger ended with a cliff hanger when Paula found a letter from her mother Margaret hidden behind her cooker In Blood Tide Margaret s letter explains that bad people were after her and she had to disappear Paula father s PJ is now married to Kathleen Reluctant to tell him that Margaret maybe alive, Paula secretly hires a private investigator to see s [...]

    6. Roman Clodia

      I ve always had a slightly qualified relationship with this series I find Paula herself often irritating to the point of wanting to reach into the book and slap her but the complications of her life and relationships intrigue me Here the unresolved storylines of the previous books don t move on at all which is somewhat irritating, and Paula leaves behind her almost husband for a case on a remote island That a forensic psychologist should be left to investigate a police case feels extraordinarily [...]

    7. Elaine Tomasso

      I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for an advance copy of Blood Tide, the fifth novel to feature forensic psychologist and missing persons expert, Dr Paula Maguire.Paula s personal life is in turmoil Her fianc , Aidan, is on remand for murder and refusing to let her visit and she has recently found a letter from her mother written on the day she disappeared in 1993 Refusing to give up on either she has employed a private detective to try and find proof of Aidan s innocence and her moth [...]

    8. Clair

      Blood Tide is the fifth book in the Paula Maguire series, however it is entirely possible to read as a standalone as I did McGowan provides enough information on previous events to keep new readers up to date to the back stories as well as staying engaged with the current one.Paula is a forensic psychologist and is called away to Bone Island, a remote island off the coast of Ireland, to investigate the disappearance of an English couple who have moved to the island and live in the lighthouse It [...]

    9. Alan Taylor

      Aside from one short story, this is the first time I have read Claire McGowan courtesy of Headline and NetGalley and, despite it being the fifth book in the Paula Maguire series, I had no difficulty in picking up the story Maguire, a Forensic Psychologist and missing persons expert, is sent to a remote island off the west coast of Ireland to aid in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an English husband and wife Bone Island resonates with Paula as this was the last place she ho [...]

    10. Abby Slater- Fairbrother

      Set on the remote Bone Island, this crime fiction novel has an atmospheric location The author has done a fantastic job, of portraying an island, cut off from the mainland, in the winter months due to the tides storms The feeling of isolation grows from the onset The added scenery of the Lighthouse on the cliff edge, makes you feel as though you walk amongst the island, as the case unfolds The prologue opens in 1993 with a scene from Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland We quickly become aware this is [...]

    11. Jacob Collins

      I ve become a huge fan of the Paula Maguire series and I have loved every single book For me I think it s the characters and their own personal lives that really stand out in Claire s novels Paula s history is very traumatic and this book takes her on a much personal journey as she attempts to find answers She is also still coming to terms with the imprisonment of her partner Aiden and is desperately trying to prove his innocence.Paula is still searching for her mother who disappeared in the ea [...]

    12. Mary Crawford

      Fiona and her partner move to Bone Island off the Kerry coast to start a new life It is their disappearance that results in Paula heading to the island where she had her last family holiday before her mother disappeared Paula s personal life is as complicated as ever but we seem to be very slowly moving to finding out what happened to her mother The strange events happening on the island added a much horror story than is usual in this series Not sure how well it worked but can t wait for the fi [...]

    13. Eadie

      Book 5 of the Paula Maguire Series gives information about Paula s missing mom Looking forward to Paula finally coming to terms with her mom and the reason she went missing These books have to be read in order as each book builds upon the last Paula is working on Bone Island in this book investigating the disappearance of a young couple I found the book very well written, well plotted and paced with lots of suspense and surprise I m looking forward to the next installment in March in order to f [...]

    14. Julie

      Another awsome read in the Paula McGuire series I found the plot of this one fast paced but a wee bit far fetched Loved the twist at the end , but did feel there were some loose ends in there too As to the main story that continues all through the series.I would have liked it to get a little further than it did but that s just me Another year till the next one.

    15. Noel

      This was ok Really think the series would benefit from some resolution to the personal life of the main character Doesn t need everything sorted but stretching or less the same issues out over what is now 5 books is getting a bit much to be honest Also the coincidences of how some of the recurring characters are thrown back together are becoming a bit too thin.As for the plot of this book, well sort of revealed itself a little too early on and doesn t really surprise at all.

    16. Kath

      Oh Paula, what kind of pickle have you got yourself into now This is book five of a really excellent series and one which, in my opinion, is best read start to finish in order as the characters backstories are a little shall we just say interesting and convoluted So, although like others, the main story in this book is complete, there is quite a bit of continuing series thread development happening along side.Paula answers the call to go to the remote Bone Island to help them investigate the dis [...]

    17. Joan

      Bone Island, off the bleak west coast of Ireland, is the setting for this the fifth novel in the Paula Maguire series of crime thrillers Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is sent to the remote island with the support of Fiacra, after the local Garda requests help when two incomers are reported missing during a spell of very stormy, treacherous weather They are a young couple, he a scientist from London called Matt Andrew, employed by the local seaweed processing plant as a marine biologist ove [...]

    18. Karen

      When a young couple disappear on the ominously named Bone Island, forensic psychologist, Paula Maguire braves the treacherous weather to investigate The case is bittersweet for Paula as it stirs up memories of the last family holiday she had with her long lost mother It is soon obvious that outsiders are not welcome, with people reluctant to share information about the fate of the couple With the storm not abating, Paula has a decision to make should she return back to her daughter on the mainla [...]

    19. Katherine Sunderland

      Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire this is the fifth novel in Claire McGowan s acclaimed series How do I keep missing all these crime series How do they keep passing me by It is not good for my reputation as a bibliomaniac to realise I am four books late to the party And it is just getting embarrassing to have to keep admitting that I am discovering these great writers for the first time Did it matter that I m joining Paula at book 4 No McGowan briefs you with any information you may need and h [...]

    20. Rebecca Hislop

      What a terrific book I have loved all of Claire McGowan s books but this one was in a class of its own It was really frightening Set on Bone Island where two of the inhabitants have mysteriously vanished One was the island doctor and the other her partner who was a marine biologist working for Enviracorp, a seaweed processing company Paula accepts the invitation to help with the case but soon finds herself in a nightmare scenario where she finds her life in danger.The islanders are hostile and t [...]

    21. Liz Mistry

      Blood Tide by Claire McGowanI love books that take you back to the main protagonists past That feeling of unfinished business always leaves a heavy feeling of mounting pressure it adds another dimension When Paula Maguire is required to return to Bone island to investigate the disappearance of a young couple during a storm she soon comes to believe that the islanders are hiding something crucial to her investigation With a brooding darkness throughout the novel this is a compelling read the adde [...]

    22. Richard

      First of these books read and far too much back history shared so won t read the earlier ones now A relatively enjoyable read but not a page turner nor a must read in the series.Was not that interested in Paula as main character and there were really two stories that never interconnected The back story of Northern Island in the 80 s was interesting and believable than the murder investigation.Guessed early on the cause and reason for Rory s strange behaviour but not how twisted Fiona wasSevera [...]

    23. Ian

      You know how some series feel like they don t hit their stride until the fourth or fifth book Sadly, this isn t one of them The main mystery plot is, as usual, smartly thought out, well written and compelling But the series long arc feels deeply stuck in neutral all of the questions and dilemmas that were fascinating in the first few books just feel like they re being pulled out again, and even the things that are meant to be surprising don t feel it It s still an enjoyable read, but I d hoped f [...]

    24. LavenderPoodle

      I preferred the books in the series that involved of Irish history and Paula s life This whole cut off on a crazy island stuff didn t quite do it for me, and I found it rather slow until they leave the island and a ton of things happens in the last 10% of the book I really hope some of the long term story lines will come to a conclusion in the next book, because I am starting to lose patience.

    25. Ria

      I wanted to like this a little but as much as I liked this 5th Maguire book, I didn t love it Paula has lost some of her depth and I found her part in the Bone Island debacle very unconvincing Her character in this tale did not ring true, and yes I know characters are allowed to evolve, but in this case I felt she didn t grow but seemed almost to fade away.I miss who she was and have hope McGowan brings her back fighting in book 6.

    26. Richard Whale

      An enormous number of different catastrophies befall forensic psychologist Paula Maguire in this book In the end they seemed a bit too much being used in a way to build up tension but which at times became over blown There are multiple storylines in themselves thoughtful and generally they worked well but with so much going on the overall read was not as engaging as I would have liked I would be interested though to read another in the series to she how Paula does in other stories.

    27. Simon Gosden

      Part of a series which I guess you have to have had some back story for this to work properly It was a good read but there were too many references to things I wasn t aware of and that made it a bit frustrating for me On a small island off the coast of Eire a missing person inquiry turns nasty, very nasty A taut police procedural thriller.

    28. Ceri Kay

      Excellent novel, really well plotted The narrative shifts between 1990s Northern Ireland and the current day I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

    29. Clare

      4.5This review was originally posted at Dual Reads.I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Blood Tide is the fifth book in the Paula Maguire series I haven t yet read the first four books in the series but I didn t find this to be a major obstacle in my enjoyment of this book I did find it took me a little while to sort out Paula s friend and family dynamic but once I had I found myself intrigued about the previous books in the series and excited for this boo [...]

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