The Elementals

The Elementals Morgan Llywelyn internationally acclaimed author of and Lion of Ireland returns with a powerful fantasy saga that sweeps from the dawn of history to our own near future It is the story of Earth

  • Title: The Elementals
  • Author: Morgan Llywelyn
  • ISBN: 9780765306975
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Elementals

    Morgan Llywelyn, internationally acclaimed author of 1916 and Lion of Ireland, returns with a powerful fantasy saga that sweeps from the dawn of history to our own near future It is the story of Earth and her elements, and of the men and women whose fate lies in her hands Water The ice caps melt, the seas rise, and Kesair, a woman of Atlantis, leads a handful of sMorgan Llywelyn, internationally acclaimed author of 1916 and Lion of Ireland, returns with a powerful fantasy saga that sweeps from the dawn of history to our own near future It is the story of Earth and her elements, and of the men and women whose fate lies in her hands Water The ice caps melt, the seas rise, and Kesair, a woman of Atlantis, leads a handful of survivors on a desperate search for land and a new beginning.Fire All the world centers around the empire of Crete, where Meriones, a humble musician, performs before the mighty in their palaces Until the land shakes, the volcano speaks with a voice of fire, and Meriones finds his life changed forever.Earth Old beyond imagining, the Earth knows neither hate nor pity And from Annie Murphy, a strong willed New England housewife, it demands a sacrifice both unexpected and irrevocable.Air The ozone dwindles, and the forests dies, a new plague walks the world And on a day just after tomorrow, thousands of years after Kesair s struggle, another small party of survivors, led by George Burningfeather, comes together on a desolate Indian reservation As the ice melts and the sea rises once , they fight one last battle for the Earth for mankind and hope.The Elementals is the epic, ongoing tale of humanity s turbulent relationship with the Earth as only Morgan Llywelyn could tell it.

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    One thought on “The Elementals

    1. Manybooks

      Entertaining, but above all and first and foremost, Morgan Llewellyn's The Elementals is a thought-provoking and often even quite tender and loving fantastic story about four inter-related and interlinked individuals (four specific human beings across time and space), their relationship to both one another and to the so-called four elements of human culture and lore (to fire, water, earth, air), and how we truly are by this and through this ALL part of this earth (linked to the four elements) an [...]

    2. Jennifer

      On my fourth re-read of this book, I still feel strongly that the third story (reflecting the element of Earth) is the most compelling. In fact, three times in the past I've checked out this book from the library only to re-read the 3rd story in order to give myself strength. There are four stories total, each dominated by an elemental: earth, air, fire, water. The ending story is the second best IMHO; although tragic, it is ultimately hopeful that at the end, perhaps we are not doomed. Here are [...]

    3. Michele (Mikecas)

      da: webalice/michelestel Morgan Llywelyn e' una scrittrice conosciuta, divenuta abbastanza famosa sopratutto per i suoi romanzi basati sui miti celtici. Ho anche cercato di leggerne qualcuno, ma non sempre sono riuscito ad arrivare alla fine. Il romanzare vecchie e conosciute leggende limita molto la fantasia dell'autore, e i personaggi, dovendo in fin dei conti seguire un copione gia' definito, risultano facilmente unidimensionali, senza pofondita' ne' spessore emotivo. Un modo di intendere la [...]

    4. Shawna

      I really, really wanted to rate this book as a 5 star book. After reading the book's description, I was thinking this might end up being my all-time favorite book from Morgan Llywelyn, but I was incorrect. One thing I love about her books is that her characters are so easy to get attached to, whether you love them or hate them. I did not find myself becoming attached to any of these characters. I mildly enjoyed 1 or 2 of the characters and I feel like this might be because the book is made up of [...]

    5. Meg

      I enjoyed rereading this book, but it didn't impress me as much at age 31 as it did when I was 20. I like the premise and the 4 different plots are pretty inventive and interesting, but I found the environmental message of the book to be kind of heavy-handed, in a hit-you-over-the-head kind of way. Also, not to split eco-spiritual hairs, but it seems like the message is "You should honor Nature, because it can KILL you." Um, yes, but maybe you should also honor Nature out of something more than [...]

    6. Francine

      I was highly disappointed by this book almost seemed to me like it was propaganda. I stuck with it, though, hoping it would get better but it never did. So sad

    7. Ronna-laine Flowers

      This is a book that everyone should read. It has a valuable message but it is not preachyy in the story telling vain that a bard or the keeper of a peoples history would tell. It's a story of mother earth reflected in her elements: water, fire, earth and air. The story about 'air' hits very close to homeaning it has some warnings that we should take heart and react to, now.It's the book that I often recommend to my friends, usually by gifting it. Go out and read this bookd then respect our plane [...]

    8. Harlee Keinzley

      I had read this novel once before several years ago and found it one I could not put down. When I found a used library copy on I snapped it up and read it again. The second reading was just as inspiring as the first. The novel is divided into four short stories based in each of the four elements. Water in Atlantis, Fire in Crete, Earth in New England and Air in the Dystopian future. Each story is a comment on the destructive forces of nature and the human ability to adapt. It is also a commenta [...]

    9. Melissa McCauley

      This book is actually four stories which follow people who are (presumably) linked by a genetic inheritance of affinity/control over each of the four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water. The characters are very compelling and so well written that I kept looking at the cover and wondering why I had never heard of Llywelyn before. Some readers may find it too preachy; the author basically hits you over the head with the environmental message.

    10. Laureen Hudson

      I've been reading and re-reading this book for years. It's one of my favorites. It could have descended into the moralistic and ridiculous, but instead, her skillful storytelling just carries you along to the delicious conclusion. It's almost required reading for historical fiction or environmental geeks.

    11. David Ryan

      At first, I almost gave up on this bookabout half way through the first section - but I persevered.d was glad I did. The book is more like 4 short stories - each one based on a primal element - water, fire, earth, air -but in some ways there is an underlying unity to the book that stays with you. I especially enjoyed the last section.

    12. Lady Heinz

      strange little critter, this book be. Llwelyn us a fantastic writer, but this was just strange. the focus on climatic destruction just seems so dated, and the 4 stories disjointed. definitely was not expecting this type of book from her; and certainly not after having read so many other fantastic historical novels by her. Disappointed.

    13. Catsalive

      bookcrossing/journal/1An interesting read, but it didn't really grab me. I've read better tales from this author. I know the point is our destruction of the earth, & it does give hope for a future existence, as long as one happens to be indigenous to the land of one's birth. Hmm!

    14. Cathy Allen

      I absolutely love this book. I believe I have reread it a couple of times now. If you are concerned about what we as a race of people are doing to out planet, this is a must read. It really should be on every high school's reading list!

    15. Clare

      Each of these four stories has an element as the main catalyst for the events which transpire in each separate tale. "Mother Nature cannot be tamed" is the running theme throughout the book and the final story is very apropos to today's global warming crisis.

    16. Steve

      Well written. Would have given it 4 stars through the first 3 segments. Lost me on the fourth, Air. If you are into the humans are unwittingly destroying 'Nature' then this is probably a 4-5 star book.

    17. Christina Crooks

      This book, with its four stories linked by Earth's elements of water, fire, air, and earth, spans thousands of years and delivers an ecological warning. Worth it for the terrifying last story alone, though they're all good.

    18. Chuck

      I thought this was a really good book. It has some aspects of fantasy to it. It is in three distinct segments which at first do not seem to be connected. However the pattern slowly reveals itself as one goes on. A really great read.

    19. Rainey

      This was such a unique style, thrusting back and forth through time, visiting other places on earth. The artistry of the prose was very enveloping, though I was a little surprised by the amount of ecological teachings.

    20. Christine

      Llywelyn wrote this in 1993, but it is fitting today. It is a mythic tale based on the earth changes from history and through present day.

    21. Becky

      Great book! Keeps the mystery in the reasons for the Elements (wind, earth, fire, and water. Enjoyable stories of each of the Elements and how they can/do fit into lives in past centuries.

    22. Jill

      Wow. I picked this book up because I liked the cover and the author's name was vaguely familiar. Surprise. I liked it.

    23. Rachel

      I read this book years ago and still think about itobably not for everyone, but I loved the ideas this book made me think about.

    24. Barrett

      a quick, easy read, interestingly woven together in spite of the four (not totally) unrelated stories. a little beat-you-over-the-head with the message? sure. but entertaining all the same.

    25. Vicky Knowles

      Read in a friend's Kindle - loved the story!! Some "historical" fiction with a message about taking care of our planet as well. Cool.

    26. Beverly J.

      Just a fantastic read. A consummate writer. Nice the way the four stories were connected and the message is timely. So glad I made the extra effort to find this jewel of a book.

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