The Divorce

The Divorce Jenzy I love my husband but he doesn t see me any We were collage sweethearts and for seven years I ve been his wife Five of those years were bliss the last two have been a long fall from grace He s

  • Title: The Divorce
  • Author: Nicole Strycharz
  • ISBN: 9781533151315
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • The Divorce

    Jenzy I love my husband, but he doesn t see me any We were collage sweethearts and for seven years I ve been his wife Five of those years were bliss the last two have been a long fall from grace He s the love of my life, the sexy and smart man I saw my future with, but now I don t think he sees it too I m tired of not being seen, I m tired of not being heard, andJenzy I love my husband, but he doesn t see me any We were collage sweethearts and for seven years I ve been his wife Five of those years were bliss the last two have been a long fall from grace He s the love of my life, the sexy and smart man I saw my future with, but now I don t think he sees it too I m tired of not being seen, I m tired of not being heard, and I m tired of being in love alone I was his optimistic hippie girl that he couldn t get enough of Now I m just his annoyance So I told him, I finally found the backbone and this is our story Chris My wife just told me she wants a divorce What the hell do I say to that I thought we were fine , well fine is a bad word, I thought we were okay Doesn t matter what I think because she s moving out and I can t really let this happen Yeah, she annoys me, we re total opposites, but I knew that when I met her, she hasn t changed maybe I have I was her anchor, her safety, her home Now I m that guy that s wreaked her and there are plenty of men willing to repair the damage I did So I have a plan Find out what happened to change my affection for her within the last two years, and win her back before someone else does, because I still love her, and she still loves me.I guess.

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    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads

      ***Only 99 pennies right now, FYI!***Oh the delicious grovel, how I adore thee!Shout out to my homie Bev for drawing my attention to this angsty "prostate thyself" sandwich of ooey gooey goodness!Seriously, this thing was like a party in my mouth. I just ADORE books where the H has done fucked the hell up and spends the majority of the book trying to wheedle his way back into the h's good graces. And boy does he ever. Books like this seem to be more of a rarity these days, so this was a true dia [...]

    2. Candace

      Please check out more of my reviews at bookaddicthavenWhen I first saw reviews start to pop up on friends' pages for this book, I knew I had to check it out. I had no idea that I'd love it as much as I did. This book was like a drug for me. I could not put it down until I had finished it.Jenzy and Chris met in college and were instantly attracted to each other. Their chemistry was amazing. I loved the spontaneous, animal-attraction that these two had going on least, when Chris wasn't screwing it [...]

    3. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2! The Divorce (stand-alone). A candid glimpse into a marriage in crises & hubby with blue-balls!“I love you too I guess.”I will write a better review with art after my reading challenge is over.The Divorce (stand-alone) is a candid glimpse into a marriage on the rocks. Story opens up to a wife, Jennifer, Jenzy coming to the painful realization her marriage to Chris is over.Told in dual POVs, it alternates between flashbacks and the aftermath of Jenzy’s decisi [...]

    4. Jen

      3.5 Stars“Love must be bottomless, you fall in and you fall out. Either way, there’s no catching your feet.”I have to start off by saying I enjoyed this book a whole lot more than I'd originally anticipated. I was expecting a true chik lit kinda situation but what I got was a serious but entertaing look at how a relationship can go so wrong. The sexy times and unexpected humor took this to a level beyond chick lit, as luck would have it.On the plus side, both Jenzy and Chris were completel [...]

    5. Bev

      Winner winner, chicken dinner!Yep, this was a total winner, it dragged me out of my book funk and left me with the mother of all book hangovers. A hero that's a total dick, realises it, owns it and grovels HUGE is total catnip. Added to that it causes a marriage in trouble and I can't 1-click fast enough.I loved the angst, the who will she pick, Chris's POV which was hilarious at times - I will never forget the restaurant stalker scene where he's caught with a pair of broken binoculars dangling [...]

    6. Jeannine Allison

      *Spoilery* It was hard to not break down the plot when describing what didn't work for me, so unfortunately most of the plot is revealed in this review. I wouldn't call it a complete spoiler because books like this are often about the emotion, you have a pretty good idea about what happens based on the synopsis, but I wanted to be transparent <3I had very conflicting feelings while reading this book, and my rating fluctuated a lot. Ultimately I settled on 3 stars, but unfortunately I had to t [...]

    7. BookLover

      It’s been a while since I’ve really “dug right in” to a book and not wanted to tear myself away. (I blame it on getting older and technology robbing me of an attention span) But, alas, I had to tear myself away from this on the weekend, for of all things, a book club! (HA!) I couldn't wait for "real-life" to give me a break so I could get back to it and finish.After being married for seven years, two of which have been very unhappy, Jenzy announced to her husband, Chris, that she as movi [...]

    8. Rejane

      KINDA SPOILER-ISH I have some issues with this book. And the biggest one was Moses, the heroine's love interest while in the process of a divorce. This guy was too"everything": too kind, too nice, too understand, too handsome, too "all" and too boring. I felt like he was a filling. The conflict. Because God forbid a woman being able to stand up on her own after a divorce if another man is not there to lift you up. I found that part unnecessary and a weak, cliche plot device. I'd rather see her s [...]

    9. Bindi Boo

      4 starsEeek this was a hard one to read and probably a harder one to review. Had i not read a fantastic review i would have given this one a miss. Not my normal trope but i love reading about second chances. Great writing and my emotions were all over the place. Chris treats Jenzy so unbelievably badly the last two years of their marriage and Jenzy, being tired of feeling alone and unwanted decides to get a divorce. What we get next is Chris realising his mistake of taking Jenzy for granted and [...]

    10. Katerina

      Chris: The fuck up husband. Age: 29For a man trying to save his marriage, he hits his wife in the spots where she's vulnerable. He made her feel invisible, ignored her, demeaned her achievements, called her "annoying" countless times and "flaky". You don't do that to anyone much less your wife - even if she is all those things. You talk. A marriage is supposed to be a safe haven, a comfort zone you share with a partner you trust, but somehow Chris chipped away at Jenzy for the last two years and [...]

    11. Mirjam

      “You used to be amazing. Breathtaking. I used to have to hold on to things to make love to you. You would take me with this fire, like, you were afraid to lose me, or like you were dying or something. The last few times you were so far away in your head and you made me feel…like a chore.”When I saw more and more reviews popping up I decided to read this book and boy, o boy did I enjoy this one. This was husband groveling 1-0-1! Just fantastic!!I really loved this one, the whole opposite at [...]

    12. Rhea

      Usually, I'm all about the grovelling. I love me a guy who can admit to doing wrong and work hard to show why he deserves another chance. Chris was pretty amazing at grovelling. Yes, I hated him at first. He was a big jerk, bully, arsehole and every other mean word under the sun. But once he realised what he had done, he fought hard and dirty.Jenzy, unfortunately, annoyed the hell out of me. I think the main reason I disliked her so much was because she pursued a relationship with Moses whilst s [...]

    13. Kiki

      Review to come.I just really need to get my head around this heroine and her holistic medicine.I don’t want to be disrespectful but I’m not sure I can be entirely respectful through my review about a heroine who believes in alternative medical ne, deities or fairies.I can almost sympathise with the hero, almost being the operative word here, because he knew about her look in life BEFORE getting into the marriage, he really had no right to mock her 5 years down the marriage.But I’m having s [...]

    14. boogenhagen

      The book was well written, I just couldn't buy the HEA. These two weren't compatible for a marriage and the h ended up with the wrong guy in the end. I would feel differently if she had changed from her ways over the marriage, but she was exactly the same as she started out. It was the H who changed and his beratement for her beliefs went on for way, way to long to just think a trip to Disneyland and some begging was going to do it. He knew how she was when he married her, to demean her for two [...]

    15. Rose

      3.25 So I got so many feels for this book it's crazy. You will feel for the h, Jenzy so badly. I have to admit, I thought I might not like this book but a friend who has similar tastes liked it so I thought I would give it a go. I loved the feels of the book. Chris, the husband, wow, his scenes were HARSH. Jenzy was a sweetheart who deserved non of it. So she asks for a divorce after one specific horrible moment. I think this could've been a definite 4 or 5 star read for me if the characters wer [...]

    16. Shari Kay

      Trigger for ME (view spoiler)[cheating. The h gets with OM emotionally and though I don't think full on intercourse happens, they do other sexual things (hide spoiler)]/review/show

    17. Michelle

      DNF @30%! Ugh! I might of been able to finish this one if I liked any of the characters but I don't. I tried and this ones just not for me. How do you still love your wife and not have sex for two years?? Oh boy! Chris and his thoughts after she left didn't make any sense to me because I'm sorry! I've been with my hubs for 30 years and its not always easy! Chris's behavior just doesn't make sense to me at all!!! Who's hubs would ever turn down some shower sex??? None!! And he's such an asshole. [...]

    18. CC

      I woke up today and decided I needed a read that would cause a bit of pain. Boy did I get it! This story was heartbreakingly real for me. I felt Jenzy's pain. I honestly do not think I would have gone back to Chris. He grovelled, he tried really hard, but I just don't think I could have trusted him again. But I totally get that Jenzy would and I am really ok with that. Chris was a major asshole for the last two years before enough was enough. While he did NOT cheat, he neglected and was an insen [...]

    19. Martha Sweeney

      I read this entire book in 24 hours after my dear author friend, Nikki, sent me an ARC. It was Splendid, heartfelt, emotional, empowering, and so much more!Rarely do I read books that give me everything to the point where I rate them 5 Stars, but THIS ONE gets all 5 Stars. The key for me with a 5 star are a number of things: a story that makes me not sure what's going to happen and needed to see if I'm right, a story that's REAL and compelling, REAL characters, being able to connect or identify [...]

    20. Nadia

      Oh, my girl Quirky Omega knows me well!This book is an emotional rollercoaster. I felt frustrated, hopeful, annoyed, relieved, not necessarily in that order. One thing's for sure, I couldn't put it down.Reading how Chris belittled Jenzy was actually painful, made me wince for real. As someone whose character is more similar to Chris's than to Jenzy's, I can definitely understand how her beliefs and practices can be very grating, but in no way does that mean she deserves his derision or mockery. [...]

    21. Chloe reads

      5 astounding starsI first read The Divorce about a month ago and it took me a little time to try and find the right words to review it. After seeing a few of my friends here on reviewing it, I was immediately intrigued by the story. I had never heard of Nicole Strycharz before, so I didn't really know what to expect.I certainly never, ever, in a million years, expected to be as obsessed with this book as I am! Chris & Jenzy's story sucked me in from the beginning and left me speechless. I c [...]

    22. Heather

      This may have been one of my favorite books EVER! I had not heard of Nicole Strycharz before and sort of stumbled across this book. Thank God I did! This is a beautiful story of a perfect marriage that slowly falls apart with time.Jenzy who is a loveable, new age, hippy-ish woman who is tired of being ignored, practically forgotten, by her hubby Chris. "I found a lacy red bra she left behind that fell by her bedside. Not to seem too Edward Cullen but I brought it to my nose.”Chris adores his w [...]

    23. KathyB

      I usually like the "marriage in trouble" trope, unfortunately this story didn't quite work for me.The book started strong, had a satisfying ending, but the middle was kind of boring. The plot was compelling with an original look at a troubled marriage, however something was missing. I thought it was too farfetched, especially (view spoiler)[ Chris & Jenzy's sex life. I didn't believe these highly sexual people (in their 20s) would go without for over 2 years. It was not realistic and it took [...]

    24. Kris Johnston

      Having been through 2 divorces myself, I was very curious about this book and hoped to come away from it with a little insight. However, what I got from it was so much more. I finished The Divorce with a feeling of hope, and with the knowledge that while there are some things not worth saving, true love certainly is. I did everything throughout this story- I laughed, I cried, I reflected, I reminisced, and I found myself cheering for the characters. This is definite a must-read for anyone who ha [...]

    25. *~* Susie

      Well, by the end, I liked it. I felt the writing got better as the story unfolded. Jenzy was a little annoying to me at times, but I ended up liking her more by the end. My favorite part was the letter!! It was a unique way to bring Chris's feelings out in a true way.

    26. Libby Harrison

      romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Jenzy): 27yrs oldHero (Chris): 29yrs oldPlot: 4/5Grovel: good!Cheating: h started to date another man when she separated from HHEA: yes but would have preferred an epilogue set 10 or 20 years later to see whether they were still good to each other and had kidsTriggers: h dates and makes out with another man whilst still technically married to HAverage score: 4/5Best Line: “I wasn’t going to lose the woman that owned my hea [...]

    27. Corina

      5 stars! I loved this story and it helped me to get over my book hangover from the last book I'd read I laughed my ass off, many times and I was shocked how much I could relate with their story. My husband and I are opposites too. He is a lot like Chris and I'm a lot like Jenzy, except the whole positive-chrystal-horoscope thing. I'm clumsy and open for alternative medicine and often have my head in the clouds. My hubby is very straight forward and doesn't believe in things he hadn't seen. And m [...]

    28. Elisa Marie Hopkins

      Nikki, you wrecked me.I’ve never been married. I’ve never split with a spouse. But I have ugly cried to The Divorce. I can’t remember the last time a book made me sob. My thanks to the author for making it happen for me. Everything about this story was beautiful, heartfelt, entertaining, sexy. It was also real. Life is strange, terrible, wonderful, ever-changing. Some couples can’t stick it out anymore. Some shouldn’t. And then some are able to push through the pain and manage to find [...]

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