Goblin Slayer Light Novel Vol. 1

Goblin Slayer Light Novel Vol A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party but almost immediately they find themselves in distress It s the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue a man who s dedicated his life to the

  • Title: Goblin Slayer Light Novel Vol. 1
  • Author: Kumo Kagyu Noboru Kannatuki
  • ISBN: 9780316501590
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • Goblin Slayer Light Novel Vol. 1

    A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress It s the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue a man who s dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there s no telling who might come calling next

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      318 Kumo Kagyu Noboru Kannatuki
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      Posted by:Kumo Kagyu Noboru Kannatuki
      Published :2020-03-14T09:10:26+00:00

    One thought on “Goblin Slayer Light Novel Vol. 1

    1. Rebecca

      Not only was this easily my favorite light novel in a long time, it also is the closest thing to a genuine sword-and-sorcery fantasy devoid of the usual "living in a game world" trappings. It's kind of like a Forgotten Realms novel by way of an LN.Full review eventually appearing on ANN.

    2. Hulk McDangerous

      CONTENT WARNING: THIS REVIEW DISCUSSES MATURE THEMES IN THE NOVELGreat book, showcases the 'little guy' and the people who aren't the big adventurers in a world where Heroes fight Demons. Kumo Kagyu portrays Goblins as one of the most disgusting creatures possibly ever published. We see some clever meta humour related to Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy works and the supernatural genre in general. Kumo Kagyu does know how to write a fluid and impacting fight scene to boot.Goblin Slayer does falter [...]

    3. TheOASG

      In a world based on standard RPGs and Dungeons and Dragons, mythical creatures and gods rue the spotlight. Adventurers, no name except for their class names, venture to win fame, fortune, and anything else that comes along. This story could be focused on something large scale and worth people’s time.Instead, the focus is on Goblin slaying. And in particular, the Goblin Slayer.Kumo Kagyu said he got the idea for Goblin Slayer when he asked what would a fantasy world be like if it were home to a [...]

    4. Liza

      Won this book in a giveaway.2.5/5 stars.To think, I would actually win a light novelI was excited going in cause light novel! Duh!^My experience after reading a couple of chapters.This isn't a good book per-say but it isn't a bad book either. It's mediocre. It's like the anime that air every season where it is good enough that people will watch it to the end but not great enough that the popularity will carry it through for months after the show airs, leading the anime to fade into the backgrou [...]

    5. Leon Niemandt

      Really liked it. Somewhat grim and brutal, but the author made me think for the first time about how fantasy epics are usually written and how most of us play games. We all want the heroes to level up as quick as possible so they can fight bigger and stronger monsters that threaten the kingdom and then, of course, marry the princesses (or princes!) they rescued.None of us ever think about those horrible little goblins left behind, still viciously attacking, abducting, slaughtering and torturing [...]

    6. Kritch

      I must say, I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would.It's quite different from the usual fantasy world light novel. It's dark and depressing while being hopeful at the same time.There is no stats or levels just some card with your name and description so the Guild can identify you if you died, sort of like a dog tag except it tells your rank in the guild as well. The protagonist has no cheat, magical items or some god's blessing. Just his grit, determination and resourcefulness.At first [...]

    7. Yi Ru Ng

      No game mechanics, no isekai/ other world transfer, no cheats, just a tale of a man who trained to deal with one thing and one thing only: Goblins. May be light compared to classical fantasy tales, not that I would know, but it's a refreshing fantasy story based more on fantasy, TRPG and Dark Souls. Good distraction from the sludge of isekais. Check out manga chapters 1 to 15, which basically covers the entirety of Volume 1, reading this then reading the well adapted manga helps visualise better [...]

    8. Mark

      This was a really fun book to read!I was lucky enough to win a copy of Goblin Slayer, Vol.1 by Kumo Kagyu through a first-reads Giveaway.Goblin Slayer is a unique and fun twist on your usual fantasy tale. It focuses on a character that other adventures scoff at, an adventurer with a specialty! Not only do the others laugh at the sheer boredom of repeating similar quests all the time, but that he always fights pathetic goblins! Where is the fun and glory in that!?The illustrations are beautiful, [...]

    9. Tomcat

      Great story with some issues.The story is very good and keep you reading, the characters needs more development, and names! Calling them Warrior, Witch, Priestess, etc takes away a lot of personality from them, makes them feel just like they are there just because they have to.

    10. John Michael mcleod

      Goblins, would goblins again. He killed goblins. He found goblins. He did it all to kill goblins. Goblins goblins hobgobs and goblin lords. Goblins

    11. Julie

      Didn't really know what to expect with this. I do like picking up Japanese light novels that have been translated - in part just to help promote that it's being done. This one read like a very typical fantasy anime, one that is pretty dang gory, and also pretty fanservicey. (I wouldn't be likely to watch an anime like that, but I guess it was less offensive to me in prose, somehow?)It took a while to get used to the weird trope that the characters are all just named whatever their job is - Cow G [...]

    12. Terrence

      One of the few light novels without an anime adaptation, Goblin Slayer is sure to appeal to audiences looking for something with a bit of a darker edge. Goblin Slayer follows the exploits of him, the title character Goblin Slayer, though it's really a multiple perspective story.In terms of whether the perspective swapping mechanic works or no, I think it starts better than it ends up. Because you're being thrown into an established world, the story starts with the cover girl, Priestess. She's a [...]

    13. Monkuso_103

      When I opened this book, I thought I was in for one of those classic, generic, entertaining novels. But all of my hopes were dropped around the third chapter. I like the vibe like how everyone is a pawn of the gods, but I can't stand it sometimes. I had to force myself to read the entire thing. I thought some things were good. Like the beginning. When Goblin Slayer (his actual name) rescued Priestess (her actual name too) it was getting entertaining. But it got downhill when Cow Girl (her actual [...]

    14. Ricardo Matos

      Interesting light novel. There is a lot of potential to expand the story, so I'm really looking forward to the next volume.This book is definitely not for the younger crowd, dungeon exploring is depicted in a much darker and grim way.The characters are really interesting, especially Goblin Slayer. It was a really good idea to add the last story arc as it helps define the character as not just a goblin obsessed hero. Surprisingly fresh! Recommend

    15. Niquie

      This isn’t a story about an op protagonist, going on an adventure, or even about getting revenge. This is about a boy (man?) whose only goal in life is slaying goblins who finally finds friends (?). This is a dark story, and the author doesn’t shy away from details. Goblins are cruel, vile, and sadistic rapists. I don’t know why female goblins never seem to exist, but as a result Goblins really like torturing and gang raping women. Mostly for fun, and partly to have kids, but in this book [...]

    16. Zachary Pigott

      I liked it.It's an interesting premise, and most of the novel kept me turning page after page in expectation. However the last couple of chapters fell kind of short, hopefully the next in the series keeps what the majority of the book had going for it though.The translation felt excellent which was a nice bonus. I can't wait for the next release.

    17. Kenneth

      This book tackles some dark themes the story starts with a young adventure starting out on her first adventure with some new friends they take up a job of goblin slaying that's when they realize goblin slaying isn't as easy as they thought that's when the goblin slayer shows up a man dedicated to goblin slaying.

    18. Love

      A bit more mature then most light novels, more in the seinen category then shonen, if those classifications mean anything to you. Although this novel works great as a stand alone story, there are at least two more volumes being translated, and I will definitely be picking them up.

    19. Alec Rebert

      I enjoyed this volume fairly much, the characters are interesting and funny. The series itself isn't terribly deep and I hope that they spend more time building the world around thembut overall very fun to read.

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