Loyalty in Death

Loyalty in Death Eve Dallas Returns to Face Her Most Ingenious Foe a Secret Admirer Who Taunts Her With Letters And Kills Without MercyAn unknown bomber is stalking New York City He is sending Eve Dallas taunting lett

  • Title: Loyalty in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: 9781423317210
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Loyalty in Death

    Eve Dallas Returns to Face Her Most Ingenious Foe a Secret Admirer Who Taunts Her With Letters And Kills Without MercyAn unknown bomber is stalking New York City He is sending Eve Dallas taunting letters promising to wreak mass terror and destruction among the corrupt masses And when his cruel web of deceit and destruction threatens those she cares for most, Eve fighEve Dallas Returns to Face Her Most Ingenious Foe a Secret Admirer Who Taunts Her With Letters And Kills Without MercyAn unknown bomber is stalking New York City He is sending Eve Dallas taunting letters promising to wreak mass terror and destruction among the corrupt masses And when his cruel web of deceit and destruction threatens those she cares for most, Eve fights back It s her city it s her job and it s hitting too close to home Now, in a race against a ticking clock, Eve must make the pieces fit before the city falls.

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    One thought on “Loyalty in Death

    1. Mo

      Another good read. Honestly, the mystery/suspense kinda went over my head in this one. I wanted more of Eve and Roarke but I don't think that is going to happen in this series she has her job and the criminal activities are to the fore of the books. Eve and Roarke are in there, to whet our appetites.Out of the dark, out of the delicate mist, the lady rose up."What's this?""I think it's a very sick, mutant rose. I bought it for you."It was so rare to see Roarke taken by surprise, she nearly laugh [...]

    2. Phrynne

      Number nine in my reread of this series and I had seriously forgotten how good these earlier books were. I was amazed in this one at how involved Roarke was in Eve's work having thought this was something which developed later in the series. Loved the relationship between Roarke and Eve ( reach for the tissues!) and laughed out loud at all the Eve/Roarke and Eve/Peabody interactions. An easy five stars:)

    3. Jilly

      I liked the personal story with the side characters better than the actual storyline of the bomber. I don't know why the bombing thing didn't do it for me as well as the past murderers, but I think it is because the serial killer books felt less impersonal. The bombings were just giant catastrophes that felt sad, but not personal at all. Plus, the Twin Towers were mentioned as still being there. And, it was a story about bombing monuments and such. Kind of depressing.On a less depressing note: m [...]

    4. Irene Sim

      4,5 stars!What a great story! For the first time I didn't want so much of Eve and Roarke as I was starving for Peabody and McNab. Could you believe these two? Their chemistry is explosive (bad choice of adjective as the villain was a bomber and the explosions were really nusty, but still). I loved the addition of Zeke, Peabody's brother, to the story and how J.D. Robb implicated him in the plot. I loved Mavis soft side and how she handled the situation with Zeke after the revelations. But I have [...]

    5. Jo ★The Book Sloth★

      I loved this book I really did! I loved the intriguing story, the unbelievable plot twists and all that "cop work".But I hated both Roarke and Eve in some parts of the book. They both have a problem with boundaries in, they have none! Eve had no business trying to run Peabody's and McNab's personal life(something she also did with Peabody and Charles). The girl needs to learn that some things she needs to get her nose out of!And Roarke should have more respect for Eve's job and only interfere af [...]

    6. Catherine

      First off, I have to thank the author for finally bringing all that sexual tension in between Peabody and McNab to a boil. And in such a dramatic way! The fact that Feeney witnessed it (and was disturbed by it) was simply icing on the cake for me. Such a hilarious scene. I simply loved them in this book. :DWe get introduced to a new character here. Zeke, Peabody's brother comes to town. I loved that we got a deeper look at Peabody and her family, but he was a little too childlike for me. I didn' [...]

    7. ♥Sharon♥

      Still disorganized with no time for a proper review. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT.You get the point. ❤ Roarke & Eveeverything about themd❤ Peabody & McNab.ese two make me laugh.

    8. Laura

      I have to admit that part way through this book I was deciding if this was a series I would give up. Facing the crisis that she did in the last book, I thought Eve would grow as a person, but nope, she was back to her old bullying ways. She continues her rudeness and everyone in her life just accepts it. Why? I just wasn't sure that I could read 30 +more books with a lead character that I dislike so much.Well a funny thing happened about halfway through. Eve actually went too far and Roarke actu [...]

    9. Shawna

      3.5-4 stars - Romantic Suspense/Sci-Fi/Futuristic/ThrillerAlthough I continue to love this series and can never possibly get enough of Roarke, this was my least favorite so far. Eve's not always an easy character to like, but she seemed particularly bitchy this time around. Normally I understand her gruff, moody personality and respect her tough, no-nonsense attitude, but she grated on me in this one. The suspense plot was a bit confusing and felt too abruptly resolved. Still, this series is bri [...]

    10. Carolyn

      Another excellent instalment in this great series. Eve and Roarke have been married 6 months now are their relationship has really started to cement however Eve still suffers from some insecurities that cause her to give Roarke a hard time and she also dislikes him getting too involved in her work. Despite all that they make a great team and Roarke's help is invaluable when time is of the essence and the obtaining of sensitive data or new fangled equipment is involved.In this volume of the serie [...]

    11. Lisa Kay

      “I ♥ Roarke” tee-shirt from jdrobb ★★★★★ Okay, I can’t believe I read the paperback instead of listening to the fabulous Ms. Ericksen on audiobook, but I did. I had to have my Roarke fix, LOL! Some of you may know, I did the stupidest thing and, after listening to the first few chapters, erased my library copy of the downloadable audiobook of this one from my iPod/Touch, putting me back on the waitlist at #5. I checked the stacks – and even the hardcopies were checked out! Ee [...]

    12. Teresa

      I loved this one. There were some great Eve and Roarke moments (and good forward movement for Eve's character) but also a lot of character development for others. The Peabody focus wasa game changer for me with this book because it just added more dimensions.

    13. Lauren

      Loyalty in Death4 StarsA routine investigation into the homicide of a businessman is interrupted by a series of bombings that hit close to home when the perpetrator targets Roarke's holdings and sends taunting letters to Eve. While the bomb plot is all too realistic in this day and age (perhaps even more so post 9/11), and the case has some incredibly intense moments, the villains are fairly obvious and the outcome predictable. That said, the character development and dialogue make this a series [...]

    14. Priyanka

      My first J.D. Robb and I loved it! It's Nora Robert under the penname. As everyone already knows, she's a fabulous writer!It just took me to my childhood days when I used to read Nancy Drew and fall asleep. Just gives that feeling here. It's a future based series with Eve, a bad-ass cop and Roarke? He's just amazing at whatever he does, which is, being nosy and helping his wife!

    15. Kjen

      Always awesome matter how many times I read it! This is early in the series, and Eve and Roarke are still 'feeling out the boundaries' to speak. This makes for a perfect mix of tension and passion. Omge ending on top of the Statue of Liberty never gets oldepic awesomeness abounds, indeed!

    16. Al *the serial series skipper*

      3.5 starsI liked this one but the villains left much to be desired, their motive did not quite gel as the other books in the series. Still an enjoyable ride.Peabody and McNab <3

    17. Sassafrass

      Let me first say that being able to switch back and forth between my kindle book and my audible audiobook is such an addictive thing. Ok, now that that's out of the way, I'll get to this review. I had put this series aside for about 2 years and now I'm getting back into it. I read the first 8 books pretty much back to back and I think I got burned out. Now that I've had some distance from it and I'm returning, I know why I devoured them so quickly when I first started.I absolutely loved this. I [...]

    18. Shanna

      I get why people keep coming back for more. Listening to these audiobooks is actually addicting I can't even work sometimes if I don't hear these characters. So I enjoyed so many things about this installment. Firstly Peabody's brother comes to visit and we get to see a whole different side to her. Also, her love life heats up, and though I saw it coming I want a lot more before they end (or don't end cause I like them together) I just think Peabody is such a fun character. The main murder myste [...]

    19. Elvan

      Another favorite as much because of the Hollywood ending as the case. Peabody's backstory gets fleshed out a bit more when we get to meet her brother Zeke and learn a bit more about Freeagers and their philosophy. Her first bounce with McNabb is a light bit of entertainment to keep the massive body count from becoming too depressing. The whole story is constructed well. I felt a bit like Peabody when I first read it, trying to figure out who the bad guys were and why, like I was always a step be [...]

    20. Lisazj1

      4.5 stars. NR/JD Robb manages to pull off the impossible with this series, because it never gets old. Not just between Roarke and Eve *RAWR* but with all of the other characters as well. Each of them are just as important to this world as the other, and despite Eve's best efforts to the contrary, they're her family. And she absolutely does suck at expressing their importance to her. Though Eve and Roarke together always manage to tug at my heartstrings, this time it was Eve and Peabody who made [...]

    21. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)

      [image error]Loyalty in Death has one of the best endings in so far in the series! It kept me on my toes and got my heart jackhammering in my chest! But before I talk about the ending, let’s start from page oneMy favourite cop, Lieutenant Eve Dallas has a murder case where a wife has literally screwed her husband over. When Lisbeth literally drills her cheating husband to a wall with one of his power tools, Eve doesn’t think her life could get worse. But then she starts getting these suspici [...]

    22. ElaineY

      This installment just didn't engage me like the others did. It wasn't bad in that I doubt Robb could ever write s bad In Death book but I didn't enjoy it as I did the others.It may be entirely my fault, though. I brought it along to read during a weekend seminar retreat and was just too busy to concentrate on the book. I was tired and constipated and Eve really irked me in this book.I did enjoy seeing McNab and Peabody getting it on together, finally, but the evil plot-evil group thing felt very [...]

    23. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥

      *Reread in October, 2016. Another good one in the In Death series! I found this case to be intense & complicated. As always, I find Eve's mind fascinating as she works through cases. I enjoyed meeting some of Peabody's family with her brother's visit as she is easily my favorite of the "side" characters. The character relationship development is ever evolving and my favorite part of this series. Roarke is . . . simply Roarke - Perfect! A Must Read!

    24. Ann Lou

      *4.5 in death stars! Another good addition to the in death series. Although, Eve got on my nerves a couple of times. After reading 9 books of this series, I am starting to understand her but she's too cold and callous sometimes. The action never stops in this one. We have a group who consider themselves Gods of justice. And they want to replace the government.Overall, a good read with lots of action and emotions thrown in.

    25. Anna (Wicked Book Blog)

      Literally bombastic ;) Sneaky and violent, is what gets Eve's juices going. Teamed with the ever loyal aide Peabody and her uber sexy husband, the Lieutenant saves New York from destruction at the hands of yet another lunatic. In this book, we get to experience being almost blown away a few times as well as get a lesson at deception and treachery. Well, for her? Just another day in paradise.

    26. Ally72

      This is another fantastic installment in the "In Death" series. Roarke and Eve keep are terrific (once again) and I especially loved this one because we got to see more of Peabody's character. These books just keep getting better and I am not even half way done with the seriesWoo hoo!!!

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