Miles One year no drama no heartbreak and definitely no sex When Army Ranger Miles Warren starts making future plans outside of his military career marriage isn t even on the list However his nit picky

  • Title: Miles
  • Author: Audra Cole K.B. Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miles

    One year, no drama, no heartbreak, and definitely no sex When Army Ranger Miles Warren starts making future plans outside of his military career, marriage isn t even on the list However, his nit picky parents don t leave that decision up to him If he wants access to his parent s fortune his inheritance he has to play by their rules One Night Warren has to trade in his One year, no drama, no heartbreak, and definitely no sex.When Army Ranger Miles Warren starts making future plans outside of his military career, marriage isn t even on the list However, his nit picky parents don t leave that decision up to him If he wants access to his parent s fortune his inheritance he has to play by their rules One Night Warren has to trade in his playboy status if he wants to build his dream business and break free from his parent s control once and for all Penelope Penny Laken is a firecracker with ambitions outside of the socialite circle she lives in For as long as she can remember, her greatest passion was behind the lens of a camera She s put the rest of her life on hold until she can finish her art book and launch a new career for herself Penny has big dreams and two amazing friends to back her up She doesn t want or need a man thank you very much Miles and Penny meet at his parent s annual holiday gala, neither one is looking for anything than a hot hook up Months later, their paths cross again, and Penny is shocked by what Miles needs next It s trust fund trouble times two Miles and Penny have to play nice if they re going to walk away with their futures secured and their hearts intact.Can they do it Don t miss Audra Cole and KB Winters third installment of Army Wives Miles is a novel length contemporary email order bride romance with an HEA AUTHOR S NOTE This is full length standalone romance You don t need to read COLTON or LUCAS first.

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      475 Audra Cole K.B. Winters
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    One thought on “Miles

    1. Mayas

      High society parents are the poop. Shoot I kind of felt sorry for Miles and Penny but understood his lifestyle and ways now. Deep down he was a romantic and after five months and him being calm it all came together. I loved his honesty and the way he pushed to get answers when he knew something was wrong but more than anything I loved the way he stood up for her. That was heart and solidified that she had his.This series is addictive and I am happy the the club has formed and Thanksgiving just g [...]

    2. Darcy

      I was stunned to see how Miles family treated him. With family like that who needs enemies. I liked the plan that Miles came up with, even if it was predictable. I liked that Penny went along with things, even as she has some reservations. The two of them had the same background, but despised it, so understood things. With their chemistry you knew things were going to explode, just didn't expect it to happen when it did. I was glad both were getting away from the families, because if they were a [...]

    3. Sommertime

      This was a modern marriage of convenience story. Miles was a great guy but his quick change from "one night Warren" to devoted husband was pretty fast. Penny was a great h and I loved her spirit and humor. They made a cute couple but I was a little turned off by the predictable business arrangement turned true love plot. I've just read it too many times already.

    4. Helena Rizzuto

      Oh Miles How the mighty have fallen!! Miles has been a sort of Obsession since I've read Colton! So it's safe to say that Audra and KB has some serious expectations from me. But being the epic literary goddesses that they are. They just blew up the expectations and left me panting and more in love with Miles!! That being said. Miles and Penny are freakin awesome!! They are a great Non-ordinary couple. I felt that the authors did a great job in really really letting me get a chance to know just w [...]

    5. Denise Van plew

      Not being a fan of rich kid novels and the such I ventured into this one for other reasons. This is also the first time in reading this author for me. I do so like military related romance with this really catching my eye because my daughter is a army wife. You are introduced in this one Miles whom I soon realize this is the third one in this series but that is ok can follow along. He sure has some hum dinger of parents also. They have laid on him a ultimatum that is a whooper. While stewing on [...]

    6. Cassandra

      Life and love are amazing When you think you have everything planned out in your life there is always a curve ball. And love well it has a way of sneaking up on you when it's the last thing you expect. This book is a perfect example of how it happens.

    7. PSUDST

      Romantic novellas can be tricky in that there's less time to flesh out characters and to bring a happy ending around in a way that makes sense to the reader. "Miles" could have accomplished all of these things but forWhile I enjoyed the characters and the supporting cast of friends, there was no good reason really why the two should have fallen in love as quickly as they did. There was very little interaction between them and what little there was was sexual attraction. I simply didn't buy that [...]

    8. Mel

      The close For nowI love how this series played out The only thing I didn't like about this collection was that book 3 was first in the series, so I knew about the first 2 HEA's before I read their stories.Individually, all three were strong stories with well developed plots and characters. My favourite story was book 1 Lucas and Isla's story but my favourite ranger was Colton.Book 1 Lucas and Isla was funny and emotional in the best way.Book 2 Colton and Karena was absolutely adorable. From how [...]

    9. Kim

      Miles and Penny are rebellious trust fund babies that grew up in the same social circus but never met, Miles is an Army Ranger and after 10 years has reached a crossroads; does he re up his contract or go into the reserves and do something else with his life? His parents tired of waiting for him to settle down and produce grandchildren have put pressure on him to either be married within a year or loose his trust fund and get cut from their will. Penny is a struggling photographer( career wise) [...]

    10. Jennifer

      so freaking sweet. I haven't read any prior book so this was the first time meeting Miles.I absolutely loved this story. I love Penny, I REALLY loved Miles. I love how they shared a similar life and similar experience and realized they had that in common. I really loved that he really was supportive and took care of her especially when it came to her mom. they had chemistry right from the first meeting and from there the sexual tension built. how the hell do you marry a hot man in Hawaii with a [...]

    11. Carol

      Miles: An Army Wives NovelMiles going home for the holidays, was given an ultimatum by his parents, get married within the year or lose his inheritance. Who does that? Penny is at Miles parents party because her mom, is forcing her due to in indescretion she made and is having to make amends for. They meet, then as luck would have it months later he sees a magazine her photos are featured in. She living in New York, him in Georgia, definite challenge, he calls her, flies out, makes her an offer? [...]

    12. Judy

      Another great book by KB Winters that will have you captivated and forgetting the rest of the world while you read this one!! Miles has to change his ways if he wants his inheritance once his parents pass on. Easy right? Not if you are the playboy that Miles is. He can do this right? Why do parents have to treat you like a child when you are an adult? But, it's abide by their rules or get nothing.And then there's Penny. Can she help him? Can they help each other?LOVED this book! KB Winters is an [...]

    13. Deanna Sawyer

      Miles and Penny - Two level headed people trying to live life their way but having to jump through hoops to hold on to their trust funds. Their parents are part of the rich elite and try to control the purse strings through threats and intimidation. These two figure a way to outwit them and find true love in the process. I loved that the road to love was bumpy but they worked through it to their HEA. (I received this ARC for an honest review.)

    14. Melissa

      Get married or be disowned! That was the future staring at Miles, so he did what he could. A marriage of convenience! Penny wanted her book published and the Warren connection was the quickest route. Accepting Miles' proposal seemed to be the perfect option. I fell in love with the boys of the Army Wives Club with Colton, Audra Cole and KB Winters do not disappoint with bad boy Miles, he and Penny's relationship is full of laughs, wit, and sexual tension! I want to be an Army Wife myself!

    15. Shelly Celli

      Good readThis is a cute and fun story about Miles and Penny falling for each other during a fake marriage. Miles has to get married in order to get his trust fun and inheritance, so he asks an old family friend to marry him and in return he will help her get her book published. Throughout their short marriage, they realize it's not enough and they want it all. Very cute and sweet book with a happily ever after.

    16. Trish

      Miles' parents are controlling and obsessive. Marry or lose all your inheritance? Penny also knows the lifestyle and how ridiculous a parent can be. So, fake marriage or not, along comes love. Nice story, plenty of built up heat and fun to read.I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. Wish my copy had the extras.

    17. Loz

      Army Ranger Miles Warren must marry before his parents will release his trust fund. Photographer and hater of high-society and the snobs it breeds (she would know) Penelope Laken sees an opportunity to get her photo book published. If you're not a fan of insta-love then I recommend giving this a miss. But I enjoyed this fast paced tale of marriage of convenience turned love.

    18. Dawn

      Great conclusionI enjoyed reading the Army wives series. They are all lucky to meet the men of their dreams. My only complaint about the series, which I'm mentioned after each book. They need to be longer. It just feels very rushed and with such great storylines, it's doing it an injustices by cutting them short.

    19. Brynne Hounsell

      Miles and Penny the misfit outcasts of the rich and elite society. They have one thing in common - they want nothing to do with their families prestigious names. Miles is in the Army and Penny is a photographer and neither is doing what they families prefer. Miles is swoony and I absolutely adore their story.

    20. Christine

      WowI think I'm in I love these characters I like how two wealthy kids grew up to be better then their parents. I found that this group of friends and couple find that family is not always blood.

    21. Olivia Stone

      I enjoyed reading Miles and Penny's story, about a man who needs a wife to get his trust fund and the women crazy enough to agree to marry him. This is a fast moving story with little twists in it and fairly predictable. But over all a good little read.

    22. tabitha bradshaw

      One year of marriage and no fooling around? So this is the third book in the Army Wives series and it is outstanding! The characters feel real. I really felt a connection with Penny, and you cannot go wrong with a hottie like Miles!! Loved this book!! Enjoy!

    23. Georgina

      Novellas don't seem to do it for me as they are too short and come off unbelievable. Trust fund babies whose parents want to rule their lives. What starts as a farce WAY too quickly becomes real for the characters, but not enough story.

    24. Elizabeth

      What a fun interesting twisted novel. Miles and Penny are from the same circle and both have pressures from the family to settle down. So they hatch a plan to get married. Will it work? Can they manage to not fall in love? Received an arc for an honest review

    25. teresa nielson

      EnjoyedEnjoyment is what I can say each charter is amazing the stories even though short was good it's worth the read

    26. Mary Huff

      Good readSteady with funny antidotes. Lots of familiar things going on as I was in Army for 11 years and truly enjoyed reading this book.

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