Cast In Flight

Cast In Flight The leader of the Aerians is dying Moran is the last descendant of her race s oldest and most distinguished bloodline Only she can take her family s place in the Caste Court But for Moran this noble

  • Title: Cast In Flight
  • Author: Michelle Sagara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cast In Flight

    The leader of the Aerians is dying Moran is the last descendant of her race s oldest and most distinguished bloodline Only she can take her family s place in the Caste Court But for Moran, this noble position seems like a prison sentence than an honor Fellow Hawk Kaylin Neya understands Moran s commitment to protecting the citizens of Elantra, a city beset by dangThe leader of the Aerians is dying Moran is the last descendant of her race s oldest and most distinguished bloodline Only she can take her family s place in the Caste Court But for Moran, this noble position seems like a prison sentence than an honor Fellow Hawk Kaylin Neya understands Moran s commitment to protecting the citizens of Elantra, a city beset by dangers from without and within And she knows exactly how it feels to be thrust into Elantra s politics So she becomes Moran s guide through a treacherous realm in which even the fiercest loyalties are tested, and things are seldom as they seem.

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    One thought on “Cast In Flight

    1. Tracy

      Up until now I have loved the Chronicles of Elantra series. "Watching" Kaylin grow and overcome obstacles has been an absolute pleasure. To me this has been a more of a coming of age saga - right in the beginning (Cast in Shadow) Kaylin was bitter and resentful and full of "piss & vinegar" - in the books that followed - you could feel her growing up, trying to find her place in the world and more importantly confronting her very human frailties and prejudices.The problem that I ran into this [...]

    2. Maria Dimitrova

      OMG I'm turning into Kaylin! At least in one aspect - I love the Aerians. Flight is fascinating and I would love to have the ability. But retain the opposable thumbs. they're useful ;)I wanted this book since the moment it became apparent that there'd be a book centered on each Elantran race. But as time passed and I read book after book of the series I began to despair that I'll ever get more than just a glimpse of my favourite species. Now I finally got my wish and part of me was elated, while [...]

    3. Megan

      5/11/2016: I had to put off starting the book for a while because of exams, but I finally read it, and I absolutely ADORED this book! Cast in Flight is my favourite book so far. Some parts were frustrating, some were heartbreaking and others were downright confusing, and it all added to the allure of this book. The ending was the sweetest thing that I have read, and I did actually cry. The interactions between the characters kept me reeled in and I never lost interest while reading. And we final [...]

    4. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

      All about the Aerians this time - the bird people. They're not my favorite, everything pales in comparison to dragons. I also feel like the writing might've been worse in this one. It seemed confusing. I'll read the next book, mainly for all the secondary characters, not at all for Kaylin.

    5. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

      An action packed mystery filled with betrayal and tempered with loyalty, Ms. Sagara seduces me again with a late night reading. I eagerly await for each new book in this series. I love this complex world filled with magic, politics, intrigue, conflicting priorities and unending loyalty. Kaylin is once again in the middle of a scandal. Or it could be deemed as a drama. Kaylin cuts through the red tape and wants to just "do the right thing". Per her usual modus operandi, she pisses off people way [...]

    6. DemetraP

      There are 12 books in this series and I'm tired of all of the unanswered questions. We get an up close look at the Aerians (people with wings) traditions and how they try to kill the "praevolo" because she's illegitimate. At the end of the story, we still have no idea who her father is. I enjoyed the Emperor coming to dinner. It was interesting. I was upset that Nightshade and his brother are fighting and we still don't know why Nightshade marked Kaylin. Kaylin speculates it's because he thought [...]

    7. Hilary

      This is the book fans have been waiting for, the one that shows us more of the Aerians than just the glimpses through the Hawks. This is the one that shows us who they really are as people, not just Kaylin's rose-tinted ideal of the race from someone who longs to soar with them.Michelle Sagara shows herself once again to have mastered the understatement. Kaylin's curiousity and temptations are just like mine: she wants to ask the same questions I would, though her hard-learned diplomacy is final [...]

    8. Carolyn

      Ok, I think I'm about done with this series. Just a) lots of redundant language, and b) every single book is the END OF THE WORLD!! Can't these people catch a break and just solve a crime or something, without it always being THE END OF THE WORLD!!, if they don't solve the problem? I've gotten to the point, I just don't really care anymore, so I think it's time to walk away from this series.

    9. eyes.2c

      Glued to the page! Again!Once more I was absorbed by this next in the Elantra Chronicles. Once again, where Private Kaylin Neda is trouble surely follows--or precedes, it's a moot point and a truism! This time we see more of the Aerians and Sergeant Moran dar Carafel in particular. The injured Moran is now residing with Kaylin, along with the rescued Barranis and the dragon Bellusdeo. When Moran is attacked, Kaylin comes in for some shocks.Shadow makes its appearance once again, and it's form ap [...]

    10. Kathy Davie

      Twelfth in The Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series for Young Adults and revolving around Kaylin Neya, still a private with the focus on Moran and the Aerians.My TakeI don't know why, but Cast in Flight was somewhat unsatisfying. Which makes no sense to me, as important discoveries are made, we learn the back history of the Aerians and something about how the Dragons view their children, Kaylin learns some unwelcome but necessary home truths (as does Moran), and, ahem, the Everlasting Emperor co [...]

    11. Essie (Midknight.traveller)

      If you haven't already read this series you're missing out. Feels like not many people know about The Chronicles of Elantra and it isn't because of the content that much I can tell you cause it is awesome. It's one of my favorite series, I really love it. So in the twelfth book of the series we are finally graced with more information on the Aerians and a certain Aerian doctor. Kaylin, as per usual involves herself in a situation even after she has been told not to because she can't fathom not d [...]

    12. Dallass

      I have been reading this series since the first book was published, and the last couple of books have only been so-so for me. There does not seem to be much, if any, character development - and I am finding the continual treatment of Kaylin by her superiors tedious. She has saved the world I don't know how many times, and yet they still dismiss her, talk down to her, and generally treat her like her thoughts and opinions don't matter - until they need her magical assistance! - and even then it s [...]

    13. Julia

      Such a beautiful and unexpected addition to the series. Character focused, engaging, and the ultimate resolution of conflict felt intimate and human, despite the larger than life stakes. There have been times when the Elantra series got the better of me, when the magic went over my head, but CAST IN FLIGHT gathered all the characters I've grown to love and showed them at their best, a volatile, powerful Scooby Gang that I adore. Severn has his quiet moments, even as he is always just at the edge [...]

    14. Westminster Library

      The twelfth book in this series gives us the opportunity to learn a great deal more about the Aerian culture. This series’ stories always has many twists and turns throughout the plot keeping the readers interest. The characters are wonderful. Treat yourself by reading one of the books in this series by this great author.Find Cast in Flight at Westminster Public Library.

    15. Suz

      3.75 starsI enjoyed the story but I find myself wondering if there are any other races that haven't been covered yet. Seems like it's time for it all to fall together now that we've been introduced to them all.

    16. Beth

      Very good and considering it's now 3 am and I work in 5 hours- very engrossing. I may have to revisit the final battle again - it was complex and I may have missed something.

    17. Marlene

      This joint review was originally published at The Book PushersReviewed by: E and MarleneMarlene: There’s a saying, often seen on t-shirts at science fiction conventions, that reads, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.” Kaylin Nera has clearly never seen the t-shirt. Or it doesn’t apply if you have a dragon for a roommate. And a very small and squawky dragon as your familiar.Or, as is most likely with Kaylin, she knows and is too busy deali [...]

    18. Darkphoenix

      The Chronicles of Elantra series is one of the few on-going series that I still greatly enjoy. I found Cast in Flight to be better than the previous instalment. While all the books in the series are somewhat dense, this time, I found the book to be more easily accessible.Cast In Flight, like all the other books before it, focused on one character and its race. This time it was Moran and the Aerians. So far, Kaylin has had a very good opinion of the Aerians, almost idolizing them, which perhaps w [...]

    19. orannia

      Four and three-quarter stars. I really enjoyed this book. Interesting plot, with lots of character involvement. Kaylin (the main character) is slowly maturing. The theoretical magical dreamscape was minimal. All of which means I'm looking forward to the next book. So why one-quarter star off? Because this is book 12 and the overall plot arc - Kaylin being Chosen - hasn't really progressed all that much.

    20. Saleena Davidson

      In this volume of the Elantra adventures of Kaylin, we get to know a bit more about the Aerian peopled of course, she is caught in the middle.As always, Sagara has a lot going on throughout the story, continuing conflicts, lessons that Kaylin is still struggling with and life issues that she still hasn't worked out. A solid addition to the series, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    21. Michelle

      See blog review at RiverareadsThe difficulty that I have with rating books in long series like this is that the rating of the one book is intricately linked to ongoing plot of all the previous books. You may be disappointed in one installment simply because of something that happened in previous book that you wanted resolved or built upon but it wasn't. And that makes it hard to love the individual book itself as much as you love the series as a whole. Having said that, there are some things tha [...]

    22. Sharon Tyler

      Cast in Flight is the twelfth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara. It is currently scheduled for release on October 26 2016. This is a series that you need to read in order, because the amount of world building and character work that has happened thus far would leave newcomers more than a little lost. However, I do highly recommend this series, with the knowledge that thus far (12 books in) quality has not diminished at all. In my opinion, each book only gets better.Priv [...]

    23. Anita

      The 12th book in this series about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who was born with magic written into her skin. She was orphaned young, then found her way to the city, where she was adopted by the police as a mascot of sorts, so she grew up with her fellow officers as her family. Fast forward. It's been 11 books worth of adventures for Private Kaylin Neya, who is in her early 20s, I believe. She lives in a multi-cultural city with citizens who are human, winged, half lion, shapeshifti [...]

    24. Kathy Martin

      This episode in the Chronicles of Elantra focuses on the Aerians but with a healthy helping of dragon. Kaylin offers the Aerian Infirmary Sargent shelter in her sentient home when Moran is injured fighting shadow. She is already sheltering the only female dragon and a couple of Barrani who were rescued in an earlier episode and who are both more and less than they were before their ordeals. When there is an assassination attempt on Moran when she and Kaylin are on their way to work one morning, [...]

    25. Kris Sellgren

      One thing I love about Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra (Cast in ) fantasy series is that the heroine, Kaylin, is brave, but not kick-ass. Kaylin is passionately committed to justice for the common people, and will argue with people in power -- including the Emperor -- to gain this, but she is not snarky or mean. She is a good person.Here Sagara explores the life of the Aerians, the winged, flying humanoids that comprise one of the many peoples in Elantra city. There are magical mysteries [...]

    26. Sarah

      Book 12 in the series.I LOVE this series. I read this book in one go, I didn't want to put it down. The only negative is now I have to wait another year for the next book!In this book we finally get some progress, in both Kaylin and plot. We get the promised dinner with the Emperor, and I loved it. Kaylin is growing as a character, but she still has relatively few filters and doesn't think before she speaks, which is often amusing for the reader, if not for her.This book focused on the Aerians a [...]

    27. Dawn

      I received this as a proof from the publishers via net galley. It isn't published yet so no spoilers here.Whether Michelle is writing as Michelle Sagara as in this case or Michelle West or Michelle Sagara West she never ceases to write imaginatively. I love the way in this particular series the interaction of the characters are immensely enjoyable to read. Her world building and diversity of races that people her worlds are excellent.No surprise I am a fan of her writing even though I would conf [...]

    28. annapi

      I love revisiting this world - Sagara always has something new and fascinating and wonderful in store for her readers. This time the focus is on the Aerians, the winged folk that Private Kaylin Neya has idolized all her life. But she is about to discover their dark side when she finds out that their infirmarian, the Aerian Sergeant Moran, has a secret past. If you are not familiar with this series, it's almost impossible to summarize the story in any way that will make sense. Even as a fan, I st [...]

    29. Stefanie

      ARC received from Harlequin via a giveaway.This series has progressed in every book in such a way that it makes me think oh it can't possibly get betterWELL IT CAN. The world and character building is completely amazing, especially the growth of Kaylin. This book focuses on the Aerians, about time, but I do understand why the author waited for it. When you think about the past events, there really is no place for the Aerian story what with everything else going on. I won't giveaway any spoilers [...]

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