An Other Place

An Other Place There is An Other Place where time and space are fluid where the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wild where love is a perilous proposition and the dead are swiftly forgotten where sandmen of

  • Title: An Other Place
  • Author: Darren Dash
  • ISBN: 9781539628668
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Other Place

    There is An Other Place where time and space are fluid where the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wild where love is a perilous proposition and the dead are swiftly forgotten where sandmen offer sanctuary and the Alchemist rules over all.When Newman Riplan s flight into the unknown turns into a nightmarish slide between worlds, he must explore an unnamThere is An Other Place where time and space are fluid where the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wild where love is a perilous proposition and the dead are swiftly forgotten where sandmen offer sanctuary and the Alchemist rules over all.When Newman Riplan s flight into the unknown turns into a nightmarish slide between worlds, he must explore an unnamed city where unpredictable terrors are the norm By the end of his first day adrift, his life has spun completely out of his control, but the most mind twisting and soul crushing revelations are only beginning As he desperately searches for a way out, he starts to realise that the city isn t in the habit of releasing its captives And it seems to have a plan for him

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    One thought on “An Other Place

    1. Odette Knappers

      This was utterly brilliant. Darren Shan/Dash is a master in horror, somehow it is so funny! I've LOLed and quoted this book and I want to recommend it to anyone who likes weird books.I've received this book digitally for review, but I will buy it when it's released because I want to own this piece of genius mind.Somehow I expected an ending like this, what makes me think I have a sick mind, but I still did not expected the ending this book has and it is so freaking brilliant and spot on and perf [...]

    2. Zelda Reben

      If you liked Darren Shan growing up, you'll appreciate this book. If you've never read Darren Shan, but love the Twilight-Zone and weird parallel universes, you will enjoy this book. Don't spoil it for yourself, just buy it; you won't regret it.It is heavily sexual, which I feel would have been nice knowing going into this that my favorite childhood author will be talking about ejaculation Lol.The concept is genius and I absolutely LOVED the first half of this book. The ending made complete sens [...]

    3. Mahtab

      This is probably the fastest I've EVER read a (standalone) book, and it says a lot. I'm not normally a fast reader & sometimes it takes me at least a few days to finish a book (and sometimes months) but this took me less than a day ! This is that type of story that has you hooked on till the very last page, and probably won't leave you alone afterwards soon. An amazing story which makes you go through all sorts of emotions.Even after reading all Darren Dash/Shan's books, I'm still left in aw [...]

    4. Cherrelle Smith

      This could have easily been a 4 star book, as the premise was unique and interesting, the atmosphere was eerie and immersive, and it was a real page-turner. However, there were a few bits which just didn’t sit right with me. My main issue was that all of the protagonist's 'sexual exploits' (let's say, to avoid spoilers) just seemed gratuitous and immature even. :/ I don't like to criticise this author as I love most of his work for children/teens and even some of his adult material, but I just [...]

    5. Christel

      This book is just out of this world. There are some really crazy things going on and will drive you a little nuts because you just want to know everything about this other place and the people in it.

    6. Matthew

      There is An Other Placewhere time and space are fluidwhere the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wildwhere love is a perilous proposition and the dead are swiftly forgottenwhere sandmen offer sanctuary and the Alchemist rules over all.Welcome to An Other Place, an eerie environment that examines existence in excruciating detail. You'll form questions that no one can answer; make connections that never last; live a life never to be remembered; and don't forget the deadly changes of the mo [...]

    7. Quentin

      This novel was weird, ambiguous, and contains some disturbing imagery. Usually I love that combination, but this one felt kind of off to me. Newman Riplan does freelance tech support. While on a job in Amsterdam, he meets up with some old friends and they go on a bender--drugs, sex, booze, and general carousing. At the end of it all, his friends, hearing him complain about never having a vacation, put him on a plane to an unknown destination. During the flight, he blacks out while choking, and w [...]

    8. Kyle

      This book wasok. **Trigger and Spoiler Warning--Do not continue if you know you will be uncomfortable. Also, you are reading a Darren Shan/Dash book, you will probably be uncomfortable regardless**First I am not going to shy around the fact that the main character raped someone. Let's discuss this though. Depending on the story being told to us there may be rape scenes. It is VERY important to analyze how the author is presenting the information and how the characters as well as the narrators re [...]

    9. Toni• Reviews & Randomness

      I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for a review by the author but have since purchased my own copy. 5 Stars Having been a fan of Darren's YA books (written under the pen name Darren Shan) and adult books (written under the pen names Darren O'Shaughnessy and D.B. Shan) for about a decade now I decided that it was time to pick up one of his Darren Dash books and with the most recent one sounding most intriguing to me after hearing him read a snippet of it at the Edinburgh International [...]

    10. DannyDavies

      Darren has once again proven himself to be a chameleon writer, and one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of reading the entire catalogue of. He can blend different genres seamlessly and this book is no different. Before I begin this review, if you have not yet read the book and plan on reading it do not read up on anything about the book before-hand – you’re better off knowing nothing about the plot.A common issue that many books and movies have these days is how predictable they are, [...]

    11. Khushboo Bahadoor

      This book is really one of its kind as well as the author. All along the book, as the protagonist makes a new discovery, I tried making an explanation of my own. I really thought that there would be a kind of big revelation in the end, telling us why this city exists, how Newman reached there and so on. I thought that I could then compare my explanations to that in the book. But needless to say, the ending surprised(or should I say, amazed) me. As some other readers said, there were some underly [...]

    12. ColinHeaney

      This is my first review so bear with me!I have held off writing a review for this novel, not because I didn't enjoy it (I definitely did!) but because of its huge ambition. This book is downright bonkers in the best way possible. Newman Riplan's life takes a drastic turn when he finds himself in another place - a place so terrifyingly strange that it could only be a dream. Or is it?I've long been a fan of Mr Dash's alter ego Darren Shan. Once again he fulfils in his ability to weave together com [...]

    13. Alex Folkins

      This book was awesome, a great read in it's entirety. Darren Dash is able to create a story that is so plausible and intriguing. I felt like I could have been the main character and I didn't want to stop reading It was able to demonstrate how good of an author he is because this book was unlike anything I have read by him before. Although having elements of physical terror, this book seemed to be more rooted in the psychological terror that is being in a similar but different place. I enjoyed th [...]

    14. Loz Barber

      I have been reading Darren Shan's work since I was a child so was thrilled when he began writing adult books under the pen name Darren Dash. They are a far cry from his YA books they are completely twisted (in a good way) and An Other Place was the most twisted one yet. You will never be able to guess the twists and turn this book takes on each page and will leave you gripped until the last. Hats off to this excellent writer, nothing can rival this man's imagination.

    15. Benjamin Shaw

      IntriguingI loved the story as a whole and thought the story had some defining points which will forever stay with me. Some points I felt needed to be re read after finishing the book to fully understand but the story as a whole is a unique masterpiece.I recommend giving this book a read as its a story unlike any other! I look forward to reading this again!

    16. Jessie Thomas

      When Darren Dash offered to send me a review copy of his new book, An Other Place, ahead of publication, I was so excited. I’ve always been a huge Darren Shan fan and have thoroughly enjoyed his previous adult titles as well. He warned me that this was very different to his other books and was more of an experimental, Kafkaesque type of story than his usual grisly horrors. I was told nothing more about it than that, and I firmly believe that was the right decision as to know anything about th [...]

    17. Dan

      This is the author's third book using the Darren Dash name (you might know him better as YA author Darren Shan) and here he gives us another completely different book. Newman Riplan is in an Amsterdam for work and discovers his two best mates happen to be there too. It's Amsterdam so a night of drugs and hookers follows. The next day his friends decided to send Newman on a mystery flight but something weird happens and he ends up in an other place. I'm not going to spoil the plot by telling you [...]

    18. Cait

      Honest to God, one of the absolute worst books I have ever read. I could not even finish it. I made it 80% of the way through before I had to quit. Utter garbage. There is no motivation throughout the book. Yeah, he wants to get out, but he doesn’t really seem to be working too hard. “Falling in Love” after a week and getting a job as a comedian? He spends most of the book just aimlessly wandering around. There is no urgency, no drive. His descriptions of his life before the Other Place ho [...]

    19. Savannah Riestenberg

      I was nervous going into this book because I LOVED The Evil And The Pure and really did not like Sunburn so my experience with Darren "Dash" had been mixed.Luckily, I did like this book more than Sunburn, but not quite to the level of The Evil and The Pure. It was an interesting concept, very Darren, but some parts just felt like plot holes. Although I guess it doesn't make sense for the main character to discover all of the secrets of this "other place" as a reader I felt somewhat let down that [...]

    20. Nirav G

      This was definitely a unique read. I picked this up because I loved the Cirque du Freak books back in middle school and was intrigued when I heard Darren Shan was writing adult horror now. Talking about it too much would spoil it, but this book freaked me out. In a metaphysical sense. I had trouble sleeping for a week for fear of ending up in the Other Place when I died, a world where everything is familiar but nothing makes sense. Honestly all I can say is it's a lot. It was a good read, but I [...]

    21. James

      Great First Half then Disappoints as It Meanders to Weak ConclusionAfter a bender with friends a man gets on plane and is transported to an alien city. Among the natives and their drone slaves he attempts to solve the riddle of what this place is and how to escape from it. Eventually he meets the Alchemist who controls operations. Although some answers are provided he goes on an adventure to discover just how vast and uniform this world is. Unsuccessful, he returns only to experience the Purge. [...]

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