Chaos and Control

Chaos and Control When Wren Hart returns to her sleepy little Midwest town after years on the road she finds the last thing she d ever expect a reason to stay And that reason has a hard body a knowledge of vinyl and

  • Title: Chaos and Control
  • Author: Season Vining
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  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook
  • Chaos and Control

    When Wren Hart returns to her sleepy little Midwest town after years on the road, she finds the last thing she d ever expect a reason to stay And that reason has a hard body, a knowledge of vinyl, and a crooked smile that sends her reeling.Preston is a gorgeous, mysterious man, whose life is ruled by routine and order Yet somehow, he finds Wren and her wild ways captivatWhen Wren Hart returns to her sleepy little Midwest town after years on the road, she finds the last thing she d ever expect a reason to stay And that reason has a hard body, a knowledge of vinyl, and a crooked smile that sends her reeling.Preston is a gorgeous, mysterious man, whose life is ruled by routine and order Yet somehow, he finds Wren and her wild ways captivating While their relationship grows in a delicate dance of chaos and control, the danger Wren thought she d left behind during her travels is inching ever closer and just may destroy them both.

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    One thought on “Chaos and Control

    1. Dianne

      Sometimes the place we run from is the only place we can run to when life is overwhelming. Sometimes a person finds just what they need when they least expect itAOS AND CONTROL by Season Vining is a story of a young woman coming back to the town she ran from to gain control over her life. Now Wren is back, because the chaos of an abusive relationship has sent her running to the one place she thought she couldn’t be found, the last place she wanted to go. When Wren walked into her sister’s sh [...]

    2. Kate's Corner

      This just didn't work for me. Here comes the good and the bad.The Good.- Preston with his OCD was endearing.- Wren accepting Preston's condition.- Wren's character development.- The story of coming home and realizing that it's not all that bad. - Loved Preston's poetry. - Preston dealing with his OCD and making progress. The Bad.- Wren's need for honesty. Don't sit in a glass house and throw stones.- When it comes to her sister she is selfish, self-absorbed. - She didn't like Crowley yet she cam [...]

    3. Wit & Wonder Books

      ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Chaos and Control, the title really says it all. Season Vining’s latest is all about the perfect balance of both.Wren is a wild one. She has spent the last few years on the road, but now she is home. She doesn’t have plans to stay in one place, but that changes when she meets Preston. He is the calm and order to her whirlwind of chaos. They shouldn’t work yet they do. But Wren’s past is closing in and it could end in disaster for them [...]

    4. Kay

      This was one of my favorite reads from Season Vining! Wren and Preston were the perfect couple in this book. Wren's craziness really complimented Preston's personalty. I loved Bennie and how she accepted Wren with all her faults and was willing to help her though anything even after not seeing her for years. This book had a perfect balance of ups and downs as well as keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens.

    5. ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡

      Preston and Wren - two truly adoring characters. If a book was ever out to prove that opposites attract then it was this one. These two characters could not have been any more different and yet more perfect for each other. I adored the way that Wren wormed herself into Preston's ordered life. She never judged, only wondered and I thought this was a remarkable trait. Also, I would have never guessed that a lead like Preston could be so endearing. He was remarkable in so many ways.Still, I am not [...]

    6. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm

      Reverend Hart's daughter was back, but Wren Hart didn't intend to stay. She was hoping to find a place to hide and seek solace in her sister, Bennie's place. But what or who greeted her was a pleasant surprise. Could mild-mannered, obsessive-compulsive gorgeous Preston be the reason she'd finally remain in Crowley?I fell in love with Preston, the OCD guy who always counted in even numbers and repeatedly arranged his things until his nerves settled. He lives by routine and he immediately gets fro [...]

    7. Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page

      Wren Hart has spent the last three years on the road, but now she's returned home because of reasons that she's unwilling to burden on anyone. However, she never imagined she'd find a reason to stay, yet her sister's employee is tempting her with every moment they spend together. But with everything finally going so right in her life, Wren knows it's only a matter of time before her past catches up with her. Will she be able to handle the danger she knows is headed her way, or will Wren and Pres [...]

    8. Julie Foster

      Wow.Wow. Wow wow wow. I am almost speechless. This book is so good. I mean, SO GOOD. I'm finding it difficult to put all these beautiful emotions into words right now. When I first heard the inspiration behind this story, I knew I HAD to read it. I fell in love with the cover the moment I saw it. The first chapter sealed the deal. My first smile led to so many more. My first tear was also followed by many more. The last words filled my heart.All the feels. All the beautiful words. Everything abo [...]

    9. ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰

      ARC received for an honest review3.5 starsIt has been a few years since I have read a Season Vining story, and it was great to get back into her world.There were a lot of things I liked about Chaos and Control, like the way she dealt with Preston's issues, the way Wren accepted him as he was, the way Wren was the chaos to Preston's control. Wren's character developmentHowever Wren - oy, that girl. She frustrated me no end. She was a spoilt 21 year old brat! After what she has been doing for the [...]

    10. Rachel- Goodbye Borders

      At 18, Wren left her small town behind in her search for adventure and to see this world. She opts to come back 3 years later after getting involved with the wrong guy. Preston works works at her sister's music store. He happens to grab her attention. I really liked Preston and I thought he was portrayed very well (from his mannerisms to how he get through each day). Preston has OCD. What kept me reading was Preston. I liked his poetry at the end of each chapter (I think there was 1 that didn't [...]

    11. poppy

      I just loved Preston and Wren these two could not be any more different from each other yet so right together.He is tightly wound and needs order and control whereas she will do things at the drop the hat.They were just great together and I really enjoyed their story and getting to know then you can't help but like and root for them.This is a super sweet read and I cannot wait to read more from this author in the future I would definitely recommend it.

    12. Christina Vice

      Loved itCouldn't put it down. I quickly fell in love with the characters. Can't wait to see what's next for this author.

    13. Lauren loves llamas

      I love the “opposites attract” trope, and this book was a fresh take on it. Wren is a flighty and free-spirited whirlwind, while Preston, who has OCD, is ruled by routine."Maybe we’re too different to be together— polar opposites attracted like magnets. He is an anchor to this place, weighing me down with his perfect words and praising lips. We want contradictory lives. I need change and adventure. He thrives on routine and order. He seems happy to make furniture, eat at the diner, and l [...]

    14. Angel Hatfield

      Wren returns to Crowley and she goes to her sister’s Bennie’s record store and goes to her sister. Bennie was the bright spot in Wren’s life. Wren throws herself into Bennie’s wren throws herself into Bennie’s arms. Wren had been gone for three years when Bennie asks Wren how long she would be there she answered she didn’t know why she just felt she should be there. The only communication between Bennie and Wren had been random postcards from Wren and Bennie had no way to get a hold [...]

    15. The Word Nerd Reviews

      I’ll admit that when I first opened Chaos and Control by Season Vining I was expecting a bit of light fluff. I wasn’t even sure about it when I was given the opportunity to review it. I’d pegged it as one of those books that may be fun to read, but that was about it.Boy was I wrong! The book’s description in no way prepared me for Preston or the emotional impact of this author’s writing style.Chaos and Control is largely a character study style story, it is written from the two points [...]

    16. Robin (jason&robin)

      I loved this book from start to finish. The chemistry is great! I loved the romance and suspense. I don't get much time to read anymore, but I found myself hiding under the covers every night after my husband went to bed so that I could keep reading this book. <3 Preston <3

    17. Jennifer Pierson

      Chaos and Control is the first book that I've read by the talented & original Season Vining, and I very much LOVED it! Wren Hart hated living in her sleepy little midwestern town, so as soon as she could, she bailed to travel. Now after years on the road, she's home again for a visit, but never thought she would find a reason to stay permanently. Her sister, Bennie, gave her job & apartment to a very gorgeous man, named Preston, who's life is filled with order & routine, while her's [...]

    18. Melissa

      WOW!!!I am absolutely in LOVE with this book!!!The characters are so loveable and interesting. I could simply not get enough of Wren and Preston.Wren had always yearned to travel and experience life to the fullest. She left her small-town life behind after graduation and did not look back. Sending her sister Bennie the occasional postcard of cities she visited, Wren was happy going from one place to the next. When Wren encounters some trouble along the way, she heads to the one place that's fami [...]

    19. Samantha Johnson

      I loved this book so much. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Both characters were amazing and the author did an awesome job of describing both and I never lost the connection to either one. Definitely recommend!

    20. Konny

      Chaos and Control by Season Vinings is a standalone, full length romance novel.Meet Wren Hart, she´s a spontaneous woman and chaos follows her. She returns to her small home town after years on the road. And she finds a reason to stay in Preston. I can´t say how much I love Preston´s character. Yes he has flaws, many of them, but he´s very very lovable. Preston is a mystery. He´s gorgeous and lives for his routine and order. He´s set in his ways and has OCD. He should stay far away from wi [...]

    21. Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova

      First book ever I have read written by Season Vining and all I have to say is WOW! I am still on an emotional high from Chaos and Control. The title itself describes the leading characters perfectly. Wren was a wreck and trying to run away from her past and troubles. She is right there with family and there comes Preston like a train wreck. My heart melted for Preston. I was awed how Wren and Preston had nothing for common ground, yet they were perfect for each other.Preston's words killed me an [...]

    22. Laurie Beemer

      20 stars please!!!!- This book was simply a thing of beauty and magic. The words of their story brought me into the pages of this book, and I didn't want to get out. This was such an unexpected find, both the author and the story. I fell in absolute love with Preston and his ways of order, perfection, numbers, and his beautiful words. Wren was chaos and fly by the seat of your pants and just jump in kind of girl. But somehow opposites attract, and with that will there be happiness or will someon [...]

    23. Missy Fern - BFD Book Blog

      A sweet book about love, pain, and acceptance. Wren is recovering from an abusive relationship and Preston struggles with personal issues. Their imperfections bond and bind them. I loved Wren’s acceptance of Preston’s challenges but I found her selfish at times like when it comes to her sister. This was a bit grating as was the repeated references to her ex.Preston’s poetry. Awesome. I’ve never read a book with a character who faced the challenges he faced. He was so endearing and Wren w [...]

    24. Katie

      Love!This is Season Vining’s best book yet. I felt like I was right there in Crowley with Wren, Preston, And Bennie. I could not put this book down. The love between Wren and Bennie reminded me of my relationship with my own sister. The electricity between Wren and Preston was amazing. I felt their magnetic pull. Read this book; you will not be disappointed.

    25. Maria

      "Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"This story gives a powerful and realistic picture of what it’s like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and what’s great about it is that the author doesn’t forget along the narrative that our hero, a “pretty” and generous man called Preston, has this condition and struggles with it every moment.Preston is indeed a great hero (not a great poet though) – caring, loving, noble – and we see his issues and cons [...]

    26. Bette Hansen

      I absolutely loved this story. Preston and Wren are simply perfectly imperfect together and their story is one of acceptance and unconditional love. She lives her life spontaneously , completely full of chaos. He needs full control to get through each day. They shouldn't work but somehow they do in a beautiful way. This story is wonderfully written and as the story unfolds and we get to know Preston and Wren,you can't help but feel you know them. Really know them. This book was an unexpected tre [...]

    27. Christina Szczepan-santos

      I really enjoyed this book. I've been not so patiently waiting to get a new Season Vining book. ;-)I really enjoyed Wren, Preston at timeswell I was annoyed. Which is a good thing. I loved the push and pull. Always wondering hmmmm what's going to happen next. I'm looking forward to see what Season brings us next. Thanks to #entangledpublishing for providing me this copy.

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