hummingbird hummingbird is Sophia Elaine Hanson s first collection of poetry to come to print It tells a story of love loss and rebirth

  • Title: hummingbird
  • Author: Sophia Elaine Hanson
  • ISBN: 9780578189277
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • hummingbird

    hummingbird is Sophia Elaine Hanson s first collection of poetry to come to print It tells a story of love, loss, and rebirth.

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      435 Sophia Elaine Hanson
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    One thought on “hummingbird

    1. Sophia Hanson

      Many authors like to rate their own books. I prefer to wait until there are a few dozen reviews out there so that mine does not sway the average too much. Anyway, this little, tiny book is the child of my soul. It came into being in a month. It was born of my first love and my first heartbreak. It is dedicated to the person I am learning to be. I hope you enjoy it.

    2. h a i l e e (thesebooklions)

      Sophia emptied her heart into this book; you could hear it pounding with every turn of a page. The intimate words she shares wrap around your own heart and make it flutter boldly, and thunderously like a hummingbird this collection is named after.

    3. Carla

      I loved this little book of poetry!hummingbird is a very personal masterpiece and I really enjoyed it, it kind of inspired me to keep on going with my little private project. It's one of those books where you need to take a deep breath after you've finished it. I loved her first novel Vinyl and it's amazing to see that she can write like this and touch your soul, too!so check it out, it's really good!!!

    4. Romie

      That was so. fucking. raw.I didn't know I was about to cry until I felt the tears running down my cheeks.It's always painful to read about someone in love and knowing the heartbreak is waiting on the next page. But was it spectacular.4.75Edit 19.4.17 - Okay guys it's been more than two months since I've read this poetry collection and I still find myself thinking of it or I just open the book at a random page and read the poem. And the ILLUSTRATIONS!!

    5. Rachel Nicole Wagner

      WowEmotions run wild. This is why I love poetry. Four or five words can stir up so many emotions. And what's so incredible is when others identify and relate to those real and raw words in black and white. It is magic, in my opinion. I love this book. Thank you for sharing your art with the worlds, Sophia :)Xo,Rach

    6. Gretchen Gomez

      link to my blog review here with favorite poems and illustrations hereI read this beautiful collection while on my way home from work. This poetry book can be read in less than an hour. I loved all of this and it resonated with me. Even the illustrations gave this book an added touch to the amazing writing.Hummingbird is about a relationship that fell apart and how Sophia found herself anew. She talks about her feelings and thought process through and after the relationship. Some of the poems me [...]

    7. Melissa Jennings

      Full review at melissaljenningsSophia Elaine Hanson’s poetry is on another plane of existence. hummingbird is so good that I nearly dog-eared the whole collection. Hanson has a fantastic storytelling ability; I am inspired by her writing style and her words.

    8. Brittany

      The poetry written in this book is something you can only feel for yourself. Wonderfully written and beautifully heartbreaking.

    9. Rebekah Rose

      Perfect. Just perfect!Honestly I haven’t read many poetry books but if they are all like this I need them! Hummingird may be short and sweet but it is everything I have ever needed. I loved every poem. Sophia manages to get so much emotion across in so few lines, it’s a skill I wish I had! The poems were so beautifully sad that each one had me sobbing. I was amazed at how much something so short could mean to me, I am in love. Books have always brought out my emotion but nothing like this! I [...]

    10. Lexi Vranick

      There is something incredibly unique and refreshing about Sophia's poetry, though I can't quite put my finger on what that is. I think it's something beneath the words and their quiet simplicity. She writes as though jotting down notes; as though keeping track of her life in the way people do when they're trying to make sense of things. It turns the book into a complete narrative, and kept me sucked in throughout. The illustrations by Munise Sertel were a beautiful touch and helped to elevate th [...]

    11. Naydia Westerman

      I wish there was more I am an avid reader of poetry. This collection was not I my refreshing but it also resonated with me; there was such subtle pain and obvious strength. I love it. I wish there was more

    12. Amanda Butler

      The poems are delicate but strong. The illustrations are lovely. Together, this collection of poetry tugged at the whimsical in my heart. Some of these poems took my breath away.

    13. Riley

      I loved this little book. It's a story of love, loss and rebirth. It's poetry is beautiful. I haven't read much poetry before but this is truly great. I'd recommend this book to anyone.

    14. Jessie Smith

      Sophia did and amazing job with this small poetry book. The art reflects the poetry and stories perfectly and makes it even more interesting, congrats to the artist. I wish it was longer, and I plan to reread it several times. Though some content may not be suitable for all ages, it is otherwise a great teen poetry book and I recommend it to everyone over the age of 13. Great job, Sophia! Keep it up.

    15. Edee

      This was the first book of poetry I've ever read and it was amazing. Every poem felt so raw and real. You could really tell that Sophia has poured her heart into this one.

    16. Grace Messimer

      I don't know what to say other than that this was raw and honest and exactly what I needed. Thank you. (I'll probably add to this more later!)

    17. Lpstabbiecat

      The illustrations, the poems, they sucked me in and wouldn't let go. This is my first poetry book I've read and I can say, it's worth the read.

    18. Melissa Hernandez

      I wish I had this book 6~7 years ago. Along with other poetry books. It would have helped me so much. Today, it heals some more of my wounds. Thank you for the reminder that I still have me even though I may have lost so much.

    19. Shelby Leigh

      The words are beautiful. The cover is beautiful. The illustrations are beautiful. It's all beautiful. Highly recommend for a quick but emotional read!

    20. Maggie

      i've recently gotten into poetry and this was just breathtaking. i could feel the emotions coming out of the pages and it definitely is one of my favorite chapbooks to date.

    21. E. (abookwormsnook Reviews )

      the emotions bled off the pages, it was so raw with emotion and feeling that it brought tears to my eyes and a pain of joy to my heart.

    22. Brittney

      Hummingbird is so beautifully written, it is a raw truth. I felt like I could see and feel all of Sophia's memories, her love and her pains. This book had so much emotion in it that I could feel the blood and tears put into this book the minute i started it. I feel at a loss for words to explain how much I loved this amazing poem book but I highly recommend everyone reads it. ❤ "what a beautiful burden, he said." It's my favorite!

    23. Emma

      Sophia is a talented writer, we all know that (from her wonderful books Vinyl and Radio), but poetry is a different beast for anyone, regardless of their talent. It is no surprise then, that she beautifully crafts a story of good and bad, love and heartbreak, hurt and healing. It's not delicate, though the drawings are that and much more, because hard truths of life are never delicate. My story is different than Sophia's, but she brings me and every reader close to her heart with this wonderful, [...]

    24. M.F. Yasmin

      Beautifully breathtaking, inside and out. In 76 pages, Sophia Elaine Hanson releases awe-inspiring poetry, accompanied with lovely illustrations, that work perfectly with the words written. I loved it! It is purely that simple, I absolutely loved it.

    25. Anne Chivon

      Beautiful I absolutely love how this book read as not only a poem book but also as a soft whimsical story. Each page a stepping store to the next. Can not wait to dive into more work by Sophia!

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