Clarissa and the Cowboy

Clarissa and the Cowboy Nathan Right now Clarissa our tour guide is talking about prehistoric cave paintings In a moment she ll point at the mammoth Wait for it Look at the mammoth on your right she says Told ya I ve don

  • Title: Clarissa and the Cowboy
  • Author: Alix Nichols
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clarissa and the Cowboy

    Nathan Right now Clarissa, our tour guide, is talking about prehistoric cave paintings In a moment, she ll point at the mammoth Wait for it Look at the mammoth on your right, she says.Told ya I ve done her tour six times in two months.Everyone gawks at the mammoth My eyes stay trained on Clarissa s lovely face.After the tour, I ll ask her out, fully expecting her Nathan Right now Clarissa, our tour guide, is talking about prehistoric cave paintings In a moment, she ll point at the mammoth Wait for it Look at the mammoth on your right, she says.Told ya I ve done her tour six times in two months.Everyone gawks at the mammoth My eyes stay trained on Clarissa s lovely face.After the tour, I ll ask her out, fully expecting her to say no I mean, why would a hotshot Parisian archeologist go on a date with a dairy farmer from the sticks But I need to hear Clarissa s no.Maybe then I ll be able to forget her Clarissa Nathan, aka Cowboy, is here again Staring at me again.I ignore him Just as I ve ignored the hot, disturbing dreams I ve been having lately Dreams in which a handsome cowboy undresses me Kisses me Pleasures me into oblivion Crazy dreams In real life, I m going back to Paris to start a new job in a big museum The one thing I don t need during my last week in Burgundy is a roll in the hay with Nathan Even if that roll turns out to be better than my craziest dreams QUESTION What happens when a cowboy and a bluestocking get stranded in a cave with a 40,000 year old co er phallus drawn on the wall ANSWER A sizzling hot and hilarious romance, that s what You ll giggle, you ll fan yourself, and you ll keep turning pages until the happy end

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      170 Alix Nichols
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    One thought on “Clarissa and the Cowboy

    1. Nate

      I enjoyed Nathan & Clarissa's story. I found it interesting. And am voluntarily reviewing an advance readers copy of the book.

    2. Babs

      Nathan sees Clarissa and he knows he is way out of her league but does that stop him? No, he knows he has to try and get her. He has his chance when they are both locked away together.The author does a great job with the details of the scenes and yes they are hot and sizzling. You don’t want to put the book down.Clarissa’s character was for me obnoxious and wondered why Nathan was wasting his time but by the end, things come together.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book [...]

    3. Jackie D

      When Nathan see's her, he knows he probably doesn't stand a chance. They are from two different worlds, that doesn't stop his obsession with the beautiful Clarissa. Bound and determined to give it one one more try before giving up his quest for the archeologist. Nathan finds himself with the opportunity of a lifetime, Clarissa is locked away with him for the evening. He gives it his all showing her farmers aren't just dumb men who smell like manure. Will it be enough to change her attitude? Will [...]

    4. T. Rosado

      2.5-3 StarsI have been a fan of Alix Nichols since I read a couple of the La Boheme books and then my favorite series of hers, The Darcy Brothers (especially, the prequel, The Devil's Own Chloe.) The gentle flow of the story-telling and lightly sensual romantic elements were what endeared me to her past books. Unfortunately, I felt like this story was a vast departure from those earlier books and didn't appeal to my reading interests. Of course, my opinion is subjective and this story may appeal [...]

    5. Heather Merriman

      This is a spinoff of The Darcy Brother's Series. Dr. Penelope "Clarissa" Mueller is an archeologist at The Darcy Grotto. She's had an eye out for Sebastian Darcy for years but finally gives up on that when she realizes he's in a serious relationship. She decides maybe it is time to take that Job in Paris! Nathan is a Dairy farmer at a neighboring farm. Nathan has been attending her weekly tours in hopes of a chance to talk to her but he loses his nerve every time. He knows she's way out of his l [...]

    6. B.

      This is a quick read about two unlikely protagonists, a brainy archaeologist and a brawny dairy farmer who has a farm near the ancient caves with prehistoric drawings where Clarissa works. Nathan keeps taking the tour of the cave that she gives because he is so infatuated with her but is too shy to say anything. She notices this tall, strong quiet man and thinks of him as a cowboy. But the title is deceptive - he is a French farmer. They are such an unlikely fit as a couple, and that would have [...]

    7. Linda Walters

      I liked this book but would have liked for it to be a bit deeper. The feelings that Carissa has for Nathan are pretty clear though. In the beginning it is more about her "non-feelings" for the cowboy that is what is the clearest. She's kind of snobby, she's thinking that the cowboy who just stares at her is probably not to smart. She thinks he's a hayseed, a hick probably. It's kind of painful the way she just writes him off. There is some attraction on her part though and she fights that becaus [...]

    8. Elina Reant

      Une fois de plus un vrai plaisir de lire Alix Nous en apprenons ici un peu plus sur le Docteur Pénélope Muller, Clarisse, pour ces amis (vous n'y comprenais rien, c'est normal, il faut le lire pour le découvrir ;) ), donc Pénélope-Clarisse que nous avons entre-aperçu dans "Mon meilleur ennemi" premier tome de la série "Les Frères Darcy" et Nathaniel Girault.Pénélope-Clarisse, Conservatrice du musée de la Grotte darcy, et Nathan, éleveur de vaches laitières, se rencontrent, se décou [...]

    9. Christi Fowler

      Genre: Romance - Opposites Stand-alone: YesPart of a Series: Not really but set in the Darcy Brothers timeline/storyPOV: Nathan and ClarissaSteam Level: Hot5/5Clarissa and the Cowboy wax a very quick, very steamy read. I got through it in an evening and it was definitely one of the steamiest Alix Nichols books so far - not only with actual sex scenes but also with innuendo. It was fun to read a naughtier novel than usual I really liked Nathan. He was sweet, funny and shy. The shyness is what I f [...]

    10. Cathy

      4.5 starsThis is a book about an archeologist and a farmer. I love this opposites-attract type story, and this one did not disappoint. Clarissa saw Nathan watching her during the tours and never thought anything positive about him, yet she had dreams about him. She could never be with a farmer, he isn't from her world.Nathan was instantly attracted to Clarissa and took her tour 6 times just to watch her. He knew she was too good for him but that didn't stop the feelings he had.Then they got stuc [...]

    11. Zena

      This is a novella length story which is advertised as a 'sexy romantic comedy' but it really is quite hot.The story is good. Its an opposites attract theme and I was quite relieved when the two of them, Clarissa and Nathan, finally got together as a couple but what goes on until then makes for good reading.If it weren't for his father's influence which guided his direction in life, Nathan's life would have been very different. He just needed a bit of clarity on the truth of matters from his moth [...]

    12. Becky Claxon

      This is a love story novella. Nathan keeps going to Darcy Grotto as he wants to get to know Dr. Penelope Clarissa Mueller but has not got the courage to talk to her. His mother's good friend works the ticket window and is giving him a hard time about how often he has been. Nathan has a cow farm that he and his mother own. He never went to college and doesn't think that Clarissa will want anything to do with him.I think his mother's good friend did some work behind the scenes to give Nathan a pus [...]

    13. Meghann Alford

      I really enjoyed this latest release from Alix Nicols. This book touches on the Darcy brothers but is separate from that series. Talk about two people that are worlds away. Clarissa is an archeologist and Nathan is a dairy farmer. But Nathan can't help but see his every fantasy come to life when he looks at Clarissa. Clarissa just knows he can't possibly be for her as he is just a farmer. Little does she know this little farmer has a big secret for her. Very sexy story with trials and tribulatio [...]

    14. Marnie

      Clarissa And The Cowboy, or Class meets Agriculture.Alix’s writing is hotter than ever in this opposites attract novella that is a fast paced and quick read. I really enjoy her type of story-telling that has a quirky almost Shakespearean type of ironic twist to the humour that makes you think that even though the plot might be totally unrealistic, you’re enjoying it all the same. In this book, we can see that it doesn’t matter whether your family is rich or poor, academic or agriculturally [...]

    15. Amy Johnson

      I enjoyed reading "Clarissa and the Cowboy" by Alix Nichols. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I would gladly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this author and the contemporary romance genre in general. I've read several books by this author and have enjoyed each one. They are well written and the characters she writes are fun and interesting people with lots of quirks. This novella is a spin off to the main Darcy series and was a fast but fun read. I have [...]

    16. Linda

      A 4.5 star happy and short read with humor and heat, this is NOT a Western! The "Cowboy," Nathan, is a French dairy farmer (hence the nickname chosen for him by urbane and sophisticated Clarissa, who can't seem to resist his charm and bold physique once they connect). The story, though improbable, is the sweetest romance, but does have its steamy moments. It also revives some characters from the excellent Darcy Brothers series by the same author, though they play a very minor part. Good, plain p [...]

    17. Barbara

      First, the cowboy is French and the story takes place in France. I think my strong woman is more stubborn that strong. Maybe, that’s the same thing? Clarissa and the cowboy are stuck in the grotto overnight. This allows them to talk to each other for the first time and do other things. There are some sex scenes, but not an abundance of them. I love finding out little things about France, which makes the story more enjoyable.

    18. Jacky

      A very quick read. A sweet romance about two people who held a strong attraction to each other but we're very different.I wish there had been a bit more background information on both Nathan and Clarissa. I felt like I was dropped into a romance "in progress". Even the references to the D'Arcy's would have benefited from more explanation. I'm glad you still get your HEA, but I felt the pace of the book was somewhat rushed.I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

    19. Kylee

      I received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review. This is a quick read and I found I liked the book but didn't love it. I found it hard to connect with the female character Clarissa and at times found the story a little detached. However in saying that if you like your cowboys big in every way and like a quick romance then this is a good book for you.

    20. Dee Lewis

      A French cowboy?Dairy cows spell farmer too me, but I digress. The writing is stiff, as if written by an adolescent. The love scenes had zero heat. And I want to SEE my couple get together - not hear about it in the epilogue. Only reason I gave it a 2 and not a 1 was because it was a cute story idea.

    21. Erin OBrien

      I enjoyed the dynamic between Clarissa and Nathan. She's a sophisticated archeologist and he's a dairy farmer. With the help of a suspiciously uncooperative lock, they find their way to each other. The epilogue seemed a bit abrupt. Some important pieces of the story were just thrown into an epilogue. This is why I gave it 4 stars.

    22. Patricia Baxes

      What a delightful read! Short, sweet, and to the point. The title is a bit of a misnomerNathan is dairy farmer--not a Cowboy as Americans perceive them to be. But don't let that stop you from grabbing this really good read. The storyline is sweet; the characters so French; and the HEA is awesome! I loved this story.❤️

    23. KarriBrown

      I received this arc for a honest review. This book was a great short read. HEA! My only wish is that it wnt a little deeper with the characters no real conflict. Guy likes girl doesn't think has a chance girl secretly likes guy but her status is different then histurned out great and really enjoyed it just wish a little deeper! Looking for a good quick read choose this!

    24. Anne Blyth

      "I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book"Another easy read from Alix Nichols. I found this one slightly more quirky than the d’Arcy Brothers books but an enjoyable extension to the previous stories. Clarissa and Nathan are very different people but eventually find a way to make things work and also to improve their own careers. A good read.

    25. Lisa Jolly

      I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.Clarissa is an archaeologist who gives guided tours. Nathan is a dairy farmer who is infatuated with Clarissa. After taking part in 5 of Clarissa tours and still no courage to ask her out, Nathan has a helping for the 6th tour. A busy body old lady who takes it in her own hands to match them together. Does her trick work?

    26. Pat

      This book drew me in from the very first page with the detailed storyline and the very likeable and relatable characters that had hot chemistry together even though they were complete opposites. As I was reading this story I felt like I was peeking through a window watching Nathan's and Clarissa's story unfold.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    27. Ljones

      I love all of Alix Nichols books! This book didn't disappoint. I only wish the book had been longer. It was a great book and I didn't want it to end. You will enjoy it. If you haven't read the rest of her books, buy them now!!

    28. Sabrina Wilfinger

      CountryWell, for reason i just couldn't click with this book. The burgundy country side is so lush i thought it would have a bigger role. This book felt like it was missing something.

    29. Charity Chimni

      A great read about following your heart regardless of preconceived notions! Clarissa and Nathan come from different worlds, but can't deny their attraction or draw. A story full of passion, humor, rising above, and love! A fast paced entertaining read!

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