Auctioned to Him 4: His Addiction

Auctioned to Him His Addiction Book in the Bestselling series includes Book as a BONUS The hotly anticipated fourth book continues the sensual saga of Ellie and Aiden Aiden Black is beautiful and flawless and tormented and dama

  • Title: Auctioned to Him 4: His Addiction
  • Author: Charlotte Byrd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Auctioned to Him 4: His Addiction

    Book 4 in the Bestselling series includes Book 1 as a BONUS The hotly anticipated fourth book continues the sensual saga of Ellie and Aiden Aiden Black is beautiful and flawless and tormented and damaged I m a good girl who never thought that she would fall for a man who would buy her at an auction But what started out as a relationship of pure lust has evolved i Book 4 in the Bestselling series includes Book 1 as a BONUS The hotly anticipated fourth book continues the sensual saga of Ellie and Aiden Aiden Black is beautiful and flawless and tormented and damaged I m a good girl who never thought that she would fall for a man who would buy her at an auction But what started out as a relationship of pure lust has evolved into something love The I fall in love with him, the I crave him I can t stay away And now that his business is falling apart, he needs me than ever When I see the opportunity to help him, I have to take itWARNING This is a HOT, modern day, dark erotic romance with a bad boy alpha billionaire for fans of EL James, Kira Blakely, and Pepper Winters It contains light bondage, NO CHEATING, No Cliffhanger and a Happily Ever After, for now For a Limited Time, this book continues FREE bonus billionaire romances

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      156 Charlotte Byrd
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    One thought on “Auctioned to Him 4: His Addiction

    1. Jamie Lee Zonneveld

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.I loved this 4th book in the Auctioned by Him series. I can't wait for the next installment.I really Love this series.

    2. Shauna Stevenson

      Reviewed on behalf of Reading Through Her Eyes book blog.The fourth installment of Charlotte Byrd’s Auctioned to Him series continues the story of Aiden and Ellie.After the incident on the yacht at the second auction, Aiden’s company is in dire straits. Investors are pulling out left and right. Aiden is despondent over the situation at the company and is beside himself with guilt and anger over what happened to Ellie.Meanwhile, Ellie’s writing career is just taking off. Although she is exc [...]

    3. Saga

      Received this book as an ARC, in exchange for a honest review.This book continues the story of Ellie and Aidan. Aidan is trying to fight back on the financial problems caused by a spiteful ex-investor and Ellie is working on launching her career as an author.Read it twice in a row in a matter of days. (Was so eager to see how it all went that I speed-read it the first time.) Really love these two characters and the development of their relationship from one night to one week to no-more-time-limi [...]

    4. Nicole Holt

      Following the journey of Ellie and Aidens love story is so addicting you can't help but love them! This series just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to read how this story continues! I rooting for Aidens success with his business and for Ellie's writing career! This is definitely one of my favorite series to read!!! Love Charlotte Byrd's books!!!I voluntarily agreed to read this book and this is my honest review!

    5. Miranda

      I received an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. I've loved these novellas up until this latest one. Yes there is drama, yes there is some steamy sex scenes. For me though it felt lacking. This latest installment seemed more like fluff to fill in the time. Nothing major really happened. There is a hint and a promise that something might but other than that it didn't keep my attention as well. I'm still looking forward to the next installment and what happens between Ellie and Aiden. [...]

    6. Charlotte Byrd

      Love this book!!What an awesome installment. I love this series and can't wait to read more. There should be 7-10 books and I can't wait to read the rest. I LOVE Ellie and Aiden's story!

    7. Trudie Prinsloo

      Awesome story. Aiden and Ellie's story continues in this book. Aiden's business is not doing well. He is dark inside and fighting demons. Ellie and his love for her is the only light in the dark for him. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Aiden's problems? Cannot wait for book 5.

    8. JoAnne Carr

      Well now Ellie has finished writing her romance novel and is self publishing. Aiden comes over to Ellie professing his love and wanted exclusivity. Ellie knows that Aiden is having a terrible time with his business as the investors are jumping ship and Ellie can't go to the police about Blake is because then they would find out about the auctions on Aiden's yacht.Tom, Ellie's ex who is engaged asked her to the engagement party that his fiancée parents home in Maine. His fiancée is actually Ell [...]

    9. Brigitte

      I voluntarily received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.WOW - as I read the BLURB I figured out that I needed to read the prior books in order to read this one, so I am a few days late posting this review, but oh boy am I glad that I did. I simply LOVE these books and can´t really wait for the next book. This is like the books written by Grace Goodwin on intersteller brides program I can´t wait for the next book. To wait for a month!!!! Oh wow. This series [...]

    10. Tracie Simister

      I gave this Book a rating of 4 ✩’sTitle: Auctioned to Him 4: His AddictionSeries: Auctioned to him Genre: Billionaire romance, Dark RomanceAuthor: Charlotte ByrdFormat: Kindle EditionPublished on: September 23, 2017I voluntarily reviewed a Free Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-<Character’s Descriptions:Ellie is in a financial bind and does not know how to [...]

    11. PennyMooney

      his book is just as awesome as the 3 before. The continuation of the story starts back in the city. Aiden’s business The Owl is going belly up because of his fight with Blake to keep him from raping Ellie. Blake was also a partner in the business. He has turned several of the investors again Aiden. Ellie and Blake’s story continues from here. The book contains twist,sexy scenes, jealousy, elation, depression, self doubt, and love. What will happen to Blake’s business? Can he save it? Will [...]

    12. K. Smock

      This is the fourth installment of the Auctioned to Him series. This continues after the incident on the yacht and Aiden's company is in some serious trouble. He is losing investors faster than anything and is not sure what to do. Ellie in the meantime is focusing on her work since Aiden will not communicate with her. She finishes her first Erotic romance and self publishes it. She really wants to help Aiden but is clueless what might work. As their relationship starts to grow will they be able t [...]

    13. M Hurford

      Another great installment in this Auction series. Once again I was immediately engaged and remained that way until the end of the story. The author is very skilled at putting together a very enticing storyline and keeps the scenes flowing nicely throughout. The characters are well developed and and unique. The protagonists, Ellie and Aiden continue to explore and grow their relationship which is what I continue to root for since book one. The antagonist, Tom is sleazy and that's what I want in j [...]

    14. Amy

      A great addition to the Auctioned to Him series. This book is more of a continuation of the series and almost more like it’s setting the stage for the next big thing to happen. I didn’t think there was any real drama or angst in this book. Yes, there is a little issue with Ellie and Tom, but she handles that for the time being. Aiden is trying to figure out what to do with the fallout from Blake pulling out of OWL and what his next steps need to be. I didn’t see the alpha Mr. Black and mis [...]

    15. Ann

      Auctioned to Him 4: His AddictionBy Charlotte ByrdMain Characters: Aiden (aka Mr. Black) and EllieI volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book.4 1/2 out of 5 starsThis review was a little hard to write because I have only read the 1st and now the 4th book of this series. If I get a chance to read books 2 and 3 I will revisit and edit my review. I really enjoyed book one and was enjoying book four but finding out that I missed a bit in the other two books had me scratching my head [...]

    16. MJM

      Oh my gosh, we left Aidan and Ellie recovering from him rescuing her from the attempted rape by his ex-so-called-friend now rival Blake. Their altercation has strengthened the relationship between Aidan and Ellie but Blake is now determined to destroy Aidan's company, Owl. meanwhile, Tom, her old crush who is now engaged, is back on the scene trying to win Ellie back. No Mr Black to dominate the scenes at all in this book but, I expect he will be back in the next book ready to fight Blake and wi [...]

    17. Jennifer

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.I REALLY love this series, so of course, was super excited to be able to read book 4….I just wish weasel Tom wasn’t in it so much. I understand every sentence can’t just be about Aiden and Ellie, but I never liked Tom from the beginning and I wish Ellie would kick him to the curb already as she doesn’t need his relationship. Of course, now Aiden might need it (kinda sorta). I love Ellie and Aiden together and can’t wait until b [...]

    18. Karen

      In this continuation to the "Auctioned to Him" saga book #4 finds Aiden frantically trying to find a way to salvage his tanking company from Blake's evil manipulations. He is opening up to Ellie and there bond is slowly developing into a special everlasting love. Ellie has self published her first book which is modeled after her experiences on the yacht. What has me puzzled is why Tom (Ellie's friend) is figuring so much into the storyline? And now for the cliffhangerCould Aiden have found a way [...]

    19. Laila Petersen

      As the titel says this is the fourth in this series. In this version book one is included as a bonus.I like this story about Ellie and Aiden (Mr. Black). Aiden has financial problems in his business and Ellies writing carrier is taking off. I like that the characters still develop and that their relationship is getting stronger. Their chemistry is still over the top and they have to find a solution to their attraction. A great story line and nice plot. I would how ever like to know the ending so [...]

    20. D

      I've been loving this series as Ellie's and Aiden's relationship develops. This installment felt not really lacking but maybe incomplete or like a placeholder for a more exciting installment to come. This picks up where part 3 left off and now Aiden's company is at risk after Blake's attempted rape of Ellie. Meanwhile her career is taking off. There are alot of smexy bits a plenty that this writer does so well. I'm really waiting for my strong alpha bad a$$ Mr Black to come back in the next book [...]

    21. Susan Williams

      This is Book 4 of the ongoing saga of Aiden (Mr. Black) and Ellie. Sadly, Mr. Black was nowhere to be seen in this installment, but we saw a lot of Ellie and Tom's former relationship and the angst that still exists between them. Aiden is explored a bit more in this chapter of the series, both as an individual and now as Ellie's "Boyfriend" as he is calling himself. And now I'm looking forward to seeing more of he and Mr. Black in the next book!Note - I read an Advanced Reading Copy of this book [...]

    22. Anne Baker

      This is my review of an exclusive copy I received. Book 4 of Auctioned to Him just gets better with each book. Charlotte Byrd steps up her writing each time as the story becomes more involved with Aiden and Ellie’s relationship. Tom who was her best friend tries it on again with Ellie he just doesn’t felt the message Ellie now realises her long term friendship with Tom was just an illusionmply put this series is brilliant, perfectly written with a really good storyline. Looking forward to re [...]

    23. Daniella

      A wonderful series, this book is totally engaging, even if there is more story to be told. I highly recommend reading this as part of the series, however this is wonderful regardless. For those familiar with this set of tales, the focus is more on Tom and Ellie, etc but I was still fully engaged. I can't wait for Aiden and Ellie to steal the spotlight back in the next book. The writing is smooth, characters all remain top notch, and I cannot wait to see what comes next. This is a voluntary revie [...]

    24. Ella

      ***EARLY READER***I received an ARC copy and I voluntarily give an honest review.OK, SO THIS WAS A SHORT READING (too short for my liking) and I definitely need to know moreEllie and Aiden is still trying to know each other, Although they have declared their love for each other, and Unfortunately Aiden is still struggling with his business survival. Too much is going between Tom and Ellie, it seems that he is really a jealous one, now that she fined her own love.It was well written and had great [...]

    25. Sandy House

      I received an ARC for my honest review.I'm loving this series. In book 4 we find Aidan (Mr. Black) dealing with the ramifications of his altercation with Blake. Tom and Ellie's friendship is tested by Tom's actions. It definitely ended with me wanting to find out what happens next. Looking forward to book 5. I'd like to see more intimate moments between Aidan & Ellie, they have such a deep love for each other and their chemistry can be off the charts. Highly recommend this series, you need t [...]

    26. Adalle

      Auctioned to Him 4!!!Auctioned to Him Series, is probably one of my top 20, maybe top 10 series I've had the pleasure in reading.Word to the masses: READ FROM BOOK ONE. To see why this is a great series.I originally had voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book, even though I had trouble with my ereader. Waited, and I went through my KU account and read it. It was worth the wait. I'm looking forward to seeing Book 5. And if you don't have a KU account you need to get one and read all of [...]

    27. Vanessa Witt

      I am giving my review as an ARC reader.I love the fact that we get to see a side of Aiden that shows he can be affraid and still be an alfa.I love that Ellie self published her book. It gave me insight to what self publishing authors go through.I cant wait to see what Tom got up his sleeve though. Hmmm. Cant wait for the next book to come out. There are a few unanswered questions that leave you hanging.

    28. Lesley Robson

      The path to true love was never meant to be easy and this seems to be true for Ellie and Aiden. With Ellie’s writing career starting to take off and Aiden’s business floundering you start to think what else could go wrong then Tom makes an appearance and tries to crash the party. I love this series and I’m curIous to see which direction the author takes us. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book

    29. Julianne Macneil

      I read this book as part of an arc program. This is the fourth in this series about Aiden and Ellie. In this one, Aiden is still facing business problems and could be voted out of his company due to investors pulling out. Ellie is still writing and decides to self publish her novel. An opportunity to help Aiden falls in Ellie's lap and things could get a little complicated. I am really enjoying this series and love how Aiden and Ellie have evolved and fell in love. Can't wait for part 5!

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