Some Like It Haute

Some Like It Haute A style and shoes obsessed American girl with all the right press passes spends Fashion Week in Paris in a funny charming tale reminiscent of Confessions of a Shopaholic

  • Title: Some Like It Haute
  • Author: Julie K.L. Dam
  • ISBN: 9780446694605
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some Like It Haute

    A style and shoes obsessed American girl with all the right press passes spends Fashion Week in Paris in a funny, charming tale reminiscent of Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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      185 Julie K.L. Dam
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      Posted by:Julie K.L. Dam
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    One thought on “Some Like It Haute

    1. AJ

      I may have been a little generous with my stars Especially compared to how critical I've been to authors much more renowned. But it's simple really. I enjoyed it. It was an easy, quick read, perfect for an in-between for more serious books. The narrator had a humorous and modern voice. The plot was light and the characters sweet. Perfect chick-flick palate-cleanser.

    2. Elizabeth

      This is an extremely silly book with no real plotline and very underdeveloped characters. Alexandra Simons (goes by Alex of course, because we wouldn't want to be slightly interesting and have a character actually enjoy their first name) is a fashion writer for a magazine very ambiguously titled The Weekly. She is suspiciously wealthy and is staying at a hotel in Paris for fashion week. The story starts with her somehow managing to collide with a model on the runway during a Chanel show. The nex [...]

    3. Ceanne

      Okay, all I can say is "blah, blah, blah" and then he said, and then she said, blah, blah, blah. Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy toooooo maaaaaannnnnyyyyy words used in this story for what it was. By halfway through I was so bored with the lead character's minutia in her life. I think the author would have written the sleeping scenes in if she could (and account for every minute of that too). Sorry. just not good, and didn't even care about the ending so didn't actually finish it because I was so bored by ha [...]

    4. Peggy

      Have just BARELY started this book a while back (early fall 2010) and certainly didn't get "hooked" in the first few pages (as far as I got). Reviews pass it off as fluff, shallow and tiresome, so I may not finish it. BUT some find it entertaining for a quick and light beach read, so maybe I'll take it along for our Xmas stay at Hudson Beach in Florida. I strongly suspect it's going to end up on the "can't finish" shelf though. TOO MANY GOOD books out there!

    5. Samantha

      Oh goodness.I went into this book trying to ignore all of the reviews I had read and give it a chance and form my own opinion It wasn't good. :( I seriously struggled to finish it.

    6. Dils AB

      It started off shaky. Then when it got to the fashion stuffs I am enthralled, once the character met the man, it spirals out of control to the point where I was wondering should I even finish the book.

    7. Michele

      Okay, I loved The Devil Wears Prada. I can appreciate good fashion. I also like to be able to step into another world when I read a book. But somehow, I couldn't get into this book. I am not very fascinated by the author rattling off random articles of clothing by the standard big names like Chanel or Jimmy Choo, or obsessing over whether she should run out and buy a brand new $400 pair of shoes to match her meticulous clothing strategy. First of all, she is a reporter. She may be a fashion repo [...]

    8. Carissa

      Well, this book was not at all what I expected. Not to say that it was a bad read or anything, because it wasn't. I loved that the main character was a fashion writer and was currently in Paris for Fashion Week. She also has a fascinating obsession with top notch designer labels, which I liked about her too. I especially loved when the main character said, "Oversize Marc Jacobs bag to carry evreything in, with the added benefit of the heavy hardware that meant it could be used as a weapon:check. [...]

    9. Juliet-Camille

      2017 Reading Challenge: 52 Weeks, 52 Books! #52wks52bksWeek 6; Prompt: book with "some" in the title Picture an entire book told from the perspective of Bianca in 10 Things I Hate about YouBut without all the cool quippyness of thisAnd thisLiterally, a whole book, all about this

    10. Sarah

      It is what it is, which is a light book about a magazine writer who loves fashion in Paris. Not serious, not in depth, not life altering. Just a PG smut novel.My favorite part was 5 bus boys carting in roses, each saying, " 'E eez not a bastard."I think it did make me crave shopping. I bought 2 dresses since I started reading this.

    11. Nicole

      If you like fashion, then you will enjoy reading a fiction accounting of a fashion writer experiencing fashion week in Paris. It is entertaining in a "don't have to think much" way; a nice change from heavy books. Not among my favorites but a light, easy read.

    12. Ingrid

      I stumbled on this book during my first visit to the Boston Public Library Audiobooks database. It's funny, quick, and perfect for unwinding at home after a long day. It's in the same vein as The Devil Wears Prada and that sort of writing.

    13. Mallory

      The main character is incredibly shallow, although she keeps telling herself otherwise. It's very much centred in the fashion world, so if you don't know much about it or really don't care, then you'll find yourself lost. The reality tv "shoker" was incredibly predicatble and a little rediculous.

    14. Aidywi

      I thought this was a very cute book. It didn't tax me was a nice mellow read, and I liked that. The whole reality TV element kinda bugged me, but there were enough other things happening that I was pretty entertained.

    15. Kim

      Cute, fun little read. It's a quick one so would be good for a summertime, beach read. Would recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in fashion. Be warned though: there's a lot of brand name mentions so if that annoys you, this probably isn't the book for you.

    16. Christina

      Lots of Paris and couture references. Otherwise a light, easy read not unlike the written equivalent of a romantic comedy.

    17. Susan

      A fun, brain-candy beach read. The Paris couture backdrop is perfect for anyone with an interest in fashion -- be it mild or full-blown fashionistas.

    18. Rebecca

      I do not remember too much about this book as I read it quite ahile ago. I feel it was probably a feel good, brain candy type of book. I rated it a two because it was not that memorable to me.

    19. Jess

      Some like it haute is highly entertaining, but I didn't like that her beau was a reality tv guy. Good Chick Lit, although the plot needed a little bit of work!

    20. Heather Alderman

      Good supporting characters, great setting and fun plot twists, but the main character was so annoying!

    21. Beverly

      I listened to this. Just randomly picked it out at the library. It was fun and entertaining. Probably would be enjoyed more by younger women. Was glad I listened to it though.

    22. Karen Burke

      cute chick-lit with a bit more substance and some interesting twists but a complete lackluster ending really spoiled the book for me

    23. Cyndi

      Light-hearted book about the fashion industry and one journalist's trip to Paris to cover the fashion shows. Funny with a little suspense.

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