Unorthodox Dom

Unorthodox Dom He was a Dominant on training wheels She was a wild masochistic kitten and than he bargained for Thomas has reached his breaking point Work studies lust for his sexy boss his own kinky urges are dr

  • Title: Unorthodox Dom
  • Author: Lilah E. Noir
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
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  • Unorthodox Dom

    He was a Dominant on training wheels She was a wild masochistic kitten and than he bargained for.Thomas has reached his breaking point.Work, studies, lust for his sexy boss, his own kinky urges are driving him insane.He s sick of hiding.In walks Kat Sassy, creative, submissive to the bone and a hot mess of epic proportions.The first girl who ever craved his punishinHe was a Dominant on training wheels She was a wild masochistic kitten and than he bargained for.Thomas has reached his breaking point.Work, studies, lust for his sexy boss, his own kinky urges are driving him insane.He s sick of hiding.In walks Kat Sassy, creative, submissive to the bone and a hot mess of epic proportions.The first girl who ever craved his punishing spanking, dominant touch and rough lovemaking.What happens when her life begins falling apart Can Thomas put it back together with strict rules and iron discipline Is he strong enough to save her from herself Unorthodox Dom is 30,000 words erotic romance novella featuring hot, erotic action, a Dominant new to the lifestyle, a bratty submissive in need of a firm hand and a badass Dominatrix Not a menage, no cheating The story takes place four years prior the events in the Unorthodox Trilogy but it can be read as a standalone Bonus material Chapter 1 of Unorthodox Therapy

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      240 Lilah E. Noir
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    One thought on “Unorthodox Dom

    1. Armenia

      Thomas on his journey to becoming a Dom4.5 stars!Unorthodox Dom is the prequel story to the the Unorthodox Trilogy series, and an amazing read as we ride along with Thomas on his journey of self awareness and becoming a confident man and alpha Dom.Thomas has a crush on his boss, Lina Riley. His shy attempts to interact with Lina always end up awkward, ending with him stuttering his way through conversation. Thomas is disappointed in vanilla sexual experiences that have left him wanting and unsat [...]

    2. Mary Clark

      This is the first book I have read by this author and it had quite an intriguing storyline. Kat is there for Thomas, helping him overcome the majority of his insecurities, while Thomas’ resilience restores equilibrium to Kat’s life. Thomas is infatuated with Lina, his CEO, but around her he is always reduced to a bumbling idiot. After 3-years, Thomas decides it is now finally time to move on from his unrequited longing. All Thomas’ past experiences have been disappointing; whether this is [...]

    3. PointedlyBlunt

      Unorthodox Dom is a prequel to Unorthodox Therapy, the first book in the Unorthodox Trilogy, but it can be read as a standalone.Prior to the events that happened between Lina and Thomas in Unorthodox Therapy, Thomas was an insecure young man looking to expand his horizons into BDSM. UD follows his relationship with Kat, his first sub-turned-girlfriend, and gives insight into how she impacted his life. Despite few scenes containing Lina (heroine of Unorthodox Therapy), Thomas’s obsession with h [...]

    4. Julianne Macneil

      I read this book as part of an arc program. Thomas was learning to embrace his dominant ways and decided to have his friend Allie teach him the right way to be a Dom. Allie finds Thomas the perfect sub for his training, a woman named Kat, who is professional sub. Thomas and Kat have a great connection and when after a month of training, Thomas asks Kat on a date. Kat and Thomas grow very close and they share their pasts with each other, but Thomas doesn't tell Kat about his infatuation with his [...]

    5. Nora Khattab

      first for who hasn't read the first book you still can enjoy this one as I did tooe journey follows a young male Thomas in his time when he was what Kelli called him a vargin kink where he met a beautiful woman who goes by the name Purr Purr became Thomas's inspiration and also an important role for his transition to fully dom but there relationship goes to a whole emotional break but hopefully they will fight for it e book was a new experience too for one, the story was about inexperience dom w [...]

    6. Shirley Holt

      I voluntarily received an arc of this book for an honest review. To be quite honest I prefer my doms to be doms from the start of a book and thought Thomas a bit of wimp. I should have known better with a book from author Lilah. What a fabulous read. The friendship between Thomas and Allie came through wonderfully. His little sub Kat on the other hand was quite fiesty and they became an item whilst training. The love story is very special and they encounter some turbulance along the way. The sex [...]

    7. Sharon

      This is the first story that I have read by the author. Thomas comes off as an average guy who adheres to his routine of going to work and school with a girlfriend who he does not really mesh well with. However, all is not as it seems as underneath it all, he has a kinky side that his best friend Allie is determined to unleash. Allie is a professional dominatrix and is going to start training Thomas. She brings in Purr (aka Kat) to be the first sub for Thomas as she has an affinity for being spa [...]

    8. Kristine Louise Sørensen

      Nice and different in a good way.This read was quite a surprise and I must say I really liked it. It was nice to read something that didn’t include a headstrong Dom from the beginning, but instead to follow the journey of an upcoming Dom, who is being guided by his good friend, Mistress Sheila. The whole play and the growing fondness and love between Master Thomas and his sub Purr/Kat is cute and makes you smile. They really care for each other and help each other to reach their potentials and [...]

    9. Kwabby (Daniella) Marchand

      I voluntarily read this book through an Advanced Reader Copy. Ms. Noir write a story about two broken people, who discover some strengths and weaknesses about themselves, work on acceptance of who they are.The story is of Thomas now training to be a Dom with his best friend Allie.Allie, a dominatrix, will sets him up with a professional sub Purr (AKA Kat). Kat is a masochist who loves to be spanked and moreKat is also a broken beautiful lady.For a while he manages to refocus on Kat, but his ex-g [...]

    10. Ian D.

      A slightly different sub-dom romanceThis novella is one of the best BDSM stories I’ve read. There’s a lot to like about it. Two interesting and engaging characters, who have plausibly-real lives and problems. An insecure and hesitant guy learning to be the Dom he can be and wants to be. A sub who’s totally confident and secure in her choice, who knows both what she wants and how to manipulate him while he’s learning. A romantic relationship. He’s there for her when she needs a rescuer, [...]

    11. Amy

      Thomas is just getting started as a DomThis is the second book in the Unorthodox trilogy, but it's a flashback of sorts, taking place four years before the series begins. You don't need to read any of the other books to understand what’s going on, though. Since it's introducing characters and setting up storylines, there's going to be a lot of development and changes in people--like with Thomas. Like the warning says, the book has explicit sex. This is a BDSM romance, so keep that in mind and [...]

    12. Anne Baker

      A Dom in Training. Absolutely love this authors books her writing flows so perfectly with comprehensive details about each character. Unorthodox Dom is the story of how Thomas began his training taught by the Domme his best friend Allie. He learns fast with Kat (aka Purr) as there is a lot of sexual tension between them and realises his sub is really and truly the one in charge. As Kats’ life in there relationship spirals out of control he now asserts his unorthodox therapy. Thomas still has u [...]

    13. Maureen

      This is quiet a different story than i have read before and i quiet liked it. Usually we get stories from the sub missives side but this story is about Thomas.Thomas works as a developer and has a crush on his boss, but what he really wants and is to be a dom. And who better to train him than his best friend Allie. Allie is a dominatrix , she introduces him to Kat, who is a beautiful young lady, who loves pain and who is also the best person for Thomas to train with.Thomas learns how to be a dom [...]

    14. Linda

      I really liked this story a lot. It's well-written and the characters are likable and genuine as is the story. The author did a great job showing the transformation of Thomas from nervous novice to experienced, confident Dom. Thomas and Kat have a lot of chemistry and their relationship is special, more than just a Dom and sub who have hot, kinky sex. I haven't read book one yet but I am looking forward to reading Thomas and Lina's story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this boo [...]

    15. M Hurford

      Ms. Noir wrote a beautiful story about two people who because of their unusual relationship discover some strengths and weaknesses about themselves and then in a safe place work on acceptance of who they are. The characters of Kat and Thomas were so well written and actualized to the degree that the ending was perfect. The storyline was well paced and flowed beautifully from chapter to chapter and kept me engaged throughout. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!(Note: I [...]

    16. Tianna McPherson (Anna Lee)

      I absolutely loved how this book played out. I never would have guessed that Kat and Thomas would become a force of love, life, and happiness. They showed what life is like in that type of relationship. It was so romantic yet down right sexy. It gives us all something to strive for. I hope that this book isn't the end of either of their stories. I honestly hope that everyone gets a chance to read this story. So worth it. I give this 5 stars. I voluntarily reviewed this book as an Advanced Reader [...]

    17. Elizabeth

      I really enjoyed this book having read Unorthodox Therapy first this gave some of the background of Thomas's journey to being a Dom. Allie started him on the journey, but it was Kat who gave him the courage and confidence to be the unorthodox dom and remarkable person he becomes. Their love story was sweet even though it was not happily every after. Thomas's abilities as a Dom, albeit unorthodox , put Kat on the right road as a successful student and woman. Kat's submissive strength and insight [...]

    18. Rose Howse

      A Different View of DominationByRose Howse on November 20, 2017This was unusual in that our Dom is being trained to dominate submissives. I loved that Thomas is a bit shy and reserved but needs to learn how to be more confidant and his friend Allie, a Domme arranges to train him.Kat is the submissive that Allie chose for Thomas' training, Kat is a professional submissive and a true masochist.The path Thomas is lead thru to become a dominant even though he has been a nerdy, shy and lacking in con [...]

    19. Julie

      The evolution of Thomas. This is a great story of finding one’s self and being true to your own needs. I am really enjoying getting to know Thomas and all the other characters. There is an authenticity to each one of them. They all have their own unique voices and mannerisms that seems to be missing in so many books these days.This could be read as a standalone but I think one would get more out of it by reading them in order. It doesn’t end in a cliffhanger but I defiantly want to know what [...]

    20. Energy

      Thomas is insecure with himself and his relationships, he's smitten with his boss but gets tongue-tied whenever she is around. His best friend Allie is in the scene and introduces him to Kat, a professional sub. Through Allie and Kat, they teach him to become a Dom. Kat is strongwilled but the perfect sub to break Thomas out of his bubble and help him find what he desires from a relationship, the two compliment each other beautifully. Unorthodox Dom is beautifully written. It was a fast read and [...]

    21. Laura

      A Dom is Born - 4.5 Stars!!!I haven’t read much of Lilah’s work but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read thus far including this novella. Her characters are interesting and her storyline is quite unique. As always, her writing is intelligent with an amazing attention to detail. I can almost imagine the scenes taking place in front of my eyes. That is how descriptive they are which I think is a rare gift that Lilah possesses. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    22. Kőrösi

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.It wasn't until after I had finished this book that I realized that it is book 0,5 in a series. I haven't read the others, and I think I need to now. The story is good as a stand alone, but I feel that it would be awesome if read in the series order. I enjoyed this book enough to want to read more books by Lilah E. Noir. This is the first book I have read by her, and I'm excited about having another wonderful author to read.

    23. Margaret Corcoran

      I enjoyed this very different BDSM story. A Dom in training. A sad sub! There is sweet intense interaction between them. Well written and very emotive. Very easy to read. The characters are well written and described. The two main characters learn and evolve. There are some very intense scenes which are all consensual. A well written and interesting read. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

    24. Rosemary McLain

      I had mixed feelings about this book but ultimately I am glad I read it. Not only is this a book about BDSM but it is a story that is told from the prospective of Thomas who is training to be a DOM. I felt like this was a great story line since most books include stories of DOMs who have been in the lifestyle for a long time. The story was sweet and the sex scenes were well written. I was given an ARC in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.

    25. Susan Hokanson

      An interesting story of a Dom in training who falls for his first sub. It was nice to see the uncertainties of a new Dom during his first scene. However, his journey really isn't described very much beyond that. I am not sure which category this book falls into since I didn't find it to be a romance, BDSM or erotica. Since it is the first chapter in a series, perhaps the purpose was just to set up the rest of the story.

    26. Lucinda

      I received an ARC and am willingly leaving a review.This is story with two broken people that helped each other heal using the dynamic of a Dom/Sub relationship. Neither is aware of their cracks and troubles until Kat tells Thomas that is exactly their situation a year later. I really enjoyed the positive thread throughout the book.

    27. Peggy

      Thomas and Kat theirs is a unique story. He’s still in training wheels while she’s eager to play. This was a fun quick read with a little different take on the theme. It was fun to watch them engage and to see their relationship grow and develop. I received an ARC of this book and am so glad I did so I can voluntarily review it. Can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

    28. Jennifer Holzapfel

      18+ Graphic dom/sub scenes. The story itself has a true plot, where a man learns to be a dom from his best female friend, a professional dom. He gets all his training with a sub that has an insatiable thirst for pain. Will a vanilla sex guy be able to gain the confidence to become a confident dom, or will his sub break him?

    29. Lili

      An interesting read, and I liked the POV that you can have a life even if you hide an unrequited love. There are so mani facets to loveThe writing is good, it really gets you into the story, and the tale of a Dom's beginnings is new for me.So go ahead and read this - you will want to know what's next!

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