Dry Bones that Dream

Dry Bones that Dream Two masked men walk mild mannered accountant Keith Rothwell out of his farmhouse and clinically blow him away with a shotgun Clearly a professional hit but no one could believe that a man like Keith

  • Title: Dry Bones that Dream
  • Author: Peter Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780330482202
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dry Bones that Dream

    Two masked men walk mild mannered accountant, Keith Rothwell, out of his farmhouse and clinically blow him away with a shotgun Clearly a professional hit but no one could believe that a man like Keith could be murdered Chief Inspector Alan Banks discovers Rothwell s secret life.

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      419 Peter Robinson
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    One thought on “Dry Bones that Dream

    1. Thomas Strömquist

      I have still to be disappointed in a Inspector Banks novel. This is number 7 in the series and one that feels like an "early one" to me, who have read them more or less randomly mixed up. This starts with a grisly "gangland"-style murder of a seemingly dull accountant and the simultaneous disappearance of a former partner of his. Banks again go in clinch with the notorious "Dirty Dick" Burgess of the secret service, but on his team he has Susan Gay and Sergeant Hatchley is back! Even if the end [...]

    2. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

      I love Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks series. And Final Account is (so far) one of the best of them. Robinson writes about real people with an earthiness and humour that never fails to captivate me.When he investigates the brutal and premeditated murder of a wealthy accountant, Banks discovers that the quiet family man lived a double life that has made him twice as many enemies. A highly recommended series.

    3. Ivonne Rovira

      Popular culture stereotypes accountants and actuaries as boring folk. But what happens to accountant Keith Rothwell in Final Account, the seventh novel in Peter Robinson’s excellent DCI Alan Banks series proves riveting: Returning home with a night out with his wife for their anniversary, Rothwell is grabbed by two masked men, made to kneel, and has his face shot off with a shotgun. Rothwell’s wife and daughter are tied up inside their posh home all the while.Not only is Rothwell’s end out [...]

    4. Larraine

      When the body of an accountant is found brutally murdered with most of his face gone, it soon becomes obvious that this was more than just a murder. Keith Rothwell was an ordinary, colorless man who nobody seemed to know. He worked tirelessly and made a lot of money, living in a beautiful restored farmhouse. His wife and daughter are horrified to discover the body, but everything matches - the appendix removal scar, the blood type, the clothing. Then a woman calls to say the face of the man in t [...]

    5. Ann

      This is the seventh in the Inspector Banks series though it could certainly be read as a standalone. However I am reading through them in order as I like to see how the characters develop. In this one Banks investigates the brutal killing of accountant Keith Rothwell. As well as the usual Yorkshire Dales setting much of the action takes place in Leeds The plotline is quite complicated and I needed to concentrate to follow it as nothing or nobody is what they seem to be. I find Banks a very likea [...]

    6. Patty

      Police procedurals especially from Great Britain are some of my favorite mysteries. I have read about Inspectors Lynley, Allyn, Thanet and now Allen Banks. His beat is the Yorkshire area of England. Final Account is my first book by Robinson and I do want to know more about his character and his cases.Final Account starts off with a bang literally. Why would anyone want to kill a mild mannered accountant? What could this person be involved in that would create the mess that Banks is uncovering?A [...]

    7. Lesley Thompson

      Really enjoyed this because apart from being my favourite genre, crime/detection, it's set in the North of England. I've lived in the South for over 30 years now, but this book took me back. There is a difference, the scenery, the atmosphere, the ambience, the characters, all well drawn and understood. It keeps you involved with the 'cast', you care, right to the end, about them all.

    8. Tina

      Here we are again in the Yorkshire countryside with DCI Banks investigating another murder. The scene begins with Banks and fellow constable Susan Gay out in the cold wee early morning hours when bland and middle aged accountant Keith Rothwell is found murdered. Rothwell was kneeling, hands tied behind his back and shot in the head. His family discovered the gruesome scene and this where the investigation kicks off.Rothwell was described as bland and conservative businessman. Nothing exciting ab [...]

    9. Alison C

      A mild-mannered accountant is brutally executed as Peter Robinson’s "Final Account" begins, and Detective Inspector Alan Banks is at a loss to understand why someone felt he deserved such a gruesome death. Before too long, though, he finds that there is much more to the man than meets the eye, and following the clues leads him far afield from Yorkshire, ultimately stretching to the Caribbean and Southern Europe too…. I only just finished the previous novel in the Alan Banks series a few days [...]

    10. Damaskcat

      Keith Rothwell, a local accountant, is murdered in what looks like a contract killing of some sort. Banks is puzzled by the behaviour of his widow and teenage daughter and he feels something doesn't ring quite true about their reactions. As Banks and his team investigate Rothwell's private and business lives it soon becomes clear that what appears on the surface is definitely not what is going on underneath.Once again Banks crosses swords with Burgess - his former colleague from the Met - who is [...]

    11. Laura

      For some reason, I had only seen this DCI Banks not read it. As always, when you compare the two one is going to fall short (it doesn't help when you have a vision of the lead that doesn't exactly match what's in the book!). Having said that, this is a great series for people who like dark, but not too dark, and who will appreciate the mix of personal (once again, I have to mention the music choices and the implied playlist) and murder. Knowing what happened may be the reason for the loss of a s [...]

    12. Bettie☯

      3* Gallows View (Inspector Banks #1): ebook3* A Dedicated Man (Inspector Banks #2): ebook3* A Necessary End (Inspector Banks #3): ebook3* Dry Bones that Dream aka Final Account #73* Innocent Graves #82* Cold is the Grave #114* Aftermath (Inspector Banks #12): TV3* Playing With Fire (Inspector Banks, #14): TV3* Strange Affair #153* Friend of the Devil #17

    13. Grey853

      When a mild mannered accountant is murdered in what appears to be an execution, Banks and his team discover that the man was far more than a simple money man.The writing is solid, the characters well developed, and the plot complex. I enjoyed all but the ending, which was way too predictable. Thus, I gave it only four out of five stars.

    14. Nikki

      Another excellent entry in the Inspector Banks series. It has also been filmed for television in Britain and is available on DVD, quite well done. A puzzling execution-style murder of a seemingly quite boring accountant leads to unsettling revelations about his life. Definitely recommended, as is the whole series.

    15. Jessica

      While this definitely has a slightly dated feel to it (particularly in the sense of what passes for salacious photography) and I'm not a huge fan of the ending, I appreciate what Robinson does here with Banks's evolution as a not-totally-together middle-aged copper.

    16. Simon

      A wonderfully absorbing book. Really enjoyed this one. The only thing I will say is that it didn't have a strong build to a climax. Everything kind of ticked along until the conclusion. Either way, it was an enjoyable read.

    17. Tom

      Solid outing for Banks. Enjoyed the moral tug as Banks struggled with thoughts of infidelity. Slightly odd conclusion. Almost like a post-script.

    18. Charlotte (Buried in Books)

      Weird one, it felt out of place compared to the previous books.An accountant is shot dead in the barn of his house in an apparent hit. His lawyer friend goes missing. It's soon uncovered that the accountant was leading a double life and laundering money for a dictator in the Caribbean.Hatchley returns to Eastvale. Richmond leaves to go down south and Banks spends a lot of time in Leeds (becoming rather enamoured of a nice viola player along the way). It's clear that the groundwork is being set f [...]

    19. Paula Dembeck

      This, the seventh book is another great addition to the series. The story begins with a gruesome scene: a man has been shot execution style out in the barn on the property of his high end family home. The shooting was done at close range and there is little of his head left except some mangled bone and tissue. The headless corpse presents the CID with their first clue: this is not a burglary or a random killing. Nothing is missing from the house where the man’s wife and daughter were tied up w [...]

    20. Karen

      In this mystery, a plain old accountant is found executed on his estate in a gruesome manner with his head blown off, while his daughter and wife are bound in ropes in the house. There seems to be no reason for such a boring man to have been executed in such a manner, but as Alan Banks and his crew start to delve farther into his life, they find out that the man has been leading a double-life, hiding from not just his family, but also absconding money from a petty tyrant who rules a small island [...]

    21. Lorraine

      Keith Rothwell, a quiet and unassuming accountant, is found in his barn with his head almost shot off from a double barrel of a shotgun. His daughter tells the police that her parents had gone out for their anniversary dinner and two thugs had broken into the house and tied her up, tying her mother up when they came home, and her father taken into the barn. The shotgun wadding was found to be a strip of paper from an porn magazine. Jim Hatchley is brought back to Eastvale to help with the invest [...]

    22. Spuddie

      #7 in the Chief Inspector Alan Banks British police series set in the Yorkshire Dales. When mild-mannered, boring, middle-aged accountant Keith Rothwell is found shot to death point blank with a shotgun in his garage, Chief Inspector Banks is called out in the wee hours of the morning to investigate. It has all the earmarks of a mob execution, and when the team begins to dig into the man’s business affairs, they do find that he had a neat little money laundering business on the side. What they [...]

    23. Rose Mary Griffith

      This is my third Inspector Banks (yes, I'm reading them out of order--that's just the way it goes sometimes) and I've liked it the least.For how the story ended--no spoilers--the book could have ended a lot sooner. As it was, the pacing was not as fast as the two previous books (Children of the Revolution and Strange Affairs). Maybe because this is an early book (#7), the characters were not as intriguing as in books 15 & 21. The story, while intricate and interesting, was drawn out once I f [...]

    24. Gloria Feit

      Peter Robinson is known for the twists and turns of the plots in the DCI Banks series. And “Final Account” is no exception. It all begins with the home invasion of Keith Rothwell’s house by two goons, during which ultimately he is removed to the garage, while his wife and daughter are tied to chairs. Then shots were heard and a body found in the garage with the face blasted by shotgun pellets.Thus begins an exhaustive police procedural with any number of red herrings strewn through the inv [...]

    25. Megan A Bollinger

      I started reading the Alan Banks novels by Peter Robinson after first watching the TV series that aired on PBS. I really liked the show and through that came to the books. The Final Account is one of the books that was made into an episode of the show. As with most book-to-screen adaptations, there are a lot of differences. Though, the plot is the same. For starters, DCI Banks is divorced throughout the entire TV series. And at least through book 7 he and his wife, Sandra, are still married. The [...]

    26. Monica

      Ahother great Robinson mystery starring Alan Banks. These books certainly are like a security blanket to me. I can always count on falling into the plot and being lulled into a fine state of relaxation. This Banks mystery is just as strong and well written as Robinsons other books. And in this one Detective Chief Inspector Banks actually shocked me a time or two with both his thoughts and his actions. As Robinson’s series about Banks progresses the characters grow and develop, becoming more an [...]

    27. El

      Number 7 in the series and I am liking them more and more. Mild-mannered accountant is found dead, shot execution-style, in his barn, his wife and daughter tied up in the house. But all is not as it initially seems and it takes Banks and his colleagues to solve the mystery. Apart from the ending which I found a little strange and unsatisfying, I thought this was a gripping read with well-drawn and convincing characters throughout. Banks is shown as a very real, flawed person whose development ov [...]

    28. Wendell Hennan

      A well to do but boring accountant/investment counsellor is executed gangland style and as the investigation unfolds, he was leading a double life with another name and woman and involved in money laundering. During the investigation, Inspector Banks wonders about his own marriage in which he is spending less and less time and experiencing attractions to other women. Well written and a great read with a twist in the end.

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