Mein Name sei Gantenbein

Mein Name sei Gantenbein A stranger walks out of a bar and is later found dead at the wheel of his car The narrator creates the story of this man or rather two stories based on the two personae that he has imagined One of

  • Title: Mein Name sei Gantenbein
  • Author: Max Frisch
  • ISBN: 9783518394588
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mein Name sei Gantenbein

    A stranger walks out of a bar and is later found dead at the wheel of his car The narrator creates the story of this man or, rather, two stories, based on the two personae that he has imagined One of these is named Enderlin the other, Gantenbein.Originally published as A Wilderness of Mirrors.

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    One thought on “Mein Name sei Gantenbein

    1. Nihidea

      Okay, now that I have finished the book for the second time, I feel up to writing a review about it. Now I feel I have halfway captured what is even going on. Or not going on. Because, let’s face it, 95% of what is happening in this book is not even happening. Okay?Wait, first things first. This book is amazing. I shit you not. It fascinated me every time over when I opened it withing a few sentences I was just baffled. Frisch’s writing style is incredible, and he manages to convey so many e [...]

    2. Jessica D. Bicking

      I am Gantenbein!I hadn't read Frisch in many years. Stiller is one of my longstanding favourites, that I re and re and reread throughout my teenage years. And Gantenbein too proves that Frisch is one of the most exciting authors of german literature out there. The most daringly experimental that I know, at least.I will not lie. Gantenbein was difficult. It is a long long read for a standard length book of 300 pages. You won't be sure you're understanding anything, and you will need patience. But [...]

    3. Bine

      Mein erster Max Frisch.Vielleicht nicht der ideale Einstieg, aber dennoch wahnsinnig interessant und beeindruckend!Ich habe schon so einige Romane gelesen, die auf den ersten, und wahrscheinlich auch auf den zweiten und dritten, keine konsistente Handlung aufweisen, aber Max Frisch hat es als erster Autor geschafft, dass ich trotzdem die "Geschichte" gerne weiterverfolgen wollte. Trotz der ständigen Illusionsdurchbrechung hat mich das ganze nicht losgelassen und ich war auf den Ausgang gespannt [...]

    4. Inga

      Habe ich dieses Buch verstanden? Ich weiß es nicht.Habe ich dieses Buch gern gelesen? Ich glaube nicht.Bin ich froh dieses Buch gelesen zu haben? Nun ja, ein Roman mehr von einem der großen Nachkriegsautoren, ein Aspekt mehr zu Frisch nach Biedermann, Homo Faber und den Andorranern. Am Ende denkt sich der Protagonist wieder mal auf ein Schiff, lechzt einer viel zu jungen Frau hinterher, die Lila heißt und irgendwie erfunden oder auch nicht ist und am Ende Pingpong spielt wie die Tochter des H [...]

    5. notgettingenough

      I want to trust my judgement and that's putting me between a rock and a hard place.The rock is my respect for Frisch: if he wrote it, I'm going to read it.The hard place is my 'arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's an experimental novel. Even worse, it's an anti-novel. Stop it, stop reading it right now.'I bought two books this morning I'd really like to start onbut first I'm going to pick this up again for the first time in a week.I'm up to page - ? Does it matter in a book like this? Page somewhere.

    6. J.M. Hushour

      Frisch is one of those authors that you always run and try to convince people to read, but who is infuriatingly difficult to define. Thus, ultimately you fail to convince because you don't have a convenient pigeonhole to shove him into. That is part of his charm. Forgotten or at the least overlooked to a criminal degree, his musings on identity and the fictional layerings that are part and parcel, and almost obligatory, as part of being human in a world of ever-shifting parameters and definition [...]

    7. hcelvis

      Was soll man dazu sagen? Max Frisch schreibt besonders, bedacht, kunstvoll, schöne Sätze, manchmal, oft aber auch abgehackt, für sich schön, stimmungsvoll, man kann Gedankengängen folgen, manchmal auch nicht, aber selbst dann ist es meist insofern nachvollziehbar, dass die Gedanken eines Menschen springen können. Gantenbein ist literarische Kunst, auf jeden Fall.Leider aber fehlt mir der rote Faden, 300 solche Seiten sind nicht nur anstrengend, sondern auch mehr und mehr langweilig. Tatsä [...]

    8. Sini

      Max Frisch was een grootheid, die volgens veel mensen de Nobelprijs had moeten krijgen, en in 2013 las ik met veel plezier zijn prachtboeken "Stiller", "Homo Faber" en "Dagboek 1946-1949" (zie recensies). Nu heb ik dan "Gantenbein" gelezen, ook met veel plezier, ondanks de wat houterige vertaling. Wat een heerlijk sprankelende en tegendraadse schrijver was die Frisch toch! En hoe origineel en stimulerend! In het prachtige "Stiller" roept de hoofdpersoon ons toe "Ik ben Stiller niet", en schotelt [...]

    9. Pratum

      "Tinklainė apsaugo nuo nuojautos, kurią mumyse sukelia beveik kiekvienas garsas, ir nuo laiko; matosi, ką dabar rodo laikrodis ana ten Sankt Peteryje, o laikrodžiai visada rodo dabartį.""Gantenbainui palengvėja kaskart pagalvojus, kad iš tikrųjų jis ne aklas; pypkės skonis būtų kitoks, jei nematytum dūmų, kartus, slopinantis kaip tabletė ar injekcija, bet nelinksmas.""Moterys niekada iki galo nepatiki jo aklumu, kas joms raištis, moterys jaučia pakaušiu, kai į jas žiūrima."" [...]

    10. Juliane

      I have to admit, that this one is definitely my favourite book by Max Frisch. Gantenbein continues to explore the uneasy fascination with problems of personal identity, a topic which you can find in all of Max Frisch's novels. The narrative architecture of Gantenbein is manifestly chaotic. But that doesn't matter. The narrative perspective shifts periodically between the unnamed third person to any one of three named first person narrators, sometimes within a single sentence. I loved most the ro [...]

    11. Anthony Pollmann

      Dies war höchstwahrscheinlich eines der undurchschaubarsten Romane (wenn man es etwa so nennen darf; einige kommen ja mit "Anti-Roman" und sonst noch was) das ich gelesen habe. Nur etwa 280 Seiten lang und doch nie leicht zu lesen, immer musste ich mich mental vorbereiten bis ich wieder zu ihm greifen konnte, ist er trotz all diesem ein grossartiger Roman; auch wenn ich wahrscheinlich nur 30% verstanden habe. Frischs Beschreibungen des Alltags, des Alterns, der Liebe, der Langeweile des moderne [...]

    12. Manuela

      I think that feelings wise, anyone could find himself in some of the situations in this book. I liked how insightful and close to reality the depictions of human relationships were. 400 pages of analyzing situations, appearances, reactions, angles, perspectives of the actors involved, tiny changes of choices that might affect entire future stories - it made me wonder: what is actually real in what we perceive? Are we always making up stories?I cannot rate this book. I can't say I liked it. It di [...]

    13. Donald

      Ah shit! The spine broke when someone walked into me on the subway the other day now the brittle pulp pages are peeling off when I turn them if anyone out there has a copy of Gantenbein (very hard to find a decent used copy of this and it is out of print as far as I know) and or Montauk as well, to trade or sell please drop me a note.

    14. Mailin

      gutes buch, aber keine einfache lektüre! Wer Frisch mag, dem gefällt auch dieses Buch! Ich persönlich bevorzuge aber Homo Faber und Andorra. "Mein Name sei Gantenbein" ermöglicht es dem/der LeserIn den Mensch einmal "anders" kennenzulernen, ich könnte jedoch unmittelbar nach dem Lesen den Inhalt nicht wiedergeben.

    15. Evgeniy Lapin

      Отличнейшая ядерная смесь Борхеса, Ремарка и Набокова.Дерзкая попытка ниспровержения тезиса о том, что история не терпит сослагательного наклонения.Плюс лютое количество хорошо прописанной ванили на страницу текста.

    16. Kakha

      This is a magnificent work. It is not written spontaneously, it is not created by writing free improvisation of fantasies, as it may seem at first glance. No, I think that every word in it is verified by author, like the perfect point of a sword. And every those word hits the target, it just hits. This is an excellent book, it's a classic of the 20th century.

    17. Maurizio Manco

      "Un uomo ha avuto una esperienza, ora cerca la storia che le si attaglia – non si può vivere con una esperienza, che rimanga senza storia, così pare, e certe volte m'immagino, che un altro possieda proprio la storia che s'attaglia alla mia esperienza" (p. 11)"Io mi provo addosso le storie come abiti." (p. 21)"Ogni uomo si inventa prima o poi una storia, che ritiene la sua vita." (p. 46)

    18. Svetlana

      О да! Это было действительно нечто. И главное в тему, как никогда!

    19. Rosava Doshchyk

      Ви коли-небудь уявляли собі інший розвиток подій, інші можливості, інше життя? "А що, якби я (не)зробив те? А що, якби я познайомився з тим-то?" Зазвичай такі питання пригнічують, виривають з реальності, видаються намарними, проте саме їх і ставить собі головний герой роману "Не [...]

    20. Lily

      "С какой это стати незнакомый господин, который наводил на меня еще большую скуку, чем на нее, потому что я слышу его речи не в первый раз, неожиданно говорит об обаянии мужчин-гомосексуалистов, я не знаю".Макс ФришВ залу заходит человек, которого ты хоть и не знаешь в лицо, а т [...]

    21. Artem Huletski

      Вы захотели притвориться слепым. Как-никак, это даёт преимущества. Помимо социальных, к вам чаще прислушиваются, нет необходимости оценивать окружающих. Это даёт перевес в любой беседе, вам доверяют - вот что важно. Вы можете стать советником. Или жениться на актрисе. Или Вы [...]

    22. Bogdan

      I previously heard of Max Frisch mainly as a play writer but now I now he is also a good novelist.He is starting this novel by trying different stories. Then at some point he is focusing on two stories: the one of a man that is pretending to be blind and another one that has just received and invitation to Harvard. The second one is called Enderlin, but the first one does not seem to have a name. After he is telling the introduction of his story he says "Let my name be Gantenbein". I like this l [...]

    23. Lubov Yakovleva

      Странно мне было.И тяжело.И вязко.И удивительно.И правильно как-то.Потому что не должна литература радовать и утешать, иногда она просто переворачивает лодку под названием "Привычное" в море безбрежное, где волна за волной — новая история. Когда устал от звериной серьёзнос [...]

    24. Angela

      It was the first novel I read by Max Frisch and I must admit I became a fun. Very well written, with a bitter-sweet sense of humor, deals with the daily problems of an ”abnormal” couple (he pretends to be blind in order to have a better ”control” towards his marriage. Actually, his blindness helps him to see himself and the others in a different light!). Of course, his gealousy guides his actsAnd now I wonderWas he just pretending to be blind? Or was the gealousy the one who ended up by [...]

    25. Olga

      Like many others, I am going to re-read the book to understand all of its layers and multiple roles that are introduced to a reader. 5 stars already for the wonderful short stories that Gantenbein tells Kamilla. They inspire and they remind of the unavoidable bitterness of life - love and betrayal, daily routines with only one destination, all the masks we wear to feel better of ourselves. The idea of pretending blind is so simple, yet so powerful. And same goes to the writing style of Frisch - [...]

    26. Dalel

      I find this book quite interesting for an anti-novel. The way with which the narrator sways from one possible scenario to the other is very much like how the human brain functions in a dream, or daydream. The novel as a whole doesn't make much sense; there is no one precise and clear story, just fragments.On the other hand, I find the book unpleasantly long. By the time I have reached the last 50 pages, I've lost all interest in the characters and story/ stories.

    27. Heike Vullriede

      Diese Buch las ich mit 17 Jahren zum ersten Mal. Es beschreibt genau das, was mich als Jugendliche bewegte: Ich wollte mich ausprobieren, Identitäten versuchen, Leben anziehen und wieder ausziehen. Es hat mich nachhaltig geprägt. Damals musste ich es mehrfach lesen, um es richtig zu verstehen.Ich liebe es noch immer.

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