Nighttime Is My Time

Nighttime Is My Time The definition of an owl had always pleased him a night bird of preyarp talons and soft plumage which permits noiseless flightlied figuratively to a person of nocturnal habits I am The Owl he would w

  • Title: Nighttime Is My Time
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9780743412636
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nighttime Is My Time

    The definition of an owl had always pleased him a night bird of preyarp talons and soft plumage which permits noiseless flightlied figuratively to a person of nocturnal habits I am The Owl, he would whisper to himself after he had selected his prey, and nighttime is my time Jean Sheridan, a college dean and prominent historian, sets out to her hometown The definition of an owl had always pleased him a night bird of preyarp talons and soft plumage which permits noiseless flightlied figuratively to a person of nocturnal habits I am The Owl, he would whisper to himself after he had selected his prey, and nighttime is my time Jean Sheridan, a college dean and prominent historian, sets out to her hometown in Cornwall on Hudson, New York, to attend the twenty year reunion of alumni of Stonecroft Academy, where she is to be honored along with six other members of her class There is, however, something uneasy in the air one woman in the group about to be feted, Alison Kendall, a beautiful, high powered Hollywood agent, died just a few days before, drowned in her pool during an early morning swim, the fifth woman in the class whose life has come to a sudden, mysterious end Also adding to Jean s sense of unease is a taunting, anonymous fax she has just received, referring to her daughter, Lily, a child she had given up for adoption twenty years ago, the offspring of a romance between her and a West Point cadet killed in an accident a week before graduation She had always kept the child s existence a secret, so who has found out And why the implied threat now Struggling to conceal her fears, Jean arrives at the hotel where the reunion is being held One by one she sees the other honorees, including Laura Wilcox, the class beauty, whose dazzling exterior belies the fact that her television career is sinking, and the four men who, like Jean, had spent four bitterly unhappy years at Stonecroft Carter formerly Howie Stewart, an acerbic and successful playwright, once the class nerd renowned child psychiatrist and talk show celebrity Mark Fleischman, who has never been able to resolve the pain of his own adolescence Gordon Amory, a media mogul, hardly recognizable as the awkward boy who was the butt of cruel jokes Robby Brent, a popular comedian, whose caustic humor emanates from a childhood of rejection Omnipresent is an old classmate, Jack Emerson, the chairman of the reunion, whose reasons for spearheading the event may be motivated by something other than class spirit At the award dinner, Jean is introduced to Sam Deegan, a detective obsessed for years by the unsolved murder of a young woman in Cornwall, who may also hold the key to the identity of the Stonecroft killer and the source of the anonymous threat to her child She does not suspect that among the distinguished people she is greeting is The Owl, a murderer nearing the countdown on his mission of vengeance against the Stonecroft women who had mocked and humiliated him, with Jean his final intended victim In Nighttime Is My Time, Mary Higgins Clark creates a riveting novel of psychological suspense, penetrating behind the pervading fa ade of status and respectability to depict the mind of a killer.

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    One thought on “Nighttime Is My Time

    1. Phrynne

      This was a pleasant enough mystery but I found myself urging it on towards its conclusion and even skimming a few paragraphs here and there to speed things up. It just seemed to move so very slowly. There was not even much fun in trying to work out the murderer since the author supplied such a plethora of possibilities, all of them equally unpleasant people and each absolutely deserving of a possible life sentence. (That's a long winded way of saying I didn't care whodunit).An okay read but not [...]

    2. Daniella

      Sure, I love red herrings in my mystery novels. Who doesn't? But this was just ridiculous. Too many red herrings in this one; everything felt chaotic and topsy-turvy. Plus, Jean, the protagonist, was so stupid she deserved to die. Ugh. I have so much hate for her character.

    3. Jerry B

      Tighter editing might have improved murder mysteryWe are longtime readers of Clark [every book except her memoirs:] and would like to express some amazement that she keeps pumping them out at age 75. But while the premise of this attempted thriller is OK, the storyline gets tiresome -- the novel might well be somebody's master's thesis on red herrings! The plot reveals that in the over 20+ years since a male classmate, playing an owl in a school skit, is humiliated by his classmates, he systemat [...]

    4. Alisha

      I've never read a Mary Higgins Clark book before, and yes, they're clean as a whistle but BORING! I could barely make it threw the "page turner". I didn't care who the killer was because I didn't care about any of the characters and her style of writing is so boring. Maybe I would have liked her in, say, junior high. But even then I would have known the book was an easy read. I found myself hoping her main character Jean would be knocked off, big surprise, she wasn't!!! Are all her main characte [...]

    5. Enchantressdebbicat ☮

      I don't think I am a Mary Higgins Clark kind of reader. It was okay, but somewhat boring. I could barely tolerate it at times on my walk. If it hadn't been for the fact that I liked the narrator so much, I likely would have abandoned it long before the last half of the book. Sorry. It is what it is. Just not for me. I don't think I will try another one. Too slow.

    6. Nadine

      Jean goes back to her hometown for a school reunion, someone has found out she had had given up a daughter for adoption when she was 18 and they are sending her messages making her believe Lily's life is in danger. when one for her classmates goes missing young reporter points out that 5 of the girls that used to sit at the same lunch table at school have died in the past 20 years and there is only 2 of them left including Jean.We do know that the killer is one of the honorees who attended the r [...]

    7. Rachel

      I needed something to read while we waited for a plane, so I bought this at a bookstore in the airport. Overall, I found the story a bit shallow. The author's efforts to keep the murder's name hidden from the reader, in my opinion, were painfully forced. Her efforts to build suspense up until the final reveal in the end were overwhelmingly blatant, but effective. It was so effective that the reveal seemed like a let down. I think the book would have been much better if she had just revealed the [...]

    8. Miriam Smith

      I love Mary Higgins Clarke, every book she writes is a completely different story that is well written with a great story line and characters, I really enjoyed this book another 5 stars!

    9. hidefan

      Como ya he mencionado en alguna que otra ocasión, con Mary Higgins Clark siempre voy a lo seguro. Cuando me leo un libro que no me gusta demasiado y pondero cuál va a ser el siguiente que me deje mejor sabor de boca, suelo recurrir a esta mujer porque ya sé qué esperar de ella y las posibilidades de llevarme una decepción son mínimas. Escondido en las Sombras (Nighttime is my time) fue publicado originalmente en 2004.La profesora y escritora Jean Sheridan vuelve a su pueblo natal veinte a [...]

    10. Dolceluna

      Trama accattivante anticipata in copertina e poi mantenuta, suspense alta sin dall'inizio e ritmo incalzante. Per certi aspetti, seppur alla lontana, mi ha ricordato Dieci piccoli indiani della Christie, con una ristretta cerchia di personaggi tutti potenziali assassini: individuare il colpevole, descritto parallelamente alla vicenda e in forma "anonima" come il Gufo, risulta ben difficile. Apprezzo inoltre, della Clark, la brevità dei paragrafi e la lunghezza non eccessiva dei romanzi. In ques [...]

    11. Ângela Costa

      Um livro fantástico de leitura muito agradável e recomendável. O que mais gostei foi a forma como Mary Higgins Clark nos empurra para falsas pistas, fazendo-nos crer que entrega o suspeito quase de bandeja, mas para quem já anda à imensos anos mergulhada em policiais, isso já não funciona ;) Gostei imenso!

    12. Rita

      A very good 'who done it'. Five characters all set up as possibilities with not an obvious pick. I enjoyed it right from the start.

    13. Aparna

      I am surprised to see this come from an author who gives us spine chilling mysteries. Makes me wonder if she wanted to take an easy take on her mystery like her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark. I did not like any of Carol Higgins books, though that is a story for another post. Coming back to this novel, it seemed to have too many characters, too many twists that lead no where or simply end in an expected alley. Mary Higgins Clark started as usual on a high note with the introduction of "The Owl" w [...]

    14. Yvonne (It's All About Books)

      Finished reading: July 20th 2013(view spoiler)[I might not have read many books by Mary Higgins Clark, but until now they don't really seem to enjoy me. Taking this Nighttime Is My Time as an example; it's writing is too forced and the suspense she tries to build up so desperately only makes the story and the ending less satisfying. Mary Higgings Clark tries real hard to keep all the men on the suspect list at all cost And I must say the whole trying not to reveal the name of the serial killer [...]

    15. Aimee

      I am 43, I have been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark since the sixth grade, when I would read my mom's MHC paperbacks. Through the years my mom would bring a bag of paperbacks and hard covers over for a weekend, I would get comfy and read each book within hours, finishing a bag of her novels by Monday. I didn't care if I read it before, I loved it!I have been disappointed over the last several years, not because MHC changed her formula, but she changed the intensity, the intrigue, the mystery. Her r [...]

    16. Michael Bailey

      To begin with, I really enjoyed this novel. At first, it seemed incredibly daring to reveal the motive for the murders that the novel surrounds, and it creates an interesting mystery regarding which of the characters at the novel's reunion is the killer. But the novel loses traction as the reader is continually guided between possibilities for who might be behind it all, strung together with flimsy justifications for character actions that only add to the idea that the characters are not telling [...]

    17. Helen

      I have read several books by Mary Higgins Clark at this point and I am no longer going to waste my time on them. They are all the same with an entire crew of characters that really don't stand out from each other. I always find them so similar that they blend together. This is the formula for every book I have read of hers. So I give up. Not sure why she is so popular. But I can say I tried.

    18. Anna Bedford

      I listened to this while driving because it was one of the audiobooks available from the library, and I've seen a lot of books by Mary Higgins Clark but never read one. It was pretty terrible. There was lots of plot and twists and turns but none of it very compelling, and the characters weren't as developed as the plot, so it was hard to care too much about them. Of the several men who could have been the serial murderer you discover who it is in the end. However, you've know the (fairly absurd) [...]

    19. Traci Shipley

      Enjoyable psychological thriller. Five potential suspects all had reasons to be the psycho. Mary Higgins Clark always does a great job getting into the head of a psycho. I find it funny that Mary Higgins Clark's characters never use contractions. All the characters speak like English professors.

    20. Jimbo Pantas

      What is this? Are you trying to make me laugh, Mrs Clark? Well, here you go: Ha-ha ha-ha. This is an adult fiction, you say? Why, oh, why did it sounded to me like it was written by a third grade student from a school with a klutzy English teacher then? You call this a suspense novel? Where? Tell me, where was the suspense, Mrs Clark? All you had to offer me with were blunders within the characters and within the plot. There are so many unrealistic parts in the book. And the fact that the person [...]

    21. MJ

      What a page turner! I really enjoyed MHC's suspense novel. The plot of the reunion was very interesting and the profiles of the honorees made it hard to figure out who was murdering some of the graduates. The subplot of the baby daughter Jean gave up at eighteen who is also threatened made it heart wrenching. I suspected everyone at some time in the story, but then narrowed it down to two. You don't find out until the very end, and it was so emotional. This book made me cry and I was so relieved [...]

    22. Donna

      For the 1st half of the book I was convinced it was one guy, then I decided that was too obvious. Then I thought it was a different guy for totally different reasons but I changed my mind quickly. For the last 50 pages I was convinced that I finally figured it out. However, I was very wrong. The guy I least suspected to be the killer was the one. It was one thing that he did that completely convinced me that he couldn't possibly be the killer. This book is full of twists and turns and Ms Clark k [...]

    23. Julie Ashton

      BrilliantThis book is full off different twists and turns. It kept you gripped from beginning to end. What I liked about it was you didn't know who the killer was till next he very end.

    24. Ash

      I read a suspense/thriller novel after a very long time and loved it. I was desperate to know who the killer was after a while and the guy I guessed was not the murderer. I love the way she built the tension and suspense. The story is pretty long and slow moving but interesting.

    25. Sarah

      This was an interesting read. I really liked how the story wasn't just about an ordinary serial killer, but someone who had a grudge against his/her victims. The backdrop of a small town and a high school reunion, along with the switching perspectives, also helped improve the story. I went from suspecting none of the honourees to suspecting all of them until the end. As far as plot was involved, I thought the way Jean set to uncover the mystery wasn't too complicated, but what got me was Laura's [...]

    26. Stephanie

      A twenty year class reunion for Stonecroft Academy brings high school friends back together. Several of the friends Jean sat with for lunch have died in those 20 years. Only 2 of them remain. Then the other goes missing as the reunion comes to a close. Then another classmate goes missing. Add to this the fact that Jean was pregnant when she graduated from high school. She gave the baby up for adoption. Now she is getting faxes at her hotel that lead her to believe her daughter is in danger, so s [...]

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