A Witch Shall Be Born

↠ A Witch Shall Be Born ò Robert E. Howard - A Witch Shall Be Born, A Witch Shall Be Born Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the C

  • Title: A Witch Shall Be Born
  • Author: Robert E. Howard
  • ISBN: 9781406572414
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Witch Shall Be Born

    ↠ A Witch Shall Be Born ò Robert E. Howard - A Witch Shall Be Born, A Witch Shall Be Born Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the C

    • ↠ A Witch Shall Be Born ò Robert E. Howard
      130 Robert E. Howard
    A Witch Shall Be Born

    One thought on “A Witch Shall Be Born

    1. Oliviu Craznic

      Exist cel pu in trei motive pentru care O vr jitoare se va na te reprezint un pilon al istoriei fantasticului ntunecat episodul christic, n primul r nd, personajul Valerius i povestea de dragoste dintre acesta i Ivga , capabil oric nd s i dea o replic demn lui Conan, i jocul tehnicii narative povestea o teanului, epistola nv atului i b t lia v zut prin globul de cristal.Edi ia de fa vine tradus atent, ngrijit i, mai ales, editat i adaptat , n a a fel nc t s p streze c t mai mult din spiritul, fo [...]

    2. Cheryl

      Action packed sword and sorcery novella featuring Conan the Barbarian Violent and over the top, but alot of fun to read The story centers on an evil twin witch who impersonates her sister, the queen, in order to take over the Khauran kingdom Will she succeed in her evil plan Not if Conan has anything to do with it Can be found at Project Gutenberg gutenberg ebooks 42227

    3. Yuki Black

      Plin de intrigi i suspans, o adev rat capodoper a literaturii fantasy Recenzie complet yukiblack.wordpress 2016

    4. Víctor Martín-Pozuelo

      Este es el relato novella en el que Conan se pasa un cap tulo entero CRUCIFICADO EN EL DESIERTO hasta que le rescatan muy de milagro Joder es que SABES que es Conan y que no le va a pasar nada pero a n as hay tensi n Tambi n aqu es donde hay un divertido enfrentamiento dial ctico entre el l der de un ej rcito que da trabajo a Conan y el propio Conan el comandante dice que gracias a l Conan est donde est y que sin l no se habr a comido un col n, y que por eso tiene que obedecerle ciegamente Conan [...]

    5. Sandrus

      First time I read a story of Robert Howard It was quite short and it is not easy for me to rate it as my expectations were quite high because Conan the Barbarian was and is such a well known character and Howard has many fans I was uncertain between 3 or 4 stars but I will give it three as I think the story is a bit of a clich.

    6. Seth Skorkowsky

      Classic Sword and Sorcery pulp from Robert E Howard.The story takes place with a Man in the Iron Mask scenario where a queen is replaced by an evil twin Conan is captain of the city guards, and knows something is wrong, but he is captured, crucified, and left for dead I doubt it s too much of a spoiler to say that he escapes and seeks vengeance.Conan is the hero of this story, however he appears in only about half of it The rest of the time, we follow other characters living in the conquered cit [...]

    7. David B

      A witch usurps the throne of Khauran and grinds it under her evil thumb Fortunately, the captain of the queen s guard is a certain barbarian who goes by the name of Conan.The epic sweep that Robert E Howard packs into this slim novelette is pretty remarkable He is writing at the height of his power here, as exemplified by the brutal crucifixion scene that eventually made its way into the Schwarzenegger movie many years later.

    8. Nick

      An amusing free quick read on the go Like a short trip through the most lurid Frank Frazetta painting imaginable, unashamedly steaming and dripping with sex and gore I laughed the whole way through at the over the top prose If Conan himself wrote for Harlequin Romance, this would be his first book.

    9. Andrei Duduman

      O carte n care suspansul i ac iunea sunt prezente la fiecare pagin Un concentrat de swordsorcery ie it chiar din ma ina de scris a unuia dintre p rin ii genului i poten at de o traducere cum rar am nt lnit.

    10. Seth Kenlon

      Conan crucified A witch as advertised.Battles and conflict and stuff.This is a great Conan story The villainess is both intriguing and one dimensional at the same time you don t know much about her, but what you do know makes you long to learn Why does she hate her sister so much what s her actual goal why was she sent away to die Often, at least in bad fantasy, the bad guy is the cooler of your main characters It s a problem you have a do good, na ve, innocent good guy who you can t stand to b [...]

    11. John

      Nice story, but Conan seemed to thrown in as an afterthought Story revolved around an uprising to get the queen back from her witch sister Conan used to be her captain of the guard Yeah, weird fit Most of his fighting was off stage and another saved the true queen.

    12. Duca Blueheart

      ntre dou coper i lucioase ilustrate de Ionel Jinga, exist o istorisire ce te atrage ntr o lume din care nu mai vrei s ie i pentru c totul este feeric i niciodat nu po i intui ce urmeaz , fiind mereu surprins de urm torul r nd sau chiar cuv nt mi plac ntors turile de situa ie i mai ales faptul c protagonistul nu este chiar genul acela de personaj virtuos, minunat i nc nt tor Nu El este un munte de om cu ochi alba tri p trunz tori i p r negru Este puternic i i las impresia c niciodat nu a z mbit s [...]

    13. A.M.

      Each century, so the prophecy says, a girl shall be born with a red crescent birth mark on her chest The sign of a witch And she shall be named Salome When such a one arrived, in a panic, she was left in the desert to die But years later, she walks into her twin sister s kingdom and being identical, everyone obeys her orders as if they came from the queen Her sister, she imprisons, and then the bloodletting starts Her lover Constantius waits outside the city walls with an army of Shemitish merce [...]

    14. Perry Whitford

      In this outing we find Conan earning his keep as a captain in the Khauranian guard, the only one to recognize that the strange orders issued by the queen, Taramis, orders that will open wide the city gates to their enemies, must be those of an impostor Indeed she is, for the queen has been captured and replaced by her wicked twin sister Salome, born with the sign of the witch and abandoned for dead at birth, but saved by a passing magician, reared in black wisdom and now back for revenge.The mos [...]

    15. Ritchie

      Queen Taramis of Khauran awakens to find her identical twin sister Salome, thought to have been killed at birth for having the witches birthmark staring her in the face, she then takes over the kingdom impersonating Taramis who is then imprisoned The army is disbanded, something the Captain of the Queens Guard Conan doesnt take to well.After a struggle against mercenaries hired by Salome, Conan is taken away and crucified, he really really doesnt take this well.A Witch Shall be Born is an averag [...]

    16. Denise

      Good Queen Taramis, ruler of Khuran lies asleep in her bedchamber asleep, minding her own business She wakes to see her own face, but it s not her her twin sister, born with the mark of a witch and abandoned at birth, stands above her She s about to get even for her shabby treatment The only person who realizes there s something wrong with the person calling herself Taramis is the captain of the guard, a giant of a man named Conan Please read the full review here.

    17. Johnnie

      Surprisingly good read It is better writing than I expected, still pulp fiction style, but Howard gives life to the characters and purpose to their actions Conan is not the dumb brute of the movies but smart, sly and not to be fully trusted, but still a beast on the battlefield Here he does little fighting but organizes the whole rescue the princess scenario The question is where are the modern day heroes who will not just correct wrongs but punish utterly all injustice and destroy any who thwar [...]

    18. Paul

      This is a treat Sword and sorcery at its best One of my favorite Conan tales, it has many facets and interesting storytelling elements Many times Conan is mentioned almost as a supporting character, and then Howard brings him front and center in an awesome way It s just splendid Howard storytelling at its best.

    19. D.S. Taylor

      As the REH Conan stories go this one is pretty average ie its a great read A witch replaces her twin sister as queen of a city state and Conan captain of the Queen s guard ain t too happy about it Also as a bit of trivia, the crucifixion scene from the Arnie movie is taken from this one.

    20. Klein Ruxandra

      Mi a placut foarte mult cartea deoarece suspansul, aventura si magia se imbina armonios, provocandu ma sa dau pagina dupa pagina, fara sa ma pot opri Personajele si universul actiunii sunt minunat conturate, indemnandu mi imaginatia sa schiteze si sa mi aduca in fata ochilor universul creat de autor.

    21. C-shaw

      Very entertaining, short novel, set in a sort of Arabian Nights type era Twin girls are born and one becomes queen, the other whose birth is unknown to the first is a witch Witch takes over queen s kingdom, many brave men fight to reclaim it.

    22. Madalina

      Lovely, classic sword and sorcery story, a bit cliched, and a bit too short I really wanted to read about what Conan was doing between getting rescued and freeing Khauran.

    23. Amy Peavy

      A quick read I don t think the story was as developed as Black Nails But it was interesting to see Conan in a different situation, settled down.

    24. Tom Webster

      First Conan book I have read to date and enjoyed it a lot.Howard is a cut above a lot of other Sword and sorcery authors and I look forward to exploring of his work in future.

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