Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival

Jolted Newton Starker s rules for survival The Starker family is infamous They ve been chronicled on blogs profiled on TV and researched by paranormal investigators They appear to be cursed everyone of Starker blood has died after being struc

  • Title: Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival
  • Author: Arthur Slade
  • ISBN: 9780006395690
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival

    The Starker family is infamous They ve been chronicled on blogs, profiled on TV and researched by paranormal investigators They appear to be cursed everyone of Starker blood has died after being struck by lightning Fourteen year old Newton Starker is the last of his line except for his great grandmother, Enid, a woman as friendly as a pickled wolverine and he s determiThe Starker family is infamous They ve been chronicled on blogs, profiled on TV and researched by paranormal investigators They appear to be cursed everyone of Starker blood has died after being struck by lightning Fourteen year old Newton Starker is the last of his line except for his great grandmother, Enid, a woman as friendly as a pickled wolverine and he s determined to survive.Newton has spent all of his life surviving, following a list of rules for self preservation, guidelines passed down through generations of Starkers But Newton wants to try something new He has enrolled at Jerry Potts Academy of Higher Learning and Survival in Moose Jaw with the hope that he ll be able to beat the odds he has a dream of becoming a great chef someday If he wants to go beyond just getting by, Newton is going to need than rules He s going to need friends From the creative mind of award winning writer Arthur Slade author of Dust, Tribes and Megiddo s Shadow comes a quirky, laugh out loud story about dreaming big, standing out and knowing when you need help.HIGHLIGHTS FROM NEWTON STARKER S RULES FOR SURVIVAL Do not take a bath during a thunderstorm When thunder roars, go indoors Fast Beware of cumulonimbus clouds Check the weather before exiting any building Remember not to get angry Anger has been the downfall of many a Starker If your hair stands on end, you are about to be struck by lightning Lightning travels dow

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      299 Arthur Slade

    One thought on “Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival

    1. Steven R. McEvoy

      Great fun, a fully charged story Arthur Slade is an award winning author His honours include Governor General s Award, Mr Christie s Book Award, Saskatchewan Book Award, and Red Maple Honour Book This book is both shocking and electrifying in its tale and the mastery in telling it.Our hero is than a little unusual for he is Newton Stalker He is the second last surviving Stalker, for his whole family has been decimated by lightning strikes Having recently lost his mother, he moves to the Jerry P [...]

    2. Betty

      This book is Young Adult Fiction and I have rated it from that point of view.Arthur Slade has given us a story about a 14 year old boy with a very unusual heritage For over 200 years the Starker family have all been killed by lightning Newton is the last male descendant and as such is extremely restricted in his lifestyle, something a lot of young people will relate to His home is equivalent to living in a bunker I really enjoyed this book, and I m sure it will appeal to this age group Every cha [...]

    3. Bryan

      If I could give this book 5000000 stars I would Probably one of the best younger YA books I have read in a while Jolted has a little bit of everything in it, from cooking, to survival to incredibly smart pigs The humor kept me laughing in my office much to the annoyance of my office mates and the small bit of action near the end gave me just enough worry that not everyone may make it out ok What also made this so much fun were the numerous changes in writing style Going from first person narrati [...]

    4. Judith Weaver

      Yup, bought it It took a bit to get into because this is a different book But what a fun read this turned out to be I have read the first few pages to classes and kids get hooked immediately Usually I book talk the book, but have found that reading those first pages grab the kids effectively with this book It is pretty hard to talk the book and give the right tone to this very odd kid who lives in fear of death by lightning strike because of his family s history How he faces the lightning is wh [...]

    5. LauraW

      I abandoned this and then picked it up again later and ended up liking this one better than I expected to I finished reading it on a day when I really needed something that wasn t quite as heavy as serious fare And, thinking about it, the voice of the main character, Newton, was actually pretty spot on middle school.

    6. Donna

      This book was kind of funny, in a sometimes slightly evil way I loved reading about the adventures of Newt and his friends, and I m totally in love with his pig Josephine It was well written, and I really liked the very short sections which meant I could pick it up as a reward whilst doing jobs clean the loo and read a section sweep the floor and read a bit I ve even recommended the book to a younger friend whose response was s alright which means it s pretty good NB I received a complimentary [...]

    7. Christine Yee

      This is a fun, easy read by a proven young adult author Newton Starker has a serious problem He belongs to a family cursed to die by lightning strike Hoping to improve his chances, Newton chooses to attend a boarding school that focuses on teaching students survival skills Newton s adventures and misadventures at school provides the context for Slade to address issues of loss, death, friendship, loyalty and courage while maintaining a light hearted tone throughout The chapters are short and the [...]

    8. Jessamy

      Thoroughly entertainingWhat an interesting premise for a story, the last member of a family troubled with death by lightning strike attends a school for survival and cuisine among other important arts Each story of Arthur Slade s I read, whether written for YA or adult, is just excellent

    9. Vicki

      Newton is 14 years old and his mother was struck by lightning and killed All of the relatives from Newton s mother s side died from Lightning strikes The plot is clever and fun to read The author creates a fun narrative both outside and inside Newton s head The pig is a clever addition too.

    10. Michelle VanDaley

      Jolted was a fun story although it dealt with some dark issues, mainly death and survival I enjoyed getting to know the characters and following their journey This book was well written with in depth relatable characters I am looking forward to reading from this Author

    11. Rachel

      This was honestly kind of a pointless read for me I just read it to read it and move it from my TBR to my Have Read shelf It had some cute parts, but overall didn t really wow me.

    12. La Coccinelle

      I wasn t quite sure what to expect from this one I d never heard of it, and I only bought it because I found it in the bargain bin and it looked vaguely interesting.It was a relief to read something that was generally well written, though I would expect as much from a middle grade novel it s the young adult stuff that usually has the writing editing grammar issues While I m pretty sure most 14 year old boys don t talk the way Newton and his friends did, the style worked well enough in the contex [...]

    13. amy kara

      Jolted Newton Starker s Rules for Survival is a book about a boy named Newton who lives by the rules he made so he wouldn t die by getting hit by lightning as most Starkers have When he sees Jerry Potts Academy for Higher Learning and Survival, he decides that he has to go there, but when he actually does, he has a lot of problems For one thing, on his first day of school, his kilt part of his uniform drops in front of his classmates, which he blames on another student, Violet Quan Despite this, [...]

    14. Alan Mathew

      By Arthur StaleReviewed by Alan Cheriyan Genre Fantasy, SurvivalLightning has hunted for its prey, the Starkers for many centuries and only two remain As it has killed every other member of the Starker family, even his mother Will they be able to continue their bloodline or will they become extinct Many awards have been awarded to this book including, The Silver Birch Award in 2010 and in 2008 it won The Fiction Book of the Year Award This is probably because Arthur Slade has a unique writing st [...]

    15. Sarah W

      Imagine living in fear of going outside because if you go out at the wrong time This death wouldn t be at the hands of another person or the misfortune of an accident You have to check the weather before you go out it s essential to your survival This has been proven in your family again, and again, and again You don t live in Tornado Alley You aren t in the path of a hurricane A simple cloud can start your hair rising What so governs your life Lightning.Welcome to Newton Starker s life Several [...]

    16. Erin Forson

      Jolted Newton Starker s Rules for Survivalby Arthur SladeWhen I was seven, my parents took me to a farm where I tried to feed an apple to a cow I say tried because the fence I reached through was electrified When the cow approached me and I jerked back a little because the cow was so big, my hand caught the fence and BAM Just like that I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body to the rubber soles of my feet and back up again It was the worst feeling ever I know, I know, many of you have yo [...]

    17. Lisa

      This novel had such an amazing plot Imagine generations of the Starker family being killed by lightning Newton is one of the last of his family members left and he is determined to survive He has lived his life by the weather reports, always being scared to go outside He decides it s time to concur his fears and fight his own battle by enrolling at Jerry Potts Academy for Survival.This is a great novel for younger teens or tweens It s cute and packed with small adventures Though a lot of events [...]

    18. Jenny

      All his life Newton has had to be extremely careful Constantly checking the weather forecast and keeping his famous Starker temper in check After the death of his mother by lightning he enrolls at the Jerry Pots Academy of Higher Learning and Survival where he learns how to survive in any situation He s the second last surviving Starker in the world so Newton is trying everything he can to try to beat the odds Newton has had a pretty isolated childhood He wasn t allowed outside to play with the [...]

    19. An Odd1

      Jolted is by Arthur Slade Newton, 14 years old, last Starker alive from lighting strikes The events are fun, but he doesn t seem to mature Fine, but goes nowhere At Saskatchewan Survival School, he dons a kilt, gains a friend who writes a book in one long sentence, gets a girl and hope for future His gourmet cooking skills are demonstrated in two recipes I won t try , for the muffin part of Eggs Benedict, and truffle quiche His French is lacking, so when he calls France for ingredients, I know c [...]

    20. Helen

      Jolted is about a boy names Newton Starker Everyone in his family who had Starker boold including his mother had dies from a lightning strike, except for Newton and his great grandmother Enid Newton goes to Jerry Potts Academy, which is a school for survival He becomes friends with a boy named Jacob, and enemies with a girl named Violet In this story, his main goals is to have his name in the Hall of Heroes for becoming first to find the talisman in the Expedition, and to find a way to stay safe [...]

    21. P. Christopher Colter

      It s been quite a while since I ve picked up a young adult novel, but I struck gold with this one I ll spare you the plot overview Plenty of other reviews can supply that Suffice it to say that Jolted is an original, quirky, witty, and charming adventure coming of age novel about a likable teenager plagued by a very unusual family curse, on top of the normal obstacles that come with growing up I knew Arthur Slade was a terrific author after reading his novel Dust some time ago, and Jolted reaffi [...]

    22. Amanda

      Of the few books I have read by Arthur Slade this was not the best It was fun, it made me cry, it made me laugh once I think It just wasn t great Newton doesn t seem to be a very defined character He is dealing with the lose of his mom and the fact that he is a walking lightning rod His family, for some mysterious reason, is a perfect conductor for electricity The story is suppose to be about how Newton deals with this He attends a survival school where he makes a friend and possibly gets a girl [...]

    23. Diana

      Newton Starker is the last of a long line of Starkers For ages, his family has had a strange anomaly every one has died from a lightening strike Some think it s a curse, others think they re angels being taken down by Zeus, but either way, Newton has lived his life in fear and awareness of lightening He is now starting at Jerry Potts Survival School in Canada, hoping that he can learn new skills to avoid the lightening But a wilderness field trip will put what he s learned to the testEasy to rea [...]

    24. Brenda Young

      Newton Goddard Starker lives with a mysterious curse Members of the Starker family attract lightning, and nearly all his relatives have died from lightning strikes.Newton is determined to beat the odds, and he may have found the answer Jerry Potts Academy for Survival, a boarding school in Moose Jaw, Canada Its motto is Survival Through Fierce Intelligence Newton s ready to learn, and to be remembered in the school s Hall of Heroes.But for a boy who s spent most of his life in a protective dome, [...]

    25. Jen

      This book has an intriguing premise a boy whose entire family has been done away with by lightning The chapters are short, and chock a block with weird survival tips and facts It was not as satisfying a read as I d hoped, due mostly to the tangents that were taken by the author as he stream of consciousnessed the main character s thoughts At first, this strategy was endearing, but it rapidly became tedious as it felt as though the story was being delayed by the tangents rather than furthered by [...]

    26. Sandy

      I go back and forth about how I feel about this book On occasion, I think that the story falls a little flat and doesn t quite meet expectations But most of the time, I really think I liked it It s a fun premise and I really like the idea of survival school and the Newton s family s quirky problem with lightning I also now would really love to have a small pet pig named Josephine And the I sit on this book, the I like how the story ended and how Newton comes to terms with his family s curse an [...]

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