Whiteout Like no other suspense author in his genre Follett reinvents the thriller with each new storyline But nothing matches the intricate knife edge drama of Whiteout As a blizzard whips out of the north

  • Title: Whiteout
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9780525948438
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Whiteout

    Like no other suspense author in his genre, Follett reinvents the thriller with each new storyline But nothing matches the intricate, knife edge drama of Whiteout.As a blizzard whips out of the north on Christmas Eve, several people converge on a remote family house Stanley Oxenford, director of a pharmaceutical research company, has everything riding on a drug he is devLike no other suspense author in his genre, Follett reinvents the thriller with each new storyline But nothing matches the intricate, knife edge drama of Whiteout.As a blizzard whips out of the north on Christmas Eve, several people converge on a remote family house Stanley Oxenford, director of a pharmaceutical research company, has everything riding on a drug he is developing to fight a lethal virus Several others are interested in his success too his children, at home for Christmas with their offspring, have their eyes on the money he will make Toni Gallo, head of his security team and recently forced to resign from the police, is betting her career on keeping it safe an ambitious local television reporter sniffs a story, even if he has to bend the facts to tell it and a violent trio of thugs is on their way to steal it, with a client already waiting As the storm worsens and the group is laid under siege by the elements, the emotional sparks crackle and dark secrets are revealed that threaten to drive Stanley and his family apart for ever.Filled with startling twists at every turn, Whiteout rockets Follett to a class by himself.

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    One thought on “Whiteout

    1. Stacey

      Oh for heaven's sake, Follett. Just because as a sixty-ish man you wish that a hot 38-year-old redhead would find you irresistible does not mean you have to bake this into a novel in such a thinly veiled fashion. And P.S the book was actually going pretty well until said 38-year-old hugged the handsome sixty-ish man and felt——AHEM——wetness in her underthings. I beg your pardon? Way to ruin an otherwise almost-convincing romantic moment. Also Mr. Follett, you don't actually have to wrap u [...]

    2. Kostas Papadatos

      Ο ήρωας μας Στάνλεϋ Όξενφορντ, έχει μια μικρή φαρμακευτική εταιρεία που κάνει έρευνες γύρω από θανατηφόρους ιούς. Παραμονές Χριστουγέννων καλεί τις δυο του κόρες με τους συζύγους τους, τον γιό και τα εγγόνια του, ώστε να περάσουν μαζί τη περίοδο των εορτών. Όλα καλά δηλαδή γ [...]

    3. Susana

      (review in English below)Lê-se bem e depressa, que era o que eu pretendia. De resto, achei bastante básico. Um thriller pouco emocionante, com umas intrigas amorosas à mistura, incluindo um casal de adolescentes (!) que acaba por ter alguma influência no desenlace.Gostei da personagem principal, Toni Gallo.E pronto, cumpriu e ficou por aí.A nice and quick read, which was what I was looking for.Otherwise, I found it pretty basic. A not so thrilling thriller, with some love intrigue in the mi [...]

    4. Maria Espadinha

      Invariavelmente BomUm livro que foge ao estilo habitual de Ken Follet, mas que é invariavelmente bom. :)Uma prova do alcance da mestria do autor!Ken Follet persiste em não desiludir :)

    5. Daniel Bastian

      Blink once or twice and you might mistake Whiteout's opening act for that other ode to mysophobia, The Hot Zone. Coming a full ten years after Richard Preston's fan favorite, Follett administers a quick shot of déjà vu, retreading familiar themes early on before cracking the lid on a dizzyingly diverse cast and a bioterrorist plot filched straight from a Hollywood screenplay. Whereas The Hot Zone is an uneasy mix of nonfiction gussied up in sensationalist garb, Whiteout is pure novel—and qui [...]

    6. Jeff Yoak

      I decided to sample another work from the author of one of my favorite books, The Pillars of the Earth. It was extremely disappointing. I made it through about a third of the book and it was a vanilla drama of killer viruses and apparently a big storm on the way and the scientists and security guards that attempt to fight outbreak and hardship. It's the sort of thing that might have been written by any of a sheaf of modern authors like Michael Crichton, Patricia Cornwell or James Patterson and p [...]

    7. Kellie

      This was a suspenseful, edge of your seat kind of read. I loved it. Toni Gallo is the head of security at a biochemical lab in Scotland called the Kremlin. When she discovers 2 doses of an experimental drug missing, she has no idea that this is a prelude to an even more dangerous plot to rob the company. Stanley Oxenford, the owner, is Toni’s boss. They have a great working relationship and she is interested in more. Christmas Eve brings many surprises including a blizzard that makes the plot [...]

    8. Miquel Reina

      Whiteout is one of those novels that you can read in a matter of hours. It has a fast rhythm and although sometimes these books have a very obvious structure, Ken Follen hides it with the finesse of a master couturier.Spanish version: En blanco es de esas novelas que puedes leer en cuestión de horas. Su ritmo trepidante te engancha casi a la primera página, y aunque a veces este tipo de libros tengan estructuras tan pautadas, Ken Follen las esconde con la finura de un maestro costurero.

    9. Dale

      I was surprised to see a novel by an experienced pro that had such terrible stretches of writing in it. Would not have finished if it hadn't been a club selection. Got better nearer the end, where the action picks up. So where was the editor? Is Follett so big that they can't tell him when something is clunky and amateurish? Awkward info dumps, cardboard characters, and too much that is thrown in to see what sticks. Way too many superfluous beatings, errors, and convenient plot devices. And in t [...]

    10. Jack Massa

      A deadly virus is stolen from the vaults of a drug company in Scotland. Can the Facility Director (a gorgeous 36-year-old former policewoman who is secretly in love with her boss (the shy but brilliant professor who founded the company)) catch the thieves and avert a terrorist plot to spread worldwide plague? On Christmas Eve? In a blizzard? With her mother in the car?Follett is a magician, skillfully mixing thriller and soap opera with dashes of sex and violence. I can't quite figure out how he [...]

    11. Sally Lindsay-briggs

      This was a winner in my estimation. It was an audio book that I listened to on my long drives to visit my daughter. There was plenty of action and suspense and a dab of romance. A research company is trying to come up with an antidote for a very deadly virus. There is a robbery and a hostage situation in the midst of a huge blizzard. You really don't know what will happen until the finale. The heroine Toni is the security guard with lots of guts, smarts and gusto. I love it when the story has st [...]

    12. Ana Rebelo

      Não é assim tão comum avaliar um livro com cinco estrelas mas este merece essa classificação, sem dúvida. Ken Follett tornou-se agora num dos melhores escritores cujas obras eu tive oportunidade de ler. Ele não exagera nas descrições e aponta apenas os pormenores importantes, não comete o erro de se tornar demasiado científico quando a obra não necessita e utiliza os diálogos para expressar as personagens como pessoas normais, como nós, sem cair na tentação de se tornar demasiado [...]

    13. Leah

      Meh. My sometimes-sarcastic commentary1. Oh no! A book about the potential for a deadly virus that causes the sufferer to bleed from basically everywhere. Oh how new and and exciting. Especially in 2003. 2. The completely believable heroine of the day, Toni, trained in engineering, decides to be a police officer, shamed off the job, now a security director for a lab that holds aforementioned bloody virus (and a cure. Ok, a cure that actually doesnt' work --poor rabbits and lowly lab tech). 3. Cr [...]

    14. P.S. Mokha

      I read this while on holiday in the tropical Bay of Islands and it was the perfect read. Set in Scotland during a blizzard it was a delight to be reminded that I no longer lived in a cold climate. The pace picked up half way through, with each character's motivation and decision-making being clear and believable. I note some people found this book contrived and one described the characters as cardboard, yet it delivered what it set out to achieve. A racy action novel about averting a major inter [...]

    15. Preston Nowsch

      Another truly great book by one of my favorite authors. An invincible virus is stolen from a high security medical research facility in Scotland, and the motive runs deeper than anyone could expect. It's Christmas eve, and Stanly Oxenford is dangerously close to losing his facility thanks to a heartfelt technician bringing home one of the test animals, and trying to cure it. and thanks to his debt, if he loses the Kremlin, he loses everything he owns. i recommend this book to those who enjoy mys [...]

    16. Cátia Santos

      Sou mais fã de Ken Follett na sua vertente de romance histórico, mas gostei bastante deste "thriller". Um livro cheio de ação, com cerca de 350 páginas a descreverem dois dias intensos de Toni Gallo, diretora de segurança de um laboratório farmacêutico, e da família do seu patrão, Stanley Oxenford, ao serem confrontados com o roubo de um vírus altamente contagioso e letal.Um bom livro de ação, traição e coragem!

    17. Aurin

      Un consiglio da amica: non leggete le ultime 100/150 pagine prima di fare la nanna, se il mattino dopo dovete fare la levataccia!Il libro accelera che neanche la Ferrari di Stanley Oxenford, e dopo diventa impossibile staccarsi dalla lettura!

    18. Cat

      Oxenford Medical is a high-security pharmaceutical-research company in Scotland that has developed a new drug to act upon an amazingly deadly virus. But on a certain Christmas Eve, Antonia (Toni) Gallo, head of Oxenford Medical's security team notices a breach in security: samples of the drug are missing and a lab technician is nowhere to be found. When the said technician is finally found at his house, he is bleeding from every pore -- he has been infected with the virus and Stanley Oxenford, o [...]

    19. Rosana Maia

      E foi com este livro e este tão famoso autor que me estreei nos thrillers. Estava difícil dar início à leitura de um livro do género, mas finalmente aconteceu. :) Claro que não é com a leitura de um livro apenas que poderei dizer se gosto muito ou não de thrillers, mas posso dizer que foi com grande ânimo que folheei cada página desta obra.Ken Follet é autor de thrillers, romances históricos, entre outros. No entanto, não só é o primeiro thriller que leio, como também é o primei [...]

    20. Mónica Silva

      Opinião no blog: howtoliveathousandlivesspMesmo fora do género histórico, Ken Follett não desilude: com um enredo altamente emocionante, narra o assalto a um laboratório e o roubo de um vírus mortal. Este é um livro sobre conspirações, terrorismo, ética e a utilização de animais em experiências científicas. De igual modo, o autor consegue aliar eficazmente todo este suspense com uma pitada de romance. As próprias personagens formam um conjunto surpreendente: indivíduos corajosos, [...]

    21. Anastasia

      καταιγιστική δράση,σε σημείο να μην αφήνεις το βιβλίο από τα χέρια.μα δυστυχώς όχι στην έκταση που θα επιθυμούσα.μέχρι τα μισά του βιβλίου,ωραία στήνει την ιστορία ο Φόλλετ,μα σε κάνει να αδημονείς πότε επιτέλους θα αρχίσει ό,τι υπόσχεται το οπισθόφυλλο του βιβλίουοι ήρωες [...]

    22. Bar Reads

      Such a disappointment, as I gave Pillars of the earth 5 stars. This is a very bad short story, stretched forcefully to make a novel.

    23. Maria Carmo

      Another excellent Ken Follett! The book is fast paced, interesting, believable and manages to explain and educate about the risks of contagion with new vaccines or viruses. The description of the security of a high security laboratory is based on good research and visits to two such labs, one in the UK and another in the US, and Ken Follett always surrounds himself with good advisers on such topics.Because it is not such an unthinkable scenery nowadays, it is worthwhile reading. Besides it is an [...]

    24. Ana Sofia Ferreira

      [17/11/16]I finally finished this! I took such a long time because of university, but I enjoyed it every time I grabbed it! Ken Follett is one of the masters of thriller, and this one didn't fall behind on that.Whiteout deals with a deadly virus that, if spread, could kill millions of people. One of the scientists died with the virus but it was an isolated case. That was supposed to be the worst thing that could happen, right? Wrong.Toni Gallo is an ex-police that now works as the head of the se [...]

    25. JANET


    26. Estefânia Botelho

      Razões da escolha do livro: Desafio do mês de Junho – ken FollettProveniência: A minha Bibioteca.A minha Opinião: Mais um livro bom deste autor de que sou fã! A sua faceta thriller/suspense continua a surpreender e a prender o leitor!Um vírus é roubado de uma empresa farmacêutica de alta segurança na Escócia e um dos funcionários morre. Toni Gallo juntamente com a polícia começa a investigar! A busca por este vírus é fundamental para evitar uma catástrofe em larga escala!A aç [...]

    27. Thom Swennes

      Time (and the filling of it) can be a trademark of an author. Some writers can’t do justice to their story unless it is spread over decennia’s or longer. A majority of the works of James Michener fall under this category. Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and World Without End also weaves a tale over generations. Whiteout is on the opposite end of this spectrum. The story is played out in a three-day period. The Christmas holidays and a freak Scottish snowstorm add to the mix. Follett pro [...]

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