Beezus and Ramona

Beezus and Ramona Ramona Quimby is the youngest of all the famous characters in Mrs Cleary s wonderful Henry Huggins stories She is also far and away the most deadly Readers of the earlier books will remember that Ramo

  • Title: Beezus and Ramona
  • Author: Beverly Cleary Louis Darling Tracy Dockray
  • ISBN: 9780688310769
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beezus and Ramona

    Ramona Quimby is the youngest of all the famous characters in Mrs Cleary s wonderful Henry Huggins stories She is also far and away the most deadly Readers of the earlier books will remember that Ramona has always been a menace to Beezus, her older sister, to Henry, and to his dog Ribsy It is not that Ramona deliberately sets out to make trouble for other people She sRamona Quimby is the youngest of all the famous characters in Mrs Cleary s wonderful Henry Huggins stories She is also far and away the most deadly Readers of the earlier books will remember that Ramona has always been a menace to Beezus, her older sister, to Henry, and to his dog Ribsy It is not that Ramona deliberately sets out to make trouble for other people She simply has imagination than is healthy for any one person.

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    One thought on “Beezus and Ramona

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Beezus and Ramona (Ramona, #1), Beverly Cleary This is the only book in the series written from older sister Beezus' point of view. In the book, Beezus is struggling with her feelings for her annoying younger sister Ramona. Ramona exasperates Beezus with her high spirits and wild imagination. Ramona scribbles all over a library book, gets Ribsy locked in the bathroom, and disrupts Beezus' art class. Finally Beezus realizes it is possible to love her sister, even when she doesn't always like her. [...]

    2. Matt

      Returning to my childhood, I picked up this cute piece for my current book challenge. Beatrice ‘Beezus’ and Ramona Quimby share an interesting sisterhood connection. Ramona is that annoying four year-old, seeking her own independence and annoying a much older (9-10) and mature Beezus, in this collection of short stories. Ramona finds herself fixated on a certain book, the desire to join in the fun with the older children, and even to throw herself a party. Beezus is left to process all that [...]

    3. ABC

      I loved this book when I was a kid and my son loves it now. He thinks Ramona needs a spanking, and I am inclined to almost agree. Perhaps not quite a spanking, but certainly something stronger than, "You may go to your room." I think the mom gets stricter in later books in this series, but she is wishy-washy in this one.In a Battle of the Brats, my son couldn't decide whether Fudge or Ramona would win. I, however, thought Ramona the true champion. But she is hilarious. And actually, I started to [...]

    4. Allison Tebo

      Yet another one of those books where everybody smiles at the brat and says: "Well, they'll grow out of it naturally." without offering any discipline to help the poor brat. Very annoying and not recommended.

    5. Megan

      As a kid, I used to devour Beverly Cleary books and the Ramona series was no exception! I recently found a copy of Beezus and Ramona at the local used bookstore, and I picked it up to relive a bit of my childhood. As a child, I was drawn to the zest for life that Ramona brought to the page. However, on this go around, I found myself identifying with sweet, lovable Beezus. Her intelligent and quiet demeanor is such a contrast to that of Ramona's. I now have a younger sister and she is a lot like [...]

    6. Tiph

      Bottomline: Started to read this to my 5year old. neither of us were impressed, so we stopped.I remember reading this series when I was little and my daughter loves (and very much relates to Ramona's antics in) the movie remake that came out a few years ago so we were both very excited about starting this book. But not very far in (maybe half way through the 1st chapter), my daughter just couldn't seem to get interested for which I was thankful - because it just wasn't settling right with me, ei [...]

    7. Jackie "the Librarian"

      As a read-aloud, young children will relate to Ramona, and older, independent readers will feel Beezus's pain. This is my favorite Ramona book, because of the episode with the library book (I'm a librarian, see). Ramona, being only four, colors in the steamshovel book Beezus checked out for her from the library, and they have to pay for it. When the librarian stamps the book "Discarded," and prepares to hand it back to the girls, Beezus sees the danger just in time. If they give the book to Ramo [...]

    8. Rachel Elizabeth

      My own once-annoying little sister ran her first 5K this morning and texted me afterward to tell me she had done it, how happy and accomplished she was feeling. This is the perfect book to read on a day when I am thinking about her, since we certainly weren't always the sort of friends we are now. I can't believe this book has been around since the 50's (aside from the fact that 9-year old Beezus spends her time playing checkers and making potholders). Its wisdom is contemporary and, dare I say [...]

    9. FeReSHte

      مادر به آرامی فر اجاق را خاموش کرد، دستگیره ای برداشت، عروسک نیم سوخته و بقیه کیک را از داخل فر بیرون آوردبئاتریس خشمگین گفت: رامونا جرالدین کوییم بی! تو وحشتناکی! جدا وحشتناکی ببین چه به روز کیک تولدم آوردی!؟رامونا اعتراض کرد: خودت به من گفتی خیال کنم گرتل هستم! خبمگر گرتل ، جا [...]

    10. Irene

      I remember reading some, not all, of the Ramona Quimby series when I was a kid. I was delighted when Isabelle told me that Beezus and Ramona was the "read aloud" book at school - which means her teacher reads it aloud during snack time and after lunch.I really love this series! I have as much fun reading these books to Isabelle as Isabelle does listening to me read them. Beezus and Ramona introduces us to Ramona, and as a mother, I feel better just knowing that someone - Beverly Cleary! - seemed [...]

    11. Paniz Nsr

      هنوز هم از خواندن این کتاب ها بینهایت لذت میبرم هر چند درک نمیکنم که بیزوس چرا برای دوست نداشتن خواهرش احساس گناه میکنه من که هیچ وقت برای دوست نداشتن خواهرم این حس رو نداشتم! هر چند این کتاب باعث شد که خواهرم برای داشتن من شکرگزار باشد ولی متاسفانه نفهمیدم این کتاب چه مطلب آمو [...]

    12. Jeanette

      I decided to read this on a bit of a whim. Inspired by D.E.A.R day I pulled out some of my old books from when I was a kid. I don't think I have read a Beverly Cleary book since I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I did read her autobiographies when I was in 7th grade for a book report. I always loved Beverly Cleary and I am excited to return to this great children's classics.9 year old Beezus, who always seems so level-headed, is dealing with the antics of her "creative" 4 year old sister, Ramona. Beezu [...]

    13. Rachel Brand

      July 2017: I just finished reading this book aloud to my almost-three-year-old and I can see so much of him in Ramona. She's the perfect depiction of a young child, the way their mind works, the questions they ask, the way they interpret things, the trouble they get into. I'd forgotten that this book is actually told from Beezus's point of view, but Quinn still really enjoyed listening to the story. I wasn't sure if he'd actually engaged with it and pay attention, but he did. I'd completely forg [...]

    14. Анастасия Карнаух

      Възмутена съм! Аз съм направо въмУтена и огОрчена от факта, че детството ми е било лишено от тази велика поредица на Бевърли Клиъри! Че не съм имала толкова голямо разнообразие от вече измислени пакости,които да пресъздам в домашни условия.Чувствах се толкова неразбрана, а [...]

    15. Kathy Davie

      First in the Ramona Quimby middle-grade readers fiction series and revolving around a misbehaving younger childTE: Beezus and Ramona supports the Common Core standards…if that’s important to you.My TakeThis is a handy tale for those siblings who are the older sister (or brother) and that hate-hate relationship between siblings that turns into funny stories when you’re old enough. Well, actually, I suspect this is more useful to the parents who are dealing with older kids who are angry and/ [...]

    16. Jennifer

      I know I read some of the Ramona books as a child but I don't have particularly strong memories of them, so listening to the audiobook was an interesting experience. Stockard Channing narrates this Listening Library edition and I was disappointed with the results. I really enjoy Channing's film and tv work, but the narration just didn't work for me. Her children's voices were either whiny or outright obnoxious which makes it hard for me to decide how much of my dislike of Ramona was the writing [...]

    17. Dichotomy Girl

      This was my 4 years first regular chapter book. We started out reading it, and then switched to listening to an audiobook during the commute to school.The thing I personally found interesting was how different 4 year olds were treated in the 1950's versus now. I found myself amazed at how much freedom a 4 and 9 year old had: Walking to the library. Going to art glass, with Ramona basically playing in the park unattended. This is amazing to me, even though I know that it echoes my own childhood. [...]

    18. Mehsi

      I needed to read this one for a Copycat Challenge for my group. And man, did I hate this book.Ramona is one of the most annoying, aggravating, stupid, idiotic characters I have ever seen (and I read a lot). I truly hated her, I don't care that she is 4 or 3 or 5 for all I care, she was a total horrendous kid. Doing whatever she wanted, and otherwise tantrum. She loved punishments (at one time in the story they decided not to give her any), she loved ruining, wrecking and destroying things, no ma [...]

    19. Panda Incognito

      When I was a child, I never read the Ramona books, because my mom thought they displayed Bad Attitudes and encouraged me to read other things instead. I never cared, but recently, I thought I should try out the classic stories for cultural knowledge and appreciation. I now have cultural knowledge and an increased appreciation for my mother's discernment. I really did not need to read this book when I was little, and would have been even more scandalized by it than I was now.This book is well-wri [...]

    20. Michelle

      I have an amazing, beautiful, old copy of Beezus and Ramona that I scored at a library book sale. I adore it, and decided to give it a reread, as I haven't visited with Ramona in forever. Can you believe this--I completely forgot the first book in the Ramona series is told from her older sister's point-of-view. Ramona is only four, and while she's just as charming and adorable as usual, four is very different from the Ramona I remember (Age 8!). What I'm saying is that I appreciated and enjoyed [...]

    21. Cristi-Lael

      Read this years ago, but decided to read it to the girls aloud. After the first chapter, I feared they wouldn't enjoy it because it's a little outdated and not as funny as the Bunnicula series we just finished, but I was wrong. They totally loved this first book and are chomping at the bit to have me read the rest. And that makes me happy because I really enjoyed this series when I read it the first time. (Though I think little Ramona needs some more serious punishments at times than just being [...]

    22. Uminaka16

      เพิ่งได้มาอ่านตอนแก่ราโมนาแสบมากค่ะ เป็นเด็กประเภทที่ถ้าเจอในชีวิตจริงคงรักไม่ลงเหมือนกัน (แต่ถ้าเป็นลูกเป็นหลานก็อีกเรื่อง) พฤติกรรมเรียกร้องความสนใจบางทีก็น่าสงสาร แต่แ [...]

    23. Alicia

      I loved these books dearly when I was younger. I'm delighted they hold up though my perspective is very different. I laughed and laughed and felt so bad for Beezus. I don't remember Ramona being so spirited, but she is an absolute delight.

    24. Renee

      This review consists of two parts: 1. My daughter's review (she's 8) and 2. My review (I'm the Mom). These are excerpts - for the full review please visit us at motherdaughterbookreviewsDAUGHTER SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it: I think I’m more like Beezus and my brother is like Ramona (sometimes), but I still like both the girls. Ramona sometimes does bad things that annoy Beezus. I like to read about the funny things that Ramona does like taking one bite out of a bunch of apples and [...]

    25. Jen

      This series was a favorite when I was a child. It's the series I think of when I think of my earliest reading. I really enjoyed this version from Audible. It was narrated by Stockard Channing. She did such a good job giving each character their own voice and personality. I highly recommend especially for family listens. :D

    26. Hannah Notess

      First real classic read-aloud with almost-5-year-old. Great illustrations, hilarious stories, and real talk about feelings.

    27. Amy

      I love that these books stand up to being re-read as an adult from the viewpoint of a parent of a 5-year old. They're also near timeless (other than all the parents leaving their preschoolers alone at a birthday party at someone's house without a formal invitation or oral confirmation). And the difference between this and drivel like Caillou is that, when Ramona makes a mistake, the lesson is spelled out in the book rather than a child reader having to read between the lines to figure out what t [...]

    28. Nikinnia Smith

      Poor Beezus! I can definitely feel her pain as I have a little sister that is 16 years younger than me. She is constantly being annoyed by her younger sister Ramona. Ramona is a rambunctious little girl. She is always getting into some kind of trouble. In my opinion Ramona needs a good spanking. She throws tantrums, slams doors, even wonders off from home. Beezus, her older sister is tired of Ramona annoying her, and always getting her way. She feels bad because she doesn't always like Ramona. I [...]

    29. Malia

      Stockard Channing narrates these audiobooks, and they are a treasure! It's funny to reread this book after so many years. It was like remembering a language I used to speak with its simultaneous familiarity and fogginess.What kind of blows my mind is that I was (and am) a total Beezus, with my desire for quiet time for needlework and board games, and my belief in the sanctity of my library card, and Ramona-ish types really get to me. I have always felt stressed out by really high energy characte [...]

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