Wild Justice

Wild Justice Seven years ago Phillip Margolin seized the imagination of thriller readers everywhere with his chilling breakout bestseller Gone but Not Forgotten After five subsequent New York Times bestsellers

  • Title: Wild Justice
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780061030635
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wild Justice

    Seven years ago, Phillip Margolin seized the imagination of thriller readers everywhere with his chilling breakout bestseller, Gone, but Not Forgotten After five subsequent New York Times bestsellers, Margolin now returns to the haunting terrain of Gone, but Not Forgotten with a mesmerizing tour de force of psychological suspense, an electrifying tale of revenge and retriSeven years ago, Phillip Margolin seized the imagination of thriller readers everywhere with his chilling breakout bestseller, Gone, but Not Forgotten After five subsequent New York Times bestsellers, Margolin now returns to the haunting terrain of Gone, but Not Forgotten with a mesmerizing tour de force of psychological suspense, an electrifying tale of revenge and retribution that shows a master storyteller at the very peak of his craft.Thursday Subject is still combative after four days of applied pain, sleep deprivation and minimal food.Vice squad detective Bobby Vasquez, for months on the trail of a slippery underworld figure, receives an anonymous tip that directs him to a mountain cabin He races through the idyllic Oregon woods, expecting to close the book on a long standing vendetta What he finds instead opens a Pandora s box of horror that will haunt him to his dying day.8 10 Subject bound and gaffed and placed in upstairs closet at end of hall Turned out lights in house, drove off, then parked and doubled back Watched from woods.Within hours, Vincent Cordoni a brilliant surgeon with a history of violence and drug abuse is arrested for a heinous crime Facing a seemingly insurmountable wall of evidence, he turns to Portland s top criminal defense attorney, Frank Jaffe who, along with his ambitious daughter, Amanda, must put on an inspired defense Amanda s first taste of criminal defense work is as intoxicating as it is chilling, but it raises moral questions she s loath to address Is she defending an innocent man Or is she using her considerable skills to set a monster free Then Cardoni disappears under bizarre circumstances Four years later, a second set of murders has begun.8 55 Subject exits house, naked and barefoot, armed with kitchen knife Remarkable strength of character Breaking her will be a challenge.Has Cardoni resurfaced to ply his deadly trade anew Is there a copycat killer Or has the real killer been someone else all along The police will do everything they can to stop Cardoni but they have to find him first.Following a twisting trail of clues, including a harrowing diary that clinically records the killer s horrible deeds, Amanda Jaffe and Bobby Vasquez join the hunt and themselves become targets of the twenty first century s first genuinely monstrous psychopath.

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    One thought on “Wild Justice

    1. Robbie

      How can you combine doctors, lawyers, local mafia, serial killers, abusive spouses, and harvested organs on the black market, into a psychological thriller set in the beautiful pacific northwest, and not succeed? I'll tell you how! Read Wild Justice.Phillip Margolin lazily wrote Wild Justice, both in character development and from a plot standpoint. For example, we learn on page 160 that local mafia hitman Ed Gordon is an ex-marine who had been dishonorably discharged for assaulting an officer. [...]

    2. Li'l Owl

      Really a great thriller! This had me questioning myself over and over again. At the last 10 pages, I had an inkling as to who the killer was, but I hadn't guessed it all! What a twisted ending!! Will be reading the entire series, I'm thinking!

    3. Alex Shelby

      Probably 4.5 stars because I did figure out the twist. However it wasn't until about 80% in that I put things together and this was a great page turner, so I'll bump it up to 5.

    4. Matt Garcia

      Wild Justice has as a quick pace to it with short, engaging chapters. A deeply engrossing read. I was so engaged that I didn't want to put it down. Fans of mystery films/books and courtroom dramas will most likely have a good time with this one. I sure did. I really enjoy a good courtroom drama where the lawyers are sharp, witty and and charismatic. Where they display their cases in interesting and clever ways. Two of my favorite films of all time are "A Few Good Men" and "My Cousin Vinny" which [...]

    5. Tara Hall

      I LOVED this book. It held my interest from the first few pages, and I was riveted to the end. I identified with all the characters. I rooted for the tender-footed attorney, Amanda, and liked her transition over the years into a strong willed woman and capable attorney. I enjoyed the various other doctors implicated in the brutal crimes (I am not going into detail so I won’t spoil the plot), and each one was a complete character that was well fleshed out. I even liked the various bit players, [...]

    6. Patrice Hoffman

      Finished this book in one day. It was an entertaining read. The first half was pretty boring but I stuck with it to get to the real heart of the story. It was pretty obvious who the real killer was the whole time but it was still fun getting to the end.

    7. Kristen

      In Philip Margolin's Wild Justice, the first installment in the Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, this thriller will give you chills and make you shudder. When Amanda Jaffe joined her father's law firm as an associate, he helped him take the case against Vincent Cardoni. A prominent doctor who's been arrested for series crimes, who had run into some trouble with the law and with the mafia. He claims he's innocent and that Justine Castle, his soon-to-be ex-wife had framed him. During his trial, [...]

    8. Charlie Lewis

      Personal responseI thought thatWild Justicewas the best book I've ever read. I enjoyed the suspense throughout the book. I also enjoyed all the surprises and twists in the book. I loved the ending of the book most.Plot Grant was selling a heart to Breach but the airfield they were at was raided, and Grant drove off with the money before Breach’s henchman got the heart. Grant drove back to his partner’s place to hideout. The surgeon let Grant in and gave him a drink. The surgeon asked about t [...]

    9. Ceren Ünlü

      Phillip Margolin / Vahşi AdaletVahşi Adalet kitabı okundu bitti. Bitmese olacaktı, biraz daha okusaydım keşke. :) Ama işte kitap güzel olunca anında, soluksuz okunuyor.Kitabı çok beğendim ! Tam benim tarzımdı ve çok zekice kurgulanmıştı. Cinayetler tüylerimi ürpertir, ağzım açık okurken vay be dedim ne canavarlar var. Bir de okurken etraf karanlık falan işte tek gece lambası açık, gaipten sesler duymaya da başladım. Sonra aman sen kenidini öldürülenlerin yerine [...]

    10. Burcu Akpınar

      Ana karakteri ceza avukatı değilde dünyadan bihaber saf, masum normal yurdum insanı tipinde bişey yapsalardı her şey 10 numara olucakmış. Bu kadar saf kahraman olmaz. Resmen delirip bir ara sesli söylenirken yakaladım kendimi:) Gene de kurgu, akıcılık vs. sıkmadan okutuyor kendini

    11. Matthew

      Mr. Margolin became an "author to watch" novelist for me after I finished reading Gone But Not Forgotten a decade ago. This is the third novel I've read by him since and, I'll tell ya, Margolin is strictly a formula writer. Now that I know the standard structure this author uses for his plots, it'd be nice if he had created some interesting characters for this book but, unfortunately, he didn't. This is the first novel in the "Amanda Jaffe Series" and, in truth, I found her to be quite bland. Bl [...]

    12. Pr Latta

      [eAudio] First in the Amanda Jaffe series and first Phillip Margolin that I've read. Reminded me of a faster paced, less pedantic, more grisly, less depressed Barbara Holloway (Kate Wilhelm) tale but that probably was influenced by the fact that Anna Fields was the narrator and the lawyer father is also called "Frank." I enjoyed listening to the book but the rating was brought down by the lack of credibility in "procedure" -- too many professionals going to dangerous places by themselves, fantas [...]

    13. Dwayne Wojtowicz

      No matter what you do, but before you have surgery please make sure that the surgeon knows what arm or leg needs to be operated on and clearly mark the limb or appendage with a marker.Dr. Vincent Cardoni, a brilliant surgeon with a history of violence and drug abuse, becomes known as the heinous criminal in a series of murders in the Portland area. While vowing his innocence, he hires the top attorney, Frank Jaffe, to defend him. Jaffe does his job and gets Cardoni off on a major technicality. F [...]

    14. Kelliann Gomez

      3.5 stars really.I tend to be biased against cop/detective-y books since so many read the same. Like there are times where I wonder if they all went to the same creative writing classes Or are maybe all one incredibly prolific writer who keeps writing the same sh*t under different names.Starting this book, I got a bit of that, "Ugh, not again" factor, but I was pleasantly surprised. it was somewhere between Red Dragon (which I mainly bring up since it was mentioned as a comparison on the back co [...]

    15. Suzie Weber

      It is 2017 and I have had this book at my condo for 15 years. I was told by several friends it was worth reading. Dang, why did I wait so long??!! So put aside the differences in time, medical procedures, VHS players, and flip phone cell phones and read this book. Black market organs, drug dealers, way too many doctors and drug dealers to keep the who-done-it list simple. We are introduced to Frank Jaffa and his daughter Amanda Jaffe, a new defense attorney joining her father's firm. She is gree [...]

    16. Merve Muzikalkutuphanem

      Vahşi Adalet, konusunu çok beğendiğim, beklentilerimi yüksek tuttuğum bir kitap. 🎵Konusu kısaca şöyle, Amanda yeni mezun bir avukat, babası Frank'in avukatlık bürosunda birlikte çalışıyorlar. Bir gün Cardoni isimli bir cerrahın evinde cesetler bulunuyor ve tüm deliller Cardoni'ye işaret ediyor ve Cardoni'de Frank'in müvekkili oluyor. 🎵Daha fazla anlatıp spoiler vermek istemiyorum. Dediğim gibi çok fazla beklentim vardı, ilk 100 sayfasında olaya hakim olamadım, he [...]

    17. Elizabeth Rebecca Shaw

      A bit of a weird book from an author that has produced many books; this is the first one with this character as lead. The timeline of the book is over seven years, somewhat unusual and jumps in suspicion of who the murderer is quite a bit. In fact, the murderer is a minor character for most of the book until suddenly he is the definite one. It is a bit of a leap of faith that the main character goes through to identify him and then there is a bit of keystone cops resulting in the suspect in the [...]

    18. Mark

      I've read some other series by Margolin & enjoyed themcent characters, plotting & enough twists to keep turning the pages, so I started with the Amanda Jaffe seriescent enoughI like the side characters & Amanda's immediate circleAmanda becomes involved in a serial murderer case involving doctors, lawyers, organized crimewhat's not to like!!!

    19. Michael Tarpinian

      Page turning thriller involving the Jaffe family — father and daughter lawyers. Other than the Jaffe’s, it was hard to figure out the good guys from the bad guys. It kept changing. The ultimate bad guy was a real ghoul.

    20. Lissa

      WOW!!! You don't know who the real serial killer is til closer to the end when it all comes out omfg!!! Just amazing, it made you think & change your opinion on who did it. The ending was just amazing with how they dealt with everything.

    21. Brian O'Leary

      Great start to a series, the main character Amanda Jaffe is very real and likable, she tries to catch/avoid serial killer.

    22. Susan Krich

      This is a great book with many twists, turns and possibilities.Once I started, I didn't want to put it down.

    23. Marisolea

      Muy entretenido y engancha bastante, aunque es cierto que sabes (o al menos yo lo supe) quién es el asesino enseguida. Me ha chirriado algún detalle, muy de novela romántica, como insistir en que determinado personaje tiene los ojos del color verde jade. No creo que sea un dato tan necesario para la trama como para repetirlo. Pero vaya, es por sacarle punta a algo.

    24. Blood Rose Books

      Phillip Margolin, a former criminal justice attorney, brings his readers Wild Justice, where justice is never straight forward in and outside of the courtroom.A haunting massacre awaits investigators near a cabin in the woods, the "works" of a mad man, a serial killer that has taken meticulous care to make sure that each of the victims suffered. Caught on scene and arrested is a brilliant but violent and drug abusing surgeon Dr. Vincent Cardoni. Cardoni hires the top lawyer in Frank Jaffe and hi [...]

    25. Greg Lang

      This book is about 15 years old and was given to me second hand by a close friend about 12 years ago. It sat on a shelf in my home office all these years being overlooked time and again. While searching through my collection with my daughter about a month ago, I finally discovered it and what a hidden treasure it has turned out to be! This is simply one of the best works of fiction I have ever read and definitely cracks my all time favorite list!To kick things off, a highly illegal, black market [...]

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