Dance Me Outside

Dance Me Outside Dance Me Outside is a collection of short stories written by W P Kinsella in The book contains seventeen stories narrated by Silas Ermineskin and is set on a Cree Indian reserve in Central Albert

  • Title: Dance Me Outside
  • Author: W.P. Kinsella
  • ISBN: 9780887502248
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dance Me Outside

    Dance Me Outside is a collection of short stories written by W P Kinsella in 1977.The book contains seventeen stories narrated by Silas Ermineskin and is set on a Cree Indian reserve in Central Alberta and is about what happens in the lives of the people that live on the reserve.

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      116 W.P. Kinsella
    Dance Me Outside

    One thought on “Dance Me Outside

    1. Neil Pasqua

      When I first read Kinsella and ultimately the Dance Me Outside series of stories, I believed him to be Indian I am myself Indian and felt he had to be Indian as he captured the humour and strength of humour But Kinsella was not and I felt a bit of cultural appropriation but regardless of the storyteller, the stories were funny

    2. Paul Secor

      I first read this when it was published in the U.S mid 80 s and decided to reread it when I read of W.P Kinsella s passing It still holds up There are a couple of 3 star stories, some 4 stars, and some 5 stars I ll give it 5 in memoriam of Mr Kinsella.

    3. Jim

      W P Kinella s enjoyable collection of short humorous stories are narrated by Silas Ermineskin, a young Cree living on a Canadian reserve, as he struggles to understand and explain the lives of his family and friends especially their relationships with whites , mostly set during the 1970s, revealing much of the racism and poverty experienced by Canadian Indians The stories are often witty, sharp, and critical My biggest pause, however, is that they are being told by a nonnative sympathetic as he [...]

    4. Emma

      Although I am aware Kinsella has the propensity to create sensationalized portraits the First Nations life, I can t help but love this work, his first It has a distinct charm and perhaps the best cohesiveness or flow of any short story collection I ve read Each story is rich with a comedic lightness that balances out the tough matters, without diminishing impact It was hard to put down and I read it in two sittings.

    5. Karen

      I found this book to be not at all what I expected and mildly disturbing It is spoken of as being humorous, but I found the stories sad Sad because of the sorry plight of the American Indian in our society and sad because of the inhuman way people treat one another Sometimes, I felt like I wanted to stop reading, such was the upsetting nature of some of the things that occurred, but the stories themselves are compelling Each is a tight knit little adventure with a very definite beginning, middle [...]

    6. Amy

      Well it was either get fired up, or sad some of the stories did fire me up yo the point of wanting to fight anything with breathe but the overall effect sad.

    7. B. Mason

      Dance Me Outside is an excellent collection All the stories are from the perspective of Silas Ermineskin and though I did take umbrage with the syntactical choices of the author one which the character explains I did find myself wondering why most all the Cree in this book talked like Silas This quibble aside there are funny, poignant and some real gut punches in this one After a while the camaraderie of Silas, Frank Fence post and others takes on an almost Steinbeck esque level of brotherhood a [...]

    8. Kye Alfred Hillig

      I ve admired the native American beliefs all my life This was a great window into how their lives have changed Kinsella shows us a character whose community has turned somewhat bitter under the foot of the white man There is an innocence about his character, Silas, that makes you feel the pain of his people and the way that their lives have been perverted There is an underlying feeling of doom to this novel, like you know that the natives as a people won t survive It s also interesting to be all [...]

    9. Teresa

      This is the second time that I read this book since the mid 1990 s This time I wanted to read it because the book caused a bit of a sensation with the people that live in the First Nations community of Hobbema now called Maskwacis I didn t think that it was controversial at all It had a lot of the truth of living on a reserve Perhaps if the book was released today instead of so many decades ago, people might have a different attitude now that First Nations concerns are being revealed Overall, I [...]

    10. Max

      I ve always loved the movie and was thrilled to come across the book Was I surprised to learn that the movie is based on but a single chapter of the book No wonder the author didn t like the movie The stories are so funny and the characters are unforgettable I know he is not a native writer and there is always the concern of someone telling another culture s stories, but I think the stories are told with such authenticity and love for the characters, I could not help but be won over A truly grea [...]

    11. Lezley

      I think this book is an important book to read It s as though a veil hangs between First Nations and the rest of Canada This book takes you behind the veil of First Nations people Each story is so poignant it s impossible to continue to the next story Some time is needed between stories to let them simmer in your mind It left me feeling that addressing the issues facing First Nations people is endlessly hopeless.

    12. Valeria Clay

      I really liked this book This collection of short stories depict life on a modern Indian reservation from an Indian perspective It shows the differences past and present and the communication difficulties that occur when interactions occur between two cultures The narrator is the connecting thread between the various stories It is a great read, my only complaint is that it wasn t any longer I could have kept reading.

    13. Jeffrey

      I m really rating this book a 4.5 My single complaint is that it wasn t longer What made this collection of short stories so enjoyable is that the characters stayed pretty much the same throughout the book, so even though each story was only a handful of pages long, Kinsella is able to really develop the major players in the collection Perhaps the greatest strength of the book is that it has just one narrator, and his personality ties all the stories together.

    14. Anna Huynh

      My sister recommended this book to me saying that it was just as good as Alexie s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven a great read, if you haven t so I had really high expectations for this book Which is why it was OK The kind of writing style was used to reflect how the characters spoke, I get it, but it ended up being a distraction for me It is a series of short stories told by the main character who I just did not feel a connection with.

    15. Shar Wallis

      This is a collection of short stories with each story was told by the same character, Silas a Cree native in Alberta, which added good flow to the book The stories were witty and sharp Dance Me Outside was my favourite I read a review on this book that questions Kinsella s use of the native voice That was a concern for me with this book I felt like he was dumbing down the characters.

    16. G

      I really liked this book because it had so many short stories that were all narrated by the same character yet were all so different from one another Some were funny, some were sad yet they all were from a young man s point of view so even the depressing stories had some light moments.

    17. Leslie

      The stories in this book are quite funny young native Americans in rural Alberta getting into all kinds of scrapes Characters are very well drawn Spare and lovely writing That being said, the collection is a little darker than his first stories about this group The Fencepost Chronicles

    18. Yvonne

      Another classic to add to your collection This book was turned into a movie starring the Canadian First Nations actor Adam Beach It offer s a glimpse into the challenges and humour of Indigenous peoples.

    19. Sheila

      This is my favorite book always has been, and probably always will be I even named my dog after the Title Character I have read it at least 5 times over the years, as well as all other books written by W.P.Kinsella.

    20. Chad

      I knew nothing about this book, just saw it at a yard sale and liked the name Great short stories about a Native American in the 70s.

    21. Vivienne

      Heartbreaking and uplifting stories of life on the reservation for a group of Native teens I read the book first when I was 17 it should be required reading.

    22. Kristi Barden

      I love love this book I ve owned several copies and finally got a hardback copy I thought the movie made after it was terrible But I love reading these stories over and over

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