High Country

High Country A terrible car accident left Laura fatherless injured and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice s papers af

  • Title: High Country
  • Author: Jennie Hansen
  • ISBN: 9781598115895
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • High Country

    A terrible car accident left Laura fatherless, injured, and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice s papers after her death, Bruce finds a certificate that will change Laura s life forever a marriage certificate With her name on it The doctors told her she wouldn t be able to remeA terrible car accident left Laura fatherless, injured, and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice s papers after her death, Bruce finds a certificate that will change Laura s life forever a marriage certificate With her name on it The doctors told her she wouldn t be able to remember a lot of things, but how could she forget getting married Laura is shocked even further when she finds out she is the heir to her father s fortune and his ranch, High Country As she discovers the secrets about her past that Aunt Alice had kept so well hidden from her, Laura is determined to get back what is rightfully hers But trying to regain the beautiful house and land from a stubborn cowboy, Paul Mac Burgoyne, who claims to be her husband, is than she bargained for In this gripping novel, best selling author Jennie Hansen presents a fresh set of realistic, entertaining characters who learn the importance of forgiveness, faith, and love in the face of discord and misunderstanding Once you start reading High Country, you won t want to put it down.

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    One thought on “High Country

    1. Kathryn

      another amazing novel from jennie hansen. She knows how to keep a readers attention from the first to the last page. I love how there is still a mystery as to how the story will end. Laura has had hardship in her life from being separated from her father, to the early dead of her mother, to a terrific car accident to finding out her aunt lied to her her whole life to finding out she is married since she was 15 while going through her aunt's paper before selling her house. Now she has to figure o [...]

    2. Laura

      Laura Hendrickson and her cousin Bruce are the appointed heirs of their Aunt Alice’s estate. Following Alice’s death Laura & Bruce are in the process of cleaning out Alice’s house when Bruce comes across a set of documents among which are; copy of a will from Laura’s deceased father indicating he has left her his share in a sprawling ranch in southeastern Idaho and a marriage certificate that purports to certify that Laura is the wife of one Paul MacPherson Burgoyne. Initially Laura [...]

    3. Kayleigh Laporte

      High Country is about a woman named Laura Hendrickson who, at age fifteen, was in a car accident causing the loss of most of her memories from before the crash. Years later, while Laura and her cousin Bruce are cleaning out their recently deceased Aunt Alice's attic, Bruce discovers a pile of documents, one being a marriage certificate belonging to Laura. Upon studying it further, Laura finds out that she's married to a man named Paul "Mac" Burgoyne. In disbelief, she goes through the other docu [...]

    4. Amy

      Genre: LDS RomanceLaura finds out her father left her some property in his will. She also finds out she may have a husband. After surviving a horrific accident as a child she has lost many of her early memories. She can't remember ever getting married. She goes to Idaho to investigate the lost property and maybe figure out who this supposed husband is. When she meets Mac Burgoyne and her father's former business partner, it is clear they are very surprised to see her. Soon they are in a dispute [...]

    5. Susan

      A terrible car accident left Laura fatherless, injured, and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident. But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice's papers after her death, Bruce finds a certificate that will change Laura's life forever: a marriage certificate. With her name on it. The doctors told her she wouldn't be able to remember a lot of things, but how could she forget getting married? Laura is shocked even further when she finds out she is the h [...]

    6. Shellie

      What a good story!!!Laura was in a crash that nearly killed her when she was 15. It did kill her father. 8 years later, she finds a marriage certificate with her name on it, and a will stating she owns 50% of her father's ranch in Idaho. Little to her belief, the documents are real!!It becomes a stress and a heartache for her to reunite with her husbandwho thought she was dead (he married her right before she was airlifted to the hospital at her dying father's wish. She agreed at the time to the [...]

    7. LuAnn

      This book was hard for me to rate. The first half really drove me crazy, too many passages that read like back-story info dumps. I felt like I was being TOLD rather than SHOWN the events and some of the details seemed too contrived. However, by chapter 14, I realized I was involved in the events and cared about the characters. There were more info dump passages as the final pages played out and I felt the final paragraph wasn't quite as satisfying as I would have liked it to be, but the book was [...]

    8. Cheryl Mclaws

      High Country sucked me in at the first sentence. I stayed up late last night listening to it, and finished it this morning. I probably would have finished it faster had I been reading it, instead of just listening to it, but I enjoyed listening to it. I don't think I would have appreciated the emotional aspects of the characters and the story as much, had I been hurriedly reading it. The individual and shared heartbreak of the characters had been crying for probably half the book. The rest of th [...]

    9. Crystal (Books Are Sanity!!!)

      I read this book by Jennie Hansen and at first it confused me. I was trying to figure out what was really going on with the characters. Laura is left fatherless after a bad car accident and her Aunt Alice takes her and her mother in to help raise her. After her Aunt passes away she discovers papers indicating that she is married and has been for years. Follow the story of Laura as she tries to find out if she is really married and entitled to half of her father's ranch. This story will keep you [...]

    10. Jenni C

      This book had a cute beginningbut the rest was a repeating, emotional roller-costar Every chapter had the same problem(s) dialog. The characters were also annoying Mac - convinced his 'encounters' with a neighboring girl were just causal meetings and his lack of common scene had me skipping to read the end of the book for closure. Laura, who had sooooo much talent and opportunity turned into "no body loves me" pity party. I was gravely disappointed in this story, which I was hoping would be a wi [...]

    11. Susan

      Disappointed! Jennie Hansen is one of my favorite authors. I have shared some of her early books with my husband and he enjoyed them too. However, this was not of the same quality. Story - Laura finds, because of a terrible car accident, she doesn't remember several important things in her past. After the death of her guardian and aunt, she finds a marriage certificate with her name on it and information about her father's will, leaving her his share of a ranch. Now she arrives at the ranch dema [...]

    12. Kendra

      I loved this book but I have not read a book by Jennie that I have not loved. Laura is 23 and her and her cousin are cleaning out her aunt's house, who has just past away, when her cousin finds some papers. They say that Laura is married and that she own half of her father's ranch. She had been in an accident 8 years before and she had lost her memory and from the papers it said she got married the day of her accident. She is very confused and does not believe it so she goes in search of some an [...]

    13. Apzmarshl

      Interesting story about a woman that seems to have lost A LOT of her memory after a car accident years in the past. After the death if her aunt, she discovers that she, herself, has been married for the last 8 years and she's part owner of a ranch and a fortune.The writing is quite juvenile, and the story really doesn't come together until the very end when everything is explained by the lawyers. This made the rest of the book lack credibility. Buuuut, I still really liked the cowboy;)

    14. Annemarie

      Overall I liked the storyline of the book, but I got frustrated with the main characters. It seemed like all Mac and Laura did was fight with each other or debate in their heads. I found myself rolling my eyes and skipping past all the turmoil. There was just way too much conflict between the two of them. However, Jennie Hansen did a good job of tying all of the craziness up at the end. It wasn't such a bad book and it was a quick read.

    15. April

      This book is set in central southern Idaho. I enjoyed the storyline. It is interesting how not communicating can create such problems. The story stands as an example of how not to conduct a relationship. If the characters had actually communicated instead of making so many assumptions, there wouldn't have been as many problems. Then again without the problems you don't have as much of a story to tell.

    16. Kristyn

      I usually like Jennie Hansen books more, and although I liked the story, the characters drove me a little crazy. Seriously, if two people have communication skills as poor as these do, they shouldn't be married. Not that they had a choice, but come on people, just say how you feel instead of just thinking it! The author didn't even give me that at the end of the book. Still pretty good for this type of book.

    17. Sunshine

      Maybe 2 1/2. I can't make myself say I liked it. It wasn't a bad read completely. The story had potential. The author was busy building possibilities for their relationship to grow, then she'd make stupid interuptions to keep them from ever communicating. I tossed the book to the foot of my bed when I finished the book and said, "Dumb book." It really could have been a good book, but I was disappointed.

    18. Melody

      I was reading others reviews on this book, and I have to add why I gave it five stars was because the storyline of loving someone you didn't start out liking is my FAVORITE story line ever, and to me never gets old! Even better they were already married. This book held my attention, couldn't wait to finish it. Though I did want more at the end, but then I usually do :)

    19. Tania

      The first book I read of Jennie Hansen's was Macady. I fell in love with that book. Since then this is only the second book I've read of hers, sadly. I love this book just as much as I love Macady!!!! I fell in love with everything, from the characters to the setting. Can't wait to read more of her books!!!!

    20. Dorry Lou

      I enjoyed this book as I usually do Jennie Hansen's books. It also was on forgiveness, faith, & love. There were many secrets about the past of Laura that had been kept from her. As she discovers them she becomes determined to get back what is rightfully hers. There are many obstacles to be overcome before she will achieve what she wants and be happy.

    21. Susannah

      I really wanted to like this book. It started out pretty good, but then went down hill. Again, I liked the characters at the beginning, but after a little while, they really started to get on my nerves. People just can't be that rude and stubborn to each other can they. I listened to this book and it was just ok.

    22. Lynette

      The whole time I read this book, I was screaming in my head out of sheer frustration! There is a lot to be said for communicationmething definitely lacking in this book! But, I liked it in spite of that (maybe because the cowboy, Mac, reminded me of my dad). I recommend it.cially to people who like cowboys or ranches. :)

    23. Susan

      I like Jennie Hansen's books, although I felt like this was kind of a "clean" Harlequin in an LDS setting. I got tired of the two main characters always jumping to conclusions and being totally unable to communicate anything with each other. However, I did enjoy the book, especially the last half.

    24. Kelley Anne

      I just love Jennie Hansen's books. She writes such great, sweet, simple romances. In this book, Laura is going through her deceased aunt's house, looking through papers, when she finds some info about her own past that she wasn't aware of.If you've never read a book by Hansen, but you are a fan of Anita Stanfield or Rachel Ann Nunez, then you have to try her out!

    25. Casey

      Well I kinda enjoyed this story. I think the problem was that I found some things just too hard to believe. It would be too hard to explain what I mean with out giving the story away so suffice it to say that while it had its good parts, there were a couple parts that left me thinking "yeah right". (the whole marriage thing)It really did have its good moments it just wasn't one of my favorites.

    26. Spring Clark

      This book was okay for me. I am really getting tired of the romance genre where people fight and hate each other and then all of a sudden, bam, they are in love. I've never understood how hating someone can turn into loving someone. I've always enjoyed Jennie Hansen's books, but this one, just wasn't one of my favorites. However, others might enjoy it. My favorite book of hers is Code Red.

    27. Tausha

      Loved this one! I really shouldn't have started it because then I couldn't put it down therefore nothing got done this morning. There wasn't a lot to it but it drew me in from the beginning. Simple, fun read. I did get frustrated often with the communication skills of the main characters but they finally figured it out.

    28. Tressa (Wishful Endings)

      This is another LDS book, but about a girl who loses her parents at a very young age and then is taken in by her aunt who is completely against the church. When her aunt dies, she finds out that she was once married and owns half of a ranch in Idaho. Then all sorts of misunderstandings happen as she tries to rectify things with her husband (who thought she was dead) and the ranch.

    29. Heather

      My mother in law was raving about this book so I had high hopes, but I didn't really care for it. The plot was weird and was drug out way too long. Mac was way too angry for my liking. I can't believe the girl could fall in love with him acting like that

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