What He Must Be …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter

What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter All parents want their daughters to marry godly young men But which qualities specifically should they be looking for What will you say when that certain young man sits down in your living room swe

  • Title: What He Must Be …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter
  • Author: Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781581349306
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • What He Must Be …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter

    All parents want their daughters to marry godly young men But which qualities, specifically, should they be looking for What will you say when that certain young man sits down in your living room, sweaty palmed and tongue tied, and asks your permission to marry your daughter What criteria should he meet before the two of them join together for life What He Must Be IfAll parents want their daughters to marry godly young men But which qualities, specifically, should they be looking for What will you say when that certain young man sits down in your living room, sweaty palmed and tongue tied, and asks your permission to marry your daughter What criteria should he meet before the two of them join together for life What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter outlines ten qualities parents should look for in a son in law, including trustworthiness, a willingness to lead his family, an understanding of his wife s role, and various spiritual leadership qualities.Author Voddie Baucham follows up on his popular book Family Driven Faith with this compelling apologetic of biblical manhood By studying the principles outlined in his book, parents who want their daughter to marry a godly man as well as those who want their sons to become godly men will be well equipped to help their children look for and develop these God honoring qualities.

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    One thought on “What He Must Be …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter

    1. Shaun

      Ask Voddie Baucham how to best prepare for leadership and ministry and he may tell you to get married and have children. You may be wondering what that has to do with helping your daughter choose a suitor. The answer is that it has everything to do with helping your daughter choose a suitor. This book is directed at Christian parents, especially fathers. As followers of Christ it is the father’s duty to lead and minister in his own home first. If you aren’t sure what this looks like, you may [...]

    2. Logan

      Every Christian, single/dating or married, needs to read this book. It is, hands down, the best book I have read on the topic.

    3. Patricia

      This book deserves all five stars. Very thought-provoking, convicting, and challenging; definitely raises the bar to where it should be. I appreciate how Voddie Baucham explains everything so clearly and concisely. He bases everything on the Bible, without forcing anything or stretching anything. Then again, he doesn't need to because it's all the plain and simple truth. This was very helpful for getting the right focus and direction. I will definitely be reading this again.

    4. Chase Steely

      Good book for Christian fathers, for guys who want to be fathers, for women who want a godly husband, and teens to see what they should strive to be and look for in a spouse.

    5. Michael Boling

      Let’s be honest. The modern model of relationships is broken. Divorce is rampant, so-called couples live together and have children outside of wedlock, and our youth run from one relationship to another leaving a trail of broken hearts. Is this God’s design for male/female sexuality and relationships? Is the modern dating model and the go your own way Fleetwood Mac approach something rooted in Scripture? Have we as parents been neglecting our God given responsibility to instruct our children [...]

    6. Nicole

      Baucham has high standards concerning marriage and family. His profound insight challenged my thinking and motivated me to carry out those same high standards should I ever have children. Highly recommended for parents.

    7. Bob Hayton

      In What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter Voddie Baucham Jr. does Christian dads a favor. He challenges them with a biblical vision of Christian courtship; and he cushions his challenge with a clear cut, easy to read, guide for how to think and plan about their daughter's future marriage.Baucham realizes his message is as controversial as it is straightforward. Our culture prejudices us to an overly romantic idea regarding marriage. While parents feel freedom to guide and support their [...]

    8. Aaron Ventura

      It is a hard thing to learn godly masculinity. Voddie gives some biblical foundations and anecdotal illustrations of what every man should aspire to be. Not as good as Doug Wilson's family books but a worthwhile starting place.“Love is an act of the will accompanied by emotion that leads to action on behalf of its object.”"Gentleness is not a lack of strength; gentleness is strength under control.""I believe modern dating is no more than glorified divorce practice." "In the New Testament chu [...]

    9. Simon Van den broek

      Very good, with many challenges to young men and old men. If you want to get married, are married or have daughters you should read it.He must:Love children,Provide,Protect,Be a priest,Be a prophet,Lead like Christ

    10. Chelsea Clark

      Insightful and informative book about dating and relationships. I enjoyed it and, while the information wasn't entirely new, it brought up some things to carefully consider.

    11. Kevin

      So much wisdom here. I’ve long held a courtship view but only read Voddie’s book on it until now. I read this last 2/3 in a day as courtship is upon us. He showed me areas we’ve done well on and areas we need to hone as we enter this phase. Bottom line? We have invested nearly 21 years into our most precious earthly gift, our daughter. We cannot and will not fold at the finish line and will do everything we can to afford her the best possible mate. Voddie helps us fine tune that desire.

    12. Ty Robinson

      Vastly insightfulI picked up this book as I have recently started considering a courtship. After a bit of soul searching and research, I found that in order to live my married life in a Godly way and to bring honor to God, I needed to prepare myself for being the best possible man of God I could become. Growing up in a fatherless home I felt that I might already be at a disadvantage. I am so very thankful for this book as though daily study, I now better know what I must be.

    13. Adam Roell

      I found this book to be an extremely helpful resource for biblical manhood and discipleship of young men. It is also a great read for fathers with daughters and Godly women struggling with the search for a potential helper. The middle chapters of the book were extremely edifying to me personally and Voddies use of external resources and quotes was exceptionally well placed throughout his book.

    14. Ben Hartman

      Skimmed this book and didn't care for it. It seemed extremely basic and not very applicable to me. Baucham's insistence on courtship over against dating in order to protect purity, as well as to prevent heartbreak seemed to be a bit misplaced. I wanted to like this book, but was disappointed.

    15. Cole Feix

      A few questionable pages, but overall, a very strong critique of modern dating and an encouragement to Fathers and Sons about what biblical relationships ought to look like

    16. Jimmy

      Among the many Christian books on family, courtship and fatherhood that I have read, I think this book has become one of my top five. While the book was intended to address fathers to encourage them to think biblically of what to look for in a man who wants to marry their daughter, nevertheless I think others can benefit from reading this book too such as single mothers evaluating those interested in their daughters, or the young man who want to become a godly husband in the future. A young woma [...]

    17. Heather

      Are you prepared for that day when a young man sweeps your daughter off her feet? What will you say when faced with the question of giving your daughter’s hand in marriage? What does he need to be . . .if he wants to marry your daughter? Honestly, as a mommy, I’d rather not think (at all) about the day that any of my four children will approach a conversation on marriage. I’d like to stick my head in the sand and pretend that day is a million years from now.If you’re honest you’ll agre [...]

    18. Alyssa

      You know those books that just make you want to pick up the closest Bible and dig in with a newfound joy? Well, this was one of them. This book has been on my "to-read" list for a while now, and so when I spotted it on the shelves of the Creation Museum's gift shop, I was eager to pick it up and start reading.I was greatly encouraged by this book to seek a godly man if/when I near a time when I am seriously considering marriage. Reading it has helped me identify concrete things I should be look [...]

    19. Kristine

      I can't reiterate enough that hearing Pastor Baucham speak in chapel as an undergraduate has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. This book was no exception as he examined both the short- and long-term ramifications of choosing (or transforming into) a suitable husband. I encourage other girls and women to read this for themselves and consider not only finding a man who meets these standards but also how they themselves can become someone whom such a man will find desirous. With divorce [...]

    20. Natalie Weber

      One of the things that has often been impressed upon my heart in studying the Bible is the importance of godly marriages. We see especially in the history of Israel how devastating the results were of their intermarriage with the pagan nations around them. Voddie Baucham is passionate about helping Christians understand the biblical principles pertaining to marriage. He says, “We must train a generation to follow hard after God in spit of what their forefathers have done…The marriages of our [...]

    21. Jason

      In What He Must Be, Voddie Baucham gives us a Biblical model for what our sons must be to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers, and what our daughters must expect in a future husband. This book is primarily written for fathers. It challenges current dating and parenting models as unbiblical. It calls us to reevaluate how we train our children. For if we care at all about the lives our children lead as adults and about our grandchildren and great-greatchildren, we must care deeply about th [...]

    22. Peter B.

      Considered more objectively, this is a clear and foundational book on the topic (the topic being the intersection of manhood, courtship, and marriage). From my experience, though, there weren't many new insights (though there were some) since I have heard many of these points before. Also, not all of it was directly applicable to me, as it is primarily written for fathers, though I still learned from reading those parts. It was still worth reading and helpful."Every governor of a family ought to [...]

    23. Olivia

      Mr. Baucham is on a mission to transform the family back to its original mandate - the way God meant for it to be. In this book he handles the theme of marriage as a desirable thing not to be pushed for later years (as we have been made to believe). He speaks soberly to parents seeking to raise godly sons and prepare daughters to be attracted to godly men , to men seeking to walk in a godly manner, and to women seeking to find godly husbands. Everyone is a candidate for this book. There is a way [...]

    24. Elizabeth

      Voddie puts his arm around the reader's shoulder for an honest discussion on marriage. In this book, he addresses how men are to develop the character traits for Biblical leadership in marriage, and what women are to be on the lookout for. A good portion of the book is spent evaluating how fatherlessness and feminism has left its mark in the development of Biblical manhood and womanhood in our culture. Teaching by examples (more stories, less abstract explanations - yay), and inserting quite a f [...]

    25. Michelle

      So far, so good. As usual, Voddie Baucham lays it out. With children that will eventually marry this is helpful in understanding the critical issues before you begin a courtship. Marrying for love alone often result in divorce. Ideally before a couple falls in love they have both determined that the other is a godly person, and this books clarifies what traits you will be looking for. This is a great resource for fathers who have never seen the courtship process and what it entails. It is also a [...]

    26. Tialla Rising

      I absolutely loved this book. The topics discussed are extremely applicable in many ways. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book covered many areas of spiritual life for all believers—fathers, mothers, young men, young women, etc—not just for "what a potential suitor must be." This book definitely helped me grow in my own walk with the Lord, and focus/refine my own personal convictions and beliefs regarding dating, courtship, and marriage.I cannot recommend this book enough. I will [...]

    27. Katie

      Wow, this took a while to finish! But when you're only reading it over breakah, it takes a while! :-PBut that didn't take away from how great this book is. In my opinion, this is a must for any young Christian man who has marriage in mind. And young lady--what better what to be on the lookout for a suitable husband then with these truths to back you up. When it comes to marriage, there are some things that a young man simply MUST have. "The four P's", as Baucham calls it, are something I will ke [...]

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