Songs for the Missing

Songs for the Missing A heartfelt family drama of loss and reconciliation with the unthinkableLook out for City of Secrets coming from Viking on April Returning again to the theme of working class people and their

  • Title: Songs for the Missing
  • Author: Stewart O'Nan
  • ISBN: 9780143116028
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Songs for the Missing

    A heartfelt family drama of loss and reconciliation with the unthinkableLook out for City of Secrets coming from Viking on April 26, 2016Returning again to the theme of working class people and their wrenching concerns, Songs for the Missing begins with the suspenseful pace of a thriller, following an Ohio community s efforts to locate a young woman who has gone missing IA heartfelt family drama of loss and reconciliation with the unthinkableLook out for City of Secrets coming from Viking on April 26, 2016Returning again to the theme of working class people and their wrenching concerns, Songs for the Missing begins with the suspenseful pace of a thriller, following an Ohio community s efforts to locate a young woman who has gone missing It soon deepens into an affecting portrait of a family trying desperately to hold onto itself and the memory of a daughter whose return becomes increasingly unlikely Stark and honest, this is an intimate account of what happens behind the headlines of a very American tragedy.

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      387 Stewart O'Nan
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    One thought on “Songs for the Missing

    1. Matt

      It is one thing to know; it is another thing to never know at all. The first murder trial I ever worked was a twelve-year old girl gone missing one November night. The last image of her – other than that fixed in the mind of her killer, as he crushed her skull – was caught by a security camera as she exited her bus. She went missing that night. For months people searched, by the hundreds. Police and detectives and the State Patrol and FBI agents and citizens. By foot and horse and helicopter [...]

    2. Ron

      When Stewart O'Nan decides to tell the story of a teenage girl's disappearance, don't go looking for a traditional suspense story -- instead, he chooses to focus on the emotional impact of that disappearance on the girl's family and her closest friends, and almost everything that pertains to the "crime story" takes place off-screen. The result is a quietly devastating set of "snapshots" that relentlessly chip away at our expectations of resolution and closure while proving that it's still capabl [...]

    3. Edan

      I was going to give this book only two stars because it didn't seem particularly innovative or enthralling, but then I thought about the sad family in the book, and how they'd be hurt by such a low rating. The fact that they feel so real warrants another star.

    4. Darlene

      Until recently, I had been a huge consumer of news. both national and international news but even if you AREN'T a news consumer, you have most likely heard stories of people disappearing, both adults and children. In the case of children, many are kidnapped by non-custodial parents unhappy with custody orders. In the adult cases, some have decided to walk away and start new lives. And of course, in the remaining cases, foul play is responsible for the person's disappearance. It is the disappeara [...]

    5. Linda

      Just weeks from leaving for college, Kim feels herself on the brink of an exciting new life. Like most teens, she keeps secrets from her parents, but she’s a good kid. Then, one summer day, she vanishes. She’s simply gone.Songs for the Missing is less about Kim herself than about those destined to struggle in the aftermath of her disappearance. Told from the varying perspectives of her mother, father, and younger sister, and her boyfriend and two best friends, the narrative takes the reader [...]

    6. Jenny.

      I'm really not recommending this book; it explores a family's nightmare. Their oldest daughter, Kim, disappears one day on the way to work. At first of course they think she's run away but there's no reason to- she's off to college in just a few weeks. And so the book unrolls from various people's perspectives- the mom, the dad, the sister, the boyfriend, the best friend and he does a good job of mining the different experiences of loss. When did I give up hope? When did they? But as everyone kn [...]

    7. Carrie Gross

      This book really wasn't worth my time. It had the makings of a great book but really never went anywhere. I found the family a little creepy and at the same time couldn't really get into their characters.

    8. Shawn

      I told Stewart O'Nan, at a book signing recently, that I didn't think he was capable of writing a bad book. He laughed and said that he could very well prove Me wrong. After reading "Songs for the Missing", I'm no less convinced of what I said -- he is an amazing writer. That being said, however, I was hoping for this to be better than it turned out to be. O'Nan is always brilliant at writing about the mundanities of everyday life. His prose is always simple, yet powerful. Unfortunately, with th [...]

    9. Judy

      A few weeks before leaving for college, Kim Larsen disappeared on her way to work in a small town in Ohio. This book deals with the aftermath of her disappearance on her family, friends, and on the residents of the town itself. Despite the usual reactions--desperate searches that go on for days, television appearances and pleas--this book examines the effect of living with the unknown. As a family begins to unravel and each person dealt with the tragedy in their own way, questions are raised abo [...]

    10. Skye

      Wow, what a tough book to rate. I loved how it was written, and the voices of the characters. Beautiful language and honest description of the teenagers. But somehow a lot of it range false, almost from the moment Kim went missing. Cops stepping into high gear for someone who's technically an adult? The mother perkily making flyers? I couldn't buy it. Maybe that's how some people react in a crisis, but if someone I loved vanished into thin air I'd be a wreck. And it seemed that they accepted tha [...]

    11. Ms.pegasus

      Kingsville was one of those many forgettable towns that the cars on I-90 passed, at best a gas fill-up between Youngstown, Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, and beyond. Comfortable, predictable, boring. The Larsen family is typical. Kim has a summer job at the convenience store of the local gas staion. In the fall she will be off to college. Her younger sister Lindsay will be a sophomore in the fall, too young to hang with Kim and her friends. Their dad Ed is a realtor who likes to go fishing in his [...]

    12. Jaclyn Day

      This book is pretty brilliant. It’s also sad and introspective and thought-provoking, but mostly brilliant. It’s the story of Kim Larsen, a pretty 18-year-old, who disappears mysteriously one summer night. The police are lackadaisical about her disappearance at first, but foul play becomes evident before long. It’s a tabloid, true crime-ish plot, but it’s not really about Kim’s disappearance, or the investigation or the person who kidnapped her. It’s about the family she left behind [...]

    13. Tony

      SONGS FOR THE MISSING. (2008). Stewart O’Nan. ***.O’Nan is a fine writer. In this book he tackles one of the most difficult situations in the world – a young person gone missing. We read stories about these cases most every day, but aside from a moment or two of thought put them out of our minds. Thinking about them becomes too painful. O’Nan forces us to look closely at one of these events and the effects it has on the family and friends of the missing person. We see and feel their init [...]

    14. Barbara

      Stuart O'Nan writes with simplicity and profound power. His writing is spare, yet it possesses depth and grace. He has not failed these facilities in narrating this sad, very moving tale. It is the story of a teen age girl, a recent high school graduate, who has disappeared. He has deftly approached this by introducing the reader to her parents, her sister and her friends, and powerfully displaying the responses of these individuals to their loss. It is a haunting, evocative and suspenseful achi [...]

    15. ☕Laura

      I didn't like this book nearly as much as I liked the others I read by this author. It felt a bit more cliched and didn't really arouse the emotion in me that I would have expected. The last few chapters picked up somewhat, but overall it was kind of "meh" for me.

    16. Karen

      MY REVIEW OF SONGS FOR THE MISSING BY STEWART O’NANAlthough Stewart O'Nan's book SONGS FOR THE MISSING gives the hope and impression of a fast paced, highly anticipated read, it falls short. Instead, the readers are the ones who will find themselves missingmissing out on a better book. Kim Larsen, preparing to enter college, goes missing the summer before she is to leave. The story introduces Kim and her friend’s characters fairly well and also leaves little clues of what secrets they may ho [...]

    17. Betty

      This was a very well-written book following the story not of the missing young girl but of her family and friends. The disappearance, the loss, the helplessness, the hope, the eventual acceptance, all are there and we live it with them. It is a book about relationships as well. Every step was believable. Having been through sudden emotional trauma myself (albeit not the same trauma), I know that as time passes and you start to notice the rest of the world, it's a tremendous shock to find out tha [...]

    18. Victoria

      I read about this books in my on-line upcoming book release newsletters and in Entertainment Weekly. What drew me to it mostly was because when I was in college, a woman my age vanished. She, nor her remains, sadly, has never been found. I felt such compassion for her family and some of her friends, who I worked with at my summer job. I thought maybe reading it would help me process even my very removed sadness for all they went through, and what a community goes through when someone is kidnappe [...]

    19. Elaine

      Kim Larsen is simply enjoying the summer before she heads off to college - just an all-american teen. Then one day Kim fails to show up for her shift at the local Conoco, and the nightmare for her family begins. The police think she has run away, but her family knows better. They organize search parties and television appearances to bring attention to Kim and her plight. But as the weeks wear on, and the tip line brings in one dead end after another, Kim's family has to face the fear that they l [...]

    20. Kim

      I wasn't sure whether to read Songs for the Missing by Stewart O'Nan. It just seemed not to be my usual type, but I have been known to step outside my usual literature and like what I have read. Such was the case with Songs for the Missing. This was an excellent book.Kim Larsen is an 18 year-old resident of Kingsville, Ohio. Like most 18 year-olds, she has just finished high school is getting ready to leave Kingsville for college. She disappears on her way to work one afternoon, but not until th [...]

    21. Janet

      I read this over a long weekend--I hardly ever do that, as I get distracted or something only grabs my interest sporadically. But this one kept me interested enough to want to keep coming back each spare moment I had until I finished it. While so much happens in the external meat of this story, the real tale is in the day to day mundane that stays the same, even as a whirlwind occurs. The details are stunning and never boring.

    22. Skrot

      A nicely understated examination of the effect a teenage girl's disappearance has on her family, friends and the local community. Some of the most affecting moments are very subtle, sneaking up on you the next day and nearly taking your breath away. Given the subject matter, the book could have been melodramatic, but kept a good balance throughout of grief, compassion and realism.

    23. Tj

      This book took me much longer to read than most books do. I liked the characters and I liked the story line, but found myself bored with the repeativness of the telling of the story. It could have been condensed into a short story for me.

    24. Stephanie (That's What She Read)

      3.5 I liked the multiple points of view, but I wish I had had a more emotional attachment to the story. Everyone was a little cold in their grief

    25. Carey

      Meet Kim Larsen. She is eighteen years old, pretty and popular, and about a month away from leaving for college and the wider world. She can hardly wait. Like most small town kids, she and her friends chafe from the sameness and boredom of daily life. They drink more than they should and experiment a bit with drugs. But they are good kids at heart and are so looking forward to going away, being on their own, growing up.Then, somewhere in the short distance between her home and her workplace, she [...]

    26. M

      O'Nan is my man. I love his subtle, quiet prose, his rich but never over the top details, his unassuming presentation of family dynamic. I could see why some might consider his books boring (nothing really happens) but this is what I love about him. This was a heart wrenching tale, all the more so given its even tone, about a young girl, Kim, who, the summer before her start at college, goes missing. Her parents dedicate themselves to finding her, her clique begins getting concerned about secret [...]

    27. Wendi

      Best Read For: Personal reading, book club reading, great for discussionsIn a nutshell: Stuart O'Nan has written a fictional book that reads like non-fiction in that it explores the events and emotions experienced by friends, family, neighbors and volunteers as the search for a missing girl progresses, providing the reader with great insight into what experiences might be like surrounding a missing person. I found myself viewing events going on around me a little differently after reading this b [...]

    28. Jennifer

      I felt compelled to read this novel after the author visited our library. This is the story of a girl who goes missing. Does she run away? has she been abducted? murdered? only reading through this book will get you the answer. You encounter a list of characterse missing girl's family, her friends, her love interest, the community and media. You go through their anguish, their hopes, fears and grief. Ultimately you do discover what happens to the young girl who went missing, but it takes a long, [...]

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