Hawaii the Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

Hawaii the Big Island Revealed The Ultimate Guidebook This fourth edition is the most comprehensive yet easy to use guidebook ever written for the Big Island Andrew Doughty unlocks the secrets of an island so big and divers that many visitors never reali

  • Title: Hawaii the Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook
  • Author: Andrew Doughty
  • ISBN: 9780971727946
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hawaii the Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

    This fourth edition is the most comprehensive yet easy to use guidebook ever written for the Big Island Andrew Doughty unlocks the secrets of an island so big and divers that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer.

    Hawaii Island Guide to the Big Island of Hawaii Hawaii The Island of Hawaii The Hawaii Island, also known as The Big Island, is the largest of the island chain As self explanatory as it is stunning, the Big Island boasts some of Hawaii s most varying landscape Unique in its encompassing separate climate zones, visitors here will marvel at the dramatically different temperatures Hawaii Island Official Travel Site Find Vacation Travel The island of Hawaii is the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian chain Nearly twice as big as all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined hence, its nickname, Big Island , its Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide Best Things to Do Hawaii s Big Island Home to two of the world s greatest mountains, one of the world s most active volcanoes, of the world s climate zones, Hawaii s greatest king, and the wettest city in the United States, the Big Island of Hawaii is an island like no other It The Big Island of Hawaii Our Favorite Activities, Beaches The Big Island in a nutshell Its surface area is also greater than that of all other Hawaiian island combined The , inhabitants of the Big Island which is only % of the total population of the state of Hawaii, census mostly live in and around the two large population centers in the island Hilo the capital on the east coast, and Kona on the west coast. Hawai i the Big Island travel Hawaii, USA Lonely Planet Big Island Grand Circle Island Tour Recent and record breaking volcanic eruptions have made international headlines The pause in early August in earthquakes and collapse explosion events at the summit of K lauea brings new hope that the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will be reopened soon and we will once again be able to bring guests into the Park. Hawaii The Big Island Travel Guide U.S News Travel Why Go to Hawaii The Big Island And the Big Island is just big Majestic is accurate Geographically unique, the Big Island boasts everything from black sand beaches to snow covered peaks, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rainforests And it s still growing The Big Island s trump card the active,

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      440 Andrew Doughty
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    One thought on “Hawaii the Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

    1. Beth Cato

      Travel books can sometimes be a tedious read, but there is a reason why this book is the top-rated book on the Big Island on . Reading this feels like talking with a friend. The tone is personable, with jokes and asides, plus lots of practical knowledge you don't see elsewhere--like when the winds pick up, what side of the plane to sit on when flying into Kona and Hilo, where to eat, how to access remote black beaches, etc. As an author, I need these kinds of details for the novel outline I'm wo [...]

    2. Marlene M Penner

      I have this booked marked with many sticky notes. I'm heading to Hawaii to celebrate my mom-in-laws 75th birthday later this year. I'm very much looking forward to this trip. It looks like it could be my new "most beautiful place on earth" (overtaking Vancouver, B.C.). I have to remember that this trip is not what I can get out of it, but an opportunity to experience Hawaii with my in-laws. I think we'll be able to find some great activities to do. This book does a great job of outlining areas a [...]

    3. Karen

      Just left the big island and this book proved to be a awesome guidebook. I'm not a fan of how it's laid out, it's by activity and not by area but the content is spot on. The directions, vibe, timing of your visit, and leaving local hangouts for locals on the weekend was all good info. I'll use this book and others in the series!

    4. Ashley

      Of course you want an accurate and concise guide about wherever you're traveling. But throw in some humor and searing honesty and you've got an awesome guidebook. This is the book recommended by people who actually live on the Big Island, so you know it's good.

    5. Carol

      I had be been pushed to this as the go to guide and while I found thing here that I probably wound not have otherwise I did find it not complete - but then again it cannot be everything to everyone. From the stories as well as this book I was expecting the roads to be horrible and that it would take hours to get anywhere whereas to the contrary i found the highway around the island quite smooth and the 4WD pretty much unnecessary. (I am not much of a beach person and I did not go all the way to [...]

    6. Amy

      First off, a copy/paste from my previous review on THE ULTIMATE KAUAI GUIDEBOOK by the same author, just replace "THE ULTIMATE KAUAI GUIDEBOOK" with "HAWAII THE BIG ISLAND REVEALED": This book is clearly geared towards tourists who rely on guidebooks to tell them what to do on their vacation in order to get the most bang for their buck. It certainly beats the other guidebooks of the area, like Lonely Planet or Fodor's, as THE ULTIMATE KAUAI GUIDEBOOK does provide a comprehensive and rather hones [...]

    7. Robert

      This is the first time I decided to not use a Lonely Planet guide book for my trip. This book has raving reviews and it is written by someone living on the Big Island so my guess was this would be the best guide book available.And, in a way, it probably is. Every aspect of the island is discussed. Often with great humor and useful tips. The sometimes brutal honesty of the writer makes it clear that it isn't just trying to "sell" the island but tries to give actual useful information.My major iss [...]

    8. Wendy

      So far we have not only gained excellent knowledge of history on the island and have found some awesome beaches. Maps are way more accurate then the one we bought. Shows when you need 4 wheel drive. Important!Now that I am finished with it I would say overall it was helpful. However some maps were inacurate and the restaurant reviews were bad.example: We went to an ONO rated fish place called Jackie Rey's Ohana grill. Fish was really good but I wanted the whole serving for the price we payed. ar [...]

    9. Kurt

      This awesome guidebook was indispensable during my five-day visit to the Big Island with my family. It led us to an unforgettable hike in Volcanoes National Park and an almost surrealistic experience at a beautiful and secluded waterfall and swimming hole. Its recommendation for our snorkeling tour was also perfect.However, I do have an issue with the organization of this book and its relatives (about Oahu and Maui and Kauai). Information about particular activities or attractions seemed spread [...]

    10. Linda

      I can’t help but like a guidebook that makes me laugh. It is chockfull of insider tips and thorough in its coverage with candid commentary. Author, Andrew Doughty, has been criticized by locals for putting places into the book that should have remained private, who may shoot first and ask questions later of tourists ignoring posted trespassing signs. However, as an independent traveler, I really enjoyed and appreciate his willingness to take me to places a bit off the beaten path. However, hav [...]

    11. Sue Hurt

      According to everybody, including the authors of this book, Hawaii the Big Island Revealed really is the ultimate guidebook. I did enjoy the easy-going attitude of the writing and the extremely frank opinions shared, but after reading the whole book from cover to cover, I think it should be retitled "Hawaii Boot Camp for Jocks, Daredevils, and Twenty-somethings" because even just reading it was physically exhausting. Every other entry was "climb this, jump off that, hike uphill for an hour to se [...]

    12. Marvin

      I've always liked Doughty's books. I get the latest one whenever I head to Kauai even though I have been there many times. The Big Island book is as good as I would expect based on my experience with the Kauai book. The only negative comment I have is about the format I bought, I got the kindle version. There are several types of books that just don't work well in electronic format, one is cookbooks because the page layout is often lost and to that I will add travel books. This is because you ca [...]

    13. Sylvester

      This is the kind of guide book your best friend would write - with her honest opinion (don't go here, it's not worth your time; don't miss this, you'll regret it), a lot of humour, and interesting tidbits of history all thrown together. Without this book we would have missed so many of the little unmarked treasures like Kiholo Beach, with it's sunbathing turtles and Queen's Bath, or Pawai Bay with it's wonderful snorkeling, or the lava pool beside the ocean in Puna which was completely wild and [...]

    14. TJ

      I am planning a trip to Hawaii with my husband and we heard this line of guide books were great. We purchased a book for each island we hope to visit and I am very glad we did. Lots of inside information and tips. Really covers what there is to do and what is better. You can tell the authors personally tried each activity and each guide company. The author has a fun and humorous writing style that I really appreciate. The author has a really fun and humorous writing style that I enjoyed. A great [...]

    15. Matt Silva

      I am returning to the Big Island this year and hoped this book would help in trip planning, but I a few hours of perusal changed my mind. Though the author appears to be sincere (and trys to be funny), I can't say I trust his opinions. Some of the places he raves about, I remember as being so-so. And he snipes at restaurants and other place I know are pretty cool. Maybe someone new to the Big Island will benefit from looking at this book. It sure sells well and maps are good. The author seems to [...]

    16. anne s.

      This is the best guidebook on the Big Island, hands-down, and the one that pretty much everyone visiting the island seems to be following, even when they're going off the beaten path. Check out this book for a really good, still somewhat secret hike out to the backside of the erupting Pu'u'o'o vent, and thorough information on hiking and camping in the lesser populated areas. Lots of good color photos and maps too. The only drawback is that I didn't really understand the order the book "traveled [...]

    17. Tom Bentley

      I don't feel like a big cheater (and small cheaters are charming, right?), but I didn't read this one word-for-word. However, I did check out every page—and some pages many times—before I spent my recent 5 weeks house-sitting on the Big Island, and during that time. This is a rich resource, a smooth combination of history, updated facts and anecdotal asides. Every recommendation (and they aren't just for expensive touristy things, but for quirky oddnesses too) was solid. One big plus: the wr [...]

    18. Christa

      This is a super useful and easy-to-read book in terms of figuring out what there is on the Big Island, but I totally messed up and got a 7-year-old edition. I may need to get a newer one because I'm not confident this info is still valid. After all, there are VOLCANOES EXPLODING on the island, which can modify tourism pretty significantly. Anyway, it's a good read, written by people who live in Hawaii, and has a bunch of less-touristy touristy stuff to do in it (locations of lava tubes that aren [...]

    19. Sara

      This was fabulous! I figured I would use it for a reference, but ended up reading it through - tons of information and highlights for a Big Island trip. I did a number of the hikes and appreciated the recommendations for places to stop or points of interest along a drive. Found myself laughing outright at parts (I'm sure the people on the plane thought I was nuts).It made my trip so much better, and I ran into a number of other vacationers who also thought it was a fantastic must-have!

    20. Salsabrarian

      You will not be the only one toting this book on the Big Island, guaranteed! I do have to add that while we were in Hawaii, the news reported an increase in the rate of visitor deaths over previous years. One of the possible causes cited is people reading about off-the-beaten-path locales and adventures, which this book does include. However, the authors also advise caution throughout the book. You don't have to do everything the book tells you about, so travel wisely and safely!

    21. katemfs

      So I re-read the second edition to prepare for my trip (14 working days to go!).It was like traveling back in time, because I think it was written shortly before I moved there.Needless to say, if I could read a travel book like this for all places I ever visit, I would be a happy girl.Only critique is that the photos could be of higher quality but that's a publisher/printer issue, rather than the writing. Three cheers for this book.

    22. Kelsey

      I like the wittiness of Daughty's writing, but dislike the setup of the sections. This book is written as though one is driving through the island. But as just a read for ideas or activities, it is difficult to imagine where each place is located. I was also unimpressed with Daughty's maps as not everything he discussed was labeled. Overall, I enjoyed the humor and real life advice that was in this travel book.

    23. Terry Tracz

      Excellent guide to parts of the island you might otherwise miss. Use in conjunction with the Moon book on the Big Island. I found that these books complement each other nicely, and we found both extremely useful as we toured around the island! Examples include the best picnic spots, best scenic drives/alternate routes, best places to eat (gotta have a shave ice or you really missed something!)

    24. Sasha

      If you go to any island in Hawaii, make sure you take the guide book written by these authors.Packed full of helpful touristy information, directions, etc this book is a real gem because it's also got all the history, science, and culture in it, too. The author is very honest in his reviews, and has a terrific sense of humor. It was a great help, but it was also FUN to read.This really is the ULTIMATE Guidebook.

    25. Blakely

      The Hawaii Revealed series of books is definitely a must-read for anyone going to Hawaii. Lots of great, detailed information on tourist attractions, hikes, beaches, etc. My only critiques are:1. I don't like the way the maps are laid out2. Because most of the activities, beaches, etc. are separated from the rest of the book it can be annoying to try to find beaches and activities when you're in a particular area of Hawaii.

    26. Michele Karmartsang

      We used this for everything while on the Big Island. The maps are helpful, although we did buy a road map over there for the detailed "big picture" as the whole island map in the book was too small to realistically show the roads we needed. Everything was as described. We statyed 8 days and that's not enough time to check out everything that sounds interesting, or even all of the "real gems" listed in even one region, but the ones that we did were as described and each a gem in it's own way!

    27. Shannan

      An honest, informal review of the Big Island. I used it extensively to plan our honeymoon, most of which was on this island. It is written by locals and is dead on. This book lists a lot of hidden hikes, beaches and the like that were great. In particular, the $10 lava cave tour was fanstastic and none of the locals had even heard of it. HIGHLY reccomended if you're going to Hawaii (the Oahu book was great, too)

    28. Amy

      I've read several books for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, and this one was definitely more in-depth and useful. There is excellent web content as well. The other books discuss all of the islands, so if you are only visiting one, then only a small portion of those books applies. This one is for only the big island, so it goes into much greater depth and provides very useful information, like the cheapest places to rent snorkel equipment, restaurant recommendations for each area, etc.

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