Too Purpley!

Too Purpley Too purpley too tickly too puckery too prickly There is not a single outfit in the closet that our little fashion plate wants to wear She tries on everything but nothing is quite right And the out

  • Title: Too Purpley!
  • Author: Jean Reidy Geneviève Leloup
  • ISBN: 9781599903071
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Too Purpley!

    Too purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly There is not a single outfit in the closet that our little fashion plate wants to wear She tries on everything, but nothing is quite right And the outfits are getting wilder by the minute It s a scene that is all too familiar to parents, wrapped up in a package that is all too difficult to resist a playful rhyme scheme aToo purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly There is not a single outfit in the closet that our little fashion plate wants to wear She tries on everything, but nothing is quite right And the outfits are getting wilder by the minute It s a scene that is all too familiar to parents, wrapped up in a package that is all too difficult to resist a playful rhyme scheme and colorful, textile driven art.

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] Ø Too Purpley! - by Jean Reidy Geneviève Leloup ·
      443 Jean Reidy Geneviève Leloup
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    One thought on “Too Purpley!

    1. LynnDavidson

      A little girl has trouble deciding what she wants to wear. It seems she has every design and pattern one could wish for, but every one is "too something". One outfit is too stripey, one is too puckery, one is too polka-dotty, and so on - until she finds the just-right one.This story will suit pre-readers and early readers as it is in rhyme with vivid large illustrations.

    2. Lindsi

      This book is about a little girl who tries on a lot of different clothes, but doesn’t choose to wear any of them because they were “too” something. Too purpley, too scratchy, too zippery, etc. Until, finally, she finds the perfect clothes to wear. While this book doesn’t have a very engaging plot line to it, it’s still really fun to read the word that this little girl comes up with to describe the clothes. It’s also fun to look at the illustrations to see how the illustrator decided [...]

    3. Isha Barrie

      This book will definitely have children not only learn about colors, but also patterns and textures. Too purply will also have you little one get excited about dressing themselves in fun colors.

    4. Dee

      Too simple! Too Purpley I thought might be more of a color book, but it was not. It really wasn't that graet of a book for my toddler. The words were really simple to read, but it is hard to show "to prickley" and discribe that to her. Maybe a good book for beginer readers?

    5. Matthew

      A cute approach to listing and displaying various patterns, shapes, colors, textures but disappointing for a three-year-old girl who absolutely loves the color purple.

    6. Kristen Badger

      Rediy, J. (2010). Too purpley. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.This adorable pre-school level book is a favorite with my son and daughter. The simple phrases, word repetition and rhyming make it a good choice for preschool and read alouds. The story revolves around a little girl and the many outfits she tries on before finding one that is "So comfy, just right."This book would be good to use in preschool classrooms to teach about rhyming, getting dressed, independence and individuality. It could also b [...]

    7. Eva Leger

      1.5 - This was rather annoying. It was annoying as hell actually. The text consists of "too purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly, too stitchy, too itchy", etc. You get the picture right? The little girl is wearing at least one different outfit on each page with each one being "too" something (see above for examples). The only time I could ever see actually reading this would be to a very young baby. As in, for reading time just to read, to a baby who doesn't know words yet. You know, ba [...]

    8. Anthony Smith

      Too Purpley is a picture book about a young girl who is very picky about what she wants to wear. The inspiration the author got for the book was from her own life. She prefers to wear certain colors and certain clothes. One reason the book is good for young children because it offers a wide range of bright colors. Some pages stand out more than others which could catch the eyes of young children. On the other hand, this book also plays a sort of gender stereotype. The young girl in the story is [...]

    9. Kayla Eklund

      Too Purpley is a cute children’s book. Too Purpley is about a girl who doesn’t like what her mother picks out for her to wear. Finally she finds the perfect outfit. I’m sure a lot of parents and children can identify with this book. I know that when I was a kid, I was horribly picky about what I wanted to wear. I wouldn’t wear dresses or anything frilly. The illustrations are adorable. I like the turtle. It wears everything that the girl wears. The turtle also helps her when her clothes [...]

    10. Heidi-Marie

      Simple, silly, light-hearted, cute, and funny. With a bit of truth for me, too. There are a few levels at which I connect to this book--each one absolutely hilarious to me. I especially connect with the last page. I smile at the appropriateness and nail-on-the-head that some of it is. But the absolute best part is as my co-worker put it: "Bob makes a guest appearance."8/10/10 I thought I would try this in a toddler time. It wasn't too bad. Some were involved. 8/12/10 This worked much better. I h [...]

    11. Susan

      Description: Don't you hate it when you can't find anything to wear? This is the story for that feeling. Illustrations: Bright vivid colors with a lot of detail.Themes/keywords: fashion, descriptiveLiteracy skills: print motivation-a great example of having fun with books, made up words and wonderful illustrationsvocabulary-although some of the words are made up, it is a great tool for descriptive vocabulary

    12. Eva Kelly

      Well, this girl seemed to have a problem with everything, and you know what? She ended up just wearing Carhartts, which I guess ARE pretty comfy. But still, she said NO to some pretty nice clothes. I guess I'm like that sometimes, and Mama says all girls are like that, that it takes us a long time to get dressed. And she usually just wears Carhartts too, so who knows?It was a baby book [board book] but some of those are pretty good.

    13. Dodie

      Too fun! A fussy pig-tailed little girl is just not happy with anything in her closet. As she works her way through the options, she keeps exclaiming her protests - "Too itchy, too scratchy, too stichy, too matchy!" - until the perfect outfit is found. A good read for that day you need to get a crabby kid to giggle and break a stubborn streak. LeLoup's illustrations are hysterically eye-popping and the little girl's facial expressions are priceless.

    14. Jennifer

      This story was awesome & it got rave reviews at my Toddler Time. A must read! A little girl tries on a ton of clothing, giving reasons for why she doesn't like every outfit. Then she finds the one which is not girly or tom-boyishbut somewhere in the middle, an outfit that is "so comfy! Just Right." I like the wording that the author chose. Clothing is supposed to be comfortable. I don't care about fashion, I want comfy! Very relatable to two year olds through adulthood.

    15. Jenni

      I won this book from a give-away, and I think this book is absolutely adorable. We've all suffered from an outfit that was too itchy, too matchy, and sometimes even too purpley. The illustrations match perfectly, and are great at helping younger readers understand the meaning of each adjective.

    16. Jane G Meyer

      This short but colorful picture book is just plain fun. Perfect for those wee little girls who suffer over what they wear like my Madeleine did even at the teensy age of two. The illustrations are bright and filled with graphic designy magic, and so fun and full of humor that my four year old Tom Sawyer son has asked to read it multiple times. Happy, this would be a fun read for Gracie :)

    17. Kristina Jean Lareau

      I was on board through most of this book. The rhymes and repetition were fun. The illustrations were dynamic and entertaining. But the ending was--a Major disappointment. It deviated from the rhymes of the rest of the book and ended on a single page spread when every other illustration in the book--including the first--has a double page. It had so much promise.

    18. Kristen

      This is a simple, quick book with really fun illustrations. I think this would be good for toddlers or preschoolers--I'll be interested to see how it goes over in story time! I tried this in preschool story time and it wasn't the most loved book. It might be better suited for toddlers. Maybe I'll try it there some time and see how it works.

    19. Kristen

      Rhyming book about a little girl who can't find anything she wants to wear. It's all "too purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly" Fun word choices, and definitely a topic many little ones can relate to. The art is so fun and bright, nice for group read-aloud. The ending came abruptly - I was expecting one more stanza - but still, cute book.

    20. Donalyn

      A little girl tries on a series of outfits, discarding them because each is "too fancy," "too zippery," "too matchy," etc. Bold illustrations highlight each hilarious outfit combination. Nice pairing with Too Pickley by the same author.

    21. Heidi Pepin

      A little too young for my 5 year old. I liked that she could essentially read it on her own, due to the simple text, and she enjoyed the turtle dressing as the little girl's "twin". But probably better for the younger set, around age 3 or so.

    22. Rebecca

      Too fun! Bright colors, and a listing of words describing why certain clothes just don't work. Another "simple is best" book. Would be great for a Getting Dressed storytime (and I'd love to see the reaction to the "too stripey" page).

    23. Nancy Shaffer

      My duaghters love this book. The vibrant colors and patterns draws them into the book. We have read this book so much that they now can "read" it themselves. They also enjoyed "Too Pickley" and "Too Princessy".

    24. Car

      This is a fun book for young girls. It contains a lot of adjectives, adding "y" or "ey" to them, because the clothes are just too[insert adjective]. My 5-year old loves reading this book, and she loves the pictures too.

    25. Rachel

      I love how the little girl in this story is learning to express herself in her choice of clothing. In some of the pictures it appears she may be throwing a bit of a fit, but that can then become a teachable moment to talk about how we react when we don't like something.

    26. Ashlee Gibson

      What a colorful book! A little girl stuggles to find something comfy to where. She finally finds something that suits her well. This book could be useful to talk to students about how we all are different and we like different things.

    27. Jen

      I don't have a strong opinion about this book and "Too Pickley" but my 6,4, and 2 year old love them. I'm not sure if it is the rhymes or what but they LOVE these books. They have me read them constantly until they can recite them loudly to each other.

    28. Shannon

      Any toddler/pre-schooler knows what it's like to have to get dressed in the morning - especially when all of your clothes don't seem to be a perfect fit for the day. Too Purply is a funny must-read for everyone who ever has looked into their closet and wondered what to wear today.

    29. Rachel

      Too cute! My girls had it memorized after the first read, and loved the illustrations. They had a fun time pointing out how silly the turtle was on every page :)We asked about "Too Pickley" at the library, but it wasn't released yet. Can't wait to read more!

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