Fade to Black

Fade to Black Dean Taggert a former street cop turned FBI agent has accepted a transfer into a new CAT for one reason he needs to remove the violence from his life in order to get his ex to give him time with his

  • Title: Fade to Black
  • Author: Leslie Parrish
  • ISBN: 9781101080542
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • Fade to Black

    Dean Taggert, a former street cop turned FBI agent, has accepted a transfer into a new CAT for one reason he needs to remove the violence from his life in order to get his ex to give him time with his son Not easy to do when he s been thrust into the darkest, most violent investigation of his career A psychopath calling himself the Reaper is auctioning off murder Dean Taggert, a former street cop turned FBI agent, has accepted a transfer into a new CAT for one reason he needs to remove the violence from his life in order to get his ex to give him time with his son Not easy to do when he s been thrust into the darkest, most violent investigation of his career A psychopath calling himself the Reaper is auctioning off murder at a deviant cyber club called Satan s Playground, and Dean and his team are forced to helplessly witness the killer s brutal crimes online Stacey Rhodes is happy in her quiet, sleepy little town of Hope Valley, Virginia, where she has taken over as Sheriff because of her father s ill health Nothing much seems to happen here, except for the mysterious disappearance of the town bad girl a year ago So she is shocked when a sexy, brooding FBI agent intrudes on her world, bringing evidence that the missing local girl was the victim of a serial killer Even shocking, that serial killer might be someone she knows Maybe even someone she loves.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Fade to Black - by Leslie Parrish ✓
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    One thought on “Fade to Black

    1. Shawna

      5 stars – Romantic Suspense/ThrillerI didn’t know anything about this author previously and the book was a total impulse buy, so I was very pleasantly surprised by this intense, taut, romantic suspense thriller. I started reading it last night at 8 pm and stayed up until 2:30 am to finish…I simply couldn’t put it down.Special Agent Dean Taggert leaves behind his career with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Unit to join the newly formed Cyber Action Team to escape the brutality and nightmares o [...]

    2. jenjn79

      Sometimes you get really lucky when you pick up a random book at the book storeis was one of those times. These days I don't buy many random, unknown author books (lack of reading time and money), but I'm a big romantic suspense fan and it's the one genre I will still occasionally pick up a random book for. So when I saw this in the store and thought it looked interesting, I decided to give it a try. It wasn't until I got home and looked up the book on GR that I found out I actually did know the [...]

    3. Kathrynn

      Enjoyed the first book in the Black CATS (Cyber Action Team) series set primarily in the fictitious small town of Hope Valley, Virginia. Nicely written, excellent suspense-thriller-romance with two well rounded main characters. Stacey Rhodes followed the family legacy and moved back to Hope Valley to finish out her ailing father's term as town sheriff. A "Rhodes" had been the sheriff for several generations and she wanted less murder and mayham in her police career, so the opportunity and timing [...]

    4. Mojca

      Special Agent Dean Taggert, member of a special Cyber Action Team (CAT) dealing in Internet-related murders, comes into the small town of Hope Valley, Virginia, pursuing a case that might have something to do with a missing person reported seventeen months ago.Up until now, everybody in Hope Valley, Sheriff Stacey Rhodes included, though local girl Lisa Zimmerman had simply taken off with one of her druggie boyfriends. A video, found on a "specialized" website catering to the lowest of the low o [...]

    5. Dina

      4 1/2 stars (rounded down to 4 stars, because the mystery/suspense was way stronger than the romance and that affected my connection to the H/h)

    6. Tracy

      Wow! I Wasn't Expecting That!I've never been so pleased to have stumbled across a book written by an author I'd never read before and given the book a chance based on nothing more than the genre (romantic thrillers are a favorite of mine) and the reviews. Fade to Black is one of the better ones I've read. I'm very happy I found it! The genre itself presupposes a small amount of formula - there has to be a bad guy (or group of bad guys) that do bad things who need to be stopped from continuing to [...]

    7. Lauren

      Fade to Black4 StarsThe Black CATs is a new FBI cyber team dedicated to solving murders originating on the Internet. The newest case involves a serial killer auctioning off his kills on an underground website. The team track the killer’s first victim to a small-town and Special Agent Dean Taggert is assigned to liaise with the local Sheriff Stacey Rhodes. As the two develop a personal relationship alongside the professional, they find themselves in a race against time to locate a sadistic psyc [...]

    8. Dee

      Two-haiku review:Serial killerHe's FBI cyber teamShe's small-town sheriffTerrific suspenseLike cyber Criminal MindsAnd nice romance, too

    9. Maqluba

      A crazy wild ride with suspense and romance blended in just right.I don't have much to say here other than I was very happy with it I kept thinking how the serial killer kept making such stupid mistakes or kept believing the wrong thing but once they tell you who it is you realize that it fits the person. Usually we have smart serial killers and in the end their arrogance is what messes them up but here we have a killer who makes mistakes because he's weak and is only arrogant in a fake world, a [...]

    10. Lady Heather

      Amazing read!This is the first book in Leslie Parrish's BlackCAT series.The stories are about an 'experimental' FBI team fondly known amongst it's members as the BlackCAT's (black because their team leader's name is Wyatt Blackstone and CAT for Cyber Action Team). Their whole purpose is to solve actual murders that occur or are 'posted' on line. The team consists of field agents as well as IT specialists.This story captures the reader right from the get go. What I love most about this author is [...]

    11. Laura (Kyahgirl)

      Geez, this was as pretty good FBI/police mystery/romance. I didn't realize at first that Leslie Parrish is Leslie Kelly. I have read a couple of Kelly's Blaze stories and enjoyed them. I think this side of her writing nature is even better. The characters were interesting and I always appreciate an author who can make a strong female character is is neither a bitch nor a ball buster. I will read the rest of the Black Cats series for sure.

    12. D.G.

      This book had a lot of things that I liked: a hero and heroine that acted like adults instead of whiny teenagers and real life law enforcement agents that were not Dragnet clones. Then why didn’t I enjoy this book more?I should first note that I don't like serial killer plots. To make the story exciting, authors usually resort to omnipotent killers that stay ahead of the police every step of the way, that nobody ever sees and that go around killing people left and right. Ms. Parrish handled so [...]

    13. Susi

      I will warn you before I start to review this book: I’m not a passionate suspense reader. In my whole life I read not more than 5 or 6 books in this genre. I never could really connect with this books so I stopped reading them. So why did I buy this one? I read so many wonderful reviews about this series that there was no other possibility as to read this books. And I’m really happy I did it.The series is all about the Black Cats, a new subdivision of the FBI. They try to solve Internet crim [...]

    14. ElaineY

      I found this a very fast-paced romantic thriller. Miles ahead of Karen Rose's latest! The romance was nicely balanced and the two protagonists were a perfect complement to each other. No angst in their relationship and while I enjoy that in my romances, in my romantic thrillers, they do tend to get in the way especially if the protags are professionals trying to do a job.In FTB's case, both FBI agent Dean and Sheriff Stacey are professional in their actions from start to finish. There's enough s [...]

    15. Lyndi

      Stayed up until 5am to finish this one. Pretty damn good! Stacey and Dean are both well-developed characters that are smart, determined, and courageous. I really liked them and had no complaints about either of them.I know this is listed as a romantic suspense, but the romance really does take an appropriate back seat to solving the horrendous crimes being committed by the Reaper. There's a little bit of posturing, a sex scene, and a HEA, but the meat of this story is the suspense. And boy, was [...]

    16. Robin

      Special Agent Dean Taggert moved from the FBI's Violent Crimes Unit to the Cyber Action Team (CATs) thinking that he would be investigating internet fraud. But his first big case is the worst he has ever seen. A co-worker has found a secret web site called Satan's Playground. A madman calling himself The Reaper, has murdered eight victims, taped the murders, and is showing them on his web site. He auctions off the means to his upcoming murders to the members of the site.The investigation leads D [...]

    17. Kayla

      FBI Agent Dean Taggert tried to get into a less violent line of work. That's why he transferred to the Black CATs team. But when the computer geniuses discover an internet gaming site called Satan's Playground he knows his life is going to be far from easy until this killer is caught. Satan's Playground is where sickos go to live out their torture, death, and usually rape infested fantasies. But it's all computer based, until videos are found of the mutilation and prolonged death of eight women. [...]

    18. Kristen

      When Leslie Kelly introduced us to the CAT series, she told us an intricate dark tale of cyber crime and violence. For Sheriff Stacey Rhodes, when someone turned up missing in her small town, it became big news. As for the CAT team with Dean Taggert, they're after sexual predators online, especially when they saw it online and on tape. Before Stacey knew it, both law enforcements agents collide and work on the same case. For Stacey and Dean, sparks fly between them and get to know each other. Li [...]

    19. Norma

      I'm having a hard time rating this. THis was a good book with a good, strong story. But I didn't love it. I only finished it to see if I was correct about the bad guy (I wasn't). I think maybe I didn't get invested in the characters enough. IDK. Maybe it's just my reading slump.

    20. Rachel- Goodbye Borders

      This grabbed me from the start and I had difficulty putting it down. The killer isn't guessed and was a surprise. I enjoyed 2 strong leads that complemented each other.

    21. Sarah Peralta

      I'm all for a good thriller, but the subject matter was so disturbing, that I couldn't enjoy the suspense of it. This author takes it to a really dark place. Not for me.

    22. Diane Saul

      The FBI is on the trail of the Reeper. A sick individual who auctions off manner of death online to fellow deviants. FBI agent Dean Taggert and the Cyber Team are on the case with Sheriff Stacey Rhodes. One of the victims was from her town.This is the first book in the Black Cats series. It grabbed me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down. If you don’t mind dark suspense mixed in with romance this book is it. I would give this book 4 1/2 stars. This book was so good I plan to contin [...]

    23. Katyana

      ****4.5****Gripping RS - and be forewarned, the deaths are gruesome - with great characters. Loved that both leads could be skilled and competent without undercutting each other (no TSTL or damsels in distress here, hooray!).

    24. Vivian Byfield

      Loved itI am so pleased to have come across this author's work. She writes so well mixing romance and suspense so well. A really good thrill ride with enough twists to keep you guessing

    25. Kevin

      This was a good read for me - It hooked me then kept me not knowing who the reaper was. Worth the time is you like serial killer fiction.

    26. Tami

      Good readGood thriller that kept you guessing until the end. A little romance mixed in. Good read overall and I will read the next.

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