Even The Dogs

Even The Dogs On a still and frozen day between Christmas and New Year a man s body is found lying in his ruined flat Even the Dogs is an intimate exploration of life at the edges of society describing a world li

  • Title: Even The Dogs
  • Author: Jon McGregor
  • ISBN: 9780747599449
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Even The Dogs

    On a still and frozen day between Christmas and New Year, a man s body is found lying in his ruined flat Even the Dogs is an intimate exploration of life at the edges of society, describing a world littered with love, loss, despair and a glimpse of redemption.

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      327 Jon McGregor
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    One thought on “Even The Dogs

    1. Weinz

      Bear with meWe won this book. We felt we had to read it. The second person plural POV was distracting and the random stream of consciousness made it an easy but not exactly enjoyable read. We didn't appreciate the fractured sentence structure or starting thoughts and sentences and occasionally never finishing those thoughts and sentences. Our assessment of Karen's excitement for it made us move it to the top of our to-read pile. Pancakes. We had high hopes forSentences would start but never And [...]

    2. Fionnuala

      Some reviews of even the dogs criticise the unusual style, the frequent shifts in point of view, the sentences which peter out in mid stride and the mixed-up chronology, but in my opinion, Jon McGregor has chosen the most fitting way to tell this story. From the title to the last line, it is all perfect.Here’s why:The title, itself a fragment, refers to a comment by a soldier in Bosnia who, when asked for directions to a particular town, replies that there’s no point in going there as even t [...]

    3. Paul

      This is not an easy book. It concerns a man (Robert) found dead in his flat and the circle of friends/ acquaintances who surround him. It has elements of stream of consciousness and can be disjointed. In former times it would have been called gritty and "real". It is about the underbelly of our society; alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally unwell; the abandoned and hopeless who can be found in every town and city in this land. Some of the characters in the book are ex-military who cope with [...]

    4. Lisa

      Touch. Human contact. How long could you go without it? Have you ever hugged a homeless person? What a world of difference it can make. If you can ever get that close.Even the Dogs zeroes in on fleeting moments of touch that bear some semblance of a normal human interaction. The hairdresser running her fingers through your hair. The podiatrist taking care of your feet without flinching in disgust. Months may pass before someone touches you again. It's not sexual, it's not even affectionate, it's [...]

    5. Teresa

      As I started the second chapter of this novel, the style reminded me of McGregor's first novel (as opposed to his second, that is - this one is his third) which was exciting, but I quickly realized it was quite different. So far, this novelist hasn't repeated himself.While not a difficult book to read as far as the prose (even if much of it is fragmented thoughts and some of it told in the 2nd-person plural, which works very well especially as you realize the reason), it can be difficult to read [...]

    6. Paul Bryant

      I'm so happy I never got a job as chief book reviewer for The Times or The London Review of Printed Material, because I would then feel a moral duty to finish all these novels like Even the Dogs which are brave, beautifully written and speak compellingly to the heart of our current crisis, which are poetic yet visceral, brutal yet tender, an obvious shoo in for the Booker, and so on.As you know, with some books you get to the point where you have to hurl them at the wall, but this one I placed a [...]

    7. Gumble's Yard

      Jon McGregor is the author of Reservoir 13 – unquestionably the novel of 2017 which managed to be shortlisted for two prizes (the Costa and Goldsmith) at opposite ends of the literary prize spectrum, while bafflingly missing out on making it from the Booker longlist to the shortlist.“Even The Dogs” is McGregor’s third novel and the only one of his four to date not to be Booker longlisted but which instead won the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.On one level it seems [...]

    8. Vit Babenco

      “Cracked red sores around her mouth which opened up when she smiled. Dark sagging skin beneath her eyes. Her face pinched and pale and her hair thin and lank but it weren’t hard to think she’d been fucking gorgeous one time but not for a while.”Even the Dogs is a gloomily explicit story of life and death at the bottom of the world. The narration is a leaping and stumbling stream of consciousness… But it is a stream of consciousness of wraiths, spirits of some dead miserables. And this [...]

    9. Lisa

      I rated this 4 stars, but 'liked it' somehow seems an inappropriate description for how I felt it. It's not easy reading, but it's very worthwhileIt probably wasn’t meant to, but Even the Dogs made me feel sorry for the social workers and police trying to deal with the human misery in this story. A man has died one of those squalid deaths we hear about from time to time, and in a scene that we’ve all seen in TV crime dramas, the old cop and the young cop have to break down the door of a tras [...]

    10. Philippa

      I feel - as I did with If Nobody Speaks - that I need to re-read this once or twice to fully appreciate all the layers of it.I spent half of it stunned by McGregor's capable skill, and the other half struck by how genuinely important this book is. Even The Dogs is not an easy book to read. It's not a particularly fun book to read. But this tale of despair and vulnerability and deep desperation is the kind of story that needs to be more widely read. McGregor pulls you into this world of addicts: [...]

    11. Jennifer

      Story OverviewDuring the Christmas holidays, a man is found dead in his flat. It appears he has been there for quite some time. The flat is squalid, filthy, empty of most things you would expect. The man's body is in bad shape. The police are unsure if there has been foul play and begin an investigation. Who is this man? How did he come to by lying here dead and apparently neglected in this seemingly abandoned apartment?There are voices who could shed light on this mystery. They seem to know t [...]

    12. Alan

      read a review this weekend, sounds good, although not sure about using first person plural as the p.o.v. - I was railing against Nancy Lee using 'you' recently we'll see. We will. We are looking forward to it. We liked 'If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable things'ew to follow (although I'm falling behind on reviews I will catch up one day)Later I read Michelle's review of this book: /review/show/ and thought oh dear, maybe it will be a disaster. But I disagree - the use of 'we' is used sparingly enoug [...]

    13. Jane

      As I try to write about Even The Dogs I find myself either completely lost for words or drowning in them. Yes, it really is that good.“They break down the door at the end of December and carry the body away”The story arc is simple. The death of one man. Once he had a family, a wife and a daughter, but he fell into alcoholism and they left. His home became a haven for drug addicts. And then he died. His body is discovered, there is a post-mortem and then there is an inquest. Some questions ar [...]

    14. Edazice

      Am primit cartea de la Editura All, in urma completarii unui chestionar. Coperta e superba, iar din rezumatul de pe spatele cartii, chiar aveam impresia ca va fi o carte pe gustul meu. Dar m-am inselat! E printre putinele carti pe care nu am reusit sa le citesc pana la capat. Se citeste extrem de greu, e scrisa intr-un mod absurd, pentru mine, si desi subiectul cartii este interesant si de actualitate, crima, droguri, dependente, anturaj, la pagina 58 m-am lasat pagubasa.

    15. Aquavit

      This book takes its place as the king of the junkie fiction genre alongside other notables like Trainspotting, Drugstore Cowboy, Reqiuiem For A Dream and Naked Lunch.It is a difficult read sometimes, written in a stream of consciousness, with paragraphs left dangling from the edge of abandoned ending sentences. But, it becomes a part of the dialogue and flow after a moment, and causes the reader to hurtle along in the same ugly rush as the wasted characters. I thought it was an incisive and succ [...]

    16. Jakey Gee

      Stunning. Where do I start? Firstly, for the relatively rare thing (in British fiction) that is taking on a contemporary, marginal, anything-but-feelgood setting and sub-class, and handling it with great depth and empathy. This is a novel about junkies and alcoholics; damaged and self-damaging. It's not sentimental (most of them are fuckers), but it's very observant and truthful.Secondly, the style - authentic and for-a-reason. Those non-sequiturs, shifts and sudden stops (lines like 'He did and [...]

    17. Sharon Lee

      A great book. It's style and tone are quite unique and conveys the raw and tragic lives of the broken people within. I felt like I was walking into a tragic real place.

    18. Emily

      "Even the Dogs" chronicles the lives (and after-lives, in some cases) of a group of homeless heroin addicts. I am torn on how to review this very dark and depressing book. On the one hand, the story, told from the perspective of the addicts, is extremely disjointed and difficult to follow. The descriptions of heroin use, the early symptoms of withdrawal, and the struggle to survive long enough to find the next fix are vivid and disturbing. On the other hand, the manner in which Jon McGregor capt [...]

    19. Quinn

      A rambling drug induced mess. I won't say this book was bad and I am sure many drug addicts would associate with the characters in this book, but it was difficult and hard to read and enjoy.

    20. Carol

      A remarkably powerful read. An intimate and at times cruel and disturbing contemporary urban narrative about addiction, homelessness and neglect. Frequent narrative shifts and fractured sentences combine to create vividly the chaotic lives of the characters, the strange loyalties, the despair and the extraordinary highs and desperate lows of lives lived on the fringes of our society.

    21. Fran Mason

      The best book I've read in a long time. Really tragic but vivid and poetic. The shifting viewpoints pulled me right along through this sordid world. It reminded me of Last Exit to Brooklyn, which I read 30 years ago in college and which blew my mind.

    22. Gaëlle

      First, I have to say that the summary on the back cover is kind of deceitful. "A man's body is found lying in his ruined flat. In the fays that follow, those who knew him recreate his neglected life () and as they watch, their own stories unfurl layer by layer." The way I read it, it almost sounded like some sort of investigation but in reality, it was very very different. Not my usual type of literature, but I decided to take up the challenge nonetheless. There is actually a plot revolving arou [...]

    23. Oryx

      Sorry Jon. Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry Jon, Sorry. 3.6

    24. Karen

      This book chilled me to the bone, quite literally: I felt physically cold and nauseous whilst reading. Jane Austen it ain't. Inevitably it draws comparison with 'Trainspotting', and McGregor is well aware of this ("Like, fucking, what was it, take the best orgasm you've ever had and multiply it by a hundred.") but there is no comedy here, black or otherwise. Just an endless desperation to fill the yawning chasm of human loneliness that means that, if we're honest, most of us are probably only a [...]

    25. Kirsty Darbyshire

      I didn't remember that after reading If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things I'd written. 'Jon McGregor's next book will very probably be on my "buy instantly in hardback the second it comes out" list.' .but I did remember enjoying it and I bought this as soon as I saw it in the bookshop. It's not a hardback but some kind of bendy fabric covered not quite a paperback. This edition came out a week before I bought it, I'm not sure if there was a proper hardback released before it. Anyway, I think I [...]

    26. Aaron (Typographical Era)

      With yesterday’s announcement of the fact that author Jon McGregor won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary award came the realization that even though I had read the novel a few weeks ago I had never posted, let alone bothered to write a formal review of the novel. It’s the second of only three titles that made the shortlist that I found the time to read this year, and sadly it was far and away the worst.An excerpt from the citation issued by the judging panel:Even the Dogs is a fearless [...]

    27. MargeryK

      Well la. What do I think? I was ready to continue to lambast it as I had done with my progress update last night. It is a very difficult read. I was grimacing and flinching throughout most of it. And today I sit down and finish it and maybe since finishing it I have donned my rose-tinted spectacles knowing I never have to read this again, (although I did wonder if reading it again would be worthwhile. I know. Shoot me.), but anyway I feel sort of glad to have read it, and a sort of fondness towa [...]

    28. Benbo

      This novel about a group of drug and alcohol users was anything but addictive. If I hadn't received an Early Reviewer copy of this book, I wouldn't have finished it. The first three chapters are very difficult to push through. A short story format would have much better suited the content and style as the premise is intriguing and the language somewhat innovative. But as a novel, Even the Dogs wears on one's patience and is stretched to thinly. McGregor's language is a constant barrage of drug-a [...]

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